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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Finch didn’t look back. He knew that Cui YuXi was helping him, and he didn’t doubt that at all now.

The ghost was Cui YuXi, who had died. She only resented Wang Feng, and it was also Wang Feng that was her only target. So that’s why she had only scared them the entire time without actually hurting them. That was why they had been safe the entire time, and it was also why she was helping him now.

Taking advantage of Wang Feng being blocked off, Finch quickly picked up Wang Tao and escaped to the third floor.

The third floor consisted entirely of guest rooms, and there was a window at the end of the corridor. However, Finch knew that there was no way to get out from there, and he could see that Wang Feng was about to catch up to him. He desperately pulled open a door and dove in without hesitation and then shut the door tightly!

Because he was worried that light would filter out the gap at the bottom of the door and reveal his location, Finch didn’t turn on the light. He hugged the boy tightly and leaned against the wall.

In the darkness, there was only the soft sounds of their breathing.

The boy had been obedient and quiet the entire time, but Finch could feel his trembling body. He remembered that the boy had just witnessed his own mother’s death, as well as learned of the truth that it was his father who had killed his mother. Finch felt sorry for him.

But he didn’t know what he should say.

After crashing into the door and getting caught off guard by the things flying out of the room, Wang Feng had been slowed down for a while. However, he quickly continued on his chase.

Finch held his breath and heard Wang Feng’s approaching footsteps. Cold sweat poured down from his forehead.

Suddenly, something else sounded from outside the room Finch was in.

Wang Feng stopped.

It turned out that Jian FeiYu and Bai XiaoXian had heard the commotion upstairs, so they had quickly rushed here to check the situation. They saw Wang Feng’s face covered in blood and that he was wearily standing in the corridor, holding a knife. They were startled at once.

Bai XiaoXian asked nervously, “What’s going on?”

Jian FeiYu was also panicked. “Where’s Finch? Where’s TaoTao?”

Wang Feng said, “Just now, since Finch didn’t come back down for a while, I came up here to check on him, as I was worried he had run into danger. He wasn’t in the restroom, and when I came out to search for him, a black shadow swept past me. I suspect that the shadow took him and TaoTao.”

When the two of them heard this, their faces drained of color!

Had it finally come? The evil ghost had scared them for so long, and in the end, it still attacked them?!

Jian FeiYu looked at the knife in Wang Feng’s hand and didn’t know when he had gotten a hold of it. He thought that that was odd and asked, “Isn’t that the kitchen knife from earlier?”

Wang Feng nodded, his expression calm. “Yes. I was scared that I might encounter the ghost and be unarmed, so I just grabbed it to use.”

This didn’t seem to arouse Jian FeiYu’s nor Bai XiaoXian’s suspicion.

Bai XiaoXian said shakily, “Then what do we do now…”

A hint of coldness flitted past Wang Feng’s eyes. “I won’t let it take Finch or TaoTao. You two, go guard the first floor, I’ll continue searching here room by room. We’ll find them for sure!”

Although Jian FeiYu was scared, he still mustered up his courage and said, “I can go with you.”

However, Wang Feng shook his head. “XiaoXian staying downstairs by herself isn’t safe, and I’m scared she’ll encounter danger. Maybe the ghost wants to split us up and then attack us separately, so I’ll only be reassured if you’re with her. And, we need people on the first floor, so in case the ghost goes down there, call out for me immediately.”

Jian FeiYu hesitated, but he thought that what Wang Feng said made sense, so he nodded, agreeing.

When Wang Feng saw Jian FeiYu and Bai XiaoXian leave, he turned around and his calm expression was replaced by a cold and bloodthirsty one.

Finch heard all of this, but he didn’t dare to make a sound.

Wang Feng had a knife with him, so if Finch said something, then it was very likely that it would result in Wang Feng killing Jian FeiYu and Bai XiaoXian, as they were unarmed.

Now, there was only Finch, Wang Feng, and Wang Tao on the third floor.

Right, and Cui YuXi.

Finch gradually calmed down and felt around in the darkness. He was in a utility room and quickly found a mop. He gripped it tightly in his hands and thought, My luck isn’t so bad after all.

There were only the sounds of Wang Feng’s footsteps in the corridor: thump, thump, thump.

He was opening every door one by one, and at this rate, he would find Finch sooner or later.

Fortunately, Cui YuXi was helping him stall; every time Wang Feng opened a door, the small items in the room would clatter as they flew towards him! It was just a pity that besides the first time in which she had caught Wang Feng off guard, he was already prepared for the other times, so there was no way to do any substantial damage to him.

Wang Feng lowered his voice and scoffed, “You’re already dead, so what have you come back for? And this is all you got…”

His voice gave Finch the chills.

