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Chapter 39: Arctic Fox

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to visit Elbet Restaurant


It took Gu YuMian nearly six hours to close the place and carry out radical rectification on all parts of Elbet Restaurant. Of course, because of the rush of time, there were always details that couldn’t be taken into account, but the emergency response was enough.

It was not a matter of one day and one night to adjust the dishes. Gu YuMian had only added two new dishes with a simple but delicious cooking process. Other old dishes were adjusted using what raw materials he could find at hand. He directly removed a number of employees on the spot, and the rest of them improved their ability to act promptly, and the things he ordered were always completed quickly.

Six hours later, Gu YuMian took the children home to have a rest. He could think about the next thing later.

——And just as Gu YuMian came home, at 6 p.m., Elbet Restaurant.

It was dinner time on the rest day, and was especially busy at the restaurant. A certain Internet celebrity ignored everything. 

When Guan Nini stood at the door waiting for her friend to come to the appointment, she couldn’t help sighing. Elbet Restaurant was her favorite restaurant when she and her best friend were students. She came to eat every evening after class. At that time, it had just opened. There was only one such restaurant in the whole star.

The first owner was a shika deer. She was a very kind grandmother and her cooking skill was unique. Elbet was the name of the owner’s grandson.

This restaurant represented Guan Nini and her best friend’s youth.

However, later, the old shopkeeper retired and gave the shop to the younger generation to take care of it. Then those people who were greedy for profits took a stake of the restaurant. Under the pressure of their capital, the scale of the shop grew larger and larger, and there were more and more branches, but the most critical aspect of cooking and service became less and less popular.

That was a big part of why she hated humans.

Guan Nini looked at the familiar sign and left slightly disgusted.

Now, Elbet was nothing but the shell of past feelings. The food was average, the service was poor, and the price was high… Maybe this would be the last time she and her best friend would come here. The Elbet Restaurant would probably close down soon.

“Nini,” said her best friend, “what do you want? Let’s go in.”

“Okay.” She nodded.

“By the way, do you know why the family sold Elbet?” As they walked in, her best friend chatted with Guan Nini, “I heard it’s because it’s hard to protect and it’s going bankrupt.”

Guan Nini didn’t know this, “Oh?”

The main shareholder of Elbet was the man who now lived in the middle of the city.

The last owner left his only son by himself when he died six years ago. The boy who should have inherited the family, didn’t, and was driven to a fringe satellite alone. After that, the family style of running the restaurant changed.

In the past, it was for the sake of good fortune, but after changing to the new power, it was for the sake of money. Since the Gu family was rich, most people thought of the Gu family when they mentioned him, and the Gu family had accumulated a lot of bad reputation because of him.

“Yes, I don’t know who he offended… It’s said that the Royal Family did it directly? In any case, many scandals have been exposed, and they will lose their vitality if they go bankrupt.”

“Although it’s a good thing that they went bankrupt, Elbet can’t survive without its major shareholders.”

Elbet’s original service quality had declined, and there were more and more bad reviews. Coupled with the withdrawal of major shareholders, it was really bad luck.

Guan Nini shook her head, too.

As they were chatting, they quickly walked through the corridor, and the door of the restaurant opened slowly in front of them.

It was different from the image of the broken west mountain.

——The background was a starry sky. Many private rooms were suspended in mid-air, like little sky lanterns floating in the vast and gentle night sky. In the middle, there was a piano on the open-air platform where the billboard was originally placed. There was a handsome man in a dress sitting there and playing soothing piano music.

In the past, no matter how many people or how few people came, they would always have to wait in line and had nothing for a long time. This time, however, they hardly even had to wait. There was a dedicated customer service robot to pick them up and lead them to the private room.

“Eh, has the service robot been reset?” Guan Nini looked at the little penguin-like robot curiously. It came over with his short legs to serve the tableware for the two girls. “The little robot is so cute, thank you.”

The pupils of the little robot flickered. After a while, it even replied, “No thanks needed. Your fingernails are beautiful, like bright candy. Can you shake hands with me?”

Guan Nini and her best friend, “Wow!”

She reached for it in surprise. After holding it, the little robot praised her friend’s eye makeup for its beauty. He shook with his other hand and then said, “The customer information collection, and the membership authentication of our store is successful. Welcome. You can now order directly.”

