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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Finch pulled Xiao Ke over and looked at him sternly. “Don’t say such nonsense.”

Xiao Ke blinked innocently as he thought, Isn’t it you who brags about your rich boyfriend in the group chat everyday? Could it be that you only show off in front of us, but you’re actually very reserved in front of others?

Xiao Ke hadn’t expected this at all!

Finch looked back at Cesar in embarrassment and said, “It’s fine, you can leave.”

Cesar gave him a long look before pressing his lips together, nodding, and leaving.

As Finch saw Cesar’s car disappear in the distance, he sighed in relief. Then, he felt that he had been disappointing just then; after all, what had he gotten so nervous for?

Xiao Ke crossed his arms and looked up at Finch. “Uncle, is that the super rich ex-boyfriend you were talking about? Were you living in his house these past few days?”

Finch nodded.

Xiao Ke smiled scornfully. “So rich and so handsome? Are you making it up?”

Finch glared at him. “What do you mean, making it up?”

Xiao Ke tilted his head. “If it wasn’t made-up, then why were you so nervous just now? Hmph…”

Finch was speechless and decided he didn’t want to talk to Xiao Ke about this anymore.

Finch asked, “What are you doing here?”

“My parents are on a business trip, so they told me to come and stay here for a few days.”

“Sure, but tomorrow I have an audition, so I won’t have time to look after you.”

Xiao Ke looked curious. “Audition? Are you going to pick up a new drama?”

Finch puffed out his chest. “It’s a film this time!!!”

Xiao Ke nodded. “A web film?”

Finch thought, Bah, do I really seem like that type of person in your eyes? Finch was indignant, but he realized that if he told Xiao Ke the truth of the matter, not only would Xiao Ke not believe him, he would also look at Finch disdainfully again. Thus, Finch decided not to explain and would simply show him the results when they came out.


Finch hadn’t been home in several days.

Although Cesar’s villa was very luxurious, Finch’s humble abode was the most comfortable for him. He slept soundly, and the next day, he dressed up meticulously and rushed to the company.

Chai Xin had arrived much earlier, and he was even more nervous than Finch. He was pacing back and forth in front of the door, and when he saw Finch, he quickly said, “How was your preparation?”

Finch was also a little nervous. “I looked over the script you gave me last night, but time was tight so I didn’t memorize it completely.”

Chai Xin frowned and thought, He’s going through the back door anyway, so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal whether he memorized it or not. “Never mind, just remember to behave properly and it should be fine. I’ll go in with you.”

This time, the movie’s director had personally come for the audition. Nie Dao was very famous in the film industry, and he could be considered a household name. He was always strict and picky, so even though Mr. Luo had said hello to him beforehand, Chai Xin was still nervous. After all, he was only a small agent, and he had never had the opportunity to deal with a director on this level.

Just as his mind started wandering, he suddenly saw a chubby figure walk towards them briskly. He was smiling amiably and strode towards them. Before he even reached them, he reached out and put an arm around Finch’s shoulders cordially. He laughed heartily and exclaimed, “You’re here! I’ll go in with you. Nie Dao is an old friend of mine, so just relax and go through your lines. Just remember to have fun, there’s no pressure.”

Finch was caught off guard, but when he saw Mr. Luo’s chubby face, he felt quite comforted.

Chai Xin’s jaw dropped.

Luo JinYi seemed to just notice Chai Xin, and he waved him off. “Don’t worry, you can do whatever you need to do, I’ll go with him.”

After saying this, Luo JinYi completely ignored Chai Xin, who seemed to have turned into a stone statue, and with his arm still around Finch’s shoulders, they walked into the room.

Chai Xin watched them leave and close the door right in front of him. He felt that his worldview had been completely shattered.

Although Finch was a little surprised at having met Luo JinYi, he still wasn’t as shocked as Chai Xin. After all, they had already bonded last time on the cruise ship. Finch inexplicably felt that his boss was very amiable, unlike those rumors at all. They hadn’t seen each other for a few days, but Luo JinYi was still very enthusiastic. Finch couldn’t help but think that Luo JinYi was a really honest and upright guy.

The director was sitting rigidly in the meeting room with furrowed brows and an impatient expression. He was considering how he should conduct the audition when he saw Luo JinYi walk in with his arm around Finch’s shoulders.

Nie Dao thought, How am I supposed to conduct the audition like this?! It’s so obvious you came in through the back door! You don’t even care about saving face, this is hurting my dignity.

However, Finch and Luo JinYi didn’t seem to feel this way at all. Ever since Luo JinYi appeared, the last of Finch’s trepidation and unease had disappeared. It wasn’t that he was a hundred percent sure that he would get this role; after all, it was important for him to be suitable for the role. Moreover, he didn’t have many connections, so if he really wasn’t suitable for the role, even Luo JinYi couldn’t force the director to let him get the role.

