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Chapter 210: Final World (13)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


Bai Duan knew that this was his real sister when he saw the gray face. Although he could not feel the deep feelings between the brother and sister, Bai Duan could not help but pity the suffering young Blood Kin.

The prison door made of secret silver was a killer of Blood Kin. Even Bai Duan dare not move at will. But if they couldn’t open the door, they could still go around — although they could dig the walls or something, they felt it was a little low, and not the image for a tall Blood Kin.

However, saving people was imminent and there was no hesitation. Bai Duan held his hand to the wall, and the black fog at his fingertips instantly eroded the solid stone wall, leaving a large deep depression.

Seeing Bai Duan’s action, the other Blood Kin also instantly understood. All of them worked together and quickly dug a way around the secret silver prison door and into the prison.

When Bai Duan and other people tried hard, the young girl in the prison also stared at them silently, but did not show any joy and excitement. The numbness made Bai Duan’s heart rise high — the original Lord’s wish was not only to save Avril, but also to take care of the other and make the other happy. If Avril’s mind was completely destroyed, his performance in this mission would be greatly reduced.

With such concern, Bai Duan’s actions became more and more urgent. He ignored the mud and gravel, walked into the dark dungeon, and crouched beside Avril carefully. “Avril, Avril? I’m your brother. I’m here to save you!”

Avril raised her pale and haggard but unshakable face and looked straight at Bai Duan. After a while, a ray of shimmering light finally flickered in her blood pool eyes.

“… Brother… Brother?” Avril opened her mouth and her voice was dry.

“Yes, it’s me, it’s your brother!” Bai Duan tentatively stroked Avril on the shoulder, patted her twice, and with a gentle touch of reassurance, he said “I’m sorry, brother was late.”

As he said this, Bai Duan could not help regretting how much his sister had suffered — if it was Guan Wu… He may have been able to save Avril faster and better, and Avril’s situation would not have been so bad.

For the first time, Bai Duan was inexperienced and could only rely on instinct and imagination. Although he had watched how Guan Wu retaliated for the original counterattack in more than ten previous worlds, in most cases, he was kept in the dark by the other side and could not understand the real situation at all.

In addition to his inexperience, Bai Duan, who entered the mission for the first time, could hardly feel the same indignation about the grievances of his original body. He knew that he wanted to rescue his original sister as soon as possible, but he did not feel that anxious. After entering the world, even though Bai Duan had been working hard for his ultimate goal, he inevitably wasted a lot of time in the process, which slowed down the overall pace and rhythm of other messy things, such as “love talk” with his lover.

After a quiet introspection, Bai Duan held Avril in his arms and softly called her name again and again. Finally, there was a change in Avril’s expression. Her body twitched, making small sobs. Two lines of tears slowly flowed down her face.

Seeing Avril cry out, Bai Duan was a little relieved. He used his arms to carry his sister horizontally, and then nodded to the nearby Blood Kin, “Let’s go.”

Several young Blood Kin looked at the little princess in Bai Duan’s arms, with full of worry and anger. Hearing Bai Duan’s words, they nodded and turned away from the dark, damp dungeon. Vampires were not afraid of sunshine, but they didn’t like the dazzling light, so they preferred to work at night. But it was obvious that Avril had a fear of the darkness because she had been locked in the dark dungeon. Of course, what she feared was not the darkness itself, but the loneliness, hesitation and despair she once tasted in the darkness.

When she came to the sun, Avril’s stiff body relaxed a little. She raised her arms, put them around her brother’s neck, and buried her head in the other’s neck. A Blood Kin’s body was cold, without breath or even heartbeat, but in such a cold embrace, Avril felt an inexplicable peace of mind.

Feeling Avril’s movements, Bai Duan lowered his head and said softly, “Don’t be afraid. We’ll be home soon.” 

Avril lifted her eyes, looked at her brother’s handsome face, and finally relaxed and handed everything to her only family member, then passed out in a coma. The body and spirit of Blood Kin were very strong, and a pureblood was the best. Looking at Avril, who knew nothing at the moment, no one could doubt how much suffering she has faced.

“These damn hunters! It’s insane to do such a thing to the kind and gentle Miss Avril!” A young Blood Kin cursed in a low voice. He kicked the body of a hunter next to his foot and directly trampled the belly of the body into mud! “We let them die so cleanly!”

Bai Duan frowned at the Blood Kin’s act of venting, but he didn’t stop it. After all, he was now playing Avril’s brother, and he should be the most angry about his sister’s experience.

