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Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Dead silence.

Everyone’s faces were suffused with smiles. Although it was unclear if there was anything hidden beneath those smiles, on the surface, at least, everyone looked extremely happy and excited.

Feisha thought, if not for the giant crystal above holding it together, I’m afraid the roof would have long been lifted.

From his pocket, Mani dug out a purple crystal the size of his fist, holding it in his palm, mumbling incantations in a low voice. Countless rays of purple light shot out from the crystal, forming a brilliant beam of purple light right above Mani’s head.

A huge shadow suddenly appeared within the light.

Although he was in full formal dress, it was clear that the poor suit couldn’t contain all of him. From his shoulders, butt and thigh, it could be seen that the clothes were under immense strain.

But not a single person in the banquet hall laughed. Everyone was holding their breaths as they watched this huge figure’s every movement.

Suddenly, a far-off and faint cheer could be heard. It sounded like muffled thunder that was coming from a distance.

A sound dampened the cheering noise and words could be faintly heard, “Let the nine worlds… Absurd! We’re free! We don’t need to suffer from being exploited by anyone anymore… we will create our own wealth!”

Feisha stammered, “Don’t tell me… it’s like what I thought of, again?”

Isefel, “It seems like it.”

Feisha said, “But when we were in the meeting room, the representative of Titan Clan wasn’t like that. It was a woman.”

Isefel replied, “That was the Titan Queen Tina. She has always supported the Novem Union. But despite that, the economy of the Titan Clan still did not improve. Although every year, the faerie world and Genesis provide a sum of gold to assist the Titans, it is still like trying to put out a fire with a cup of water.”

Feisha sighed and said, “The gap between the rich and the poor will be found anywhere.”

“Keeping to old methods and being unwilling to change will not solve problems.”

The two of them had been whispering to each other in their corner. In another corner, Mani had already kept the purple crystal, breathing quickly as he said, “Look! Even if we leave the alliance of the nine worlds, it doesn’t mean that we’d be alone and without help. The Titan Clan is our first ally! We will stand with them to fight. I believe in the near future, there will be more and more allies joining us. Leaving the Novem Union is not an end, but a brand new beginning. From now on, wealth will be controlled and distributed by ourselves and our lives and our fates will be ours again!”


[T/n: it’s a chanting sound 哦Ó]

Wave after wave of shouts shook the banquet hall until Feisha went numb.

Feisha said, “This kind of view seems to be the view of the Liberation Resistance.”

[T/n: Liberation Resistance is first mentioned in ch.6]

Isefel replied, “That is exactly what they are doing.”

“I heard…” Feisha licked his lips and continued, “That the Liberation Resistance hates Noah’s Ark the most?”

“That is right. Because a lot of trading and business transactions have to pass through Noah’s Ark.”

Feisha muttered, “This time we are really fucked.” (1)


“I said, this time we’re really lambs entering a lion’s den.”

Isefel said, “They need to attack our prestige.”

“I really wish someone would teach them that you can win people over by kindness.” He had just finished speaking when fate handed this holy mission into Feisha’s hands.

Mani suddenly paused in his excited narration and turned his attention to Feisha. “Our noble guests have yet to offer a congratulatory word?”

Many uniform gazes immediately focused onto Feisha.

Feisha coughed and quietly asked Isefel, “Can you handle it?”

Isefel looked in front, his eyes slowly darkening. “Don’t worry.”

Since Isefel told him not to worry, Feisha didn’t have a reason to worry, so he arrogantly walked forward a step, speaking in a loud voice, “First, for those who have been invited to participate in such a grand and comedic ball, I deeply express my happiness.” He ignored the disturbances below the stage, continuing without consulting anyone, “Really. This year, there have been many comedies, but there haven’t been a lot of comedic balls. Especially when the participants gathered are such a large crowd of people who aren’t young anymore, but have such low IQ and EQ. I think that itself is a feat!”

“Mr Shi…” Mani said sinisterly.

