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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Yu ShiQing put down the bowl when the soup was finished, glanced at the empty plates created by the two people on the table and said, “This is how you should eat. You shouldn’t waste food and you should eat all that you can. I’m not used to Yu Feng eating, he always leaves more than half in the bowl, he’s not as good as you.”

Yu Chu also put down his dishes and sat with his hands down, “I agree.”

“Although our Yu Family has a small fortune, we shouldn’t forget the fundamentals of being a human being. We shouldn’t be wasteful at any time.” Yu ShiQing pulled the napkin next to him and wiped his mouth, paused for two seconds and then suddenly asked, “What’s going on with you and Zhou Mu?”

Here it comes, finally.

Yu Chu was prepared for this, but his face immediately showed his fear and anxiety, and both hands clasped the armrests of his chair, as he spoke with a pale face, “Dad, I’m sorry, I’m just too bored. You can transfer him away, and there’s no need for me to have a bodyguard.”

Yu ShiQing’s expression gradually became colder and colder, and his two eyes were fixed on Yu Chu, as if he wanted to see something from his expression. After a moment, he slowly spoke, “I have already punished him.”

“Punished?” Yu Chu asked blankly.

“He was the one who was whipped outside just now.”

Yu Chu was dumbfounded for two seconds and then stood up, “Dad, this has nothing to do with me! I mean, it’s a little bit related, but most of it is his fault! Yes, it’s all his fault!”

His cowardly look of putting all faults on Zhou Mu and eagerness to clear the relationship with the other party was seen by Yu ShiQing. He raised his hand and pushed him down while his tone softened, “Sit down, don’t be nervous. Sit down and talk.”

When Yu Chu sat down uneasily, Yu ShiQing continued, “Xiao Feng always loves to play, but you’re the opposite of him. You’re bored at home all day long, and you don’t have anyone close. In fact, this is fine. Who doesn’t have one or two people around to keep them company? Dad was also a young man once, and will not force you to be like that, so don’t be nervous. Dad won’t scold you.”

“Dad.” Yu Chu seemed to be incredulous and mumbled.

Yu ShiQing smiled lovingly and said, “Just don’t step over the line, and also be clear about your status. Playing with Zhou Mu is fine. I just gave him a little bit of advice, so that he has a few things to keep in mind, and not be wild in the future. You’d better go and see him later. It takes both grace and power to make people succumb.”

“I know, Dad, don’t worry.” Yu Chu showed just the right amount of gratitude and sincerity.

Yu ShiQing looked satisfied with his reaction and his face softened as he waved his hand and said, “Go ahead.”

“Thank you, Dad.”

As Yu Chu walked towards the door of the dining room, his face cleared of gratitude and timidity. With his hands clasped in his trouser pockets, he crossed the long hallway, tossed the piece of milk candy he had taken from the table to Rugosa, and walked down the garden to the dormitory building where the thugs lived.

Ten minutes later, according to the room number provided by one of the thugs, Yu Chu stood at the door of room 302.

He knocked twice on it and, without waiting for a response from the person inside, went to turn the handle. The door was unlocked and opened with a single turn.

Yu Chu quickly surveyed the room, checking the left and right beds. The left was empty, only the right bed had a man with his upper body naked. His back showed staggered whip marks, purple and red and seeping blood, looking very frightening.

The room was filled with the strong smell of medicine and blood, and there was blood-stained gauze in the trash can by the bed. Yu Chu turned back and closed the door, then walked to the window and pushed open the closed glass window, allowing the sea breeze to carry the fresh air and cleanse the room of the odor.

“What are you doing here?” Zhou Mu’s muffled voice sounded behind him.

Yu Chu turned around and saw his face buried in the pillow, still in the same position, so he smiled and said, “My little love has been whipped, so it’s the time for some love and affection, but I’m very distressed. I didn’t even care to eat, and rushed here. What do you think I came to do?”

Zhou Mu said slowly, “It would be more credible if you said this with less obvious gloating.”

Yu Chu slowly paced to the side of the bed, bent down to look at the whip marks on his back, his mouth tsking, “Ouch, ouch, ouch. As I listened to your body suffer this punishment, I started to count for you, a total of ten lashes. Look, it’s still bleeding, giving me such heartache.”

