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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


It was about to work, Parasite was snatching Shen Si’s body and reversing time to bring himself back to life, no problem! Even the gods were helping him, to have Shen Si lose consciousness at this time! Look! He was indeed destined to live forever!

Green vines soared through the air as Parasite opened his non-existent mouth, and he saw the future, the future where he would be the strongest and have everything!

When it reached the halfway point of the stairs, Bai JunYi pulled Jian Nian violently. He got up with some pain.

“What are you doing?”

“Something’s wrong.” Bai JunYi looked around, his expression brought a little peculiar, “Jian Nian, calm down, you should also feel it!”

Jian Nian was stunned, as he looked around. Indeed, in a moment just now the air around them seemed to have become heavier, as if it was holding its breath buried under water, even breathing was a little difficult. Jian Nian stood up from the ground, and he and Bai JunYi cautiously looked around.

This feeling… was danger.

Bai JunYi looked towards the back, where Bai JunYi and Jian Nian’s cognitive dummy looked at each other, then the two of them slowly left this underground passage. Cognitive dummies were very fragile, if something happened it could easily go wrong.

“We can’t leave Shen Si lying there alone.” Jian Nian stood up and looked at Bai JunYi, his voice unusually serious, “Bai JunYi, you observe the surroundings.”

“No… wait?” Bai JunYi a tug on Jian Nian’s sleeve, “Xiao Si is standing up.”

“What?” Jian Nian hurriedly turned his head, at the bottom of the stairs, Shen Si slowly got up from the ground, he looked a little wobbly, blood slid down the corner of his forehead and fell to the ground. He stood in place, with a little pain in his eyes, sure enough, so high up, the fall must have hurt him.

“It’s now!” Parasite flew out.

As if he finally saw Parasite, Shen Si slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the figure of Parasite with a bit of bewilderment in his eyes, Jian Nian and Bai JunYi saw Shen Si stretch out his hand, the finger with blood was unusually conspicuous.


It was Shen Si who snapped his fingers.

The air around them was still heavy, the sense of threat still lingered, and in the moment when time was suspended, Jian Nian suddenly understood something.

It turned out that this sense of danger came from Shen Si.

The clock floated behind him, the world stopped, everything stopped. Shen Si looked at Parasite in the air, a little red crept into his eyes. He pressed down on his temples and breathed heavily, blood fell to the ground in drops, but Shen Si didn’t care.

He was now very hot, very tired, very sore.

“Ah, it hurts, my head…” Shen Si fell to the ground softly, he sat on his knees and held his hand to his temple, his whole body was trembling from the pain.

Shen Si had only gotten sick a handful of times. He grew up in good health, even if it was a cold, he would quickly heal. This was the first time he had felt this kind of bone-chilling pain, as if his skull was split open, forced into a corner, and even he suspected that he would die of pain directly.

The moment Shen Si was in a trance of consciousness, time resumed and Jian Nian and Bai JunYi fell to the ground, but the scene in front of them almost froze them in place.

Shen Si, who was struggling because of the pain, and Parasite, who had not recovered from time and was still in time confinement.

“What’s going on, Shen Si?” Jian Nian wanted to go over, but was pulled by Bai JunYi. “Don’t pull me!”

“Calm down! There’s something wrong with Xiao Si.” Bai JunYi didn’t let go of him, “Don’t you see? The time around Xiao Si is not restored, I’m afraid that the moment you go over, you will be imprisoned in time again. What if something happens to Xiao Si at that time?”

Jian Nian looked at Bai JunYi, and after a moment he turned his head and stared nervously at Shen Si, “What’s wrong with him?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s ability evolution?” Bai JunYi frowned inexactly, “But, I don’t remember being like this when my ability evolved.”

“But, this sense of danger is brought by Shen Si, right?” Jian Nian stood up from the ground, “Shen Si, he brought a sense of danger that was even scarier than this playfield.”

Bai JunYi nodded, “That’s right, this is indeed coming from Shen Si.”

Making two S-Rank Survivors feel a sense of danger was a very rare thing, because to a certain extent, they were the strongest, an invincible existence. Bai JunYi even had the identity of a god, and even he could feel the danger. If someone said this an hour ago, they might have laughed out loud.

But now, it happened.

Jian Nian tried to go in the direction of Shen Si, but the further he went down, the sense of danger became preposterously strong. The alarm in his body exploded, reminding him to stay away from danger.

He couldn’t go further, or he would be imprisoned.

“By the way, did you see Xiao Si’s cognitive dummy? The one pulling Xiao Si just now was his cognitive dummy, right?” Bai JunYi suddenly spoke, “My attention was on Parasite, so I only saw it for a moment, but Xiao Si’s cognitive dummy pulled him and then pushed him down? Why?”

