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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


Luo ZhouZhou hurriedly left the Starlight Villa area and took a bus to the border crossing. Since it was the weekend, and it was only after seven o’clock, the bus was empty and there were few people on it. He looked out of the window excitedly, imagining that when he got to Chu Feng’s building, he would send a message just like him, saying, ‘Open the window and look outside’.

Chu Feng would be very surprised the moment he saw him.

Picturing the look of amazement on his face, Luo ZhouZhou couldn’t help but laugh out loud, causing the bus driver in front of him to look at him several times in the rearview mirror.

After leaving the checkpoint and changing buses, by the time he arrived at Chu Feng’s neighborhood, it was eight o’clock.

Luo ZhouZhou was standing downstairs as he sent him a message.

【Luo ZhouZhou】: Chu Feng, open the window and look outside.

A reply came quickly.

【ID54367】: Yeah, okay.

Luo ZhouZhou looked up at the window on top and waited for Chu Feng to poke his head out, but he didn’t see anyone for a while, only another message came.

【ID54367】: I can see Zhou Zhou.

Luo ZhouZhou looked up again and saw that the windows on the 13th floor were closed tightly and weren’t open.

【Luo ZhouZhou】: How come I don’t see you?

【ID54367】: Zhou Zhou’s beige coat makes him look like a chubby, cute little bunny, carrying a black backpack.

Luo ZhouZhou put his hand over his eyes in amazement and peered into the window above.

“Don’t stare up there, I’m right behind you.” Chu Feng’s voice suddenly sounded not far behind Luo ZhouZhou.

Luo ZhouZhou turned around sharply, and saw him standing under a tree, watching him with a smile on his face. He was wearing a black trench coat, leaning against a tree trunk in a relaxed manner. Luo ZhouZhou was wondering how long he had been watching him. 

“Why are you here?” Although Luo ZhouZhou was delighted, he was also annoyed that Chu Feng was not surprised. 

Chu Feng looked at him with a smile in his eyes and said, “I also just noticed you. I was so surprised to see you, that I almost dropped my breakfast on the floor.”

Only then did Luo ZhouZhou notice that he was still holding two paper bags in his hands.

“Is that so? Were you surprised?” He asked cheerfully.

Chu Feng nodded, “I was more than surprised, so surprised and delighted even, that I almost don’t dare to admit it.” Chu Feng walked towards the building. “Come on, let’s go upstairs and have breakfast first. I’m sure you didn’t have a good breakfast this morning. I bought some small dumplings, I’m sure you’ll like their taste.” 

Luo ZhouZhou followed him and happily said, “I like small dumplings.”

When he got to the elevator, he came back to his senses and asked, “Did you know I was coming? You also bought these small dumplings in advance.”

Chu Feng said, “I didn’t know.”

“You were just pretending to be surprised to make me happy.” Luo ZhouZhou stretched out his finger and poked at the small Chinese dumplings one by one through the paper bag.

“A guess,” Chu Feng said helplessly.

“A guess?”

“It’s the weekend, and according to your usual practice, you would have asked me last night if I wanted to pick you up. But you didn’t say anything, so I guessed you would come directly to me.” 

Luo ZhouZhou pouted and said, “I was going to surprise you.”

“I was very surprised indeed. When I saw you downstairs, my heart was about to jump out of my chest.” Chu Feng reassured him in a soft voice.

Luo ZhouZhou’s lips curled up, “I see.”

“Then can you stop poking at it? The skin of this one on the side is torn.” Chu Feng looked down at the inside of the paper bag.

Luo ZhouZhou let out an ‘ah’, withdrew his hand, and said, “I’ll eat the one with the broken skin later.”

When they got into the house, Chu Feng helped him take off his coat and hang it on the coat rack, and they sat down at the dining table. Luo ZhouZhou kept staring at him as he chewed on a small dumpling.

“What’s wrong? Eat well and stop looking at me.” Chu Feng pushed the glass of milk in front of him. 

Luo ZhouZhou swallowed a mouthful of dumpling and whispered, “I asked General Luo about the matter you talked about.”