He said this as he took a clean gauze from the side of the bed and went to dab the blood on his back. Before the gauze touched the wound, Zhou Mu turned sideways abruptly, and with a lightning quick hand, he clamped one of his wrists and asked, “What are you doing?”

His lips were pale and his expression was ugly, but his regal aura had not diminished at all.

Yu Chu’s wrist hurt from his grip and he frowned, “Cleaning your wounds ah? What else can I do? Let go.”

“No need.” Zhou Mu said in a cold voice.

“Are you sure you don’t need it?”

Yu Chu’s gaze swept over Zhou Mu’s back. Those wounds were probably treated by himself and because his back was out of reach, he haphazardly put on some medicine. The blood wasn’t cleaned off and his back was covered with red marks, making those wounds more hideous.

“The weather on the island is humid and hot. If this isn’t properly treated, it will become inflamed. Are you sure you don’t need it?” Yu Chu asked.

Zhou Mu stared at him for a few seconds, then glanced at his ankle, which he had sprained last night, and finally slowly let go of his hand, gathering the harshness in his gaze and flopping back down onto the pillow.

Yu Chu sat down on the edge of the bed, soaked the gauze with saline on the table and dipped it into the wound a little. The moment the cold gauze touched the skin, Zhou Mu trembled slightly, then relaxed his muscles and let him continue.

“Do I love you or not? Should I spoil you or not? Think about what you just did. Do you feel guilty? You’re a wicked wench who doesn’t know any better!” Yu Chu’s hand deliberately pressed a little harder. 

Zhou Mu’s brow wrinkled, but also endured enough to not make a sound.

A pack of cigarettes and a stainless steel lighter, shining like a mirror, were resting on the bed, and Zhou Mu was lying on the pillow, looking at Yu Chu from the reflection of the lighter. Seeing that his movements in treating the wound were very standard and very skillful, his frown worsened, causing his face to wrinkle.

Even when Yu Chu’s hands were busy, his mouth didn’t stop.

“Your entire body is full of sinewy muscles. How come I didn’t transmigrate into your body? Why do you even have back dimples? Your buttocks are also quite shapely, I’m very satisfied. The whip marks from a few days ago are still visible, and here they are again, you poor little thing.”


Zhou Mu stared at the lighter, looking at the reflection of the soft, pale face, his skin was white as snow like a baby’s, while his red ears made his face extremely inconsistent with his rambling. Hearing this kid speak, his heart was dumbfounded.

Yu Chu finished cleaning the wound, put on the medicine, and then went to the small bathroom to wash his hands. He came out to find Zhou Mu had gotten up and was standing naked by the window, smoking. He walked over and took the cigarette out of Zhou Mu’s fingers, put it out on the windowsill tile and threw it into the trash can next to him.

Zhou Mu turned his head to look at him. Yu Chu raised an eyebrow, took out something from his trouser pocket, and shoved it directly into Zhou Mu’s mouth, “This is a treat for you.”

After saying that, he shoved his hands into his trouser pocket and left the door in a dashing manner.

The sunlight penetrated through the clouds and didn’t shine strongly on him while Zhou Mu used his tongue to roll something in his mouth. A sweet taste spread rapidly in his mouth.

It turned out to be a milk candy. 1


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Translator Notes:

  1. White Rabbit Milk Candies (Paid Amazon promotion) are the most popular and well known.


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November 20, 2021 11:45 am

I think Zhou Mu is about to belive in Yu Chu’s transmigration. I bet the original second young master wouldn’t be able to treat his wounds. Still I really do hate the fact that he’s being whipped.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 20, 2021 3:27 pm

YC is getting on wivey vibes😎😎😎

November 20, 2021 5:02 pm

Getting whipped for nothing… I think I’d have punched Yu Chu by now, for the mean streak and sarcasm. Hopefully that will change.
Is Zhou Mu opening up to the transmigration story now.
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 3, 2022 10:20 pm

Who doesn’t have one or two people around to keep them company?” – You would know that, wouldn’t you, scum dad?

The things Yu Chu said was so funny. 😂 And despite how mean he is, he stilled treated the wounds skillfully. He even gave Zhou Mu candy! How random!

Tossing the cigarette was for the best. White rabbit milk candy is awesome.

December 22, 2022 8:01 am

Aiyoooo I live for their interactions 🥺😆 Their interactions are always lively and spicy haha 🔥 💖 Always crave for more (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु aaaaa

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