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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The next few days, Zhou Mu didn’t appear, he probably stayed in the dormitory to recuperate. Yu Chu’s ankle had completely healed, so he would still run in the morning and walk in the evening every day, but was followed by a strange hired thug.

The last threat seemed quite effective, and Big Scar didn’t dare to approach him anymore.

His walking route was still the same as the original one, which was to go to the beach from the path, choose a flat rock to sit for a while, and quietly enjoy the sunset over the sea. When the moon climbed into the canopy, only the sound of sea birds chirping reached his ears.

The hired thug, who hadn’t been on the island long, was on edge at all times, and would rush to Yu Chu’s side and look around warily at any movement, and would even rush if a bird flew up from the forest.

“How old are you?” Yu Chu was uninterested but couldn’t help but ask.

The hired thug, who looked young and still had a childish look on his face, replied respectfully, “Seventeen.”

“Only seventeen… How did you come to this island?” Yu Chu asked curiously. 

“I came to Haiyun City last year to look for a job, so I joined Mr. Yu’s machine factory. Then Brother Chen who manages the work said I was obedient and performed well, so he introduced me to Singwon Island.” The young thug’s expression was tinged with pride.

Yu Chu was in a complicated mood and asked, “What’s your name then?”

“My name is Zheng Bao.”

“Zheng Bao? Zheng Bao…” Yu Chu recited the name, his expression gradually became dazed, staring at Zheng Bao’s face as he began to reminisce.

A dirty face appeared in front of his eyes; snotty nose, holding a bowl of porridge in his small, bony hands, carrying it to him as if it were some kind of treasure, “Brother Cheng, the porridge is being distributed at the entrance of the church! I got a bowl of it, please drink it.”

While Zheng Bao was stared at by Yu Chu, he didn’t dare to move, and felt that the gaze wasn’t looking at him, but through him at something distant. He began to feel a little panicked and didn’t know what to do, so he called out, “Second Young Master.”

Yu Chu came back to his senses and gave a dazed “Oh.”, then turned around and continued to walk forward. Only after walking a bit did he explain, “I had a brother named Zheng Bao.”

Zheng Bao’s lips mumbled, in his momentary shyness he didn’t know how to reply, just followed with a flushed face. He thought Second Young Master was really good looking, better looking than anyone he had ever seen, and he was also very nice, smiling like a child, so he wasn’t so intimidated at first, and boldly asked, “Second Young Master, so this brother of yours isn’t on the island?”

Yu Chu turned his head and gave him a child-like smile, his eyes curved, as he answered, “He’s not my real brother and he’s not on the island.”

“Oh.” Zheng Bao scratched his head, and didn’t know how to answer, so he just laughed nervously.

He had gone to heaven when he was eight years old.

The two of them walked along the path, the sky was already dark, while the moonlight spilled through the branches of the palm trees, casting dappled shadows. Yu Chu felt Zheng Bao turning his head from time to time to look at him, seemingly wanting to say something.

When Zheng Bao turned his head again, Yu Chu stopped and said, “Zheng Bao, do you have something to say to me?”

“No, no.” Zheng Bao shook his head in a panic. Under his gaze, Zheng Bao finally stammered, “Se-second Young Master, you have to be careful.”

“Careful of what?”

“I heard people say that Eldest Young Master was released from house arrest, right? He might blame you and will send someone to look for trouble…” Zheng Bao’s voice was getting smaller and smaller.

Yu Chu smiled and said gently, “It’s okay, I know. I will avoid him. But thank you for telling me about this. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you did.”

Zheng Bao was obviously relieved to hear this, and also rubbed his head as he smiled.

The two continued to walk forward and were about to go through the woods when Zheng Bao’s cell phone suddenly rang. He hastily picked it up and called out ‘Uncle Wu’.

“Yes, um, okay, okay. Second Young Master and I are heading back to the mansion.” Zheng Bao hung up the phone and said to Yu Chu with some difficulty, “Second Young Master, the Yu Family Mansion is just up ahead, but I can’t go back with you. Uncle Wu told me to stay here and wait for someone.”

Yu Chu asked, “Waiting for who?”

