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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Yan Qian got up from the ground, the sharp pain in his chest made his face grim, “I won’t let you go!”

Yan Qian didn’t choose to attack directly despite his vicious words, and a bit of jelly covered his body, which was the balanced result of his ability controlling his power. The half Slime could resist part of the impact, although the attack would also be cut in half but it gave him more mobility.

Looking at Yan Qian rush over, Shen Si extended his hand, and Qian Min, standing not far from him, widened her eyes. In Qian Min’s line of sight, Yan Qian’s movements were abruptly fixed in place.

What happened?

Qian Min’s hand subconsciously squeezed Cheng Xiangwen’s arm. Cheng Xiangwen let out a cry of surprise before she realized.

Unable to speak, she opened her mouth and pointed at Shen Si and the frozen Yan Qian. She was silent for a long time before she remembered that the man she was next to was blind. In this situation where she was unable to speak, plus with his inability to see, Cheng Xiangwen didn’t know what she was trying to do. Qian Min quickly dropped her hand, pretending that nothing had happened, while continuing to support Cheng Xiangwen.

But what about Shen Si?

“You are an ordinary person so you don’t know Shen Si’s name. In any Survivor organization, his name is a little more famous than you can imagine.” Cheng Xiangwen pulled his arm out of Qian Min’s hand, and then rubbed the spot where he had just been pinched, “Not a Survivor, nor an ordinary person, but a new survivor, someone who survived the playfield in reality, just like me. I’m not a Survivor, I’m not an ordinary person, I’m a new survivor.”

What? Qian Min blinked, staring at Cheng Xiangwen blankly, and then glanced at Shen Si.

Is that how it is? The survivors who had awakened their abilities in the current playfield were among the 1% announced by the Special Unit, but the survivors who had only awakened their abilities shouldn’t be known by many Survivor groups, right?

The tick she heard was the sound of a stopwatch moving forward, but unlike ordinary clocks, the stopwatch was rewinding.

As the clock turned back faster and faster, Qian Min’s eyes widened and she looked across at Yan Qian in horror, as if she had seen something incredible.

With the clock rewounding, Yan Qian’s entire body was walking backwards, as if rewinding a video, from less than a meter away from Shen Si all the way back to where he was smashed to the ground by Shen Si. The Slime layer on his body was seeping back into his skin, and Qian Min didn’t even dare to blink as she watched.

What the hell was this?

The clock stopped rewinding, stopping at a wonderful time, as she watched Yan Qian’s movements, Qian Min still remembered what Yan Qian did afterwards.

He would say: I won’t let you go.

Time started up again, and Yan Qian’s voice came through as Qian Min thought it would.

“I won’t let you go! What?! Ah!!!”

The moment before the Slime layer wrapped around his body, he was smashed hard, Yan Qian rolled twice on the ground, and his whole body was dizzy, he coughed and got up from the ground, his eyes were full of resentment.

“Is it a speed class ability? So you’re not an ordinary person,” Yan Qian took two steps backwards, “I can’t believe you were able to knock me out before I transformed, it looks like you’re really fast, or rather, more like a mutated spatial system, am I right? Little brother.”

Shen Si shrugged off his hand, as if he felt a bit of pain in his hand from that punch just now, but he didn’t open his mouth to answer Yan Qian’s speculation.

“Hmph, don’t think you can suppress me just because you have such an ability, I’ll let you off the hook for now.” Yan Qian wiped a handful of blood from the corner of his mouth, “Next time, you won’t be so lucky!”

After saying this, Yan Qian turned around and ran wildly, turning into a Slime the moment he met the wall and blending in directly, soon only Shen Si and the other two were left at the scene.

Qian Min sighed with relief as she helped Cheng Xiangwen sit down with a thankful expression on her face.

Although Yan Qian guessed Shen Si had a speed class ability, Qian Min was able to clearly see that this wasn’t the case, Shen Si’s movements weren’t fast, he just walked up to Yan Qian with a very normal speed, as if Yan Qian’s time had been rewound, then directly knocking him out.

This… how could this be a speed type ability?!

“What a pity.” Cheng Xiangwen sat on the ground and sighed, “I can’t believe I can’t see Shen Si when he’s obviously on a roll, this playfield must be targeting me on purpose!”

“There’s nothing to see.” Shen Si walked over.

Cheng Xiangwen was disheveled and patted his side, then tapped a stone. He resentfully withdrew his hand, then only after coughing did he reply, “Don’t you know, Mr. Shen? Whether in the Special Unit or Survivor organization, you continue to be counted as a legend.”

“A legend?”

“Of course.” Cheng Xiangwen leaned on the stone he had just tapped to stand up, “It’s common for a Survivor to rank a person by their abilities, as it is normal that powerful abilities will be remembered by more people. The scope of your abilities has been comparable to the current S-Rank Survivor, being called a legend is not too far-fetched.”

Shen Si looked at Cheng Xiangwen who almost had light in his eyes even though he couldn’t see and Qian Min who had a gossipy expression on her face, he subtly thought: This was definitely not a good name.

“Then we’d better go and find what was stolen first.” Shen Si reached out and grabbed Cheng Xiangwen’s wrist, guiding him in a direction, “The playfield will definitely have a solution, simply attacking someone to steal someone else’s stuff is not necessarily the optimal solution either.”

