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Popular Actor Nan HuaiLin and a Mysterious Man Are Having an Intimate and Private Meeting, and There Are Pictures With the Truth!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


When they arrived at Guanqian Street, Fei Cheng ate even more than Nan HuaiLin, and had a great desire to eat all over the whole street. Nan HuaiLin knew he had a gourmand stomach, but was still worried that he would be burnt out, so he dragged him to visit the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

The Humble Administrator’s Garden was just a little north of Guanqian Street, a five-minute walk away. The garden pavilions and water pavilions, flowers and trees, which made one feel as if they went back through time to ancient times. Two people walked from the hibiscus pavilion to listen to the rain, and from listening to the rain to the lotus wind four pavilions. Nan HuaiLin felt a little tired, so he sat in the pavilion to rest.

The pavilion was located in the middle of the water and with the lotus petals in the water, blue color stretching far, and the fragrance of lotus leaves breeze hitting one’s face, it made people feel refreshed.

“I suddenly remembered,” Nan HuaiLin said with a smile. “This seems to be our first official date.”

Fei Cheng smiled back. “Love comes quite fast. Like a tornado.”

Nan HuaiLin said, “But it feels like that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

From the moment he laid a clutch of dragon eggs, there was no normal transition between the two of them – they became fathers unannounced, established a relationship unannounced, separated on the first day of their relationship, and then met again six months later and now they were going to get married.

If you ignored the six months of separation, they went from friends to lovers to marriage in three days, one day at a time, which was really fast.

But Nan HuaiLin didn’t feel unsettled. On the contrary, he knew better than ever what he was doing and what kind of future he wanted.

Nan HuaiLin tilted his head against Fei Cheng’s shoulder. “Let’s go see a film later, okay? Let’s do all the things that ordinary couples do.”

Fei Cheng took out his phone. “I’ll see what films are available these days.”

Nan HuaiLin looked at the phone with him, and suddenly pointed at the screen. “Let’s watch this one.”

The name of the film was White Night, directed by Zhang Heng, starring Shen Chong.

It was the same film that Nan HuaiLin went to run for the first time the day he met Fei Cheng. Fei Cheng bought the tickets directly. The show opened at 2:30, so it was almost time to go there.

Nan HuaiLin stood up to leave, when a couple sitting across from each other suddenly approached. The girl suppressed her excitement and asked, “Excuse me… Are you Nan HuaiLin?”

“You can recognize me like this?” Nan HuaiLin was wearing a hat and sunglasses, and most of his face was covered. “Amazing.”

The girl covered her mouth and squealed, almost crying with excitement, while her boyfriend next to her looked at her with a helpless and doting face and warned her in a low voice, “No calling him husband.”

The girl ignored her boyfriend’s warning and looked at Nan HuaiLin with starry eyes, saying expectantly, “I love you so much! I’ve watched Star Country and Swimming Beyond My Life over and over a dozen times! You’re so good, I really love you!”

The girl’s boyfriend had a black line on his face.

Nan HuaiLin’s boyfriend was also disgusted.

“Thank you for your love.” Nan HuaiLin said with a smile, he then took off his sunglasses and turned the brim of his hat back, “Want to take a picture together?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” The girl shoved her phone at her boyfriend. “Take more pictures.”

The girl stood next to Nan HuaiLin, and Fei Cheng consciously gave way to the side.

Nan HuaiLin looked at the camera with a smile on his face while the girl’s boyfriend held up his phone and took seven or eight pictures before saying, “Done.”

The girl still looked at Nan HuaiLin with starry eyes. “Can I…can I hug you for a while?”

The two boyfriends said in unison, “No!”

Nan HuaiLin then smiled, and extended his hand. “Let’s shake hands.”

The girl hurriedly held his hand with both hands. “I’ll be your fan forever!”

“Have fun,” Nan HuaiLin withdrew his hand. “Bye.”


Nan HuaiLin put on his sunglasses again, took Fei Cheng’s hand naturally and turned around to leave.

Fei Cheng was stunned. “Aren’t you afraid your fans will catch you on camera?”

“What’s wrong with being caught on camera?” Nan HuaiLin asked.

“The photo will be on the Internet and the news will come out,” Fei Cheng said. “‘Shocking news! Popular actor Nan HuaiLin and a mysterious man are having an intimate and private meeting, and there are pictures with the truth!’”

Nan HuaiLin laughed. “I told you to stay off the Internet.”

Fei Cheng came up to him, and kissed him. “Wife, you’re so nice.”

There were squeals of excitement from the girl behind him.

Fei Cheng said, “If I French kiss you, she will probably faint with excitement.”

Nan HuaiLin replied, “I’ll beat you unconscious first.”

