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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Chai Xin’s face was red, and he wanted to recall the message. However, when he came back to his senses, he saw that it was already too late to recall it 1.

Say, what had Mr. Luo said to him in the morning again?

At the time, he had just happened to bump into Luo JinYi at the company, and Mr. Luo had asked if he was Finch’s manager. Then, Mr. Luo had said that Finch was quite good and was a good sprout that could be cultivated. The company’s resources should be given to young artists as excellent as Finch was. Mr. Luo had told Chai Xin to look after Finch, and if there were ever any problems, then he shouldn’t be shy to come ask him for help.

Chai Xin had been stunned and was thinking ‘WTF’ the entire time; he knew who Finch’s ancestors were, spanning across nine generations, and he hadn’t heard of him having any capital nor much of a network. Had Luo JinYi taken the wrong medicine that morning? But even scarier… that wasn’t all.

Before Mr. Luo left, he turned around just to exhort him, and added that he should consider the artist’s own interests when deciding which direction of development he should take. He can’t force him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Whether he liked acting in movies and dramas or if he liked to sing and go on variety shows, Chai Xin should help him do it. He also told Chai Xin to first take some time to understand what Finch’s aspirations were, and then groom him accordingly.

This actually meant… that Finch could choose from any of the company’s resources!

This reward was way too big. Before, when Mr. Luo had told him to groom Finch well, Chai Xin had been flattered. But now, he wanted Finch to choose any resources he wanted; was this really the kind of treatment little-known actors like Finch could receive? 

With these types of resources, even a pig could become famous.

He must’ve been dreaming. At least, that’s what Chai Xin had thought at the time, all the way up until he bumped into the glass door in his trance, finally vaguely returning to reality.

Chai Xin looked down and glanced at his phone. He had thousands of questions to ask, such as do you really have a rich ex-boyfriend, or did you succeed in cozying up to Mr. Luo? But Finch had already answered these questions in the group chat last time, and that time, Chai Xin had been dismissive. If he brought up these old topics again, he shivered as he thought about what Finch might be like…

No, calm down!

Don’t panic.

Chai Xin suppressed his conflicting thoughts and asked as casually as he could: Did you finish filming that drama? What do you want to take next?

Because Chai Xin had joined in the discussion, Finch was very happy and quickly replied, [It would be great if I could act in a drama with Xie Yan!!! [mischievous]]

[Chai Xin: ……]

Xiao Ke and Lu MingXi didn’t want to participate in this fantastical conversation, so they both pretended to be dead.

Who was Xie Yan? He was currently the most popular male actor in the entertainment industry, and his abilities and appearance were both top-notch. He had also won many national and international awards, and he stood at the very top of the entertainment industry pyramid. He always only took on large-scale movies or literary films, and he barely acted in dramas. His fans could form a circle that spanned around the globe, and his popularity was well-deserved. If Finch really wanted to film a drama with him, then getting Finch to be an extra would already be really difficult! Finch really didn’t have any self-awareness.

He shouldn’t have held out any hope for him.

[Chai Xin hinted: Think again, I’m being serious.]

[Finch: I’m also being really serious. My dream is to film a drama with Xie Yan someday. Isn’t he going to film a really epic Xianxia soon? Wowwwww. Fine… I know that that’s impossible for now, but people need to have dreams, right? Anyways, for the others, you can choose whatever, I trust you!]

Texts could no longer reflect Chai Xin’s despair, and he continued to hint as best he could, [Besides that, you don’t want anything else?]

[Finch: Gtg, I need to continue analyzing how to win back my ex-boyfriend’s heart.]

And then, sure enough, he disappeared and didn’t say anything else.

[Chai Xin: ……]

He looked at his phone blankly, and his gaze swept past Finch’s text. Then, he thought about Mr. Luo’s exhortations, and slumped his shoulders. He wondered if he would die on the spot if he told Mr. Luo what Finch wanted…


Finch thought, I’m so close, there must be an opportunity for me to win Cesar back.