“Waiting for Brother Chen to intercept Eldest Young Master together.”

“Why are you going to intercept Eldest Young Master?” he asked.

Zheng Bao was honest and told him what Uncle Wu had said word for word, “Eldest Young Master was released from his house arrest and went to Haiyun City today and has just returned to the pier. He drank too much, so Uncle Wu asked me to wait here for Brother Chen, and together we’ll go halfway to stop Eldest Young Master. He also told me that Mr. Yu is at home, and asked us to let him get rid of the alcohol outside before returning.”

This Uncle Wu is quite loyal to the Yu Family, Yu Chu’s mind turned slightly. Seeing Zheng Bao still looking at him uneasily, he said soothingly, “It’s okay, it’s only a hundred meters from the gate, I can go back by myself. You can stay here and wait for that person.”

Zheng Bao sighed with relief, “Thank you, Second Young Master.”

Yu Chu turned around and walked towards the Yu Family Mansion. After walking a few dozen meters, he turned around and saw Zheng Bao’s back was facing him, so he dodged into the woods on the side.

The dark lawn stretched into the woods and blended into the thick night, and Yu Chu ran among the trees. The soft grass made all his steps silent, making him resemble a small but unusually nimble beast.

In the distance, the ship had just docked, and Big Scar helped Yu Feng, who was drunk, from the deck of the ship to the pier. The men came to his aid and helped him into the electric tour bus, and then watched Big Scar drive away.

The electric car hustled forward, and Big Scar could feel the cool sea breeze hitting his face; he was slightly drunk too. 1 Today, Eldest Young Master met up with his friends and drank in the biggest nightclub in Haiyun, and he drank a lot along with them. But he remembered his place and didn’t get as drunk as Eldest Young Master.

“Serve the wine! Keep serving! Drink! Drink it all.” Yu Feng’s face was red and he was still  drunk-talking.

Big Scar was holding the steering wheel in his hand, but his mind was recalling the young master he saw in the nightclub today, with a delicate face and watery eyes, looking a bit like Yu Chu, but nowhere near as beautiful. When he thought of Yu Chu, his heart was suddenly swollen, and he forgot that he was almost drowned in the sea, and the heat produced by the alcohol rushed to his belly, burning his body.

I don’t care if you’re the Second Young Master. As long as I get the chance, I’ll kill you when I get the chance.

Big Scar was secretly gnashing his teeth, and as he was looking at the electric car light illuminating the road ahead, there was a broken thick tree trunk lying across, which just happened to block the road. He knew that there was a big storm a few days ago and many trees got broken on the island. But wasn’t that all cleaned up? So how did another one fall here?

Big Scar braked, cursed and got out of the car, ready to drag the trunk away.

He stopped the car, pulled the hem of his T-shirt to his chest, then walked to the tree and bent down. Just as he reached out, he felt a wind sweeping by his side, causing his bare skin to feel a chill. Before he had time to react, he was hit hard on the back of his head and immediately lost consciousness, falling to the ground.

Yu Feng was in a daze, feeling his arms being pulled roughly and his back rubbing painfully against the hard ground. He could barely open his eyes, and his shaky vision was a black curtain decorated with bright spots, like the sky at night. He shook his head hard and looked to the side. His cheek touched the soft grass, and was the parked electric car not far away, and within the light, someone was lying motionlessly on the ground.

He instantly realized that he was being dragged along the ground, and his mind jolted so hard, he was frightened, becoming half-sober from his drunken state, as he shouted, “What are you doing? Who are you? What are you trying to do?”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the person dragging him above his head stopped moving, and with a whistle of an object being swung mid-air, a sharp pain hit his calf.

He howled in pain and immediately passed out, leaving only a thin streak of shadow on his retina.


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Translator Notes:

  1. MonkeyNote: NEVER drink and drive. Even if you’re on your private island and know the roads.


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Is it Yu Chu taking revenge on his brother? Such a fascinating development. 🤩

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Like how it feels? Deserved.
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Yu Chu planned his revenge fast!

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Mc continuously works hard 😆 Never missed his timings/chances (acting, escapes, revenge, etc.) 🤭

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