Cui YuXi seemed to grow even angrier, and even more objects flew towards Wang Feng, but he raised a hand and used his knife to knock a desk lamp to the side. However, he was accidentally hit on the head by a remote control.

He got annoyed at once and said coldly, “What are you making a fuss for, can’t I just walk in peace? You’re so troublesome, can’t you think about the child for once?”


Even though Finch couldn’t see anything, it was as if he could feel Cui YuXi’s despair and anger.

Wang Feng’s voice was cold at times and angry at others, and he seemed to be getting more and more irritated.

The boy in Finch’s arms gradually stiffened.

Finch hugged him tightly, and at this time, he heard the boy say in a very soft voice, “Dad, dad wouldn’t kill mom, he wouldn’t…”

Finch’s heart twinged. The reality of things was right in front of him, but the boy still refused to believe it.

He really wanted to console him, but Wang Feng was already very close and was about to get to their room, so Finch hastily covered Wang Tao’s mouth and said next to his ear, “Wait, don’t make a sound…”

The current Wang Feng had clearly gone crazy; he might kill anyone!

Wang Feng’s voice reverberated in the corridor. “Come out, you misunderstood me, I didn’t kill her.”

Of course, Finch didn’t respond.

Wang Feng’s tone changed and he laughed coldly. “Stop hiding, none of us can go out nor leave, so I’ll find you sooner or later.”

Finch clutched the mop tightly, let go of Wang Tao, and grabbed the doorknob. Almost… Finch concentrated as best he could and waited for Wang Feng to come closer so he could make the first move.

But before Wang Feng was close enough, a crash suddenly sounded from behind him!

Wang Tao seemed to have accidentally knocked something over.

Finch froze and thought, Shit!

The sound was painfully loud in the silence, and Wang Feng’s footsteps quickly neared them! In that instant, Finch didn’t have the time to consider anything. He instinctively pushed open the door abruptly and swung the mop at Wang Feng!

Although the mop wasn’t as sharp as the knife, its range was longer, so Finch wasn’t completely at a disadvantage!

The mop was just about to hit Wang Feng when Finch suddenly felt a push from behind, making him stumble forward. Because of this, his hands veered and the mop missed Wang Feng! Finch staggered and nearly fell over.

At the last second, Finch sidestepped and dodged Wang Feng’s stab.

But his heart froze.

Because it was too late.

He had missed the best opportunity.

The boy was standing behind him, his arms still outstretched from pushing Finch. His small face was cold as he looked at Finch, and his eyes were dismal and strange. Wang Tao said softly, “You’re the bad guy. You’re the bad guy that wants to separate me and dad.”

No, thought Finch. I’m scared your dad will hurt you!

Finch was anxious and wanted to explain himself, but before he could, he saw Wang Tao turn towards his father and point at Finch, saying, “Dad, kill him.”

In that instant, Finch’s scalp tingled. He didn’t even have time to consider where things went wrong, nor where this strange sense of betrayal came from…

Finch saw Wang Feng raise his knife, so he turned around and fled without hesitating!

Then, he felt his abdomen grow cold; it was the coldness of the slice of a knife when his mind hadn’t yet processed the pain. Finch continued running and reached the end of the corridor.

There was nowhere to go.

Finch turned around and saw the father and son advancing towards him.

Was he going to die…

Finch heard the sound of glass shattering, and the next moment, a tall figure landed agilely in front of him, blocking the glinting knife that was about to stab Finch in the neck and threw a punch at Wang Feng!

The punch was so strong it sent Wang Feng flying backwards, and he landed over a dozen meters away. He crashed into the wall and limply slid down, unconscious.

Finch was blank from shock.

This was the third floor…

When Wang Tao saw his father get hit, he was also caught off guard, so he froze.

Cesar had broken the window and entered, and was standing there quietly. His face was grim, and his sharp gaze without a sliver of warmth landed on the remaining boy.

Wang Tao cautiously stepped backwards. He sensed danger.

When he saw that Wang Tao wanted to escape, Finch came back to his senses and used the wall for support as he slowly stood up. He looked at the boy with a complicated expression and said, “Stop.”

The boy stopped. His expression kept changing. His father couldn’t help him, and he sized up Cesar and Finch. In the end, he didn’t move.

Finch looked levelly at the boy and at his gloomy, cold expression, and a sudden coldness crept around his heart.

Cui YuXi had died from a knife wound at her throat.

The person who had killed her must’ve been very close to her, which was why she was unprepared against their attack… but was it Wang Feng, with whom she had a dispute with because of their divorce, or was it the child she loved most?

She had been dead for an entire day and Wang Tao had been home the whole time, so why hadn’t he discovered her body?

When they were trapped here, why had Wang Tao been the first to ask if his mom had been killed by a ghost? It misled everyone into thinking that the murderer was a ghost.

Finch suddenly realized that he had been wrong.