“Have you found anything suspicious? Is there a vampire hunter running away?” Bai Duan asked in a low voice, diverting the attention of the Blood Kin.

“There are so many strange things here. We don’t know what to look for. We just smashed them all together. Please rest assured that the damage is absolutely clean!” Another Blood Kin calmed down a little and said, “As for the hunters, I’m sorry we didn’t catch up with some of them.”

“It’s normal that with so many hunters, a few fish missed the net. There’s no need to blame ourselves.” Bai Duan nodded. The so-called ‘secret experiment’ was originally nonsense. Bai Duan didn’t think that any ‘evidence’ could be found at all. Now that the town had been smashed, it was the best thing for him, because it couldn’t prove that he was lying — as for the Vampire Hunters, even if they denied that they had done any experiments, the Blood Kin wouldn’t believe it.

Satisfied, Bai Duan looked around and said one more thing, “By the way, the young hunter who talked to me before, have you seen him? Is he running or dead?”

“Dead, I killed him.” Soon, someone answered Bai Duan’s question, “That kid’s strength was not bad. I was quite impressed. He couldn’t be any more dead.” After a moment’s hesitation, he asked, “Was there anything special about that man?”

“Nothing special, just a little bit of resentment.” When Bai Duan heard the news of the death of the ‘love rival’, he could not say whether it was a pity or a relief, “But it is not a big problem. If he died, that’s fine.”

Before speaking, a vampire bat fluttered its wings and landed on Bai Duan’s shoulder, squinting its head and “squeaking” a few words. Blood Kin had domesticated vampire bats since ancient times. Although they couldn’t really understand each other’s language, they could understand what these little things wanted to express from the pitch frequency of the bat cries.

Bai Duan frowned a little, “The escaped hunters passed on the news of the attack. Now, more hunters are rushing here. Let’s leave first.”

“Why? Are we going to run away from here?” A pureblood Blood Kin, no less regal than Bai Duan, resented the rebuttal. He was belligerent by nature, and this time he was aroused to be grumpy. “These bastards bullied Avril so badly, I haven’t let off enough steam! Oh, I’m not afraid of so many ants!”

The words of the pureblood Blood Kin were supported by many people. Bai Duan was quite helpless, “I naturally know you are not afraid, but now is not the time to cause trouble. We attacked the town to save Avril. It’s reasonable. But if there is further conflict and expansion with the Vampire Hunters, the Church will not be able to hold on — after all, the contract between us and the hunters still exists on the surface.” After his talk, the audience was still a little resentful. Bai Duan added a bit of worry to his tone, “What’s more, Avril is in bad condition. I want to take her back to the Blood Kin for treatment and recuperation as soon as possible.”

When it came to Avril, the boiling blood of the young Blood Kin finally calmed down a little bit — yes, the Vampire Hunters could be killed at any time, but if their little princess of the Blood Kin had any problem, it would be trouble. The urgent task was to send Avril back to her family safely.

After thinking of moving Avril, the young Blood Kin gathered their temper, obeyed Bai Duan’s command, and left as quietly as they came. When many vampire hunters arrived, they only saw the mess and mutilated corpses everywhere.

Since the target of the Blood Kin was only the vampire hunters, the civilians hiding in the houses survived by chance — as for those who died, they were the ones who were hurt when the Blood Kin destroyed everything.

Although the Blood Kin had left, the survivors were still afraid to show up. Until the vampire hunters arrived, they were still shivering in the rubble of the self destructed wall.

Looking around at the devastation, the chief hunter was livid and his teeth were clenched. He quickly divided his subordinates into two groups, one for the survivors and to deal with the injured, and the other for his companions to converge.

“Do you know why these Blood Kin suddenly attacked the town?” Although he was eager to kill all the Blood Kin, the leader remained calm and asked the villagers who survived.

A villager hesitated for a moment and answered softly, “I heard… one said that the hunters in the town took away a sister of one of the vampires. They came to rescue the girl…”

“Took away a vampire’s sister?!” This leader was not the leader of the radical party. He had never heard of it. He couldn’t help but be surprised, “Was it true?”

“It seems that it was…” The villagers nodded, “They did find a little girl, and the situation of that person looked… not very good…”

The leader hung his head and pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he raised his legs and kicked down a wall that was already crumbling, “I really want to die!”

“Boss, the Blood Kin are so hateful that we have to ask for an explanation!” The vampire hunter on his side wiped the moist corners of his eyes and gnashed his teeth.

“… To beg is definitely to beg, but this result… ” The leader closed his eyes and sighed.

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