That night, he slept soundly and dreamed of good things.

Anyways, the medicine Cesar had given him was very effective, and the wound on his waist barely hurt anymore, and it was starting to scab. He was healthy, and he ate and slept well. Finch felt that he was full of spirit, so he began to ponder how to improve his and Cesar’s relationship. Speaking of it, after they broke up, he was a little regretful of doing so… but at the time, he hadn’t been brave enough to win Cesar back. On the contrary, like an ostrich burying its head into sand, he had chosen to give up.

But after observing the situation for a few days, he didn’t know why, but he kept feeling that Cesar was purposely avoiding him. But last time, hadn’t he come back to eat his meal? How come he seemed to suddenly become a lot colder?

Finch, who had come away empty-handed for a few days, couldn’t ascertain Cesar’s thoughts. Cesar’s mood swings made him hard to read, but Finch finally came up with an idea.


Cesar had been avoiding Finch these days. He had found that when he dealt with Finch, it was easy for him to lose reason, and he didn’t like this unreasonable side of him that did ridiculous things.

That shouldn’t be.

He thought that if he just ignored Finch, after a few days, he would realize that there was no hope and leave.

Cesar hoped so, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell Finch to leave. He couldn’t even not return, because he couldn’t help but want to know if Finch was still here or not. He didn’t even want to… let go, and he didn’t want this person that had come back to him to leave again.

Thus, he returned very late every night, but he did his best to avoid Finch.

Do his best to avoid Finch… That’s what he wanted to do, but when the other person was determined to see him, it was in vain.

At night.

In the bitter, cold wind of the late night, Cesar pushed open the heavy front door, but what he saw wasn’t the deserted darkness he was used to, and instead a soft, warm yellow light, as well as Finch wearing white pajamas. He was sitting lazily on the sofa with one leg propped up, and the other leg swaying next to the sofa. His fair skin and smooth ankle radiated a pearly luster under the soft light.

The leg swayed back and forth like a pendulum that was used for hypnosis, and it made Cesar want to grab it so that it wouldn’t sway anymore.

Cesar looked almost imperceptibly stunned for a moment.

Then, he looked away, pretended as if he hadn’t seen anything, and walked away.

Finch had been purposely waiting for Cesar to return, and when he saw Cesar appear, he hastily called in a clear and sweet voice, “Hey, wait——”

Cesar remained unmoved, and his steady, powerful steps didn’t falter at all from Finch’s voice.

Finch had waited for several days yet wasn’t able to see Cesar. He had suspected that Cesar was avoiding him, and now he was completely sure of it! Cesar was definitely avoiding him; this was as clear as day!

Finch felt angry and wronged. He thought, If you don’t like me at all, then why would you bring me here? If you don’t like me, then why don’t you just tell me to leave? What are you keeping me in suspense for?

He isn’t even willing to tell me to leave?

Finch bit his lower lip and put on an expression of agony. He hunched over on the sofa and groaned.

Cesar finally stopped and looked back at him.

He saw Finch with his head lowered, and his hand that was gripping the sofa looked a little white. Finch’s eyelashes fluttered, and the collar of his pajamas loosened a little, revealing his handsome collarbone…

Cesar’s eyes darkened a little. Although he knew that Finch’s injury wasn’t too serious, Cesar had neglected him these past few days, so it was inevitable that his carelessness might lead to the wound worsening. He quickly strode towards the sofa, picked Finch up, and placed him onto the sofa so that he was lying down. Then, Cesar raised his hand to pull open the waistband of Finch’s trousers so he could check on the wound.

However, before he could even touch it, a hand suddenly snaked up to the back of his neck and pulled him down. Their faces suddenly got very close to each other.

The next moment, he found himself looking into those black, mesmerizing eyes. 

Cesar lost focus for about a second, and a complicated expression gradually appeared in his eyes. The ‘relapse’ of the injury and the faked pain and sadness were just part of the most clumsiest and simple ruse, but he had believed it.

