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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to touch Kyfayar’s soft and fluffy ears


Augusta claimed that he wanted to make the medicine behind closed doors, so he stayed in the laboratory without stepping out. Kyfayar took all the meals and left them at the door to the laboratory. The werewolf youth was not allowed to enter the laboratory. 

Kyfayar didn’t know what Augusta was doing inside, but one time when he delivered a meal, he saw a strange flash of blue and green flowing through the crack of the door, which scared him enough to run away as if the laboratory was about to explode. Of course, nothing happened in the end. The lab was safe and Augusta was still behind closed doors.

One morning, after several days, Kyfayar went to collect the dishes according to his daily habits, but what was unusual was that the door was slightly open. Had Lord Augusta finished his research? At this point, he was ‘forgetting to eat and sleep’ for the sake of research!

Kyfayar plucked up his courage and knocked twice on the door. No movement. He put his ear against the door and tried to listen for anything but all he got was a little cold in his ears. Just as he was about to give up, the door opened and Kyfayar fell into the laboratory and ran head-on into Augusta. There was a loud noise, and the two men fell down like trees cut by a lumberjack.

“Oh! Ouch!” Kyfayar screamed.

Although he was the one who brought Augusta down, it was he who was finally used and crushed as a cushion. Because Augusta cleverly applied a space conversion technique the moment they fell, their positions changed instantly, and Augusta fell on top of Kyfayar.

“What are you doing stealthily outside the door? Fortunately, I was quick enough, huh?” Augusta brushed the dust off his lapels and got up from Kyfayar. “No, this is the right time. I was just going to find you.”

“What can I do for you?”

Augusta took a test tube from the test tube rack on the experimental platform, which contained a dark brown liquid, like a tube filled with mud. He held up the test tube and shook it in front of Kyfayar’s eyes. “I refined a drug, but the effect has not been verified. I need a volunteer to help test it.”

“I would like to be a volunteer!”

“Well duh, there are no other werewolves here.”

Augusta put the test tube back into the rack and took out a document from the drawer of the experiment bench, “Then please sign this consent form.”

Kyfayar took the document and glanced at it. It was full of all kinds of obscure technical terms and Latin terms. Except for the ‘consent form for clinical trials of alchemy drugs’ which was in bold, Kyfayar basically understood nothing. Mr. Augusta should not have any intention of harming him, so he signed his name on the signature line and returned the document to Augusta.

“Good, good,” Augusta put the file back in the drawer. “I’ll show you the possible side effects of this drug.”

“Will it be like the last time I was cured?” Kyfayar asked.

“…Why do you say ‘cure’ the same as you would say ‘hit by a fireball’?”

“Because it seems to do more harm than good.”

Augusta squinted at him. Kyfayar shut up. “This potion won’t make you nervous. But you can get dizzy and tired.”

“That’s nothing.”

“Vomiting, diarrhea, sore limbs.”

“It sounds like the flu…”

“Erectile dysfunction, incontinence.”

“Is it so serious?”

“It’s just possible in theory!”

“Is it still too late to go back on my word?”

“You’ve already signed the consent form!”

Kyfayar cried, “My Lord, can I…”

“No! Either drink it or get out of my house!”

“I’ll drink… I’ll drink…”

Augusta grabbed the test tube, “Well, please change your form first.”


“The effect of the potion is to suppress the power of the werewolf. If it works, you will be forced to revert to adult form and will not be able to change again for a short time. I will decide what to do next according to its effect, whether to change the formula or — good God! Why are you undressing in front of me again?”

Kyfayar peeled off his shirt, showing his strong muscles. He untied his pants, and took off his clothes. He must have practiced these movements many times. Augusta looked away in embarrassment, trying not to notice what was dangling between the legs of the young werewolf.

“I am ready, sir!”

“Oh, oh…” Augusta perfunctorily replied, “let’s get started.”

The magician knew what a werewolf transformation looked like. He had seen a video of a werewolf transformation in class when he was in college before, but this was his first time watching it closely in reality. 

Kyfayar bent down, he roared like rolling thunder, and his facial features crowded together as if he was in pain. His body and muscles swelled up, his skeletal frame enlarged, long hair came out from under his skin, his facial bones rose forward, and his nails grew wildly. 

