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Chapter 196: Eleventh World (23)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


Xiao Yun and Bai Duan stayed in the world of cultivation for more than a thousand years. In the past one thousand years, their accomplishments climbed rapidly. Xiao Yun had become the youngest nascent soul practitioner, and he was more than one hundred years earlier than the former Hu Xiao. After all, he not only had the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root, which was against the sky, but also had more experience than other practitioners. All the way, he had not met any bottlenecks.

Of course, with such a dual cultivator, Bai Duan also benefited a lot. Compared with Xiao Yun, his accomplishments were only one line away, and he was also proud of the group of ‘beasts’.

With each promotion, the fog in Bai Duan’s memory lifted. A thousand years later, he clearly remembered the previous ten worlds he experienced with Xiao Yun. These memories also included the process of their initial acquaintance, where he only lacked the experience before he lost his memory and began to reincarnate after the end of the world they had met in.

——After all, “grey space” was the most taboo topic, and its seal was also the most solid.

However, Bai Duan was not very anxious. Because he knew that sooner or later, he would remember everything one day. At that time, he could know why Xiao Yun was so nervous when he learned that his memory was gradually restored.

In the past one thousand years, Xiao Yun tried to lure Bai Duan to make a promise that he would never be angry or leave even if he was angry. It was a pity that with the recovery of memory, Bai Duan was more and more cunning and hard hearted. Instead of saying anything that could make Xiao Yun feel relieved, he looked at him with a smile. Xiao Yun’s heart was more and more empty, and he didn’t dare to force him.

Pitifully, Xiao Yun was counting the days with his fingers. He hoped to spend more time counting the days. Even his favorite ‘cultivation’ had been restrained a lot. Unfortunately, he didn’t know that it was because of his guilty demeanor that Bai Duan became more and more determined to “teach the other a lesson after recalling everything.”

After all, although it was not clear what happened in that blank memory, Bai Duan remembered how Xiao Yun played with him by losing his memory in the previous world. One by one, Bai Duan quietly sorted out the piles and pieces, secretly wrote them down, and then worked out the general ledger together after he finally understood everything.

——I’ll have to pay it back sooner or later, right? 

However, before Bai Duan could really recover his memory, they took the lead in waiting Hu Xiao’s ascendance.

The sound of this lightning tribulation was so loud that it shocked the whole cultivation world. Whether it was daoist, beast or demon cultivator, they were all watching the rolling clouds in the sky, shivering at the mighty power of the lightning. Due to the huge scope and immense power of the lightning in the sky, all people could only hide far away and watch, and couldn’t see the Hu Xiao who was in the process of ascending.

Bai Duan held Xiao Yun’s hand tightly, only feeling that the palm of his hand was wet with sweat, “Master… Will he succeed?”

“I don’t know either.” Xiao Yun shook his head slightly.

“If he is successful in crossing the tribulation, and he flies to the upper world — where will he go? Is it still in this world, or another world?” Bai Duan asked in a low voice.

“It’s another world.” Xiao Yun replied with a smile, “There are hundreds of cultivators in the world. If they ascend, they will all go to the same world. There is no longer the practice of truth, but the practice of God. Of course, it’s not only the world of practice. The world will not only give birth to gods, but also the world of magic and arcane magic. It’s just the difference between the world their gods go to and the world of practitioners — and these worlds are collectively referred to as ‘the world of gods’.”

“The world of gods…?” Bai Duan blinked with some curiosity.

“Yes.” Xiao Yun replied, “In the world where I was the son of God, several gods were born and left many miracles. But because their power was too strong for that side, they were soon driven away by the law and led to the world dedicated to gods.”

“Have you ever been there?” Bai Duan looked at Xiao Yun from the side, his eyes were burning.

Xiao Yun was silent for a moment and nodded, “Once, but it was not an interesting experience. The world of the gods is so powerful that even those of us who are beyond all aspects dare not set foot in it unless there are very important things to do.”

