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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


 “If you didn’t do your experiment properly, where have you been?” Qi Fen’s cold gaze peered out from under his glasses.

Luo ZhouZhou looked at his shoes and said, “I went to look for Hong Fan.”

“Just ask me if you don’t understand anything. Why did you go so far to bother Hong Fan?” Qi Fen frowned.

“Can I ask you anything I don’t understand?” Luo ZhouZhou asked in a small voice.

Qi Fen replied with a sullen face, “Am I that scary? You didn’t even ask me a question, but went to ask someone else.”

Luo ZhouZhou glanced up at him, then quickly lowered his head, “You’re… that scary…”

Qi Fen visibly choked, and asked, “So, did you solve your problem?”


“Say it if you have one, and I’ll give you the answer.” Qi Fen snorted through his nose.

“Really? Any question?”

Qi Fen stated with confidence, “Yes, any question will do.”

“A promise is a promise.”

“Count on it.” Qi Fen said impatiently.

Luo ZhouZhou wanted to put out his hand to seal the deal with a pinky swear, but when he saw his grim face, he silently withdrew his hand.

“Quickly ask and don’t stammer. I’d like to see what kind of difficult question you can come up with that even an excellent researcher like Hong Fan can’t answer,” Qi Fen said.

Luo ZhouZhou gave himself another pep talk, clenched his fist at his side and asked, “Director, those twenty-eight soldiers died because of the overdose of Benzedrine, so when the military department came to collect it, did they take twice the normal dose?”

Qi Fen was flabbergasted and looked at Luo ZhouZhou in disbelief. It took him a while before he reacted, but then he loudly roared, “Luo ZhouZhou, you want to die, don’t you?”

“So did they or didn’t they? Did they take twice as many doses?” Luo ZhouZhou shouted back, cowering, but still insisted on asking the question.

Qi Fen rubbed his forehead and spun around twice, taking a deep breath. Just when Luo ZhouZhou thought he was about to start yelling again, he asked in a low voice, “Is this what you were asking Hong Fan about?”

Luo ZhouZhou nodded, “This is what I asked.”

“Have you asked anyone else besides me and Hong Fan?” Qi Fen looked at him with stern eyes.

“No, I don’t know the others well enough to ask them.”

Qi Fen was relieved, and then said through gritted teeth, “We know each other well, so you just come and ask whatever questions you have, do you?”

“Yes, you and Hong Fan are not bad people,” Luo ZhouZhou whispered, and looked at him hesitantly, “You’re not a bad guy, right?”

After a few seconds of silence, Qi Fen pointed to the door and said, “Get out.”

“You said you will answer whatever question I have, and the multiple people who died—”

“Get out!” Qi Fen shouted, interrupting him.

Luo ZhouZhou pursed his lips, and the corners of his mouth fell down. He didn’t know where he got the courage to lift his head and lock eyes with Qi Fen.

“Why are you looking at me? Still not out?” Qi Fen lowered the volume and said coldly.

Luo ZhouZhou’s chest rose and fell for a while, then he suddenly turned around, and walked out with heavy footsteps. He slammed the door so hard the window shook.

As the door closed, Qi Fen’s spirit was instantly drained.

His shoulders slumped, and he stood there with his hands hanging down, stupefied.


The door was flung open again.

Luo ZhouZhou stood in the doorway and shouted, “I’m just a janitor, so don’t ever think of me delivering documents for you again. Go run around yourself!”

Then he slammed the door again.

Quiet returned to the house. Qi Fen looked at the door, shook his head, and let out a long sigh.

As night fell, Bayard was brightly lit. Somewhere on the top floor of an entertainment center, several people were sitting quietly.

A short, chubby, middle-aged man was leaning back on a couch, with a young male Omega nestled at his side. The man sitting across from him was eagerly saying, “Staff Officer Zhu, when will you send me my shipment?”

Staff Officer Zhu, the stout middle-aged man, raised his eyelids and said, “What’s the hurry? The minister is checking supplies these days, but as soon as this turbulent period passes, I will naturally have a way to send the goods to you.”

