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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


It turned out that not only was Mr. Mu the chairman of the Foundation, he was also Cesar’s father!

Upon hearing what Cesar said, Mr. Mu was finally speechless. His expression changed, and a hint of guilt flitted past his eyes, though it quickly disappeared. He lifted his chin and said, “Once the two worlds merge completely, this world will turn into a true hell. I would sacrifice anything or anyone to prevent this, including my own life.”

The corner of Cesar’s lips twitched upwards, seemingly in a little disdain and as he said lazily, “I will also prevent all of this and do what I should do. But I won’t allow you to intervene in his affairs.”

Mr. Mu frowned, and he seemed to want to say more.

Suddenly, Cesar grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him towards himself as he said coldly, “If you dare to do anything to him, I won’t let it slide! You should know… I’m different from before.”

Then, he turned around and left.

Mr. Mu paused, his expression complicated. Then, he also turned around and left, the two of them going in opposite directions.


Due to the movie, Finch’s popularity rose quickly, and he went to a lot of interviews and was a guest on many shows. His fame increased day by day, and his amount of fans grew exponentially. He even had to disguise himself when he went outside, because if he was careless, then people would recognize him.

A little over a month later, he was finally able to relax a little, and then he realized that time had flown, yet Cesar still hadn’t returned from his business trip!

Finch missed him.

Thus, he texted Cesar: [When will you come back?]

Cesar didn’t reply until late evening: [I’m not sure.]

Finch thought, You always reply like this, and I’m almost starting to think it’s a robot replying. This time, Finch decided to go see Cesar, so he texted: [Where are you? I’ll go find you, okay?]

Then, Finch waited and waited, but Cesar never replied.

This was the first time in a very long time that Cesar hadn’t replied to his message, and Finch finally realized that something was wrong.

Logically, when your boyfriend uses the excuse that he has a business trip and needs to leave, he doesn’t return for a long time, and he’s silent and won’t respond when you say you’ll go find him, then that means he probably wants to break up!

But Finch didn’t think this was true. How long had it been since they got back together? Moreover, they had experienced so many dangers together and were finally able to be with each other again, so even if Cesar wanted to break up, he had to have a reason, right? 

Cesar didn’t have a reason to break up with him, so why wouldn’t he come back? Why did he refuse to let Finch go see him?

Finch’s heart suddenly sunk. Could Cesar have encountered danger or got into an accident?

This was very likely… After all, Cesar was always experiencing these supernatural events!

Finch felt a little panicked.

He wanted to go find Cesar himself, but Cesar didn’t even pick up his calls this time. Moreover, Finch had just realized that he didn’t know any of Cesar’s friends, so he couldn’t even find someone to ask about Cesar!

Finch hadn’t realized until now just how little connections there were between them…

Finch racked his brain for a while before he thought about the only two people who might know Cesar: Luo JinYi and Gong YaoYing. Finch didn’t have Gong YaoYing’s contact information, but he did have Luo JinYi’s.

Finch hastily called Luo JinYi, but Luo JinYi said that he didn’t know Cesar’s whereabouts.


Since Finch had been very popular lately, along with the company’s help, he immediately had a lot more resources.

Chai Xin took on a lot of dramas for Finch, but Finch was a little absent-minded these days, because Cesar seemed to have disappeared. Two years ago, when Cesar left, Finch hadn’t gone to look for him. This time, Cesar had gone missing again, and Finch finally knew what being so worried felt like… Today, he went to the company to partake in a show, and during the break, his sister called him.

Fang Yuan, Finch’s sister, said, “Last time, I heard Xiao Ke say you got a boyfriend. Why don’t you bring him home this weekend and we can have a meal together?”

Finch hesitated, saying, “Um…”

Fang Yuan quickly asked, “What do you mean, um? Don’t tell me you two broke up already? Although we won’t interfere with your freedom to date, whether you’re gay or straight, feelings have to be treated seriously. I heard Xiao Ke say that this time, it was different and that you even brought him to your house.”

Finch was silent and thought, How would I know something would happen to him so soon?

Fang Yuan said in a tone that allowed no further discussion, “This weekend. Don’t forget.”


Fang Yuan hung up.

Finch looked at his phone, troubled, and could only feel that the situation was only getting worse. He still hadn’t found Cesar yet, and his family was already pressing to see him…

Xie Yan just happened to be at the company too, and when he came out, he passed by where Finch was and saw him standing in the corridor, wearing a troubled look. Xie Yan paused before walking over and said, “What is it?”

When Finch saw that it was Xie Yan, he sighed. “I haven’t been able to find Cesar lately.”

