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Chapter 207: Final World (10)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo


After digesting the shocking news for a long time, the elder who had quarreled with Bai Duan responded first, and finally managed to slap the table hard and scold, “You are an alarmist!”

Bai Duan heard the rebuke, but his face remained unchanged. The rest of the elders, who were observing his expression carefully, saw Bai Duan without any worries and couldn’t help but sink.

The elder, who had the most say in the Church, closed his eyes slightly and asked, “What you say… Is there any basis?” 

“After all, this is the most important secret of the Vampire Hunters. It was not easy for me to just get information. Where can I get any real evidence?” Bai Duan gave a wry smile, “But I think you should believe this kind of thing now, rather than believe it after it’s happened.”

“Even so, we can’t break the contract with the vampire hunters just by your hearsay.” The elder had a sharp eye.

“Didn’t they break the contract first?” Bai Duan rebuked.

“When it happened, the headquarters of the Vampire Hunters sent an explanation to the Church, saying that it was ‘personal resentment’. Your Carlisle family kidnapped and imprisoned one of the vampire hunters’ lover, and this action was just to save his lover.” The elder narrowed his eyes. “As far as we know, the man named Reed really lived in your Carlisle family castle for a long time, and he was indeed a childhood sweetheart of a vampire hunter. At the same time, the Carlisles have not refuted this matter.”

Bai Duan’s face was gloomy, and he was about to be laughed at by the shameless spirit of the vampire hunter. He took a deep breath, “I was young. When I first encountered such a thing, my mind was blank. I started to chase the hunters directly. I didn’t remember that I needed to report to the Church, but I gave them the chance to reverse the black and white!”

After pursing his lips, Bai Duan calmed down for a moment and began to tell the whole story of the incident. Then, he looked up and at the elder calmly, “You should know our Carlisle family. We have always been kind to human beings. How can we forcibly take them away and imprison them? Indeed, Reed has lived in my castle for a long time. If you inquire about it, you will know about his life in the castle — he was free, even willing to stay in the castle, and I did not make any restrictions on his movement.”

The elder nodded, “Although I heard that love can make people crazy, I also believe that you are not confused by this kind of feeling.”

“So it’s all a conspiracy! The Carlisle family fell into the trap only because of their kindness to humanity!” Bai Duan clenched his teeth. “I believe that the Carlisles are not the only ones who have been infiltrated by the vampire hunters, but the other nobles are contemptuous of human beings, so they have no chance to start!” As he said this, he glanced around with a hint in his voice, “Please think carefully, have you ever seen beautiful, clean, gentle and pleasing human beings in your family?”

Bai Duan’s spiritual power was too strong, even those elders who had lived for thousands of years found it hard to resist. What’s more, he didn’t directly implant his thoughts into the minds of the elders, but just imposed guidance, making people think more easily along their own words and generate a sense of identity.

Let alone it may be true. Even if it was not, with the nature of the Blood Kin’s love for beautiful young men and girls, it was inevitable that they would hunt for some beauty when they went out. They would bring back a beautiful human who conformed to their own aesthetic, acted as their bed companion and toy, and lover for a while.

This kind of thing was so common in the Blood Kin that it could not have caused the Blood Kin to be a little wary. But now Bai Duan’s suggestion lured all the elders to a surprise and conspiracy theory. Beautiful, clean, gentle and pleasant humans? Yes! Too much! At random, all the elders had seventeen images in mind, and their backs were covered in a cold sweat.

Fortunately, they were different from the Carlisle family in respect of human beings. They just regarded these beautiful human beings as toys and pets. They would not be allowed to act at will or even deliver trust. Otherwise… The fate of their families would have become the same as the Carlisles today.

So secretly, all the elders immediately sent a message to their families to investigate and kill these suspicious human beings. They would rather kill ten thousand people by mistake than have one rat!

Looking at the ferocity and fear in the eyes of the elders, Bai Duan knew that his suggestion had worked, and immediately took advantage of the victory to pursue. “If the Vampire Hunters really regard these humans as undercover, and snuck into the castle of the Blood Kin, what is their purpose? The so-called ‘revenge’ is nonsense. Avril is kind-hearted and never hurt Reed. But the vampire hunters are willing to spend a huge amount of manpower and material resources, and plan for a long time to take her away alive. It must be because Avril has something unique that they value.”

“What do you think is unique about Avril?” The elder’s eyes flashed as if he understood. 

“Of course it’s because she’s pureblood.” Bai Duan’s eyes were dim. “Even when I tracked down the hunters and entered their territory, the other side clearly had a great advantage. They could have killed me, but instead tried to drain my power completely. It’s because they wanted to catch me alive — because I’m also a pureblood.”

The status of pureblood and mixed blood in the Blood Kin was very different. This was not only because purebloods were rare, but also because the power of a pureblood was much stronger than a mixed blood.

General vampire hunters could hunt and kill mixed blood at most, while pureblood aristocrats, like the original, would require more than a dozen or even dozens of hunters to work together to cause damage to them. Therefore, the pureblooded Blood Kin had never paid attention to the vampire hunters, thinking that they were just ants that were a little more difficult than human beings. This was why they didn’t want to catch up when they found that the castle of a pureblood was broken into by the Vampire Hunters. In addition to that, they also didn’t think highly of the Vampire Hunters and didn’t really put these hunters in their eyes.

