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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


After Finch came back to his senses, he quickly went downstairs to check on Jian FeiYu, who had been knocked out from the fall. Finch saw that Jian FeiYu was still breathing, so he was probably going to be fine. Finch sighed in relief.

He then turned around to look in the other direction. Wang Tao had already been brought downstairs and was sitting there blankly. 

Bai XiaoXian was cradling her head, trembling uncontrollably. It was clear that the disappearance of the body nearly drove her crazy! Wang Feng was hugging her and whispering consolements, his expression anxious and concerned.

Finch looked at the two of them who were embracing amid the chaos and then back at the unconscious Jian FeiYu. He thought, It’s a good thing you can’t see them, or else not only will your face hurt, your heart will also be broken… 

Bai XiaoXian calmed down slowly from Wang Feng’s reassurance, and when she looked up to see Finch looking at them, she abruptly reached out a hand to push Wang Feng away, quickly dodging Finch’s gaze.

Wang Feng froze and coughed, pretending as if nothing had happened as he let go of her.

Finch was silent. I didn’t think much of it at all, but now that you two look like your affair has accidentally been exposed, how am I supposed to think…

Finch stiffened and turned away from them.

He first helped Jian FeiYu wipe off the blood from his face and then picked up the fragments of his jade pendant from the ground. When Jian FeiYu had fallen down the stairs, he had accidentally let go of the jade Guanyin, which shattered into pieces when it landed.

Ah, it looked like the things they prepared to use against the evil ghost weren’t effective at all.

Finch thought, Could it be that we’re really just going to wait for our deaths?

But then again, since they had discovered the body up until now, it had been at least a few hours, but besides the flower vase falling onto Wang Feng, they hadn’t been otherwise harmed (Jian FeiYu had accidentally fallen down the stairs himself, so it didn’t count). At most, the evil ghost had just caused a lightbulb to explode and make the TV flicker and broadcast static, as well as write the word “DIE” onto the wall. Its means indeed weren’t brutal, and it was practically like an old illusionist that was hired only to heighten the atmosphere…

Based on Cui YuXi’s brutal death, the ghost at least possessed the power to kill people, and its cruelty and ruthlessness was clear. However, why had it trapped them here yet only frightened them with small tricks?

Could it be a weird hobby of the ghost’s?

But even so, according to what usually happened in horror stories and movies, there should be some more deaths by now…

Finch instinctively felt that this ghost actually wasn’t that scary, and it might even be a weakling, even weaker than Ceci, because it had only moved a vase, blown up a lightbulb, and wrote a big word…

Ha, I actually think Ceci’s a weakling? I must’ve spent too much time with Cesar…

From the first death on the cruise ship, Finch could tell that Ceci could quickly torture and dismember someone without giving them time to react. Later, when the chef had fled, Ceci could at least create over a dozen of herself and become invincible. In short, if Cesar hadn’t been there, with Ceci’s ability, she probably could have killed everyone on the ship easily, so she was definitely an extremely fierce and powerful ghost!

With this comparison, this ghost really wasn’t as scary as Ceci.

Just as Finch was thinking these random things, Jian FeiYu woke up groggily. When he saw the shattered jade pendant, his face fell.

Finch saw that, on Jian FeiYu’s face, there were injuries from his fall as well as from Finch punching him earlier. He looked very wretched, and Finch felt kind of bad, so he consoled, “Don’t be sad, when you go home, you can go to another temple and get another one. Next time, remember to find an effective one, and don’t be reluctant to pay the incense fee1.”

Jian FeiYu sniffed and said sadly, “There is no next time. I’m going to die here, and when I die, I’ll still be single and a virgin…”

Finch was silent and thought, That’s a pretty good point.

Jian FeiYu glanced at Bai XiaoXian and looked crestfallen. “I don’t have any hope at all.”