He was relaxed because he knew that if he got the role, then it would be because of good luck, and if he didn’t, then that was normal. Just auditioning for it had already exceeded his expectations, so he wouldn’t even be that disappointed if he didn’t make it.

That’s right, Finch was a carefree and content person, so just like how he had been very regretful of having missed such a large opportunity as Cesar, after realizing that he really couldn’t get it back, he was just a little regretful and would forget about it soon. At most… he was a little reluctant because of Cesar’s handsomeness.

Even a simple person like Finch had dignity.

Finch looked at the director, who looked back at him, both of them feeling that they should have dignity.

Finch was all smiles, while the director was surly.

Actually, at Nie Dao’s level, he didn’t even need to see Luo JinYi’s meaningful glances; the two of them were already friends on equal footing.

There wasn’t much difference between different actors anyways, and who didn’t have complicated relations and deals behind them? As long as they were suitable and weren’t too bad at acting, Nie Dao could train all of them well, and the key was just to look at their foundation and whether it could be built upon or not.

For example, if two people were around the same level, then, in the end, wasn’t it just their backgrounds that decided who would get the role?

Nie Dao wasn’t very stubborn, and he would even occasionally use young, fresh actors to play supporting roles, as long as they looked good and could attract an audience. He wasn’t too against doing that for this film either… so now he would only have to see if Finch could be used or not.

Luo JinYi winked at Nie Dao. He knew his friend’s temper, and he was signaling for him to gentler later and not too vicious. Actually, the second male lead had already been set; it was a new actor that the female lead had spent a lot of effort and money to buy his way in, so since Luo JinYi was replacing him with one of his own actors on such short notice, he knew to not request for too much. Nie Dao was already being very generous, but he was worried that Nie Dao wouldn’t like Finch, and if Finch really was unsuitable, then even Luo JinYi couldn’t do anything about it.

Finch didn’t know about these complicated relations behind him at all, and he also didn’t know that he was basically stealing someone else’s role and that he was already going to be hated before he even joined the cast. Finch smiled shyly at Nie Dao. “Hi, sir, I’m a huge fan of yours!”

Nie Dao was silent and thought, Hm, although he got in through the back door, at least he doesn’t think too highly of himself and seems to be quite obedient. Mn, he’s passed the first test. Those actors who can’t act, are disobedient, and aren’t self-aware are the worst.

And when Nie Dao swept a gaze over Finch, he decided that Finch was even more handsome than the actor who was going to play the second male lead. From his looks alone, Finch had passed another test, and Nie Dao sighed in relief.

Because Luo JinYi was right next to him, Nie Dao tried to look less stern as he said amiably, “Did you take a look at the script yesterday?”

Finch nodded obediently. “Yes.”

Nie Dao nodded and said, “Then act out a part so I can see.”

Finch stood up nervously and began to perform. His character was the second male lead in this Xianxia movie, and he was the male lead’s shidi 1, a vigorous and passionate cultivator.

Luo JinYi and Nie Dao watched Finch as they communicated in whispers.

Mr. Luo said, “How is it, the person I recommended isn’t bad, right?”

“He’s okay, just so-so.”

“Tch, get off your high horse, do you think I’m really that reckless? I have my reasons for recommending him, and isn’t he at least better-looking than that other guy? I invested a lot of money in this movie, so it’s not like money is a problem.”

Nie Dao glanced at Mr. Luo. “I believe that last sentence.”

“Okay, okay, I owe you one.”

Nie Dao stroked his beard in satisfaction. “That’s more like it. After all, I have to reject the actor Ji XueFang sent me, so I’ll be the one offending her.”

Mr. Luo thought, Ha, isn’t it just switching out a person? You’re making it seem like you’re really scared of offending her, you old fox.

Meanwhile, Finch had finished his performance and was looking at them with expectant eyes.

Nie Dao stood up and patted Finch’s shoulder. “Come in next week, we begin filming then.”

Finch was speechless and thought, That simple? You’re not even going to give me any feedback? Finch suspected that Nie Dao hadn’t even been watching him earlier.

Finch practically couldn’t believe that he had become the second male lead in such a large film, and was even going to be working together with Xie Yan.

Luo JinYi saw Finch’s dumbfoundedness and couldn’t help but chuckle. “Come on, remember to come in next week to film, and that’s it.”

Finch slowly came back to his senses and understood that Luo JinYi had worked hard, or else he wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to audition. He said earnestly, “Thank you.”

Luo JinYi beamed. Hadn’t he spent all this effort just to get thanks from Finch? Thus, he was also content.

The two of them were both extremely satisfied with the result.

Finch was just about to leave when he suddenly saw a tall man enter the building. He was wearing a light-gray suit with every button buttoned meticulously. There were no wrinkles whatsoever on his clothes, and they fitted perfectly on his slender, powerful body. He looked up and smiled handsomely and perfectly, his jawline was well-defined, and his eyes crinkled warmly.

