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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Finch hastily went back home.

Before, he hadn’t thought too much of Qi Zhen because he had thought that he wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble from the psychiatric hospital. Now, however, he didn’t dare to be careless anymore, and he felt that it was necessary to tell Cesar about these things. Qi Zhen wasn’t someone Finch could deal with by himself, so he wouldn’t be foolish about it and not say anything to Cesar.

Cesar was a lot more experienced in these types of situations than he.

Cesar returned late at night, and he immediately saw Finch waiting there with a solemn expression. Cesar sensed that Finch had something to say to him, so he asked, “What is it?”

Finch replied, “I ran into Qi Zhen today.”

Cesar’s expression changed a little, and he said gravelly, “Where did you see him?”

Finch didn’t conceal anything. “A few days ago he told someone to call me, so I went to the psychiatric hospital to pay him a visit. He even said that he likes me or something, but I didn’t take it seriously. Anyways, today, when I was going to sign a contract with a luxury brand, I saw him again, and he’s actually that company’s vice president. I think there’s something fishy about him…”

Cesar frowned. When they were in Qi Zhen’s villa, he had sensed that Qi Zhen wasn’t that simple and might know some things. He was worried that Qi Zhen had set his sights on Finch, so Cesar had gotten people to send him to the psychiatric hospital. However, Cesar had underestimated him, and didn’t expect for him to get out so quickly. Moreover, Qi Sheng hadn’t mentioned this to him.

However, Cesar was happy that Finch knew to tell him about this matter. It was the first time Finch had so openly communicated with him, and he hadn’t trusted Qi Zhen that easily. When Cesar saw Finch’s troubled expression, he couldn’t help but say in amusement, “He said that he likes you?”

Finch nodded. “Yeah, but we only saw each other once before, okay?!”

Cesar said, “He’s not bad-looking, he’s quite rich, and he even said he likes you…”

Finch froze and realized that Cesar was hinting that Qi Zhen’s conditions weren’t bad either, and exclaimed, “Please, he’s crazy, okay?! I’d rather stay as far as I can from him!”

It’s not like Finch liked anyone that was rich, and if he wanted to sleep with someone to gain favors, then he would’ve done it long ago.

Finch and Cesar looked at each other.

After a while, Cesar laughed and looked fondly at Finch, saying, “Although Qi Zhen isn’t very likable, you shouldn’t reject his free money. Just relax and take it.”

This answer exceeded Finch’s expectations, as he had thought Cesar would tell him to decline. “This is clearly part of Qi Zhen’s schemes, I don’t believe he’s this kind!”

Cesar said lightly, “I know what he’s trying to do, but with me here, he won’t be able to cause any trouble, so there’s no need for you to worry.”

Finch was speechless. He glanced at Cesar, looked back down, and then glanced at him again.

Cesar felt a little uneasy and raised an eyebrow. “What is it?”

“You’re really stalwart, you know.”

So Finch had worried the whole evening and had been thinking about how to deal with Qi Zhen, but for Cesar, it was nothing… That arrogance! That dominance!

Finch suddenly felt that his worries were unnecessary, and that he should’ve told Cesar about it earlier. Why did he have to hesitate? When Finch thought about the large payment he would refuse, he beamed.

Cesar patted his head and said, “Don’t meet with him alone anymore. If you have to go see him, I’ll go with you.”

Finch nodded quickly.

He also didn’t want to be alone with that crazy Qi Zhen.


Since Cesar had given him peace of mind yesterday, Finch was assured as he contacted Chai Xin and told him to proceed with the signing of the contract. They made an appointment for the afternoon the next day, and it was still at the same place as last time.

Naturally, Cesar went with Finch, and on the way there, Finch asked curiously, “What does he want from me?”

Cesar paused. In reality, he would have to tell Finch these things sooner or later, but Finch had just never asked and didn’t seem to care at all. But since there was already no way to avoid it anymore and Finch had asked, Cesar should probably tell him the truth.

Cesar asked, “What do you think of the things you have experienced?”


The corner of Cesar’s mouth tugged upwards in the hint of a smile, and he shook his head. “Perhaps, in ordinary people’s eyes, it seems like ghosts. However, in reality, we believe that there’s another world, or you can call it a parallel world. People who have passed away may exist in that world, living people may die, or there may be different rules in space and time, and perhaps people’s imaginations can change reality… We don’t know enough about that world, but the only thing we are sure of is that it exists. When it collides with our world, supernatural events like the ones you have seen will occur.”