“I haven’t finished speaking. Please don’t interrupt me anyhow, it’s very rude.” Feisha smilingly educated him, and then continued, “Next. I discovered something that is really quite a cause for admiration. That is, to hold this comedic ball, the courageous Lord has actually spent more than two thousand years walking over every inch of Genesis before finding so many comedy talents whose IQ and EQ added together would be lesser than a hundred and convinced them to gather together. What a feat!”

When he finished speaking, Mani’s face was black as pitch.

Feisha wiped saliva from his mouth as though he had not said his fill, and said, “I’ve finished my congratulations.”

Mani, “I hope your vitality is as tenacious as your mouth.”

Feisha earnestly replied, “I hope your IQ will rise like your age…”

Isefel suddenly sucked him into his embrace.


[T/n: sound of dagger hitting the earth]

A dagger slammed into the place where he had once stood.


Feisha’s delayed fear made him break out in cold sweat.

Isefel said, “There are six invisible people around.”

Feisha said, “Splash them with something!”

Isefel replied, “They’re adults. Even if there’s something on their bodies, it would disappear.”

“Then what should we do?” Feisha looked at Mani, who was so angry he was smiling sinisterly, and he suddenly felt regretful about what he had blurted out in the spur of the moment.

“Like this.” Isefel’s hand waved.

Something seemed to tumble out of the air. Two guests were knocked off balance.

Mani looked at the excited Feisha and smiled coldly, “Are there really only six?”

Isefel’s eyes flashed, suddenly drawing Feisha in, and they immediately soared into the sky.

The place where they had been standing was filled with more than ten daggers in an instant.

Feisha looked down at Mani from his high vantage point in the air and said, “A friendly suggestion, don’t use a dagger when chopping meat buns. The result isn’t good.”

Mani smiled and replied, “Not only meat buns, but poking hornets’ nests too!”

The door was pushed open and a crowd of archers rushed out, standing in a row, aiming at Feisha. All the guests moved back. But most of them watched the events excitedly and in good spirits as though they were watching a show, with not a single shred of alarm.

Feisha 囧 and said, “Don’t tell me they’re actually using bows and arrows?”

Mani smiled and said, “Is Mr. Shi afraid?”

“No, I’m only surprised. I thought, even if you’re economical, you’d use AK47.” (2)

Mani’s smile disappeared. “Fire!”

Sharp arrows instantaneously flew like lightning (3), backed by the wind and headed straight towards Feisha!

Even though Feisha was full of confidence in Isefel, under these circumstances, subconsciously, his terror of death still made his entire body tremble. Seeing his shivers, Isefel conjured a barrier to block the arrows while drawing up his arms as though he wanted to transfer energy to Feisha.

Upon hitting the shield, the arrows fell one after another.

Mani eyed the brooch on Feisha’s chest. “The Black Star of Hell?”

Feisha’s heart immediately jumped in alarm.

“I heard this stone is worth more than Genesis’s monthly GDP.”

“…..” Was this saying that Genesis’s GDP was too low or the Black Star’s price was too high? Feisha turned his head to look at Isefel.

Mani lowered his head to look at his fingernail, and then slowly turned around and sat down on the only chair on the stage, saying, “After the appetizers are served, it’s time to serve the main dish.”

As he spoke, the ballroom’s air suddenly strangely began to warp. The door and the window disappeared in the midst of the warping. When the air returned to normal, Feisha discovered that the ballroom, which had originally been crowded, had become twice its size and now seemed spacious and empty. Yet, compared to the larger ballroom, what attracted attention more was the four people who had appeared before Mani. Or, the four creatures.

Feisha said, “That guy with the black wings, do you know him?”

Isefel replied: “Houllier.” (4)

“Is your relationship good?”


“Then, let me put it another way. Can you defeat him?”

Isefel replied, “Let’s try.”

Feisha looked at the two titans and the faerie standing in a row with Houllier and lightly exhaled.

