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Chapter 206: Final World (9)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


With Tom, who was in the carriage trembling in fear, Daniel firmly approached their destination, the castle of the Duke of Adrian. Going deeper and deeper into the hinterland of the Blood Kin, the team encountered more and more Blood Kin. But it was ‘surprising’ because these Blood Kin just looked at the carriage and then turned away, without any intention of hunting, which really made people within scared and confused.

All the way to Adrian’s territory, they saw a towering black spire from afar. The servants who felt that had been killed, looked at each other, and finally recognized their master’s ‘crazy words’. It seemed that the Lord Blood Kin did not leave, but had been protecting them in secret. Otherwise, why didn’t any vampire try to make trouble?

They thought their master was suffering from serious conjecture, but he was wise enough to see the passion hidden under his indifference?! In this regard, the people’s mood were really very complex. They were relieved that their master didn’t abandon them, but they didn’t want their future ‘Master’ to be a Blood Kin — it was like the difference between dying immediately today or slowly in the future.

Of course, no matter what they thought, they didn’t have any say in their master’s love.

The carriage stopped in front of the gate of the castle. A moment later, the dark and heavy gate opened slowly, and several Blood Kin came out. The young leader was confused and excited, and his eyes were scanning around the carriage.

Bai Duan found the figure of the youth from the memory of his original body, gave a gentle call and revealed his figure, “William.”

“Master Adrian, it’s really you!” As soon as William’s eyes brightened, he hurried up and bowed. After looking up and down to make sure Bai Duan was not seriously injured except for a little weakness, he finally relaxed, “Thank goodness, you came back safely!”

“Mn, I’m back, William.” Bai Duan’s tone was low, and his eyes were a little dim. “I’m sorry, I’m the one who led the wolves in…”

“You don’t have to blame yourself!” William quickly interrupted Bai Duan and gave a wry smile, “Not only Your Excellency, but none of us thought Reed… would be like that. “

Reed was really too good at disguise and flattery. Most of the Blood Kin in the castle had a good view of him. Otherwise, they would not be completely unprepared when the other party was suddenly the trouble.

“How about casualties? I was so angry and worried about Avril that I left without asking anything…” Bai Duan pursed his lips.

“There were some casualties. More than ten people fell asleep because of the heavy injuries, and died…” William reported the situation quietly, with a heavy look. However, the Carlisle family that Adrian inherited was a Duke household after all. Although the war was full of vitality, it did not hurt. Then, William asked, “How’s Miss Avril?”

“She’s still in the hands of the vampire hunters.” Bai Duan squinted a little. “Now that you’re here, William, I’m at ease. Next, you are still fully responsible for everything in the territory. I have other things to do.” When he spoke, he had a cold flash in his eyes.

“My Lord!” William’s face immediately changed. He was afraid that the Lord, who had not come back easily, would go out to die.

Bai Duan naturally knew his concern and dimmed his expression slightly, “Don’t worry, I won’t be so impulsive this time. I’m going to the central area to go to the Church.”

William froze for a moment, “Are you serious?”

“Yes, it is not only for a grudge between our family and the vampire hunters, but also the safety of the whole Blood Kin.” Bai Duan expression sank.

William did not dare to continue to inquire, and quickly whispered, “I understand. There are good subordinates in the territory, you will not have any worries!”

“Thank you.” Bai Duan raised his hand and patted William on the shoulder with soft eyes. “Please.”

William looked up at Bai Duan. His white and handsome face turned red gradually, almost unable to restrain the love in his heart. However, this feeling was interrupted by a cough. William frowned, followed the direction of the interruption to the carriage, only to see a man in exquisite and gorgeous clothes. The man had a handsome face no less than that of a Blood Kin and was standing there, looking at William with his eyes full of red, naked hostility.

When the rivals met, their eyes were red. William and Daniel looked at each other. Their sharp eyes were eager to tear each other apart.

Feeling that the atmosphere was not right, Bai Duan put the hand on William’s shoulder away quietly and the other side opened the distance.

“My Lord, this is…?” William took the lead in breaking off his gaze and turned to Bai Duan.

Bai Duan’s Adam’s apple moved to hide his embarrassment, “The person I know in the territory of vampire hunters, he’s… the help.”

Keenly aware of the unspeakable entanglement between the man and his Lord, William’s eyebrows were furrowed deeper and deeper. When he was about to remind him of Reed as a ‘warning’, he was interrupted by Bai Duan, “I understand. Don’t worry. I will never make the same mistake again.”

William was relieved to hear Bai Duan’s firm answer. He cast a defiant and disdainful gaze at Daniel from an angle Bai Duan couldn’t see, and secretly hooked his lips.

Daniel… Daniel became a puffer fish again.

At this moment, he really wanted to catch that damned Reed and cut off his skin. If it wasn’t for the cheating and betrayal of the other side, he would have been with his sweetheart now. How could it be so hard to force him? It was clear that his sweetheart already had some good feelings for him, but he kept restraining and rejecting this feeling, and he would not dare to take that step.

It was really… a good thing! Daniel grinned.

Of course, if Bai Duan knew what he was thinking, he would not hesitate to say, ‘You really think too much.’