Finch smiled. “That sounds like hell. After all, nothing about it is good.”

Cesar said, “You can think of it like that. So that’s why we don’t want these two worlds to coincide. When we were trapped in Qi Zhen’s villa, that was an overlapping space, which was why his seven personalities could be manifested into reality. He also killed his other selves at the time, probably because he thought that it would be his only chance.”

Finch understood a little of it and nodded. Then, he said hesitantly, “But what does that have to do with me? Qi Zhen isn’t really my fan, right?

Cesar shook his head. “Perhaps he thinks that it was you who caused that collision.”

Finch’s eyes widened. “Me?”

Cesar’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “Yes, and even though we currently don’t have any evidence to prove it, it might have something to do with you.”

Finch said, “…You guys have to have a scientific basis in doing things, don’t just guess wildly.”

Cesar smiled. “I also feel that way. Okay, we’re here, let’s go in.”

Cesar had originally thought that these would be hard to explain, and he hadn’t expected for Finch to accept it so calmly. Perhaps a lot of things were really just this simple.

The two of them walked into the building. This time. Qi Zhen had arrived first and was already waiting there.

When he saw Cesar and Finch show up together, he didn’t seem to be very surprised, nor did he act hostile towards Cesar at all. Instead, he smiled politely, just like the first time they had met. “Hello, Mr. Yu.”

Cesar looked at him with a cold gaze and nodded curtly.

Qi Zhen looked at Finch, and his smile broadened. “I’m really happy that you’re willing to cooperate. This is the contract, you can take a look at it again.”

Before this, Chai Xin had already shown Finch the contract and also gotten a lawyer to look at it. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, so Finch signed it decisively.

One of Qi Zhen’s people collected the papers, and Qi Zhen extended a hand to Finch. “May we have a happy cooperation.”

Finch had taken his money, so decided to be polite and shake Qi Zhen’s hand, albeit as briefly as a dragonfly that skimmed the water. He echoed, “May we have a happy cooperation.”

Qi Zhen asked, “I wonder if I could have the honor of having dinner with you?”

Finch thought, Who wants to have dinner with you? He was just about to decline, but suddenly, Cesar, who hadn’t said anything this entire time, held Finch’s hand and said sharply to Qi Zhen, “No need.”

Qi Zhen grinned slightly, and his gaze landed on where Cesar was holding Finch’s hand. He was silent for a few seconds before looking regretfully at Finch. “Do I really have no chance?”

Finch shook his head abruptly, resolutely drawing a line between Qi Zhen and himself!

Qi Zhen nodded, and although he looked a little disappointed, his expression was still calm and insincere. He said, “I understand. It seems that you’re biased against me, but are you this sure that he’s a trustworthy person?”

Finch thought, Your feelings aren’t requited, yet you still want to sow discord, and replied, “Of course.”

Qi Zhen said meaningfully, “Is that so? How long have you two known each other for, and how did you meet? Are you sure your feelings for each other can withstand tests? Are you sure he really loves you? Haven’t you ever suspected that… he has ulterior motives for approaching you?”

Cesar’s expression was cold and practically murderous as he said, “That’s none of your business.”

Qi Zhen spread his hands and said helplessly, “I was only reminding him because I was concerned for him. Mr. Yu, if you have a clear conscience, then why would you care so much about what I said?”

Finch didn’t want to listen to Qi Zhen’s nonsense anymore, and since they had already finished what they had come to do, he stood up resolutely and said, “We’ll get going now, goodbye.”

Qi Zhen didn’t urge him to stay, and he stood up as he watched them walk away. He said slowly, “Think carefully about what I just said.”

Finch didn’t even look back as he and Cesar left the building.

Cesar drove them home, and he was silent the entire way, seemingly in deep thought.

Finch didn’t plan on listening to Qi Zhen’s nonsense at all, but when he quietly glanced at Cesar, Qi Zhen’s words replayed themselves in his head: How long have you two known each other for, and are you sure he really loves you…

Finch had no doubt about this!

If Finch said that he still doubted Cesar’s feelings for him after this period of living together and when Cesar had protected him again and again when he was in danger, then that would just be ungrateful of Finch! Not to mention he was quite sure of Cesar’s feelings.

