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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei

Calgar stood silently in front of the VIP lounge window, looking out over the suburban plaza.

Occasionally a laser light slid past the window, causing him to close his eyes. It was just after noon, but since several of the presidential candidates were scheduled to give all-Alliance speeches here in a few hours, the plaza was already lit up, and the luminaries and sound engineers were doing final checks.

People, who had arrived earlier, were already sitting on the plaza, excitedly discussing and arguing with each other. The door swung open with two knocks, and Willson hurried in, “Your Excellency!”

Calgar frowned, “What’s all the fuss about?”

Willson stopped dead in the middle of the room and said in a low voice, “Your Excellency, the men sent have failed.”

Calgar didn’t say anything, but turned and looked at him, his eyes flat.

Willson, however, trembled in his heart, and hastened to lower his head.

For a long time, Calgar sneered and said, “Chu Feng was only a Special Forces soldier before, and couldn’t use Benzedrine. Either they were from a military academy with no formal training, or they were really a rabble.”

Willson hung his head, not saying a word.

Calgar glanced at him and asked, “What if something goes wrong in the upcoming all-Alliance speech?”

“I will tighten security checks to ensure that there will be no loose ends during the campaign.”

“It’s a pity that Wang Jun is no longer with us. He was the most suitable person that I carefully groomed and prepared to send to the border to take care of the Truth Church.”

Calgar’s face showed sadness, “Too careless, too careless, I usually told him not to move, and when the time came, go to the border, and then at this point, he’s gone.”

“Your Excellency, let me go.” Wilson raised his head, his eyes full of anger, “I’ll make him disappear forever.”

“None of the men you found will do.”

“I’m taking my own men with me this time,”

Calgar blandly said, “Nonsense, if you take the army with you, it will be a big news sensation.”

Willson stepped forward and whispered, “Kill first, then settle the charge.” He said, and then reverently returned to his original position.

Calgar narrowed his eyes and stared out of the window, and after a moment said, “Keep your hands and feet clean, and when you’re done, say nothing to the outside world; I will arrange it myself.”

“As you wish.” Willson jumped to his feet and shouted back.

There were three military vehicles on the highway, each filled with soldiers.

Willson sat on one of them, urging the driver in front of him, “Faster, faster.”

The driver pushed the gas pedal to the floor and the convoy sped along, passing other cars along the way. Soon reaching the point where the road split, the convoy got off the highway and turned onto the road to Port Sassu.

The roadside was not very smooth, and Willson leaned back in his seat to rest his eyes. As he was thinking, the car suddenly came to a stop.

“Why did it stop?” He opened his eyes and asked the soldier driving the car.

The soldier cowered a bit and said, “Chief Guard, the front… the front is blocked.”

Willson looked up and saw a tire-tying barricade several meters wide on the road in front of him, where several armed sergeants were standing. On the hill next to the barricade were several police officers, and the Bayard sheriff, Chen SiHan, who was smiling and laughing at him.

Willson pushed the door open with a sullen face and got out of the car.

The sergeant behind the barricade all stood at attention and saluted, his voice booming as he said, “Good day, Chief Guard.”

Chen SiHan also straightened his uniform, stood up and saluted, “Good day, Chief Guard Willson.”

“Second Lieutenant Lin, what are you doing here?” Willson ignored Chen SiHan and asked the officer behind the barricade.

Lin Yi puffed out his chest and replied in a loud voice, “Answering Chief Guard, our military and police are working together to intercept the serial killer of the Omega, so this road is closed to traffic today.”

Willson’s face was stunned, and he was about to say something, but then changed his words, “Then you will remove the first roadblock, I have a military obligation to pass through here.”

Second Lieutenant Lin revealed a difficult look and said, “Captain, no, we have orders that no matter what happens, the roadblock cannot be removed, nor can we let anyone go.”

“Whose orders?” Willson asked with a heavy face.

“Word from General Chu Feng.” Second Lieutenant Lin replied in a loud voice.

Willson realized what was happening, looked around at everyone’s faces, and sneered, “So it was General Chu’s order. Then I now order you to immediately remove the roadblocks and allow my convoy to pass.”

Second Lieutenant Lin leaned back on his feet, his expression neither humble nor overbearing, “Military orders are like mountains, my subordinates dare not disobey General Chu’s orders.”

“Yes, we’ve been investigating this case for a long time, and we just got a tip that an important suspect is going to pass by this road, we don’t dare to neglect our duties and neglect our work to let the murderer go.”

On the hillside, Chen SiHan unbuttoned the top button of his sheriff’s uniform and said lazily, “Guys, the grill is ready.”