Jian Nian stood still and looked at Bai JunYi for a moment before he spoke, “Probably, I saw it.”

“Then what did he look like?”

“What did he look like?” Jian Nian recalled the previous scene and he frowned, “I don’t know how to describe it, but…”


Jian Nian didn’t continue to speak, although it was not very clear through the rain, that was indeed Shen Si’s cognitive dummy, and that cognitive dummy was very strange. He didn’t look like a good person, no matter his temperament or feeling, it was even less like Shen Si.

Tick. A crisp sound knocked Jian Nian back from his memories, and he looked to where the sound came from. At that instant, the clock behind Shen Si was running, only it was spinning fast, the hour hand turned round and round, and after about a dozen turns the hour hand finally stopped.

The green vine floating in the air fell to the ground, it had dried up to no green at all, like a dead grass soaked in water until it rotted.

Parasite’s time had been accelerated, and a few days were enough to kill him without roots.

“Shen Si!” Jian Nian shouted Shen Si’s name again.

As if hearing Jian Nian’s voice, Shen Si slowly raised his head, his bloodshot eyes confusedly locked with Jian Nian’s. The next second, the drained body collapsed, and Shen Si fell into a complete coma.

Jian Nian hurriedly ran down, picked Shen Si up from the ground, and touched a handful of blood.

“Pull yourself together, Shen Si!” Jian Nian shouted Shen Si’s name.

Bai JunYi stood behind Jian Nian, after a moment he looked around, the oppressive feeling hadn’t disappeared, it was like being watched by some fierce beast. Something was wrong, something was very wrong here.

Just then, Bai JunYi turned his head to look at Shen Si on the ground, a little black thing crawled up his body, before Bai JunYi opened his mouth, the black shadow directly yanked Shen Si and dragged him towards the ground. Jian Nian was shocked, he hurriedly pulled Shen Si, but the strength of the thing was so strong that Jian Nian couldn’t pull it at all.

“What’s going on?!”

“Jian Nian let go of Shen Si!” Bai JunYi pulled Jian Nian out, “Don’t be nervous, it’s okay, Shen Si will be fine.”

Watching the black shadow pull Shen Si into the mud, Jian Nian stood up and tugged Bai JunYi’s collar, “What the hell is going on?!”

“The sense of danger is gone.” Bai JunYi ignored Jian Nian, he just looked around, “It’s really gone, which means that the feeling just now was caused by Xiao Si, what the hell is going on? Isn’t Xiao Si an ordinary person?”

“You explain to me!”

“Jian Nian, have you ever heard of this rumor in the unlimited flow world?” Bai JunYi looked at Jian Nian, “Legend has it that playfields possess instincts, they tend to avoid harm and autonomously throw threatening Survivors out of the playfield.”

Jian Nian blinked, “You mean… Shen Si was ejected?”

“Yes, Shen Si was thrown out by the playfield because he was too threatening.” Bai JunYi hurriedly ran towards the top of the stairs, “That’s something we can go confirm now.”

Jian Nian looked at Bai JunYi’s back, after a moment he glanced at Parasite that had died on the ground, then followed Bai JunYi.

No matter what, he needed to make sure Shen Si was safe first.


Xia Leyu and the members of the Special Unit had been waiting for someone to come out of the playfield. Although they couldn’t get in, at least they could hear the news from inside the playfield.

Nervously walking around constantly, Xia Leyu simply had to worship God and beg Buddha.

“There is movement!” Wu Qiu suddenly stood up, and shouted to Xia Leyu in surprise, “Deputy Team Leader Xia, there are fluctuations in the playfield, it is likely that there are survivors coming out of it!”

“Is that so?” Xia Leyu rushed over, he looked at the lines that kept jumping on Wu Qiu’s machine with surprise on his face, “Great, finally there are survivors coming out.”

Just as the words fell, a gap opened in the sky, the gap was so dark that nothing could be seen clearly, and just as Xia Leyu and the others were wondering, a man fell through the gap, the man looked unmoving and didn’t even move a finger after falling to the ground.

“Who is it?” Xia Leyu hurriedly approached, and the moment he saw the person’s appearance Xia Leyu’s eyes instantly widened, “It’s Shen Si! Get the medical department! Hurry up!”

As far as Xia Leyu could see, he could spot wounds on Shen Si’s body, his fingers and forehead, even his bare wrists, which were full of abrasions and contusions, and looked like he had fallen from a very high place, or, a very high staircase?

“Someone else is out!” Wu Qiu shouted from the side.

A light flashed and Jian Nian and Bai JunYi appeared in reality. The moment he saw Shen Si Jian Nian rushed over and Bai JunYi stood still and breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like he was right in thinking that the playfield was sending Shen Si out.

“Mr. Jian and Mr. Bai.” Xia Leyu stood up, “You guys are out? What’s going on inside?”