Chu Feng instantly understood what he was referring to and asked, “You asked Luo Pei?”

“He gave me his word that he didn’t do it, and said he’d naturally tell you about it when he could.” Luo ZhouZhou stared at the dumplings in front of him, his voice getting quieter and quieter. After he finished speaking, he waited for a while, but when Chu Feng made no sound, he asked, “Do you believe him?”

Chu Feng put down the glass of milk and asked rhetorically, “What about you? Do you believe him?”

Luo ZhouZhou hesitated and said, “I believe he was not lying.”

Chu Feng nodded his head and replied, “Yes, he didn’t lie to you.”

Luo ZhouZhou suddenly looked up at him.

“I never thought that General Luo ordered that incident, he didn’t have the guts, nor did he have the need.” Chu Feng explained calmly. “It’s just that he has withheld some important clues from me.”

“Then I’ll ask him again,” Luo ZhouZhou whispered.

“There’s no need for you to ask, I know the reason why General Luo kept his mouth shut.” Chu Feng put the dumpling with the broken skin into his bowl and continued, “Besides being cautious and careful, it’s more for your sake, someone should be threatening him with your safety.”

“My safety?”

Chu Feng put down his chopsticks and solemnly said, “Zhou Zhou, unlike your father, the more dangerous it is for your safety, the more I have to find and eradicate the root cause.”

After finishing their meal, they went downstairs. Chu Feng drove off-road and passed through the checkpoint to Aleisha.

Only after seeing fewer and fewer houses on both sides and lush forests everywhere, did Luo ZhouZhou asked curiously, “Where are we going?”

“At last, you’re going to ask about the destination,” Chu Feng said helplessly, “What if you got in a bad guy’s car?

“But you’re not a bad guy, so why should I ask so many questions?” Luo ZhouZhou looked at him innocently.

Chu Feng laughed and said, “We’re going to a sanatorium.”

“Is it to visit someone?”

“Sort of.” Chu Feng then explained, “When Wang Jun and the others died, the army was in charge of the mortuary and coffins. The officer in charge can no longer be found, but a small officer on the outskirts is still there. Although it’s only a junior officer, he might know something. He’s been in poor health for the past two years, so he has been discharged from the army, and is in a sanatorium in Aleisha. I’m going to see him to find out what was going on.”

“Will you ask for any clues?” Luo ZhouZhou asked with great interest.

“There should be nothing to ask…” Chu Feng smiled faintly and said, “Those who could be asked are no longer around and those who are still there will keep their mouths shut.”

The sanatorium was on the edge of Aleisha, on a large and beautifully built plot of land. After Chu Feng drove in the gate, he parked at the edge of the clearing and took Luo ZhouZhou through the garden with the fountain into the largest building.

According to the diagram in the lobby, they entered the elevator on the side of the building, went up to the fourth floor, and walked into the corridor. It was quiet with no doctors in sight and they didn’t even meet any recuperating patients. Following the door sign along the way, the two found the doctor’s office.

“Is anyone there?” Chu Feng knocked on the open door.

When there was no response, Luo ZhouZhou poked his head in, looked around, and stated, “No one.”

“Then wait here for a while,” Chu Feng said, and walked in.

The office was quiet, the window was partially open, and the wind swept up the doctor’s prescriptions on the desk, rustling the papers slightly.

“When the doctor arrives, ask for the junior officer’s room.” Chu Feng told Luo ZhouZhou to sit down on the bench, and picked up the doctor’s notes on the desk to read it. He hadn’t finished the notes, and he was writing about today’s medication, when the words broke off, and the last stroke was deep and long, and cut through the thin sheet of paper.

Chu Feng looked at the long, dragging stroke and frowned.

At that moment, the sound of wheels rolling came from the corridor outside the door, rumbling harshly as it was coming closer.

Chu Feng put down the medical note, walked to the door, and looked towards the sound. Luo ZhouZhou also stood up and joined him at the door to peek together.

He saw two doctors in white coats and masks, pushing a hospital bed over. The person was lying on his back, covered so tightly that his exposed head was blocked by the doctor beside him, so he couldn’t see anything.