But it was precisely because of this that it was a little strange…

In reality, they had met each other two years ago by pure chance, and later, they had dated for a short period of time. Finch didn’t deny that he never forgot about Cesar and that he liked him very much, but his feelings for Cesar weren’t as deep as love yet, which was why he had chosen to give Cesar up at the time and hadn’t urged him to stay.

It was only because his feelings weren’t deep enough.

But Cesar clearly loved him more than he loved Cesar, so why would Cesar love him so much? This was what Finch didn’t understand.

When Qi Zhen, who had only seen him once, said that he liked Finch, that was clearly very absurd. But wasn’t Cesar, whom he had only dated for three months in total now, being so in love with Finch also a little strange?

Ah, he must be out of his mind, why would he think about these things?!

Finch cast aside these thoughts; he had agreed to not believe Qi Zhen, yet he had started to question himself and Cesar because of what he had said!

Soon afterward, the car came to a stop. Cesar looked at Finch and said, “I have something I need to take care of tonight, so I won’t be coming home. Be careful when you’re at home, and contact me immediately if something happens, okay?”

Finch hadn’t expected that Cesar would happen to have something he needed to do, so Finch was a little disappointed. However, he still nodded reasonably.

Cesar leaned over and kissed him lightly on the forehead. Then, he watched as Finch walked inside before he started the car again and left.


Cesar returned to his villa alone, and his expression slowly turned cold. He went in, locked the door, and went to the bathroom upstairs. He leaned against the washstand, and his face suddenly contorted in pain.

The muscles on his face were clenched tightly, and his pursed lips were pale. His gaze landed on the mirror, and he saw that the man in the mirror with the same ferocious expression as himself.

Qi Zhen knew more than Cesar expected him to know, and it seemed that he probably understood quite a bit about the Foundation and these supernatural events. Qi Zhen was yet another ignorant, clueless person trying in vain to get himself involved in these matters.

At the time, Cesar had indeed approached Finch because he had become aware of his abnormality. However, that had nothing to do with his feelings for Finch, which weren’t mixed with anything else.

Cesar didn’t want to have any misunderstandings between them, but he hadn’t had time to explain it to Finch, because just then, Cesar had suddenly sensed that he couldn’t suppress the dark energy inside him!

Qi Zhen’s words had been insignificant, and they didn’t affect Cesar in the slightest. However, it was the evil force inside himself, which he couldn’t suppress anymore, that was making him gradually lose control.

The thing that had been lurking in Cesar’s body for around a dozen years now had begun to constantly attack his consciousness, trying to control this body.

With the passing of time, the collisions of the two worlds were becoming more and more intense, and this dark force was becoming stronger and stronger!

The veins on the back of Cesar’s hand bulged, and he opened the drawer. He quickly fumbled around and found a syringe, which he used to inject some medicine into himself! However, the medicine that always worked had no effect this time.

Cesar’s expression was still contorted in affliction, and he suddenly looked up, his forehead dripping with sweat, and his short hair sticking to his forehead. His right pupil slowly turned bright red, with a cruel, ruthless glow in it.

It was as if another entity was coldly gazing at him through the mirror.

The man in the mirror slowly smiled, sinisterly and eerily as he said, “You’re really happy that you can encounter him and be with him again. But… are you sure your feelings for him are pure?”

Cesar said coldly, “What are you trying to say?”

The man in the mirror replied, “You know what I’m trying to say. You’re very sure of why you love him, but actually, that’s only because of my influence. I want to possess him, because he should be one of us anyways. He’s the key to the arrival of our world. You can feel it, right? His differences and your attraction to him…”

Cesar slammed a fist into the mirror, and it fragmented at once! The expression of the man in the mirror was also splintered into pieces, making him look even more eerie and scary. However, he was still smiling as he said, “So you don’t love him at all, you only think that you love him. Your feelings for him, your everything, are all fake!”

Cesar clenched his teeth and spat, “I know my feelings very well. Don’t even think about trying to influence me, get out of my body!”

However, the man smiled beguilingly. “Why are you still resisting and struggling? Isn’t it a lot easier to submit to me? No matter what, he’s still yours…”

Cesar abruptly grabbed a shard of the mirror and stabbed it into his own right eye!

Blood dripped down from his face, making him look cruel and ruthless. However, Cesar’s expression didn’t change in the slightest as he looked unwaveringly at the man in the mirror. His lips parted, and his tone was icy cold. “Get. Out.”


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