Jian Nian didn’t even pay attention to him, he followed the medical department and Shen Si into the hospital, Xia Leyu scratched his hair and his face with bewilderment.

“Let me explain, and let him stay with Shen Si.” Bai JunYi came over, “Don’t worry, Team Leader Ning and Team Leader He have both seen their cognitive dummies, they haven’t come out yet because they are helping other members of the Special Unit. Don’t worry, neither of them have a problem with their abilities.”

Xia Leyu nodded, a moment later he shook his head again, “No, that’s not what I was thinking just now.”

“Uh? Then what is it?”

“I wanted to ask, why was Shen Si so badly injured? He’s even unconscious.” Xia Leyu spoke with some bewilderment, “Mr. Shen has always had bad luck, he has been in several playfields so far, but he has never been injured in a playfield, at most it was a superficial injury. Moreover, doesn’t he have the ability to control time? If there is no mistake with the Team Leader’s judgment, his ability to control time in the playfield should be very good.”

Bai JunYi was slightly stuck, and only after a moment did he speak, “It’s because of the cognitive dummy.”

“Is that so?” Xia Leyu thought for a moment, “Is Shen Si’s cognitive dummy very difficult to find? But thinking about it, Shen Si is a very cold person, his cognitive self should be even harder to handle, if it’s because he caused himself to be in such a mess, I do understand a bit.” Xia Leyu sighed, “It’s true that everyone’s biggest enemy is still themselves.” 

Luckily, he was able to muddle through.

Bai JunYi and Xia Leyu said hello and entered the hospital. The doctor was examining Shen Si, and Jian Nian was locked outside and not allowed to enter, so he could only sit on the bench at the entrance and wait.

“How is he?”

“The injury from the fall down the stairs is not serious, he’ll be fine, but he is in a lot of pain.”


“Mn, the kind you can’t stand even if you’re unconscious.” Jian Nian pointed to his forehead, “It should be a headache, and now the doctor is examining him.”

Bai JunYi sat next to Jian Nian, “Why does he have a headache? Is it a side effect of the ability? No, he used the ability to manipulate very easily before, there should not be a backlash, is it his cognitive dummy? He did that after his cognitive dummy appeared and pushed him down the stairs.”

“I don’t know.” Jian Nian closed his eyes in annoyance, “What the hell is going on? And what’s wrong with that cognitive dummy? Why did he push the main body down?”

For the cognitive dummy, the original being and they were the same person, they were themselves. Pushing themselves down the stairs? That didn’t make sense no matter how you thought about it.

“When you think about it this way, the only logical thing is that Xiao Si wanted to let himself fall down.” Bai JunYi looked at Jian Nian, “Jian Nian, you’ve spent a lot of time with Xiao Si, does he have any self-destructive tendencies?”

“Are you kidding?! Shen Si loves life very much.” Jian Nian looked at Bai JunYi magically, “Why do you have such a ridiculous idea?”

“…Is it ridiculous?”

“What else?” Jian Nian spoke not very happily, “If he had self-destructive tendencies, he wouldn’t have broken up with me.”

Bai JunYi, who didn’t quite understand, oddly understood. He closed his mouth and never discussed the issue in question again.

Shen Si didn’t have any problems, the doctor treated his fall and then moved him to the ward for observation. Jian Nian and Bai JunYi were with him, Xi Luo, who got the news, came back once and left again after making sure Shen Si’s life was not in danger. At this time, Xi Luo had infiltrated an organization and couldn’t contact them frequently.

Three days passed quickly, and all the surviving people in the playfield left from inside, Ning Yangze and He Xin also came out, and the Special Unit started the aftercare work.

The weather was perfect, the sun was shining on the window sill, Jian Nian was at the door of the ward to check with the doctor, just then Shen Si, on the hospital bed, slowly moved his fingers.

As if waking up after a good night’s sleep, Shen Si opened his eyes. He uncomfortably removed the oxygen mask from his mouth, then propped himself up and sat up from the bed. He looked around slightly bewildered, white walls, white ceiling, where was this?

The moment he got off the hospital bed and landed on the ground, Shen Si felt a stabbing pain in his leg, and then he remembered that he seemed to have fallen down the stairs. He had seen his own cognitive dummy, who had pushed himself down after saying a few words.

After that… 

Shen Si blinked his eyes, and looked ahead somewhat blankly.

“After that, what happened?”

Why can’t I remember anything?

Greeting the doctor, Jian Nian walked into the ward, and just as he walked in he froze for a moment, then barged right out, “Don’t go yet, doctor! Come back quickly! Shen Si is awake!”

Shen Si looked at Jian Nian who was shouting at the door, and after a moment he cocked his head.

Doctor? Was he really in the hospital?

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