Mani stood up and said in a congratulatory tone, “Your Highness Houllier, I hope your assistance this time will not be too much trouble.”

Houllier slowly undid the top three buttons of his shirt. The open collar of his shirt happened to reveal two huge pectoral muscles. Compared to Isefel’s noble and handsome beauty, he seemed like a bold and unrestrained flame, coarse and yet full of demonic charm.

“If it was fighting an angel in a perfect condition, I’m afraid I can’t even withstand one round. But since it is a mirage…” A corner of his mouth turned up, revealing a small and exquisite dimple. “I think, winning won’t be so difficult, after all.”

Isefel said apathetically, “Another faerie. This is a little difficult.”

Houllier’s gaze intensified into a stare.

Feisha curiously asked, “I’ve heard the welfare in Hell is not bad. Why did you still join the Novem Union?”

“Because he is Hell’s notorious wanted criminal,” Isefel replied.

“What kind of crime would make him a wanted criminal of Hell?” Feisha was a little 囧. Weren’t Hell’s inhabitants Heaven’s wanted criminals?

“Depravation.” The one who answered was Houllier. His finger slid slowly down his own neck. When it reached his pectoral muscles, his finger suddenly lifted his shirt. Dark colored nipples appeared together along with a cross-shaped scar made by a knife. “According to them, I shouldn’t have went into rut everywhere.” (5)

Even though this wasn’t a good time to gossip, Feisha still couldn’t help himself and asked, “How did you go into heat everywhere?”

Houllier laughed indifferently, “Nothing much. I only… wrote Michael a love letter.”

So, this was a murder case instigated by a love letter?

Isefel said, “Accompanying that love letter was a photo of his own nude body and a photo of him masturbating that he’d taken himself.”

“…..” This big brother was too forceful. Feisha’s gaze moved to the other three. “Don’t tell me the three of you…”

The titans reflexively moved away from Houllier, both waving their hands to say, “We are not.”

The faerie did not speak, but a disgusted expression could be seen on his face. Towards this fallen angel who’d been labelled a depraved criminal and who had fallen and then fell some more, he, too, did not have much goodwill.

Houllier smiled gently at the way they avoided him like he was a poisonous snake, said, “Perhaps you should try me before you judge. I guarantee my skills would bring you to seventh heaven so fast, you will want to die~” (6) As he spoke, his eyes stared unwaveringly at the faerie.

Feisha saw that a vein was going to burst in the faerie’s forehead and in his heart he suddenly cheered, hoping they would fight against each other, but, in the end, the faerie only coldly sneered and swallowed this injustice.

Mani finally brought the conversation back onto the right track. “I think, it’s time for the main dish.”



(1) Feisha actually said 猪八戒 Zhūbājiè, which is a character from Journey to the West. This name is usually used as an insult to say that a situation (or someone) is really shit

(2) AK47 is a type of assault rifle

(3) Actually Feisha says that the arrows flew like 脱缰之马 Tuō jiāng zhī mǎ. Google says it’s the Chinese name of a 2017 movie, Running Wild (dir. Ranarivelo), but I’m not very sure what this reference is supposed to mean here, so I just used a metaphor that would make sense (‘flew like lightning’), lol

(4) His name is 霍利尔 Huò lì ěr in Chinese

(5) Houllier says he shouldn’t have 发情Fāqíng, which is basically a phrase used to describe animals going into heat.

(6) This whole speech by Houllier has quite a bit of innuendo. In the last sentence, Houllier says his skills are so good he will make them 欲仙欲死哦 Yù xiān yù sǐ ó. ‘Yu xian yu si’ is an idiom that means someone is in such a state of euphoria they’ll want to die. It’s usually used in a sexual context, thus implying orgasm. Also, Houllier ends the sentence with the 哦ó, which makes him sound quite lighthearted and flippant, or even flirty, so I tried to capture that feeling by using the ‘~’ symbol

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