Even if he didn’t believe it, he would still step into it, knowing that it was a trap.

It didn’t even matter if he died because of it.

Cesar slowly lifted his hand and his fingertips grazed the back Finch’s neck. He leaned over and looked down, inhaling the fragrance by his ear a little greedily, and his keen gaze landed on Finch’s fair neck, and he gazed at his seductive slenderness. Just a little bit more, and he could touch that inch of skin.

Finch wanted to be this desperate, so much so that he didn’t care if he would have to cry for mercy. He wanted to be completely at Cesar’s mercy, because this time… it was Cesar who had first invited him…

Finch lightly placed his hand on Cesar’s neck and felt the tips of his hair graze his chin, his warm breath next to his ear, and his fingers curled slightly out of nervousness.

Cesar’s body was strong and powerful, but even though he had carelessly exposed his neck, Finch still felt that he was like a fierce, bloodthirsty beast, and it faintly made him feel unfamiliar and scared.

Finch’s heart suddenly fluttered, but he cast these things to the back of his mind. He didn’t care about them; he only wanted for this person to kiss him, because he knew that Cesar also wanted him.

Now, the atmosphere couldn’t be more perfect, and his tense body wanted to get even closer. However, the next moment, he suddenly felt Cesar’s aura go away in an instant.

Finch blinked in confusion.

Cesar casually brushed away the hairs that had fallen to his forehead. None of the emotion from just then could be seen on his cold, handsome face. His black pupils were unreadable, and he quirked up the corner of his lips in what seemed to be ridicule. He laughed softly and said, “Looks like you’re fine.”

After saying this, Cesar turned around and left gracefully.

Finch was speechless.

He looked blankly at Cesar’s receding back in disbelief.

How could Cesar be so ruthless?!

Was he even a person?! Where was his humanity?

Finch’s eyes were wide, and he felt that his charm had been denied and that he had been humiliated. Could it be that two years of them not seeing each other caused him not to be attractive to Cesar anymore? Rich people really were scumbags. Maybe, when Cesar hid his identity at the time, he was just trying to play Finch and have some fun!

The more Finch thought about it, the more despicable he was of Cesar, and he was about to leave angrily.

At this time, Cesar suddenly looked back at him, his gaze sweeping past Finch’s waist, and said dully, “In the future, you should hide when you encounter danger. Don’t play the hero.”

Finch was moved and his expression wavered. He didn’t know what to make of Cesar’s attitude.

Cesar smiled thinly. “You won’t be of any help anyways, so you shouldn’t put any more burdens on the police and waste the country’s resources. Protecting yourself is doing everyone else a big favor.”

Finch’s expression darkened and he thought, Ha, was I really moved just now?

Bah, I must’ve been out of my mind! 

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Translator Notes:

  1. In WeChat, you have a 2-minute time limit to unsend messages. When that time is up, you can no longer recall a message.


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Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 15, 2020 2:22 pm

Oh no poor Finch trying to win back Cesar and he’s playing hard to get hahaha thank you for another great chapter

November 16, 2020 1:34 am

Battle of wits or maybe endurance competition? Which of them will be the first to give in? On one hand I want Finch to try a bit more and harder, because he was stupid to let such a lover go, on the other Ceasar shouldn’t play hard to get for too long beacuse if he does so he might be the one regretting it.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 16, 2020 6:31 am

Cesar did a good job by not falling intoFinch’s trap because Finch still have a long way to go to truly realize his feelings for Cesar. Finch, can you not be stupid and truly know value of Cesar? Cesar worth more than million yen😤.
Thank you for chapter.

November 24, 2020 7:06 am

Miscommunication! If both were open to themselves and each other about their feelings, there wouldn’t be any problems, but to soon this would boring for us. 😁
Thank you very much for this chapter.

December 3, 2020 9:54 pm

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November 22, 2021 8:27 pm

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