From beginning to end, he had been completely wrong.

He sucked in a breath and spat out brittly, “It was you?”

Wang Tao looked at Finch.

Suddenly, Wang Tao laughed derisively. He had a naive look that only young people had, innocent yet cruel. “Yep. My mom was too annoying, she always fussed about this and that and sighed all the time. She even wanted me to go live with her after the divorce, and she would argue everyday about child custody rights with dad. She even said that she wanted to leave this place and take me back to my hometown, but I don’t want to go there at all, and I don’t have any intentions of staying in my hometown. She didn’t understand me at all, and she’s always so naggy. I got impatient, so I killed her. My dad treats me very well. When he learned of what happened, although he was very angry, he didn’t scold me and instead chose to help me conceal the truth. But…”

Wang Tao was still looking at Finch as he tilted his head and smirked. “But so what if you know? I’m not even fourteen years old yet, so I can’t be punished by law 1.”

Finch actually felt that the strange things that had happened before on the ship and earlier tonight weren’t too big of a deal, but now, a chill crept around his heart; sometimes, people’s minds were a lot scarier than ghosts.

But he had to admit that Wang Tao was right.

Wang Tao knew clearly that he wouldn’t be punished, and even if word got out about this, people would only talk about him behind his back. In the worst case scenario, he could just change his appearance and move somewhere, and who would recognize him and know these things?

He could kill whomever he wanted to kill and be as cold-blooded as he wanted to be with no consequences. 

Finch looked at the boy’s confident face and suddenly felt very exhausted and powerless.

At this time, Cesar stepped forward, blocking Finch’s line of sight as he looked coldly at Wang Tao.

Wang Tao wasn’t scared of Finch at all, but this stranger made him instinctively scared. He was protected by the law and he wasn’t scared of anyone, with the exception of one type of people: people who were even crueller and scarier than he.

And it just so happened that Cesar fell into that category.

The gaze Cesar was using to look at Wang Tao was about the same as if he was looking at an ant that was about to die…

Wang Tao’s expression turned fearful for the first time and he swallowed. “What do you want to do? Murder is illegal…”

The words ‘murder is illegal’ coming out of the boy’s mouth was so preposterous and ironic that Finch’s lips paled.

Cesar glanced at him indifferently, and after a while, he snorted in contempt and said dully, “I won’t kill you. I don’t want to get my hands dirty.”

Although Wang Tao was very angry, he was even more relieved.

However, the next moment, he heard Cesar say, “Only your mother has the right to punish you for your mistakes, so I won’t interfere in her business.”

Wang Tao’s eyes widened in confusion. He didn’t understand what Cesar meant, but he instinctively felt that it was far from good…

With a wave of Cesar’s hands, the air rippled, and a person’s figure gradually formed.

She looked a little weak, and her expression was complicated and sorrowful. It seemed that just appearing here was already very difficult for her, and her body was translucent.

But despite these, Wang Tao was already scared speechless.

He looked at his mother that had died and then been resurrected and retreated until his back hit the wall. He said loudly and fearfully, “Don’t come here! Don’t come here, ahhh!”

Cui YuXi looked at him levelly and seemed to want to get closer, but in the end, she didn’t, nor did she even touch him at all. She simply stood there and finally said lightly to Wang Tao, “I won’t bother you anymore.”

She loved him so much, and in order to gain custody of her child, she was willing to give up everything. Even though she was killed by her son himself, in the end, she couldn’t bear to take revenge… after all, she was never mad, just disappointed.

She turned around and thanked Cesar before dissipating.

Wang Tao was sitting on the floor, panting rapidly.

Cesar was expressionless. He wasn’t angry about Cui YuXi’s softheartedness, nor was he regretful that Wang Tao had gotten away with the murder by the skin of his teeth. Just like he had said, this was only Cui YuXi’s business, and he didn’t plan to interfere. Because this had nothing to do with him, he also didn’t care about the outcome.

Finch also looked at Wang Tao and seemed to want to say something, but in the end, he only said coldly, “There won’t be anyone else to love you like that anymore, because you killed the person that loved you the most.”

But Wang Tao didn’t understand. He only looked alertly at Finch and Cesar like a porcupine with all of its quills raised. 

As Cui YuXi vanished, a commotion suddenly sounded from downstairs, as the police had broken in through the door. Finch thought, The police sure took their time to arrive…

Soon, the policemen rushed upstairs.

When Wang Tao saw them, he suddenly felt as if he had escaped by the skin of his teeth. He had felt suppressed and scared of Cesar, and now, he had finally found a familiar sense of security!

His expression changed at once, and he quickly put on a scared expression and ran towards the policemen. His eyes were rimmed red as he shouted, “Help! They killed my parents!”

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  1. Uh, not true but I guess in this novel it is.


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