They pushed the bed in silence past the doctor’s office, then stopped at the elevator and pressed the button to open the door.

Chu Feng looked at them both and suddenly asked, “Doctor, if I may ask, where did the rest of the medical staff go?” 

One of them didn’t reply, but the other one said, “They’re all doing rounds in the ward and will be done later.”

The elevator stopped on the fourth floor, the door quickly opened, and the two of them pushed the hospital bed inside. Chu Feng’s eyes slid down the man’s lab coat to the leather boots he was wearing. The boots looked sturdy, with deep anti-slip grooves in the soles, similar to the style of the standard boots used by the army.

The moment the bed was just pushed in, he suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

Just as he cried out, the doctor behind him stepped forward and suddenly reached into his pocket.

When Chu Feng saw this action, he suddenly pulled Luo ZhouZhou into his arms and took two swift steps backwards.

Bang!” A loud gunshot rang out, and there was a bullet hole in the door frame where they had just been standing.

At the same time a yellow, metal shell casing bounced and rolled down the hallway towards Luo ZhouZhou.

“Don’t you dare move.” By the time he spoke, Chu Feng already had a gun in his hand. He side-stepped in the doorway, only his hand outstretched, and fired a blind shot, then quickly dashed out of the room.

The man inside the elevator had already pressed the close button, and the doors were slowly closing. The one who shot earlier was holding his gun against the wall.

As soon as he dodged Chu Feng’s shot, he saw a figure rushing toward him and was about to pull the trigger. In that instant, Chu Feng had already surprised him with a sideways kick. The gun in his hand was kicked away and dropped far on the floor.

Luo ZhouZhou, who was standing in the doorway, saw a gun spinning and sliding down the hallway in front of him, so he crouched down against the door, carefully extended his foot, and hooked the gun in bit by bit.

Chu Feng saw the elevator door closing, took off the fire extinguisher hanging on the wall next to him, and threw it at the floor in front of him. The fire extinguisher rolled forward so fast that it got stuck between the elevator doors, which were blocked and then slowly opened.

The man inside kicked away the fire extinguisher and hurriedly pressed the close button, but Chu Feng had already reached the elevator and yanked him out from there. Just then, the man in the corridor lunged at him again, and Chu Feng pushed the man he was holding forward, causing them to crash into each other.

While they were stumbling backwards, he pulled out the handcuffs from behind his waist.

Chu Feng was about to move forward when he heard a series of running footsteps from the emergency corridor sounded next to him. The footsteps were fast and chaotic, and it sounded like there were at least six or seven people.

Not good.

This thought flashed through his mind.

As soon as he jumped forward, he heard a gunshot, and a volley of bullets hit the spot where he had been standing through the wooden door of the emergency corridor. Chu Feng flew up from the ground and shot the man in the hallway who had just stood still and was aiming at him.

The man’s body shuddered, and dropped, sliding against the wall, leaving a line of blood. The other man, who was unarmed, immediately put his hands up against the wall.

Chu Feng reached into the elevator, pressed Floor 1, and shouted, “Zhou Zhou, come out.”

Luo ZhouZhou, still glued to the door, heard Chu Feng’s command and immediately ran out of the office.

“Go down the emergency corridor. Run!” Chu Feng turned around and pointed his gun at the emergency corridor behind him. There were such hallways in front of and in the back of the building, so Luo ZhouZhou didn’t ask anything and just bolted towards the one in front.

Running past the open wards, he found several doctors and nurses in one place sitting on the floor with their hands and feet tied together and their mouths taped. As they noticed Luo ZhouZhou pass by, they let out a whimper.

“Don’t worry, they don’t care about you,” Luo ZhouZhou shouted at them, and like a gust of wind, he continued to run forward.

The elevator doors closed with a bang, carrying the hospital bed to the first floor. At the same time, the half-broken door of the emergency corridor was kicked open, and a figure came through.

Chu Feng decisively fired, and after a crack, the man fell down with a grunt, and the people following him stopped and retreated behind the door, not daring to rush again. Chu Feng took this opportunity to look back and saw that Luo ZhouZhou had run to the front door of the emergency corridor and was standing at the door waiting for him. So he fired two more shots at the front, turned around, and ran away.