After walking out of the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the two of them took a taxi to the Happy Blue Sea Cinema on Stone Road, where Nan HuaiLin went to pick up tickets and Fei Cheng went to buy popcorn and coke.

Although it was Saturday, there weren’t a lot of people who came to see the film at this point in time, or perhaps the film they were watching wasn’t popular. Whatever the reason, there were only a few dozen or twenty people in the large cinema hall.

Fei Cheng wanted to pull Nan HuaiLin to the last row to sit. Nan HuaiLin knew he had bad intentions, so he, of course, refused, and went to the middle row to sit. Fei Cheng had no choice but to follow him.

“I’m telling you,” Nan HuaiLin said in a lowered voice. “There’s infrared surveillance installed in the cinema hall. 360 degrees without dead spots. They can see everything you do live in the monitoring room.”

Fei Cheng was silent for a long time and said, “You seem to have a lot of experience.”

Nan HuaiLin looked at him, and said with a smile, “Don’t drink this old vinegar, alright?”

“I don’t care,” Fei Cheng said. “You’ll have to do it again with me anyway even if you’ve done it with someone else.”

“Childish.” Nan HuaiLin picked up a piece of popcorn and brought it to his mouth. “Aaah…”

Fei Cheng opened his mouth, taking the popcorn and Nan HuaiLin’s fingertips together, then stretched the tip of his tongue, licking it gently.

A tingle spread from the licked area, Nan HuaiLin hurriedly withdrew his hand and smiled narrowly. “I just forgot to wash my hands after going to the bathroom.”

Fei Cheng said with little concern, “I’ve already had a mouthful of you, why would I still mind this? Honey, you’re so naive.”

Nan HuaiLin hurriedly grabbed a handful of popcorn, and shoved it over to shut up Fei Cheng’s nonsense.

There was a boy sitting two rows in front of him, and he turned his head to look towards them. Nan HuaiLin hurriedly slipped down and let the seat in the front row block himself, and also glared at Fei Cheng, who was chewing popcorn with his cheeks like a little hamster’s. Nan HuaiLin was amused again.

The film started very quickly.

This was a crime film, at first it was quite exciting, but as soon as the hero began to fall in love it became tasteless, more and more like an eight o’clock drama series, with car accidents, memory loss, the hero getting drunk, and meeting a small male prostitute at a bar… Then the cinema hall ushered in a wave of small climax.

“Crap! The male prostitute is played by Nan HuaiLin, right?”

“The scale is so big! The god is showing his buttocks, film it!”

“I’m going to get a fucking nosebleed, the god’s ass is so white and shapely!”

Nan HuaiLin, “…”

This should be considered his black history.

Fei Cheng whispered in his ear, “Because of looking at your ass, I had two nights of sex dreams and then slept with you on the third night. I’m a lucky man.”

Nan HuaiLin whispered, “Hold your tongue.”

Fei Cheng said, “It’s dark now, shouldn’t you do something to me?”

Nan HuaiLin gave him a sloppy kiss. “Is this fine?”

Without saying a word, Fei Cheng pressed him into the seat and kissed him hard.

Nan HuaiLin was worried about drawing attention to himself and didn’t dare to resist, so he let him kiss him, besides, his face wasn’t visible in the surveillance room anyway.

Fei Cheng soon let him go and gasped, “Baby, I’m probably in heat, I don’t want to just taste you all the time, what should I do?”

Nan HuaiLin gritted his teeth. “Cool it.”

Fei Cheng was so disturbed that he missed a key plot. The plot after that wasn’t very understandable, but in the last section of Shen Chong and the villainous boss fight to the death scene was still very hot and handsome, and was well-worth the ticket money.

After they left the movie theater, Fei Cheng asked, “What’s next?”

Nan HuaiLin replied, “Let’s go home. In the eyes of your parents-in-law, I see you still don’t dare to do anything.”

Surprisingly, Fei Cheng didn’t object. “Okay, I’ll do what you want.”

As soon as he got home, Nan HuaiLin was surrounded by fans.

Downstairs, Aunt Zhang’s daughter Xiaoxiao had brought a large group of classmates to the house, and they swarmed Nan HuaiLin as soon as he walked in the door.

Fei Cheng left him behind, and fled upstairs quickly.

Geng XiaoRong was cooking dinner in the kitchen, and Fei Cheng went up to her. “Mom, let me give you a hand.”

“No, no,” Geng XiaoRong said with a smile, “The place is too small for two people to stand. Go back in the room, lest you smell of oil and smoke.”

Fei Cheng, on the contrary, liked the smell of grease and smoke, because this was normal human life, full of worldly smoke and fumes.

He stood against the wall and looked at Nan HuaiLin who was cooperating with the fans taking pictures in the courtyard, a gentle smile flowing from the corners of his mouth.

“How did you and Lin Lin meet?” Geng XiaoRong asked.