It turned out that the ‘handshake’ just happened to be used to collect customer information through fingerprint identification.

The two girls were flattered by the small details and praise just now. They opened the light screen to order and discovered that the original high price was almost sixty-percent lower than normal, which was explained as ‘old customer price.’ They were pleasantly surprised again.

However, there were some hidden concerns. The original price of the dish was high because the food was delicious. Would the price drop lead to the reduction of the cost of food materials and make it more difficult to eat?

Most of the menu was the same as before, with two new dishes.

Guan Nini and her best friend ordered the dishes according to their previous habits. After hesitation, they also decided to try the new ‘Dongpo meat.’ Then began to wait for their meal. According to the restaurant’s procrastination practice, it was normal to wait more than half an hour to even an hour after ordering.

However, the little robot came back soon after leaving, holding a small tray with two rolls of hot white towels on it. It said, “Ladies’ towels.”

The towels smelled of lavender and looked very clean.

Guan Nini and her friend looked at each other in surprise. They took a towel each and wiped their hands. The soft towel’s warm and slightly wet touch warmed the palm with a light fragrance, which made them feel better.

It was a great detail.

After putting down the towel, the robot took out another thing, “This is a photo printer. You can print photos of yourself for free. Please use it as you wish.”

The girls hadn’t heard of this strange thing, and print?

Guan Nini and her best friend blinked, two heads came together to study it, took two selfies, and they were soon printed out. Don’t mention the film, the young people in the interstellar age hadn’t seen physical books. It was very interesting to hold the photos in their hands.

They took pictures of each other and were very happy for a while. They thought that not much time had passed when the little robot brought in a dish!

The hot towel had also been replaced with a new one.

“This dish doesn’t seem to be what we ordered,” said Guan Nini, looking at the small and exquisite pile of fried shrimp balls. “Is it wrong?”

She could not help but move her nose. The air was filled with a sour, sweet and strong smell of fried shrimp, and a touch of milk mixed with mellow wine.

“It’s a complimentary gift.” The little robot answered.

Guan Nini and her best friend exchanged a surprised look. They couldn’t help but pick up a fork and have a taste.

Soon, Guan Nini and her best friend: “!!”

“My God, it’s so good!”

“Have you changed the chef? This shrimp ball is fried really well. It’s soft!”

The small dish was just enough in quantity, not too much and not too little. It was sour and sweet, and appetizing, but it was not enough. Guan Nini just put down her fork, because it tasted so good that she couldn’t help licking her lips, when the main dish was served!

“Isn’t it too fast today? Such high efficiency. Why?”

They looked at the time, only to find that it had been more than half an hour, and was in fact, the same as before. But this time there were hot towels, photo printing, complimentary dishes and other things so, unknowingly, time had quickly passed.

The little robot handed them an apron to prevent anything from splashing on their skirts, and once they put it on, they couldn’t wait to eat.

The overall taste was the same as before, but it gave a completely different feeling.

The bamboo shoots were even more delicious, the meat was more compact and tender, the cooking length was not too long, the temperature and saltiness were good these sporadic details were integrated to improve the taste of each dish, and the overall effect was amazing.

And what impressed them was the new dish, [Dongpo meat.]

The half-fat and half-thin pork belly steamed into the sauce, which was fresh and mellow, but not greasy. They could bite down on it without force, the taste was sweet and was amazing! When the robot brought it up, it was still very hot, but Guan Nini and her girlfriend could not help but grin and still eat while it was hot, eating one piece after another.

——They didn’t know that this dish, which was perfect in their eyes, was, in fact, only two-thirds the level of Gu YuMian’s dishes. Dongpo meat was relatively easy to make, so Gu YuMian first matched the marinated ingredients and various other things. How boring were these chefs? They rushed to put the dish out. After all, it was still too soon. If he did it himself, the effect would be several times more amazing.

When Guan Nini and her best friend were thirsty after eating, the little robot timely brought a complimentary drink, which was a refreshing bubbly strawberry wine.

There were so many surprises that the girl’s couldn’t hold them in their hearts.

The meal was very pleasant, delicious and inexpensive, with little surprises in details. Not to mention the wonderful atmosphere——

The soft piano sound flew in the surroundings, the night sky was quiet and gentle, they smelled the rippling lavender fragrance, the warm paper lamps lit the private room and it was like they had returned to girlhood.