Since he and Xie Yan could be considered good friends now, Finch didn’t hide anything. “Cesar said that he was going to go on a business trip for a while, but it’s been more than a month, and he still hasn’t returned. He isn’t even answering my calls lately, so I’m worried something happened to him.”

Xie Yan said uncertainly, “You haven’t gone to look for him yet?”

Finch frowned. “I don’t even know where I can go to look for him.”

Xie Yan asked thoughtfully, “Does he have any places around here he usually stays at?”

Finch thought for a moment. “He has one, but I don’t think he goes there often, and before, he said that he was in another city.”

Xie Yan was silent for a moment before he said slowly, “Since you can’t contact him, looking there is worth a try, just in case he’s there, right?”


That night, Finch hailed a taxi to Cesar’s villa district. He hesitated as he stood outside.

Today, Xie Yan had reminded him that he had neglected to look here, though that was because Cesar had said he was in a different city… Finch hadn’t considered the possibility that Cesar had been here the whole time yet just didn’t want to see Finch.

Besides, Finch didn’t know anywhere else he could be.

Finch was nervous, but he told himself that in the worst case, he would just come here for nothing, so he should at least try.

Finch walked to Cesar’s villa. The front door was shut, and the gates to the garden were also locked. It was quiet inside, and there were no lights on at all. It was very gloomy and quiet in the night, and Finch could tell at once that no one was home.

Finch felt quite disappointed, but he still went to ring the doorbell.

After a while, there was no response.

Finch felt very dispirited, and he chided himself for thinking he would be able to find Cesar so easily. He turned around and was just about to leave, but then, he felt that he was giving up too easily.

It seemed like he didn’t even do anything.

Finch hesitated for a while. Then, he quietly scaled the wall, determined to get in!

He walked around the dark villa and finally found a window that was open. Finch stepped onto the windowsill and jumped into the house.

The room was dim, and only the cold, white moonlight filtered in.

It was inexplicably quite frightening.

Finch called, “Cesar!” 

Then, he was about to flip on the light switch, but suddenly, a black shadow darted past him, and Finch almost screamed!

The shadow’s movement was so fast, Finch thought it was a thief.

However, before he could say anything, he was pressed against the wall! A hand grabbed his shoulder firmly, and a grim face emerged from the darkness, his red pupil appearing eerie and cold.

Finch’s words stuck in his throat as he looked at the man in front of him, illuminated only by the moonlight. Finch was speechless, and he slowly stiffened.

He gazed at Cesar in shock, and he saw a complicated expression on Cesar’s face that he had never seen before. In the night, Cesar’s pupils, one black and one red, made him look like a wild beast that had stepped out of hell. This was the first time Cesar felt so unfamiliar and scary to Finch…

He seemed that he might tear Finch apart at any instant.

So this was why Cesar refused to see him?

Cesar stared at Finch, fixated. He originally hadn’t planned on showing himself and was planning to wait for Finch to leave in disappointment, because… he didn’t want Finch to see him in this state, ugly and like a monster.

Why didn’t you leave? 

Cesar caressed Finch’s lips with his fingertip and looked down, gazing into his eyes. I look terrible like this, right? Ugly, filled with violence, and slowly losing control of myself. Just like right now, when I look at you, I’m thinking of how to possess and torment you…

Cesar’s eyes were gloomy. If you leave now and refuse to come near me anymore, it’s okay…

He saw the fear and shock in Finch’s eyes and prepared himself for the worst.

At the next moment, Finch abruptly pushed him away, his eyes rimmed with red as he said angrily, “I thought something happened to you! Isn’t it just pinkeye? It’s not like it’s some terminal illness, so was this really necessary?”

Cesar froze.

Then, he felt himself being pulled into Finch’s firm embrace and heard Finch said shakily, “Don’t you know how worried I was about you?”

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January 4, 2021 4:07 pm

Finch.. it isn’t as simple as an eye disease.. 😢

Thanks for the update!

January 4, 2021 5:42 pm

I hope Cesar controls himself and become normal again.

January 6, 2021 10:40 pm

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One month?! How can Cesar be like this?

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January 19, 2021 10:50 pm

Pink eye! Finch really save Cesar this time by being ignorant. Otherwise, Cesar will draw himself back from Finch’s life for sure. Cesar really did think too much. After all is inevitable, he should just tell Finch everything now. Finch is ready.

January 20, 2021 5:36 am

Aww gosh . So sad.

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Oh Finch, you really are number one at being oblivious to signs! Let’s hope Cesar can control the dark energy.
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