Bai Duan, with a disappointed expression, murmured, “Doesn’t that mean It will be hard for me to see master again?”

“There is no end.” Xiao Yun touched his little lover’s head and soothed him with a soft voice.

Bai Duan was sad. He doesn’t speak any more. He just looked at the place where the lightning fell, hoping to see the figure of Hu Xiao again.

The lightning storm lasted nine days and nine nights. At dawn on the tenth day, the sky light finally broke the thick cloud curtain. For a while, a huge amount of aura poured in from the place where the light came out, and filled the whole cultivation world. All the creatures who practiced made a joyful sound. They could not wait to sit and quickly absorb the gift from the upper world.

——This was ascending. When opening the channel between the lower and upper realms, who benefits was not only the robber himself, but also all the creatures who shared the same way with him, which was the so-called “one man gains the way and the dog rises to the sky.”

As long as one person succeeded in ascending, the spirit of the whole cultivation world would be enriched to a higher level, which would be more beneficial for the latter to embark on the fairway. Unlike the practitioners who were busy practicing around, Bai Duan and Xiao Yun took no action…

Bai Duan narrowed his eyes and tried to look into the sky light. It seemed that he could see a long figure with sleeves flying in the bright light and was slowly floating up to the sky.

Just as Bai Duan was happy and melancholic, he suddenly felt a huge pull. Before he knew what was going on, he fainted.

Xiao Yun’s response was very quick. He hugged the body of the little lover and fell down. His face panicked but he soon regained his composure.

Glancing at the meditating cultivators around him, Xiao Yun picked up Bai Duan’s body, turned around and disappeared on the spot. He came to the secret place that he had been looking for and arranged for a long time.

As early as he came to the cultivation world, Xiao Yun knew that he needed to find a safe place to store his flesh and body with Bai Duan. In the previous world, he and Bai Duan didn’t have a long life span. They could live easily until their life was exhausted without considering the storage of their bodies, but this was obviously not the case in the cultivation world.

Although these two bodies may not be used by him and Bai Duan in the future, they couldn’t be thrown away casually. If someone found them and caused any trouble, it would not be good.

Of course, because of Xiao Yun’s hesitation in his heart, although the plan to “hide the corpses” was prepared for a long time, it had never been used. Now it also avoided his sudden changes and rush.

The influence of ‘the world of gods’ was so powerful that it not only led away Hu Xiao, but also attracted the spirit of Bai Duan, who was not part of the world and had no defense. Xiao Yun only hoped that the ‘grey space’ instrument and equipment could give some strength to stop the spirit of Bai Duan and send it back to his body in time, otherwise… He would probably have to run to the crisis ridden ‘god world’ to retrieve hid little lover.

——It was a life and death adventure…

Putting Bai Duan’s body down neatly, Xiao Yun also lay beside him, and commanded his spirit to escape from the body. For this matter, Xiao Yun had been familiar with it for a long time and soon, followed the traction from the gray space, breaking through the barrier of the world.

When he broke through the barriers between the world, Xiao Yun lost his consciousness. When he woke up and opened his eyes, he saw the hatch covered nutrition capsule.

Groping for a button, Xiao Yun — or Guan Wu as he should be called — sat up from the open cabin and looked at another nutrition cabin at his side.

The nutrition cabin was also open. The young man with silver hair held his forehead with one hand, frowned slightly, and looked rather miserable.

Guan Wu was in a hurry to turn over and wanted to come out, but unexpectedly, he had been lying in the nutrition cabin for a long time, and his action was sluggish, so he almost fell out.

At least he had Jian Guang beside him. He helped him in time, which saved Guan Wu’s handsome face. It was a pity that Guan Wu didn’t pay attention to this at this moment, let alone say thank you. He grabbed the collar of Jian Guang and said, “What’s the matter with Little Duan?”