However, if the Vampire Hunters had mastered the power that even pure bloods couldn’t resist, it would be a huge threat to the whole Blood Kin.

“So, I have reason to believe that this group of vampire hunters must have some new way to do more serious damage to purebloods. Therefore, they have the courage to take the lead in challenging the Blood Kin and even fight against the pureblood aristocrats.” Bai Duan clenched his teeth and said, “They took Avril away. They should also want to do experiments with her. The real effect of this method on purebloods is to make further improvement and increase its lethality!”

After a pause, Bai Duan looked up at the elders who were tall and blue faced, and raised his voice, “If my guess is correct, then the fruits of their work are terrible! I urge our people to act quickly, find out the truth, stop the experiment and save Avril!”

The passionate ending of Bai Duan reverberated in the open hall, and the Church was silent.

The elders did not speak, but fell into deep thinking. Even the elders who were not used to Bai Duan put down their personal grievances and frowned to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

An elder raised his hand and set up sound insulation around the Church table. Then he whispered with the elders around him. A moment later, he took off the sound insulation and said seriously, “If this is true, we can’t just ignore it. However, once the contract with the Vampire Hunters is broken, it will be difficult to finish. Once upon a time, the fighting between Blood Kin and Vampire Hunters lasted for thousands of years, with heavy losses on both sides. If your guess is wrong, neither you nor Blood Kin can afford the consequences — we need to carefully observe and discuss to make a final decision.”

“I understand.” Bai Duan clenched his fists, anxious and worried, “But I’m worried that the Vampire Hunters have been planning this for a long time, leaving us not much time!”

The elders frowned, obviously aware of the urgency of the time, but it was so important that they could not just listen to Bai Duan’s unsubstantiated words.

Just as the scene froze, a cough broke the silence. Daniel raised his head and smiled, “I think it’s probably necessary for me to say two words, too.”

Bai Duan’s expression was stiff, and he couldn’t help but turn his head and stare at Daniel. His eyes were full of grievances. “Say nothing when you’re done?” However, in front of the elders, he couldn’t obey his heart and tell him to ‘shut up’.

The elders also looked at the human, and realized that they had ignored each other for so long. The elder raised his eyebrows, “You are?”

“I’m Daniel Clinton.” Daniel, introducing himself, took a step forward and made a noble courtesy.

“It turned out to be His Excellency Clinton.” The elder nodded gently, adjusted his expression, and removed the previous contempt. “I’ve heard of your name, and I know you are the most trusted Minister of the Queen of human beings, and you’ve also made many deliveries with my family. I didn’t expect you to be so young and handsome. Really young and promising.”

Even if they despised human beings and regarded them as food, they still had some superficial respect for the leaders of human beings.

“It is said that Your Excellency Clinton has some ears and eyes on the Vampire Hunters. Do you have any news?” The elder asked earnestly.

“Just as there are gentleness, neutrality and radicalism in the treatment of human beings within the Blood Kin, there are different factions within the Vampire Hunters. I’ve heard that the radicals among the hunters have been studying something secretly, but I don’t know the details.” Daniel’s expression was a little regretful, but the ambiguous words made the elders feel awe inspiring.

“And I would like to apologize to you, too.” Daniel didn’t know what the elders looked like, but turned his apologetic eyes to Bai Duan. “You should know that although the relationship between the hunters and the human government is cooperative, there are many conflicts and interest disputes between the two sides. With the power to deal with the Blood Kin, the Vampire Hunters played an important role in human society. They even once surpassed the imperial power of the government and acted recklessly. Her Majesty had a headache about this, and as a minister, I naturally want to share the worries and solve the difficulties for Her Majesty, so I took a series of measures to successfully suppress the Vampire Hunters and made them bow to the imperial power…”

This experience was also known to the Blood Kin. The elders nodded a little and had to admit Daniel’s cunning and means.

“As a result of these measures, the social status of the Vampire Hunters suddenly declined, and the hunters are very angry and even unable to accept it, while the radical ones have a strong response.” Daniel shrugged his shoulders and spread out his hands. “Obviously, the Vampire Hunters are not willing to surrender to the imperial power. If they want to return to their glory, they must get more power.” After a pause, he said with a wry smile, “Maybe it’s in order to fight for the position and the right to speak again. The radical group of vampire hunters took the plunge to kidnap a pureblood Blood Kin and complete the secret experiment as soon as possible. Once they have mastered the effective way to deal with the pureblood Blood Kin, Her Majesty is bound to take a step back when it comes to Vampire Hunters under the pressure of reality.”

Like Bai Duan’s statement, Daniel did not give any concrete evidence, but he verified Bai Duan’s conjecture from another angle and side.

After listening to his words, the elders’ expression was more solemn. The elder was silent for a moment and nodded slowly, “I understand. Adrian, Your Excellency Clinton, do you have anything else to say?”

Bai Duan looked at Daniel, thought, shook his head and said, “I have nothing to say.”

“Me too.” Daniel bent his mouth.

“Then, let’s discuss this matter carefully in the Church Council. Please leave first.” The elder raised his hand and made a gesture of seeing off the guests. With his action, the heavy gate of the Church also opened.

Bai Duan and Daniel bowed their heads and walked out of the gate. The door was closed behind the two men, isolating everything in the Church.

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