The man rubbed his hands in delight and repeatedly said, “I knew that Staff Officer Zhu is capable of getting anything.”

Then he tried again, “Then… can you show me a sample first?”

Staff Officer Zhu coldly asked, “Li Zhu, do you still suspect that I will send you fake goods?”

Li Zhu waved his hand and repeatedly assured, “I definitely believe you. It’s just that I’ve heard about the power of the T45, but I’ve never seen it before, so I want to witness it with my own eyes.”

Staff Officer Zhu gestured with his hand, and the Omega snuggling at his side quickly got up and sat upright. He reached into his bosom, pulled out a small black cloth bag and threw it on the table, saying, “Look, this is the T45 bullet.”

Li Zhu picked up the pouch and shook it upside down, and a yellow bullet rolled around on the acrylic table. 

Staff Officer Zhu proudly stated, “I got this batch of goods from a military factory worker. There are no markings on the cartridge, and the material is not exclusively used by the military, so it’s untraceable.”

Li Zhu took the bullet, looked at it, and suddenly laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Staff Officer Zhu asked in confusion.

Seeing that Li Zhu didn’t answer, he sensed something was wrong, and suddenly jumped up, crossing the table to grab the bullet in his hand. Li Zhu quickly got up and took two steps back, while Staff Officer Zhu was reaching into his pocket to pull out his gun when the door was suddenly burst open and two men in military uniforms walked in.

Li Zhu took a few steps forward, handed over the bullet to one of them, and said, “General Chu, I have completed my mission.”

Chu Feng took the bullet, weighed it in his hand, and said, “Good job, go ahead, ask Jenny for a bonus, and tell her that General Chu said to deduct it from Sheriff Chen’s salary.”

“Yes, sir.” Li Chu happily left the room.

“Zhu Lin, long time no see.” Chu Feng put the bullet in his pants pocket, took off the military cap on his head, went to sit down on the couch next to Zhu Lin, and said, “Don’t stand there, sit down, let’s talk.”

Zhu Lin had already calmed down from his initial panic, sizing up Chu Feng with suspicion, as he spoke through clenched teeth, “Chu Feng, when you were still in the Special Forces, I was your logistics officer. We’ve known each other for so long, but you actually set a trap for me.”

Chu Feng sneered and said, “Zhu Lin, if you were on the right track, how could you fall for the trap I’ve set?”

“What the hell do you want? I’m just a logistics officer, so you can shrug me off with just a word? Is it worth the General’s painstaking efforts?” As soon as Zhu Lin said this, it dawned on him, “Is this because of that incident in the past?”

Chu Feng indifferently answered, “Yes, that’s why I’m here. Like you said, we’ve known each other for so long, and it still takes a lot of effort to ask you about an old story.”

Zhu Lin looked at him in disbelief and said, “To be honest, it’s only because we’ve had some problems in the past that I said I don’t remember. But you went through all the trouble to find out about it, why exactly?”

Chu Feng didn’t reply, just stared at him.

Zhu Lin could see the coldness in the eyes, and he quickly said, “Okay, okay, I won’t ask any more questions, since you want to know so much, I’ll tell you everything. “

“The Special Forces’ items you asked about earlier were indeed collected by me, and I have also counted them many times and placed each person’s belongings in separate categories. Except for the military department’s items to be turned in, the other ordinary objects were to be collected by the families.” Zhu Lin said.

Chu Feng took out his wallet from his chest pocket, retrieved the badge he had found in Lin WenCai’s house, put it on the table, and gently pushed it in front of Zhu Lin.

“Have you seen it? Take a closer look.” Chu Feng looked at Zhu Lin and asked.

Zhu Lin only glanced at the badge and said in a muffled voice, “I’ve seen it before, it was among the belongings of that group of Special Forces soldiers.”

“Then recall, did you lose one in your hand? How was it lost?”

Zhu Lin screamed at once, “I won’t lose anything in my hand, those twenty-seven badges were all in the box. “

Chu Feng went to retrieve the badge and asked, “Twenty-seven?”

Chen SiHan stood up straight on the sidelines as well.