In a few minutes, he was transformed from a handsome young man into a two meter tall monster: a wolf head on his neck, well-developed human limbs, cold claws, and was covered with gray and white animal fur. In short, he was like a wolf that could walk upright with extremely developed forelimbs.

His eyes were still ice-blue, and the corners of his eyes were like wolves, but they were very clear, and they seemed rational and sober. Augusta looked up at this very different creature from human beings and almost forgot to breathe.

“…Kyfayar?” he asked tentatively.

“It’s getting better, Lord Augusta.” The werewolf replied. When he opened his mouth, his mouth was full of sharp fangs, and his voice was different from before. It was more deep and hoarse, like a beast roaring.

“Er… So… Drink this tube of medicine…” Augusta timidly reached out and handed over the test tube. The werewolf took the little glass tube. Augusta had thought that the claws would crush the test tube, but the werewolf held it with great care and agility, which was beyond his expectation.

“Don’t be afraid, Lord Augusta.” The werewolf said, “I know I look terrible, but I won’t hurt you. I’m conscious now. I’m still me. I’m still Kyfayar.”

Augusta nodded mechanically, “Good, good. Please drink it quickly.”

The werewolf put the test tube to his mouth and poured the contents in.

“How about it? How do you feel?” Augusta picked up a notebook with great interest, intending to record Kyfayar’s reaction.

“Well… It’s hard to drink.”

“That doesn’t count! What about the other feelings? Do you feel the magic of the moon?”

“Sir, where can I feel the magic of the moon in this broad daylight…”

“How do you feel? It doesn’t matter. Tell me all about it. I want to make a record of the experiment.”

“My stomach seems to be a little uncomfortable, as if I drank something terrible.”

“Mm-hmm,” causing gastrointestinal discomfort, “and what else?”

“I feel a little queasy, sir!”

‘Nausea and vomiting’ was no surprise. Augusta pointed to the side with his ballpoint pen. “The bathroom is over there. If you want to vomit, just go and puke it out. It doesn’t matter.”

“I feel a little uncomfortable, itchy!” The werewolf scratched his arm.

“I didn’t expect that it might be related to your constitution. Do you have sensitive skin?”

“Oh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!” The werewolf suddenly yelled, collapsed and curled up. The process of becoming a werewolf reversed at once. His bones shrank, his fur retracted, and his sharp claws returned to normal nails. Kyfayar returned from werewolf form to human form.

“I don’t feel right all over, Lord Augusta!”

“Are you alright? Can you stand up?”

Kyfayar got up trembling, his knees shaking. He was almost human, except for two wolf ears on his head and a bushy wolf tail behind his buttocks.

“Such a creepy feeling!” He complained, “It’s like spitting out something you just ate! Speaking of this, I feel like vomiting again…” His ears drooped listlessly as he spoke, and Augusta could hardly take his eyes off his wolf ears!

“Well, Kyfayar, now try to see if you can change again?”

“Do you really want me to do this, sir?”

“I’d like to test its anti-transformation effect.” Augusta stared at Kyfayar’s ears and spoke with no confidence.

“Well, I’ll try…” Kyfayar muttered. He closed his eyes, arched his back, tightened his muscles and mobilized his strength. After a moment, he lowered his shoulder, “No, sir, I can’t change! Your potion is working!”

“Hm… Mn… Really…” Augusta murmured, “You can’t? But you are not completely human.”

“Have I not become human now?”

Augusta tapped his head with a ballpoint pen. Kyfayar touched his head and jumped back, “How could this happen?! My ears! Why can’t I go back?”

“And behind you…”

“My tail!” Kyfayar turned in horror, trying to find his tail, like a dog chasing his tail in vain. Kyfayar sobbed, “Why can’t my ears and tail go back? Lord Augusta, how could this happen?” 

Augusta jotted down the words ‘ears and tail’ in his book, “Um… I guess maybe the potion will have some kind of ‘incomplete transformation’ effect? It’s about getting stuck between ‘changing’ and ‘not changing’. It’s strange. I didn’t expect that…”

Kyfayar turned around in a daze, covering his ears with one hand and trying to grab his tail with the other, “What should I do? Will I be able to change back?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you’ll be able to go back once the medicine is out of your system?”