After a meal, they lay on the cushion lazily, and were reluctant to leave.

At eight o’clock, Guan Nini and her best friend came out of the private room. But unexpectedly, the small robot gave them a gift.

“Congratulations, miss. I’ve got one hand sanitizer for each person.” It handed two small beautiful glass bottles to the two people.

Guan Nini opened it and brought it up to her nose, she instantly smelled leaves. Unlike any hand sanitizer on the market, it was not cheap or pungent but very fresh and smelled good.

There was a signature and message board at the entrance, and many customers had left messages.

[Elbet, we’ll support again!]

[Great progress! The Dongpo meat was delicious! It was just like the Dongpo meat the anchor I like made! Hope you keep it on the menu!]

[I’m happy I had a date and choose the right place!]

Some people drew cute simple strokes and posted small photos. Imagine coming back to see what you wrote in the future. It would be very fun and memorable.

Guan Nini and her best friend also left a message. They agreed to come back next month.

The two people reluctantly walked out of the door, and this moment of happy relaxation and satisfaction would haunt their minds.

“The improvement of Elbet Restaurant is really great. I heard it has a new boss… When I go back, I must recommend it to my circle of friends,” said Guan Nini, with an idea emerging. “Why don’t I do this in my next interview? I wonder if I can get in touch with the boss.”

Guan Nini had graduated more than ten years ago, and now she was the editor-in-chief of a mainstream media in the Lower Urban District, with great influence.

But she was still hesitating. In the next interview, would she either have an interview with Elbet’s new boss, or an interview with anchor Gu YuMian, the famous newcomer of Starry Sky Live?


Same evening.

“Upper Urban District… Do you want to go?” Gu YuMian lay on the bed, pinched the baby panda’s face, as the little snow leopard slept on his shoulder.

It was a bit far away. He and the children would have to work hard to get there.

If he didn’t go, it would be a pity from the perspective of his live broadcasting. Secondly, he would think he missed out on something. From his personal point of view, he was very interested in the opportunity to visit the Academy of Sciences.

“Ershisi Guo’s relatives live in the Upper Urban District,” Gu YuMian said. The panda’s ears were blank and he was subconsciously listening, “If only I could meet him.”

In this way, Ershisi Guo could be contacted without having to go through the agent.

The baby panda couldn’t understand it, but suddenly he was very happy. He held Gu YuMian’s palm and rubbed his head against it to express his approval.

If only I could meet him.

The snow leopard woke up and gave the panda a cold glance, slowly squeezing the baby panda away.

“If we go, will we meet the Royal Family? I’d love to see the Royal palace.” Gu YuMian had almost decided to go at this time, and began to daydream.

The little snow leopard’s tail was slightly stiff, and his ears stood up without a trace. After waiting for a long time, Gu YuMian didn’t look at him. He continued to daydream and the little snow leopard pressed his paw on Gu YuMian’s cheek, a little displeased.

He wanted to hear Gu YuMian’s comment on ‘him.’

“Hm? His Majesty?” Gu YuMian judged the meaning of the snow leopard. Maybe it was because he had a sharp heart. He thought about it while holding the little snow leopard’s small paw pad and commented, “He should be very handsome.”

Although a photo of how the Emperor actually looked like in appearance was not found on the Internet, Gu YuMian thought about the photo with just the Emperor’s back and somehow thought of Shuo Han’s face. There was no sense of dissonance. Shuo Han was the best looking man he had ever seen.

Snow Leopard: “…”

“Well, let’s go to wash up and go to bed early. We’ve decided to go to the Upper Urban District. Maybe we’ll leave in two days, and maybe we’ll stay for a week.”

Gu YuMian clapped his hands, took the two children and wiped them with a hot towel before going to bed.

Gu YuMian’s only concern was the school for the snow leopard. After going to the Upper Urban District, there would be no classes there, which would affect the child. Then, the old Dean told him that Capital Star’s Upper Urban District was where their headquarters was located. After the formalities were completed, it would be the same to send him there for classes in the daytime.

That’s good.

While washing, Gu YuMian inadvertently glanced at his tattoo, the dark rose and sword tattoo wound along his clavicle, a little towards the middle. But…

He couldn’t help but reach out his index finger and touch it. He thought it felt a little hot. Why was it hot?