“Yes, twenty-seven. I picked them out from the personal items, and they were taken away by the military just after I put them away.” Zhu Lin explained, “The one who came even asked me if I had counted them, but I was afraid that the number was wrong, so I said I hadn’t counted them yet. He said alright, no problem, he would just count them once himself and return to me if the number didn’t match.”

“Did he come to you later?”

“He didn’t.”

“And when he took the badge, did he show you proof?”


“Who was the order from?”

Chu Lin recalled and said, “It was General Luo Pei’s order.”

Chu Feng and Chen SiHan hurried out of the entertainment center building. The manager of the place nodded and followed them until they were escorted to the SUV parked outside.

“Chu Feng, what do you think is going on?” Chen SiHan sat in the passenger seat, puzzled, “The day we left the Special Forces, all the information in our badges was erased, and we only kept it as a souvenir. It’s impossible for the military to ignore the loss of such an important item, but it went unnoticed, even by us.”

“Yes,” Eventually, Chu Feng said, “And it appeared in a barman’s room.”

“Do you think the person who went to get the badge was really Luo Pei?”

Chu Feng sneered and said, “Don’t you know that Luo Pei has been cautious all his life, and no matter what he does, he will always leave a way out for himself? He would never use his own name if he could use the name of the military department, especially for such a trivial matter as getting a badge. It’s not his style.”

“Yes, trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous.” Chen SiHan nodded in agreement.

After a moment of silence, they both turned to look at each other, and Chu Feng slammed on the brakes.

“Since Zhu Lin was not held accountable afterwards, he also used Luo Pei’s name to prove that the person who took the badge knew in advance that one was missing, did…” Chen SiHan’s voice had two points of sharpness in it.

Chu Feng didn’t say anything, just looked ahead, and after a moment, restarted the vehicle.

“Who was responsible for placing the remains after they were martyred in the line of duty at that time?” Chen SiHan asked.

Chu Feng looked in the rearview mirror to change lanes and said, “Tomorrow is the weekend, I’ll check it out then.”

“Okay, except I can’t go with you tomorrow, I have business to take care of,” Chen SiHan said. After a while, he hesitantly asked, “What about Zhu Lin’s sale of military supplies, should we just forget about it?”

Chu Feng indifferently said, “I’ll naturally take care of him after a while.”

The car drove into the downtown area, surrounded by loud music and people’s voices. The two men stopped talking about the matter and drove quietly.

Chen SiHan touched the cushion next to the seat, which was soft, and hugged it in his arms.

Chu Feng’s eyes caught sight of the cushion in his arms, braked and pulled over to the side of the road, exclaiming, “Put it down, don’t hug it.”

When Chen SiHan saw him like this, he threw the cushion onto the back seat and asked sharply, “What’s wrong? What happened to the cushion?”

Chu Feng breathed a sigh of relief, restarted the car and said, “That’s Zhou Zhou’s.”

“…So it’s Zhou Zhou’s, but what’s wrong with that cushion?” Chen SiHan asked nervously. 

Chu Feng said, “The cushion is fine, it’s Zhou Zhou who doesn’t allow others to touch it.”

Seeing Chen SiHan’s blank face, Chu Feng added, “Especially you, he thinks you don’t smell good and will get it on the cushion.”

Chen SiHan, “……” 


“Young Master, it’s time to get up. The General and Madam are waiting for you to have breakfast.”

Luo ZhouZhou was awakened by Butler Li’s knock on the door, rubbing his eyes wanly, he crawled out from under the bed with Precious in his arms, who was wearing a silver mask.

“I know, I’ll go down after I wash up.”

After feeding the Big Crow and Little Crow and putting them out on the balcony to bask in the sun, Luo ZhouZhou washed up and began to worry about what to wear today.

He knew Chu Feng had the day off and was ready to go to him after breakfast. Rummaging through his closet, he finally put on a light blue shirt with a dark blue undershirt. The last time he wore that gray and white undershirt, Chu Feng had complimented him on his good looks.

After packing up and going downstairs to eat, he reached the stairs only to be greeted by a series of yells from Luo Pei, “Luo ZhouZhou, please look at your terminal and tell me what month and day today is.”