Finch also felt that that was true, but he knew to be nice to people who were about to die. “Not necessarily…”

Jian FeiYu shook his head. “Actually, I already knew that XiaoXian likes Brother Feng, and despite the fact that she always pretends that that’s not true, it is very hard to completely conceal one’s feelings and admiration towards another. Her expression when she’s talking to Brother Feng is different from when she’s talking to me. Before, since Sister YuXi was here, even if XiaoXian liked him, it would’ve just been a crush at most, and nothing would’ve really happened as Brother Feng wouldn’t requite her feelings. But now, Sister YuXi was in an accident so Brother Feng is single again… I should give up.”

It was seldom that he spoke so seriously and earnestly.

However, when Finch heard this, his heartbeat sped up, because he had suddenly remembered that just then, during the panic, Wang Feng and Bai XiaoXian had hugged, and when Finch saw them, they quickly separated… It couldn’t really be that their affair had been exposed, right?

He looked back at Jian FeiYu and couldn’t help but feel sympathetic for him, and even his gaze softened. You think that Wang Feng wouldn’t requite Bai XiaoXian’s feelings because he had a wife so it was only a crush for bai XiaoXian, but in reality, they might have gotten together a long time ago already…

It was probably best not to tell Jian FeiYu this brutal reality.

Finch patted Jian FeiYu on the shoulder.

But… if Wang Feng and Bai XiaoXian were together already, then at that time, was Cui YuXi still his wife? If he was cheating on his wife, no wonder he didn’t dare to be discovered by anyone.

Then, did Cui YuXi know about it…

Finch frowned and recalled how Wang Feng had been late in the morning. That was very rare, and it was precisely today that he had been late, and he had looked very hurried. So many coincidences were all gathered today.

Finch felt that he had to stop! He must be overthinking it!

He had known Wang Feng for quite some time now, and he understood Wang Feng as a person pretty well. It was true that he wasn’t a crazy person, and while cheating was immoral, its evilness was still on a completely different level from murder.

But… then again, before appalling things like this happened, the murderer was always someone people least expected…

So who could be sure that Wang Feng wouldn’t do this kind of thing?

After all, the affair between him and Bai XiaoXian was something Finch definitely wouldn’t have expected either, right?

Finch felt a little uneasy.

In this room, not only was there an invisible ghost, there might also be a murderer…

Over there, although Wang Feng and Bai XiaoXian were maintaining an appropriate distance from each other, Finch could still tell that they looked quite intimate. If this had happened before, Finch definitely wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but now that he had some prejudiced guesses, seeing them like this was quite suspicious, and it seemed off.

Finch was upset and confused.

He thought for a moment and suddenly stood up, saying, “I’m going to go use the restroom.”

This caught everyone’s attention, and Wang Feng looked a little worried. Jian FeiYu said directly, “Why don’t I go with you?”

Finch smiled and shook his head. “It’s not like I’m a woman. Besides, XiaoXian went earlier and it was fine, right? I can go by myself.”

Hearing this, everyone thought it was quite reasonable.

Wang Feng reminded, “If anything happens, just shout. Be careful.”

Finch nodded and gritted his teeth as he walked up the stairs.

Once he got upstairs, when he got to a spot where no one could see him, he turned back around and didn’t go to the restroom. Instead, he darted into Cui YuXi’s bedroom.

Before this, they had avoided this place, as this was the source of fear for them. But… murder scenes were always the place with the most clues.

It was also the place where secrets couldn’t be hidden.

If it really was Wang Feng who had committed the murder, from his hastiness in the morning, he definitely hadn’t had enough time to get rid of all the evidence, so it was inevitable for him to leave behind some clues.

Finch breathed in deeply and suppressed the uneasiness in his heart as he observed the room carefully.

The bed was covered in blood, and the sheets and blanket were messy. The floor was also covered with bloodstains. Besides the bloody “DIE” on the wall, there was nothing else out of the ordinary, and Finch couldn’t find anything wrong.

There was a chest with three drawers at the foot of the bed, there was a TV on top of it, and there was a wardrobe next to the chest. The chest’s drawers had all been rummaged through, objects were piled on the floor in disarray, seemingly at random.