Finch stopped in his tracks and stood there blankly.

Luo JinYi reacted quickly and smiled. “Xie Yan, what are you doing here?”

Xie Yan smiled faintly. Any wider of a smile and it would be too much, but any less and it would be too little; he was so perfect it was as if he had been measured by a ruler. “I heard that you were having an audition today and I happened to pass by, so I thought I would come here to see my new colleague. Is it him?”

His gaze landed on Finch.

Finch came back to his senses, and he was extremely excited at having seen his idol. This was his first time seeing Xie Yan in person, and he was practically even more handsome than he was in movies! Being homosexual, Finch’s heartbeat quickened at seeing such a top-tier idol!

He quietly compared Cesar to Xie Yan in his mind’s eye and realized that they were actually about the same…

Luo JinYi grinned. “Yes, this is Finch, the second male lead of this movie, and a good friend of mine. When you guys start filming, make sure you take good care of Finch.”

Xie Yan smiled. “Of course, no problem.” Then, he extended a hand towards Finch. “Nice to meet you, I’m glad we’ll be working together.”

Finch reached out and nervously grasped his idol’s hand.

Xie Yan’s finger was just like the rest of him: perfect without any flaws. It was only that the tip of his finger was a little cold, and Finch didn’t dare to shake hands for too long. He quickly took his hand back and exclaimed, “Nice to meet you too, I’m a huge fan of yours!”

Nie Dao, who was standing to the side, was silent as he thought, Isn’t that phrase kind of familiar? I seem to have just heard it…

Finch was quite shy, as he seldom was, and although he was super excited, he also didn’t want to say too much. He could only look at Xie Yan with bright eyes.

But Xie Yan had no intention of staying too long. He has probably just wanted to come and take a quick look before leaving. After he nodded politely towards Finch and Luo JinYi, he left quickly.

Finch took out his phone and frantically snapped a picture of Xie Yan’s receding back.

Because he was done with his work, Luo JinYi led Finch outside. Chai Xin still hadn’t left yet, as he had been waiting outside the entire time.

Luo JinYi smiled meaningfully. “You’re quite concerned about Little Finch. Don’t worry, things went very smoothly.”

Chai Xin laughed awkwardly. “With you there, of course it was fine. I just didn’t have anything to do for a while, so I wanted to stay and wait.”

Luo JinYi chuckled and sauntered off.

When Finch saw his boss leave, he quickly took out his phone again and pulled up the photo he had secretly gotten of Xie Yan’s back. He posted it on WeChat and captioned: Today, I saw the perfect, ideal man, and he really is ten thousand times better-looking than in movies! I’m about to act on the same stage as him soon, it’s like a dream come true!! [excited] [excited]

Chai Xin glanced at Finch’s phone and was speechless.

But if he was being honest, Chai Xin was still very happy for Finch. If it weren’t for this, Finch would probably be playing another tiny character in a bad drama. Chai Xin’s only concern was that Finch had to protect himself well; those rich people nowadays weren’t easy to deal with.

Chai Xin felt that this was a one-time thing for Finch, but he didn’t want to hurt his self-esteem. Instead, he advised tactfully, “You need to know your place when you do things from now on, okay?”

Finch nodded to show that he knew!

He would definitely do a good job!


Meanwhile, Cesar had just contacted the Foundation’s headquarters to schedule the academic exchange of Professor Yan and the others next week. When he recalled the new types of fields that had appeared recently, as well as the matters regarding Qi Zhen, Cesar couldn’t help but frown slightly.

The situation was looking quite unpromising.

Everything was heading in a bad direction, and they still hadn’t found a way to stop everything.

At this time, he thought of Finch. Cesar wondered what Finch was doing and thinking about.

He probably didn’t think too much of their reunion…

Cesar took out his phone and hesitated for a moment before tapping on Finch’s WeChat profile. Two years ago, Finch had deleted Cesar from his friend list, so Cesar regarded that matter as over, and even though he had still wanted to know how Finch had been doing, he had forced himself to not think about him.

But now, this person had returned to Cesar’s friend list, and even if Finch was silent most of the time, he would occasionally have some activity on his account. It was as if an invisible string had connected Cesar to Finch, making Cesar want to know everything about Finch.

Then, he saw what Finch had just posted.

The picture was of a tall man’s back, and Cesar could tell that it had been taken secretly. Finch’s caption was full of adoration and worship.

Cesar thought about the ‘I feel as if I’ve missed out on a hundred million’ Finch had posted when he had seen him.

Cesar clenched his phone so hard that it cracked.

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Translator Notes:

  1. This means that they’re both apprentices under the same master, and Finch’s character is younger than the male lead.


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