“November twenty-third.” Luo ZhouZhou replied, looking at his wrist.

“It will soon be winter, the house has a fireplace, and you’re still wearing only a shirt?”

Luo ZhouZhou explained, “I’m also wearing an undershirt, so I’ll put on a coat when I go out.”

Luo Pei pointed his finger upstairs and said, “Go and change into a sweater and coat right now. Now!”

Luo ZhouZhou ran upstairs in a huff, deliberately thumping on the stairs.

“What’s wrong with him?” Linda asked, confused, “Doesn’t he feel the cold?”

Luo Pei sat down at the table and said, “When I picked you up to go out, didn’t you wear a skirt and stockings in winter too? You were shivering.”

Linda gave him a blank look and retorted, “That’s because you told me I had nice legs.”

Luo Pei sighed and quietly added, “I’m sure someone else complimented him on how good he looked in his shirt and undershirt.”

When Luo ZhouZhou came down this time, he put on a beige coat, which came down to his thighs and was buttoned with every button. Inside was a turtleneck sweater of the same color, wrapped tightly around his neck so that Luo Pei couldn’t find any fault with it.

As he grabbed a slice of bread and hurried out the door, Luo Pei sternly asked, “Where are you going so early in the morning?”

“I’m going to look for Lin Fan,” Luo ZhouZhou said with a bit of a guilty conscience.

“Don’t go until you’ve finished your breakfast.”

Luo ZhouZhou had to sit down at the table and take the milk from Butler Li.

“Where did you get this vase?” Luo Pei suddenly asked.

“My sister-in-law found the vase for me.” Linda said happily, “She heard that I like the works of Master Witch, and she asked someone to find it for me.”

Luo ZhouZhou lifted his eyes and followed Luo Pei’s gaze. There was a vase on the coffee table that he had never seen before. The vase had natural colors on it, and when he looked at it from a different angle, it flowed like water.

“I’m not sure about your sister-in-law. Give the vase back to her,” Luo Pei said with a frown.

“It’s just a vase, isn’t it? What’s there to worry about.” Linda said, a little dissatisfied, “Besides, I have paid her, I didn’t take it for nothing.”

“She’s never nice to anyone for no reason, and now that she’s throwing herself at you to find a vase, who knows what she’ll ask for later?” Luo Pei said.

Linda begged, “If she makes excessive demands, just give her back the vase.” When she saw Luo Pei wanted to say more, she continued, “I know, but if you have to use your position to facilitate her, I will refuse.”

Luo Pei was relieved and said, “As long as you know.”

Linda saw this as a promise to leave the vase behind, and she was all happy.

Luo ZhouZhou finished his breakfast and received the black backpack from Butler Li, “General, Madam, I’m going out. Bye bye.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he rushed to the villa gate.

Linda turned her head and said to Luo Pei, “It’s Lin Fan again, they’re going to quarrel when they’re together, and they’re still inseparable.”

Luo Pei took the newspaper from the side, put on his glasses and said, “Whenever I used to ask you out, didn’t you tell your mother that you were going to see your cousin?”

Linda gradually came to her senses and asked with both joy and sadness, “You mean, Zhou Zhou has found his Alpha?”

Luo Pei ZhouZhou coldly snorted and asked, “Do you know who that Alpha is?”

“Who is it?”

“Chu Feng.”

Linda was lost in thought for a while, then turned around and said, “Actually, I think Chu Feng is quite good, he is a young general, just a bit low-born. But there is an advantage of being low-born. He will definitely treat Zhou Zhou well.”

Luo Pei threw the newspaper on the table and said, “You are so short-sighted, focusing only on his low background.”

“Besides his background, what do you have against Chu Feng? I think he’s fine.” Linda was a little aggrieved.

Luo Pei sighed and said, “Don’t worry about it and handle your vase instead.”

After saying that, he shook his head and went upstairs.


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Am I the only one doubting he transmigrated? I suspect he has trauma and being a Vampire is a coping mechanism at least it seems like it to me. Really like the story and our Zhou Zhou

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