That night, Gu YuMian had a dream. He dreamed of the scene of the photos found on the Star Network. The lonely and arrogant Emperor made his way to the throne step by step, but his perspective was from the front, and he was looking down at the man.

Then, the Emperor came up, stood in front of him and lowered his eyes, leaned down slightly, and kissed the rose on his clavicle.

He met beautiful grey-blue eyes.

The next day, Gu YuMian woke up, “….”

Was his sexual orientation in jeopardy? Come on, dreams were usually the opposite.


The other side.

Gu YuMian promised Sugar Sugar he would go to the Academy of Sciences one second ago. Next, the official announcement on the Starry Sky Platform was sent out.

“@ Starry Sky Live Platform V: Dingding ~ your treasure angel is about to fall. Please check @ Academy of Sciences V. [link] Hidden task of rookie? Anchor Gu YuMian, No.1 in popularity, will visit the Academy of Sciences and broadcast live.”

Before it had time to create a bomb, the Academy of Sciences quickly forwarded it.

“@ Academy of Sciences V: Looking forward to MianMian’s arrival [love]. We bring you a picture of the chief ‘Ding Ding’…”

In the picture, an arctic fox, wearing a small white coat, lay on an experimental report and was forced to make a ‘kissing’ sound. The tail of the little arctic fox was fluffy and snow-white, with a little silver ash on the tip of the tail. The small face was serious, and the operation key of an instrument was under his claws.  1

Everybody: WTF??

[Tiger: A punishment? I blinked and you were kidnapped. Aren’t you too cold of a person to do this? Your design is broken!! What’s the advantage of inviting a man to make trouble with you??]

[The latest test tube results of Tgix have been published: Aaaaah! Chief looks good but he’s so lovely. Although it is an old picture, I still love it!! [picture] In addition, I’ve heard about the human anchor. He’s very good and knows the right thing. Don’t worry!]

[Vivian: Aaaaaah! It’s the anchor that I found not long ago!! Besides, I didn’t expect that the chief of the Academy of Sciences is so cute. Is this the chief? Or the chief’s cub?? The Arctic fox is killing me!]

[Junior B: !!! Brother @ Gu YuMian V, you’re so good and can go to the Academy of Sciences?? Ah! I’m looking forward to the live broadcast in the Academy of Sciences!]

[There’s a Cloud: Huh? Anchor is going to the Academy of Sciences? Congratulations. I wish you a better career. Forwarding your microblog.]

The Academy of Sciences had always been a cold academic place, so they didn’t communicate with the public very much. The latest scientific and technological achievements were all seen on the news. To some extent, this had resulted in the time difference between technology research and development, and popularization and the Academy of Sciences also had to take part of the responsibility of publicity and science popularization.

However, for the first time, it was because of a human anchor?

The two microblog posts had not been out for a long time, and praise and comments had already exceeded 100,000. Because of the popularity of the Academy of Sciences, they went on the hot search directly with the name “Gu YuMian” about half an hour in, they followed his microblog.

Gu YuMian didn’t post many times on his micro blog account and only added his account for the live broadcast platform. In one night, the attention on his broadcast went up again.


Two days later.

On the same planet, the next city was at the end of it’s summer, while the Upper Urban District was close to the end of winter. But the cold resistance of the interstellar residents was very strong. Everyone was still walking on the streets in thin clothes. Only Gu YuMian’s nose was red with cold, and he added one more piece of clothing after another. Fortunately, the snow leopard warmed his neck.

Gu YuMian, with the baby panda and little snow leopard, landed in the Upper Urban District and got stuck when passing through customs.

From the Lower Urban District to the Upper Urban District, one needed to go through a strict examination. In addition, whether he was an animal race or a human, it was an important examination.

It may take two or three hours for the staff to take them aside to rest.

Gu YuMian hesitated for a moment and thought that at this rate, the next live broadcast might not be available today. Why not start it now? After all, as an anchor, the most important thing was to have a stable live broadcast, and not do things at the drop of the hat.

He thought about the content for a while. Fortunately, he had also thought about it before, so he didn’t want to be a temporary martyr. After preparing for a while, Gu YuMian opened the live broadcast and waved, “Hello, this is your anchor, Gu YuMian. I just arrived in the Upper Urban District.”

As soon as the broadcast began, countless barrages immediately swarmed in.

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