“Hurry up, hurry up.” Luo ZhouZhou urged him anxiously.

The person behind the door panel heard Chu Feng’s footsteps running and peered out from the emergency corridor he was hiding in.

Crash! The window at the end of the corridor, followed by a crashing sound, shattered on the floor.

Even though the glass window was still some distance away from the man, it scared him so much that he quickly shrank away from it. Luo ZhouZhou held the gun he picked up in both hands, pointing it straight in that direction, with the muzzle still smoldering.

“Beautiful.” Chu Feng complimented loudly as he ran.

Luo ZhouZhou retorted, “A little off, missed his head.” 

Chu Feng paused and remarked, “Already very nice.” He quickly rushed into the emergency corridor, grabbed Luo ZhouZhou and ran down the stairs, saying, “When we get to the ground floor, you should run outside and hide in the car.”

“What about you?” Luo ZhouZhou asked. 

“The man in the hospital bed may be the person I’m looking for. He was taken to the first floor by the elevator and I want to push him out.” Chu Feng explained.

The sound of footsteps was heard and Luo ZhouZhou thought those people had already caught up to them.

“Do you know how to drive?” Chu Feng asked. 

Luo ZhouZhou replied, “I don’t, but I can try now!”

“…Don’t bother, starting next week, I’ll teach you.”


Luo ZhouZhou quickly arrived at the ground floor lobby and followed Chu Feng’s instructions, and left the emergency corridor and ran towards the main hall. But when he got out of the front door, instead of hiding in the car, he hid beside the wall next to the glass door, and with half his head sticking out, he held his gun in both hands, pointing it at the exit of the other emergency corridor.

The elevator door was wide open, the hospital bed was still parked inside, so Chu Feng rushed in and pushed the bed out. The footsteps were getting louder and louder, and the pursuers had reached the ground floor and were running out of the corridor.

As Chu Feng pushed the bed, he turned and fired in that direction, and Luo ZhouZhou also rushed in and pulled the trigger.

The two men who charged to the front had blood blossom on their chests and instantly collapsed.

“I hit him.” Luo ZhouZhou called out to Chu Feng.

“Good shot!” Chu Feng yelled back, while pushing a hospital bed and shooting.

“What’s happening? What’s going on here?” Several doctors in white coats, running from the far side of the garden shouted.

Luo ZhouZhou yelled at them, “Don’t come near, there are bad guys inside!”

The doctors were captivated by him, but when they saw the gun in his hand, they all stopped and crouched with their heads in their hands.

Chu Feng concentrated on those men, firing to keep them at bay while pushing his back against the bed, and soon exited through the front door.

“Zhou Zhou, go.” He turned and gave a hard shove, and the hospital bed flew to the parking side of the area. Luo ZhouZhou was being dragged along by his hand as the two of them chased after the bed, and when they got close, they gave it another push to keep the bed rolling forward.

Soon they arrived at the car and Chu Feng ordered, “Get in.”

Luo ZhouZhou quickly opened the car door, got into the passenger side, rolled the window down halfway, and mounted the gun on it. Chu Feng, on the other hand, pulled the hospital bed to the back of the car, opened the trunk door, and threw the sheet from the bed, along with the person lying on it, into the trunk of the car.

Bang!” Luo ZhouZhou shot at the people who came at him.

The bullet landed at the feet of the man in front, splattering the rocks on the ground.

A few of the people running paused in their steps, quickly dropped to the ground and rolled behind the flower bed.

Luo ZhouZhou made a regretful sound and said with resentment, “I almost killed him, I was aiming at his head.”

Chu Feng closed the trunk with a thud, and then got into the driver’s seat and quickly started the car.

“Are you okay?” He asked loudly.

Luo ZhouZhou was still aiming with a half-smile, firing a shot at the flowerbeds from time to time, and calmly replied, “I’m fine.”

Chu Feng turned the car around and whistled away from the sanatorium gate, and several people behind the flowerbeds climbed up and ran to a few cars parked not far away.

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