Jian Guang’s kindness didn’t pay off. Instead, he was sprayed on the face, and was immediately dissatisfied. He pushed Guan Wu away and straightened out his collar. His voice was impatient, “What’s to worry about? You don’t know? After more than ten world exercises, his mental strength is not the same. Such a powerful spirit crammed into the original body will definitely cause discomfort. After a period of time, the body will be transformed by the spirit, no problem.”

Guan Wu had also known about this issue before, but at this time, he was just confused. Hearing the words from Jian Guang, he was a little relieved. He walked to the nutrition cabin of Bai Duan, half knelt down, held his shoulder, and softly called, “Little Duan, are you ok? Shall I take you to my room to rest?”

Bai Duan shuddered and looked at Guan Wu. His eyes seemed calm, but they seemed to contain cold flames.

Guan Wu was frozen at this moment, and was urged subconsciously to draw back his hand, while Bai Duan also stood up against the bulkhead and stepped out of the nutrition cabin.

“Little Duan, wait…” Seeing Bai Duan raising his legs to go, Guan Wu hurriedly followed behind two steps. “You don’t remember where my room is, do you? I’ll take you — “

“No need.” Bai Duan stopped for a moment, turned his head and glanced at Guan Wu. His voice was bland. “I’m officially a member of the gray space now, and I should be able to allocate my own room, right?” Guan Wu opened his mouth but couldn’t refute it at all. He could only watch his lover say, “I’m a little tired, I’ll go rest first”, and then take another step.

“I’ll go with you, okay?” Guan Wu chased him with a shy face — how dare he let Bai Duan go alone? He had to brush him with his sense of existence!

“No.” Bai Duan had to stop again, turn around and stare at Guan Wu. “Can I think about it alone, and then we can have a good talk?”

In the last two words, Bai Duan’s tone was a little soft, which finally calmed down Guan Wu’s panic.

——His lover seemed to be much calmer than he thought. This ‘reality’ made Guan Wu calm down a little. He hesitated for a moment, and finally he was defeated by his lover’s quiet and begging eyes, and nodded. “Well, then you have a good rest. Don’t aggrieve yourself. Don’t let me worry.”

Bai Duan nodded, picked the corners of his mouth slightly, smiled a little, and then resolutely turned away.

Guan Wu looked at his lover’s back like an abandoned dog. To tell the truth, he was not sure about letting his lover leave alone, but he also counseled in his heart, worrying that he would be too entangled, which would make his lover more upset.

After a long time of watching the drama, Jian Guang felt satisfied. He went to Guan Wu and patted him on the shoulder piteously, “Your lover looks very different…” He shook his head and sighed, “I still remember when he was so soft, cute and innocent before. Now he has been around the world and back, he has become a high cold beauty with deep mind and good at disguise, tsk tsk…”

——Just now Bai Duan’s back was facing Guan Wu, so Guan Wu didn’t notice it. But Jian Guang, who was beside him, looked back at Bai Duan’s cold eyes, and lit a circle of candles for Guan Wu.

Guan Wu glanced at Jian Guang and patted his hand off his shoulder.

“You really have nothing to do with his changes?” Jian Guang was very sympathetic to Guan Wu, so he didn’t care much about him, but worried about him. “You know, many of our colleagues agreed with your lover before, but now since he experienced many worlds, he can’t adapt to the change of the other side. I feel that the person you once loved is gone, and you both finally need to go your separate ways… “

“Don’t think about the mess.” Guan Wu was not very happy and interrupted Jian Guang, but there was no shade on his face. When he thought of his lover, he was still in deep love, the attachment was deeper. “No matter what little Duan looks like, I like it — after all, he was taught by my hands!”

Jian Guang was dazzled, and could not help but draw the corner of his mouth, and then he left.

Disgusted, Guan Wu stretched his body and went to his room with his hands in his pocket. He planned to rest early and keep his energy up. He would welcome his little lover’s next ‘talk’.

——Well, in that conversation, he would only accept the result of “harmony”, no matter what means he used!

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