Fei Cheng replied with a smile, “We met on the subway. He was standing right in front of me, but was bumped by someone then ran into me and accidentally sat in my arms. Then we met, from then on we would meet often, and after my continuous and fierce pursuit, we got together naturally.”

Geng XiaoRong smiled and said, “That sounds like something that would only happen in a TV show.”

Fei Cheng paused and said with a smile, “Now that I think about it, it seems that I fell in love with him at first sight from the first time I saw him.”

The slightest bit of joy when we first met, quickly fermented and spread in the future together. It unknowingly turned into love, as he wanted to desperately hold on to him, to have him, to participate in the rest of his life, to give him all the most intense love.

It wasn’t until Geng XiaoRong called for dinner that Nan HuaiLin was able to get away. He smiled so much during taking pictures that his face was stiff.

“Where did you go to play today?” Geng XiaoRong asked.

“Went to Shantang Street, Guanqian Street, and the Humble Administrator’s Garden,” Fei Cheng replied. “Finally, we went to see a film on Shi Lu.”

Nan ZunShan couldn’t help but spit out. “Look at all the places you went to, just like foreigners visiting.”

Nan HuaiLin laughed and said, “He was a tourist from abroad, I was the tour guide.”

After dinner, Nan HuaiLin and Fei Cheng washed the dishes together.

Nan ZunShan and Geng XiaoRong were sitting in the living room watching TV, but their minds weren’t on TV. The two people outside were washing dishes and playing at the same time, which looked much more interesting than TV.

After washing the dishes, the two of them went to the living room to watch TV with their parents.

Fei Cheng was a bit roguish in the eyes of the parents-in-law, touching the forearms for a moment and then hugging the small waist. His father-in-law really didn’t want to watch, so the two people were sent back to their room.

Today, after a day of running outside, Nan HuaiLin was a little tired and wanted to take a shower and go to bed. He washed first and Fei Cheng washed second. When Fei Cheng finished washing and went to bed, he was already a little drowsy.

After Fei Cheng got into bed and played a game on his cell phone. Nan HuaiLin asked, “Aren’t you sleepy?”

“No,” Fei Cheng said. “You should go to sleep first.”

“Oh.” Nan HuaiLin answered, turned his back to him, and closed his eyes to sleep.

But he couldn’t sleep.

He felt that something was missing.

Nan HuaiLin turned over and rested on Fei Cheng’s chest, saying, “Stop playing.”

Fei Cheng stared at his phone. “As soon as I finish this.”

Nan HuaiLin waited for a while and when he saw that he hadn’t finished playing, he couldn’t help but call out, “Fei Cheng.”

“Huh?” Fei Cheng answered in a careless manner.

Nan HuaiLin raised his hand and cupped his full earlobe, gently rubbing it. “Stop playing.”

This hand was about to win, but Fei Cheng casually put the phone aside and rolled over to crush Nan HuaiLin under his body, with a smile on his lips. “What do you want?”

Nan HuaiLin didn’t say anything, just wrapped his arms around his neck and came up to kiss him. Fei Cheng then returned the kiss tenderly, but didn’t make any extra movements. Nan HuaiLin stopped and looked at him in confusion.

Fei Cheng also looked at him, his voice was slightly muffled, “You have to say it clearly. What do you want?”

Nan HuaiLin then knew that this man was doing it deliberately. Because he didn’t want to make out with him during the day, now he’s doing the same thing to him?

Nan HuaiLin had never had the experience of initiating sex before, so he was a bit shy to say anything. He lowered his eyes and mumbled for a long time before whispering, “I want you.”

Fei Cheng cupped his chin and kissed him, saying in a low magnetic voice, “You have to understand the feelings of a mother and child SOLO, I’m now at the stage where I could eat you whole. My head is filled with nothing but dirty thoughts. I want us to be the only two people in the world, you and I, and no one to disturb us, so I can kiss you and love you as much as I want, and I don’t want to be separated from you for a second. “

Nan HuaiLin looked surprised, “So, that night… It was your first time?”

Fei Cheng felt a little humiliated and blushed slightly, and let out a low “mmm.”

Nan HuaiLin couldn’t say anything for a while, but just stared at Fei Cheng with unblinking eyes.

Fei Cheng was a little annoyed by his stare, and glared at him fiercely. “Look again and I’ll eat you up!”

Nan HuaiLin laughed. “You can eat me.”

Fei Cheng froze. “Aren’t you afraid that Father-in-law and Mother-in-law will hear you?”

Nan HuaiLin’s hand dug into his T-shirt. “My parents are watching TV, they can’t hear.”

Fei Cheng then lowered his head to kiss him, kissed him for a while and then stopped, asking vindictively, “Will you still avoid me in the future?”

Nan HuaiLin shook his head gently and said, a little bashfully, “You can do whatever you want… Whatever you want.”