In a word, no matter what he thought, Bai Duan, Daniel and the entourage all lived in Adrian’s castle. After a rest, they set off for the central territory where the Church of Blood Kin was located.

As a result of receiving the request for a meeting in advance, the members of the Church had already come from all directions, and met and discussed in the Church hall first. They had known for a long time that Adrian’s family had a conflict with the Vampire Hunters and suffered heavy losses. 

However, the Blood Kin were always arrogant. The bitter Lord didn’t open his mouth, so they naturally wouldn’t step on the pole. What’s more, as the highest governing institution of the Blood Kin, the Church hall didn’t think this matter was worthy of their concern.

Nevertheless, the news from Adrian showed that there may be a deeper danger behind this matter, and the elders of the Blood Kin had to pay attention to it — at least, listen to Adrian’s words. After discussing a general idea, the elders of the Blood Kin finally summoned Bai Duan, who had been waiting for several days in the central district. Daniel, meanwhile, came up with the same insincerity, and said seriously that he could help.

Bai Duan, “… No, just shut up and pretend you don’t exist.”

“Please believe me, I will never hold you back.” Daniel grabbed his sweetheart’s smooth, white, bony hand and rubbed it twice.

Bai Duan, trying to pull out his hand, “……” No, of course I know you can help me, but I don’t need any help from you! I’m going to handle this task alone! Please shut up!

Daniel, who was repeatedly ordered by his sweetheart, had to accept the grievance compromise and said he would try his best to stand on the sidelines — of course, he added a condition silently before the promise, that is, “If not necessary.”

Bai Duan, who didn’t know this premise, was very satisfied with his lover’s obedience. He settled down his entourage and put on a delicate and elegant dress. Then he took Daniel to the Blood Kin Church and walked into the ancient, grand and gloomy building.

The elders who had been sitting in their seats for a long time, looked up at Bai Duan in the open hall. Seeing that he was followed by a human being, some elders frowned slightly, but they didn’t criticize him. They thought that after this battle, Adrian would definitely hate the Vampire Hunters and even the human beings. There must be a very important reason to bring such an ‘enemy’ to the Church hall. They just needed to wait patiently.

The elders of the Church came from different ancient families, and there was no harmony between these families. There were always some big and small problems left over by history — let alone the Carlisle family where they were originally from, which was really a wonderful flower among the Blood Kin aristocracy.

The aristocrats of the Blood Kin despised human beings, and even many radicals advocated abolishing the self-consciousness of captive human beings and turning them into pure food production machines. Although the Carlisle family also raised blood slaves, their attitude towards blood slaves was particularly mild. Apart from regularly extracting blood from them, supervising their healthy diet and full exercise, they did not deliberately enslave and educate them, but were willing to give them some freedom and autonomy.

In addition to the different attitudes towards human beings, the Carlisle family was also quite different from other Blood Kin in terms of partners. While the Blood Kin had fun, indulged in unbridled lust, the Carlisle family was accompanied by husband and wife, with stable feelings — because of this valuable loyalty, even when most of the Blood Kin had no children and could only rely on the first generation of offspring, the Carlisle family had given birth to a son and a daughter, becoming the only family in the Blood Kin world.

As for the offspring of the Carlisle, the rest of the families were really envious, and their eyes were red.

… Oh, vampire’s eyes were always red.

“Well, I’ve known for a long time that you Carlisles would one day plant a big deal in human hands!” One elder, who had a bad relationship with the Carlisle family, sneered, “Now, this feeling has come true. Lower your figure and make friends with human beings? Oh, that’s the consequence of your abandonment of the noble status of the Blood Kin!”

Bai Duan looked up at the elder who was speaking. There was no anger of family abuse in his red eyes, but the elder was stunned for a moment. The original body had always been gentle, never showing such a cold look. Bai Duan was OOC. However, the elders of the Blood Kin didn’t have any doubt. After all, with such a big accident, it was reasonable to change one’s character. It was really strange to keep it unchanged. 

“I admit that this time I didn’t know the person clearly, but I won’t change my attitude towards human beings.” Bai Duan replied in a low voice, expressing his meaning in a light way, but he was not prepared to get involved in the matter too much. “Moreover, I came to the Church hall this time not to repent, but to report more important things. As for this meaningless and time-consuming taunt, it’s better to save one province instead.”

“You —” The elder who ironically looked ugly, raised his hand to clap the table, but was stopped by another elder’s frown. 

“Okay, be quiet. We have come all the way here not to hear your quarrel!”

The red faced elder was indignant, but he closed his mouth under the pressure of the other elder. However, the eyes looking at Bai Duan grew more and more unfriendly.

But Bai Duan didn’t pay attention to him. He bowed to the elders and saluted them. When he opened his mouth, he threw a thunderbolt, “I went into the territory of the Vampire Hunters not long ago out of fear of my sister being taken away by them, but I didn’t expect to accidentally find out an important secret. This time, the Carlisle family was only the first step of the vampire hunters’ plan. Their ultimate goal is all the pure blood aristocrats — I don’t doubt that they have invented or even mastered enough means to threaten the pure blood aristocrats!”

With Bai Duan’s loud words, the elders’ eyes shrank involuntarily. For a moment, the whole Church was silent, only Daniel’s gentle breathing sound seemed to be echoing in the open circular hall.

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