Finch cautiously walked through the piles of objects and scanned the items on the floor. There were underwear, portable chargers, a TV remote control, and even some menstrual pads… They were all very common household items.


The bottommost drawer of the chest was only opened a little, and it seemed to have been casually opened, yet one couldn’t see what was inside, which made it even more easier to be overlooked…

Finch drew a deep breath and walked over. He pulled open the drawer and saw that there were some documents inside.

At the bottom were divorce papers.

The divorce papers were dated to a month ago, and Wang Feng had already signed. However, Cui YuXi’s signature wasn’t on them, and there was a red line drawn in the column of the child custody clause. There seemed to have been a dispute over this.

But now, there wasn’t a dispute anymore, as she had died.

Finch clutched the divorce papers that only had one signature and looked around the empty room. He suddenly said softly, “Is it you? If it’s you…”

There was a sudden gust of wind that blew the papers in Finch’s hand to the ground.

The divorce papers were stained by the blood on the floor, dying its pages red.

It seemed to represent some sort of helpless anger and despair.

Finch slowly clenched his fists and felt that this was absurd, but he didn’t know how to express it.

This was why the ghost had only frightened them and had never hurt them. It was because it was Cui YuXi.

Wang Feng was the only person who had been harmed.

“What are you doing here?” asked a stunned and low voice.

Finch abruptly turned around and saw Wang Feng. Finch’s expression became complicated at once, and now, as he looked at the steady, reliable, and brave man, this was the first time that he seemed unfamiliar and scary.

Finch suppressed his trepidation and said, “I, uh, just thought to come here to take a look…”

Wang Feng looked down and saw the divorce papers lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

Finch’s heart was in his throat, and even though he didn’t appear to move, all of his muscles were tense, and he was prepared to fight back! No, maybe he should make the first move to gain the upper hand!

But the next moment, he saw Wang Feng’s expression change to helplessness as he sighed. “You found out.”

Finch enunciated, “Yes.”

Wang Feng’s expression even looked calm, and he didn’t appear to be panicked at all. A hint of bitterness showed on his face as he said slowly, “Because we still hadn’t finished talking things over, we didn’t tell you guys about it yet. Later, after this happened, I never got the chance to tell you guys…”

Wang Feng chuckled bitterly. “Why are you looking at me like that? Do you suspect me?”

His expression was too natural, and whether it was his grief, helplessness, or bitter smile, Finch couldn’t tell that anything was wrong.

For an instant, Finch almost believed him.

He thought that he was overthinking it.

Wang Feng said, “Let’s go. You didn’t return for a while, so FeiYu and the others got worried and asked me to come upstairs to find you.”

Finch’s pupils dilated slightly and he slowly walked past Wang Feng, step by step.

Just as he was about to exit the room, he suddenly felt an ominous shadow, and he could almost hear a cold howl by his ear that screamed, Dodge, dodge!

Finch abruptly sidestepped, dodging Wang Feng’s knife!

The man who had seemed perfectly normal just then had raised his knife without warning and stabbed towards Finch. It was the bloodstained kitchen knife!

Finch turned around and ran, and because Wang Feng was behind him, he could only run forward. He hadn’t gotten very far when he saw Wang Tao standing alone at the top of the stairs, and he was looking at them in shock and fear.

Finch didn’t even think twice as he picked Wang Tao up and ran for his life!

Wang Feng’s heavy footsteps thudded behind him, quickly closing in on them. Just when he was about to catch up, a door in the corridor suddenly opened by itself, just happening to block Wang Feng! It caught him off guard.

Immediately after, the objects in the room clattered as they flew out to strike Wang Feng!


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Translator Notes:

  1. An incense fee is a fee charged to people who visit a temple.


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Minnie ford
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Finch has grown from a bubble head to a seriously brave detective. I really like how he approaches problems with sympathy and caring. He’s a really nice person in spite of his idiotic inner dialogue.

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