“That’s true.” Cheng Xiangwen behaved himself and was led by Shen Si, “Then let’s go look for places we can contact first, as the saying goes ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’, maybe I can find my sight in the windows!”

Qian Min’s corners of her mouth lifted. When she looked around, all she could find was a pile of rocks, not far from the endless river, and a variety of bridges above the river, but there were no windows. However, considering the fact that this person couldn’t even see his surroundings, it made sense that he thought that there were windows around.

“There are no windows here.” Shen Si’s voice answered him calmly.

“Then the river is fine.” Cheng Xiangwen didn’t care, “The saying goes that a river is the gathered tears of a mother, and tears are flowing out of the eyes.”

No… no such proverb exists!


This playfield was very large, but very empty, not at all like the last dummy playfield which had a lot of cover. Only rocks could serve as a cover, the rest of the place was in full view, causing mobility problems. Cheng Xiangwen felt very guilty that because of his presence, the entire team’s speed of progress was reduced.

But Shen Si and Qian Min didn’t give up on him, taking him along with them. It was great, although they encountered difficulties in the playfield, they met good people!

“We can’t just walk around like this, how about we discuss it?” Cheng Xiangwen decided to play to his strengths and show his ability to expand his mind, “Maybe we’ll be able to come up with some ideas, or at least get back what was stolen from us, without attacking others, of course.”

Shen Si turned his head to look at Cheng Xiangwen, nodding after a moment, “That’s good, there’s no point in continuing down the road, didn’t the Special Unit tell you anything before you came in?”

“Uh? Special Unit?” Cheng Xiangwen thought about it, “Just told me the playfield type, nothing else.”

“And didn’t give you any defensive weapons, or items?”

“No.” Cheng Xiangwen regrettably spread his hands, “The rules of this playfield are very clear, and it’s not advisable to exploit the loopholes on something so obvious. The Inspection Unit also doesn’t think much of it.” Cheng Xiangwen groped forward, until he felt a person before patting the right place on the person’s shoulder, “But don’t worry! Mr. Shen, I will definitely protect you.”

Shen Si looked at him in silence, and only after a moment did he sigh, “You tapped Qian Min, and you patted her on the arm.”

“Ugh? Is that so?” Cheng Xiangwen hurriedly withdrew his hand, “Wrong guess, sorry sorry sorry!”

Qian Min laughed a little to show that it was okay, then she wrote a line on the ground, [What’s up with that person who just attacked us? Is he also in an organization?]

“Yan Qian?” Shen Si spoke, “Mr. Cheng, is Yan Qian also in an organization?”

“He is now under Karma Fire Heaven, and he is a cadre-level person inside, so now you understand why I won’t let you touch that Tang Nan, the whole organization of Karma Fire Heaven is full of that type. Almost all the scum who are Survivors that can be counted are in it, I even suspect that Karma Fire Heaven is raising compulsions.”

[Then what are we going to do? Avoid the members of Karma Fire Heaven’s organization, and then go where to find what was stolen from us? I want to speak so much.]

“This area is just this big, it’s not like there’s a place to hide things.” Shen Si looked around, “Probably we’ll just have to find the thief, who has all the things that were stolen from us.”

“Do you guys think it’s possible that the thief is the one who fell?” Cheng Xiangwen raised his hand, like a child raising his hand to speak, “Everyone thought those people were going to die, so no one would care about them, but that’s why the thief would hide inside and then kill us while we’re off guard. That’s what they write in novels!”

Shen Si looked at him, and after a moment he nodded, “So we’re going back to check it out?”

“You believe it?” Cheng Xiangwen froze for a moment, “I just said it casually.”

“This is indeed a direction, what was stolen can’t be found, and it will have to go to the thief.” Shen Si said this, “Those Survivor organizations tend to act in groups, if there is a thief among them, they will certainly find him. So the thief will not hide among these people, but rather ordinary people without much connections may have a thief lurking beside them.”

Shen Si helped Cheng Xiangwen up, “The one you mentioned, it’s also very possible.”

Qian Min nodded, she gave a thumbs up towards Cheng Xiangwen and Shen Si, with a smile on her face.

Walking forward, almost out in the open, Cheng Xiangwen suddenly paused, “By the way, I have one more thing to ask Miss Qian.”

Qian Min looked at Cheng Xiangwen blankly, didn’t know what he wanted to ask.

“Is Miss Qian sick? Or is her physical condition a bit better than the average person’s?” Cheng Xiangwen reached out and pressed his ear. “After I lost my sight, my other senses became a little sensitive, especially my hearing, but Miss Qian’s breathing is really shallow, and I didn’t hear a very violent breathing sound even after running for a while just now. Because of my other heightened senses, I feel so suffocated now. Your breathing rate is too low.”


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Ah Cliffhanger! What does he mean by that?

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

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Mmm….haven’t had a reason to suspect Qian Min and I don’t want to. But constant heart rate after all they’ve been through sounds suspicious. Could be related to her cancer but I’m gonna bet on the fact that she has some kind of ability.

April 12, 2021 11:04 pm

She said before she was diagnosed with a cancer, so maybe it’s the reasone for shallow breathing… or is she the thief?! I don’t want to suspect her. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Thank you for the chapter. They are like kids fighting. “Their breathing bothers me!” Lol

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