The two of them tossed around in bed for a while, and after the TV sounds stopped, they moved on to the bathroom and then back to bed, where Nan HuaiLin, like a contented cat, nestled in Fei Cheng’s arms and quickly fell asleep.

The next day, Nan HuaiLin told his parents that he’d take Fei Cheng out to play, and then the two of them took a taxi to the hotel, opened a luxury suite, and spent the whole day in the room, only to return home at dinner time.

After dinner, they peacefully watched two shows of television with the parents, then each went to their rooms to sleep.

Nan HuaiLin soon fell asleep, but Fei Cheng was so excited that he didn’t close his eyes for half the night. He woke Nan HuaiLin up at seven in the morning, carried him downstairs to wash up, changed his clothes, took his family register and ID card, and left the house in a frenzy.

When he arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau as quickly as possible, they weren’t yet open, but the copy store and photo studio next to them were.

Fei Cheng had already made the process clear, and dragged Nan HuaiLin to photocopy the ID card and household registration book, and to take photos.

From walking into the Civil Affairs Bureau to taking the two red books out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, it took less than ten minutes. It was so fast that it didn’t even feel real, as if he hadn’t woken up yet.

Fei Cheng was so happy like a fool that Nan HuaiLin couldn’t help but giggle along with him.

“Come on,” Fei Cheng couldn’t hide his excitement. “Call me husband.”

Nan HuaiLin had never called him that before, and it was a little hard to say, but they were now legally married, so they should change their names. He mulled it over for a while and said with difficulty, “Old… Hubby.”

When this “hubby” was called out, the reality of the situation sunk in for Nan HuaiLin. From today, Fei Cheng was no longer his boyfriend, but his husband, the man he wanted to spend his life with.

Suddenly he wanted to cry, but Nan HuaiLin held back. He hugged Fei Cheng, and whispered in his ear, “Husband, I love you.”

Fei Cheng whispered, “I love you too, I love you most in this world.”

The two stayed in Suzhou for another day, and in the evening they took their parents and cousin’s family to a sumptuous dinner at the Deyue House.

“Where are you taking me?” Nan HuaiLin asked.

“To a place where no one is.” Fei Cheng replied mysteriously.

Night had long since fallen, the moon shining brightly, the stars glittering. Nan HuaiLin lowered the car window, the night breeze was cool, reaching every part of their body. At this moment, even if Fei Cheng wanted to take him to the ends of the earth, he would be happy to go.

After driving at full speed for about an hour or so, the car stopped in the secluded wilderness.

“Get out of the car.” Fei Cheng said.

Nan HuaiLin opened the door, looked around, and asked, “Why did you bring me here?”

Fei Cheng didn’t answer, but undressed himself.

Nan HuaiLin wondered, “You don’t want to…You don’t want to have sex here, do you?”

“Haha!” Fei Cheng lost his smile. “What are you thinking?”

Nan HuaiLin asked, “Then why are you taking off your clothes? It’s cold.”

Fei Cheng took off his clothes in three steps, walked to Nan HuaiLin and said, “I want to give you a piece of the most beautiful starry sky.”

Without waiting for Nan HuaiLin to understand what this meant, Fei Cheng turned into his original form in the blink of an eye, a white dragon with huge wings.

The dragon prostrated itself on the ground and inclined its head, gesturing for Nan HuaiLin to sit on his back.

Nan HuaiLin understood. He looked up at the sky, looked down at the dragon, gritted his teeth, climbed onto the back of the white dragon, clutched the dense dragon mane and said nervously, “Fly slowly!”

As soon as the words fell, the white dragon lifted its wings and flew up to the sky like an arrow from a string.

Nan HuaiLin’s heart trembled. He lay on the back of the dragon the whole time, not daring to open his eyes, only hearing the gusts of wind, and soft dragon roar.

After a while, feeling the white dragon flying smoothly, Nan HuaiLin slowly opened his eyes, suddenly shocked by the beauty before him.

The white dragon was flying in the direction of the moon, which was clearly very far away, yet seemed to be close at hand, as if they could crash into it if they weren’t careful.

The same went for the stars, so far away but so close, as if he could reach out and pick two or three of them into his pocket to take home.

The moonlight splashed on the surface of the lake, and the flashing lights of the cruise ships moving on the lake could be seen vaguely.

Nan HuaiLin tilted his head up, and shouted at the moon, “Aaaaaah!”

He was so happy that he wanted to shout out so that the whole world could hear his happiness.

After shouting enough, Nan HuaiLin lay on the back of the white dragon, looking at the sky full of stars, thinking that he would treasure this starry sky, and think back on it every now and then, until his twilight years, when he would be able to feel the touch and happiness of this moment. So intense, so overwhelming, it would always be unparalleled.


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