Kyfayar burst into tears, “What if I can’t go back? Is there an antidote?” As he said this, his tail swayed anxiously from side to side.

“It’s not poison. There’s no antidote!” Augusta turned his head, covered his mouth and tried to suppress his smile. Kyfayar looked so funny that he almost fainted with laughter! No, never laugh! Kyfayar will be angry!

In the end, he couldn’t help it.

“Poo, hahaha, hahaha, hahaha…” Augusta left his book and leaned against the experiment platform, tears streaming out of his eyes. “Sorry, Kyfayar, I didn’t mean to, but your appearance, your appearance… Hahaha, hahaha…”

“How can you laugh at me?! You made me look like this, and you’re laughing at me!”

“I’m not laughing at you, I just I can’t help but haha, haha…”

“I know I can’t see people anymore. You’re not only different from me, but you’re also laughing at me! Too much!”

Oh, this is so cute, isn’t it? Augusta thought. Human but with animal ears, tails and so on. What kind of rabbit girl, cat girl… However, Kyfayar was neither a charming rabbit girl nor a cute cat girl. A big man with wolf ears on his head and a tail behind his back. This was really… 

“I sympathize with you, but hahahaha, I didn’t mean to laugh…”

He laughed for five minutes. Finally, he stopped his laughter with the will of his level as a mage. He tried to straighten his face and said seriously, “I will find a solution. Don’t worry. Let me draw some blood first and test the drug concentration in your blood…” He reached for the needle, but his hand was still shaking because he had laughed so hard.

Kyfayar put his hands around his chest and bit his lips in a twist, “Forget it.”


“I… It doesn’t matter if I can’t go back…”

“Did I hear you wrong?”

“I said,” Kyfayar raised his volume, “I don’t care if I keep being this way!”

“Why, Kyfayar, do you like that?”

“You like it.” Kyfayar blushed, “It’s the first time since I came to your house that I’ve seen you laughing so happily.” His tail wagged slowly, and his ears moved rhythmically. “If I can make you happy, I’ll keep being like this all the time.”

Augusta couldn’t laugh any more. What’s going on with this guy? Why can you say that as if nothing happened? Is he angry or sincere?

“Can I touch your ears then?” Augusta asked tentatively.

Kyfayar lowered his head, “Of course you can!”

Augusta pressed a hand against Kyfayar’s head and scratched his ears like a dog. Kyfayar squinted and the wolf’s ears fell back comfortably.

“Really don’t care?” Augusta asked in a low voice.

“Mn! As long as you like it…”

Kyfayar’s wolf ears were soft and fluffy, which made Augusta feel relaxed, “Touch my tail, if you like.”

Bang! He got a heavy blow on the head.

“Why hit me?!” Kyfayar cried innocently.

“Isn’t that like touching your ass? Who’s going to touch your ass! Fuck off!”

Other people’s reactions to Kyfayar’s wolf ears and tail caused by the failure of the drug trial were not as tolerant as Augusta.

“Hahahahaha. What’s the matter with your ears and tail! Mr. Augusta’s interest is so strange. Hahahahahahaha! You cut a hole in your pants to show your tail! I didn’t know you had such a bad taste before!” Quentina was laughing and banging her hands on the floor.

“Hahahahahahaha, have you seen it? It’s disgusting to have wolf ears and human ears at the same time! Can’t you just leave one pair of ears? I’m laughing at both of them!” The unicorn rolled with laughter.

“Miss Quentina! Unicorn! Can you stop laughing?! It was a complete accident! What’s so funny?” Kyfayar cried in vain.

“Enough! You two shut up! Quentina, laugh again and I’ll fire you! Unicorn, believe it or not, I’ll give you to the zoo!” Augusta roared.

But they both laughed wildly and rolled to the other end of the grass, too far away to hear Augusta’s threat.


“If you roll that far, don’t come back!”


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Augusta 1st trial🤣🤣🤣

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So it’s not only me, even they find animal on human ears funny 😀

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As much as I want to touch those fluffy ears (+1 Sulo), I would also like to ask if they actually work or just move, and it’s the same whenever I see this type of situation.

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Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Kyfayar should have known better than to let Augusta experiment on him. Loved the inclusion of a modern medicine side effect list. Erectile dysfunction does seem to show up a lot doesn’t it? Haha!

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