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Out of all fruits and vegetables, which one do you hate the most?

Caicai: FUCKING PEAS. 🤮🤮

Gea: Radishes. I hate the taste and the crunch.

Kira: Brussels sprouts: ate them fine as a kid, but as an adult I find them too bitter and gross. Too much cabbageness in too small a package. I do like that they look like jingle bells on the stalk, but I won’t eat them grimacing

Addis: Have you ever roasted them with garlic, bacon and onion?

Kira: Tried them roasted, but not with garlic, onion, and bacon. I’ll bet the ‘rents would love that though, and I’d try them if they were available. I’ll have to suggest that during Brussels sprouts season. Bacon makes so many things better.

Addis: I hate mushrooms and olives. I have misophonia so when both of them are chewed, they squeak against your teeth and it makes me cringe.

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July 11, 2022 7:27 am

I hate grapefruit, unless it’s smothered in sugar!
Otherwise there isn’t a fruit or veg I don’t like (that I’ve tried… there are a few I’ve not eaten, due to never coming across them).
I dislike feel of peach skin, so have to peel it, which is laborious, so prefer nectarines or canned in juice.

August 15, 2022 11:52 pm

zucchini are my nightmare : i feel it’s like chewing a sponge with a lot of water. disgusting for me. Even with a lot of cheese on.

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