“Guys, it’s ready, it’s ready, go taste it, gee, the taste of this boar’s leg—” A cop, his hands covered in oil, came running from behind the hill, and his voice dropped at the sight.”…That smells good.”

Willson’s face turned livid and he said through gritted teeth, “Is this your fear of neglecting your duties? Don’t dare to be lax?”

“He’s just kidding, he’s never been good in the head.” Chen SiHan slapped the police officer on the back of the head, “He was so happy to relieve himself after going to the mountainside, that he started talking crazy again.”

The police officer rubbed the oil on his hands on his body, saluted, and said in a loud voice, “I’ve never been good in the head, Chief Guard, please forgive me.”

Willson sneered and said, “I was headed to Port Sassu on orders from President Calgar, and you had the audacity to pretend to be crazy to stop me?”

“Orders from President Calgar?”

Second Lieutenant Lin and Chen SiHan looked at each other and all the others stood upright.

“I’d like to ask the Chief Guard to present President Calgar’s Clearance Letter.” Second Lieutenant Lin said righteously.

Willson smiled incredulously and clicked his fingers in the air, “The clearance document? You use a couple of fucking roadblocks and this is a checkpoint?”

Second Lieutenant Lin repeated, “Will Chief Guard please show President Calgar’s Clearance Letter and we will release him immediately.”

“There isn’t one.” The veins on Willson’s forehead jumped twice.

Second Lieutenant Lin regretted, “Then I’m sorry, we can’t let you through.”

“I’ll open the terminal and have the President speak to you personally.” Willson held back his anger and raised his hand to dial the terminal.

Second Lieutenant Lin said again in a loud voice, “Chief Guard, without a presidential warrant stamped by the military department, I’m sorry but my subordinates still can’t let you pass with just a terminal call.”

“Yes, yes, yes, military orders are like mountains.” Chen SiHan echoed from the hillside.

Willson slowly lowered his hand and closed his eyes, “I see, it looks like you guys are trying to keep me out of there.”

He raised his right hand and hooked a finger forward, the doors of the three military vehicles behind him opened and a dozen or so gun-toting soldiers jumped out of each vehicle, quickly lining up behind him and aiming forward.

“Chief Guard, you’re embarrassing us like this.” Second Lieutenant Lin took off the cap from his head and rubbed his scalp in embarrassment.

Willson was about to speak when he took a deep breath and shouted, “Assemble.”

In an instant, more than a hundred people appeared on both sides of the hill, both soldiers and police officers, all armed with guns aiming downwards.

Willson’s eyes widened in shock, and a soldier behind him leaned in close and quietly asked, “Chief Guard, do we really have to fight?”

Willson said with a stern face, “What’s the point in fighting? We don’t have as many people as they do, so do we really want bloodshed and a big story?”

“What then?” The soldier had the audacity to whisper the question.

Willson looked at the terminal on his hand and asked, “Is there another way to get to Port Sassu?”

“Yes, it’s a half hour less than here, but the roads are in bad shape.” The soldier replied.

Willson slowly looked up at him, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

The sergeant laughed, “That road is not good, passing vehicles don’t go there, and I didn’t know that this road was blocked… Then should we go around that road?”

“What ‘going around’? Half an hour, half an hour… they’d long have ran away by then.” Willson’s voice lowered, “Go back.”

Willson slowly put his gun back in his waist, pointed his finger at Lin Yi, looked at Chen SiHan, and said word for word, “I’ll remember you.”

As several military vehicles started up and sped away again, people on the hillside were shaking their arms and shouting, “Go slowly, Chief Guard.”

A black military Land Cruiser was bouncing along the rough mountain road.

“Zhou Zhou, bear with me, we’ll be on the highway in a little while.” Chu Feng tried to grip the steering wheel to keep himself from being jolted out of his seat.

Luo ZhouZhou’s voice was shaking from being jolted.


A big pothole in the road was not avoided, and Luo ZhouZhou was shocked and bounced up, hitting his head on the roof of the car.

Chu Feng hurriedly stepped on the brakes and reached out to touch his head in distress, “Does it hurt? Let me feel if it will swell.”

Luo ZhouZhou squinted, waited for the initial pain to pass, then shook his head and said, “It doesn’t hurt.”

Seeing Chu Feng peeking over his shoulder, he said, “Hurry up, hurry up, we’re in a hurry.”

“Okay, sit tight then.” Chu Feng’s foot released the brakes, and the cross-country continued to jolt forward.


Luo ZhouZhou’s head hit the roof of the car again with a muffled sound.

Chu Feng braked again, turned his head and said, “It hurts—”

“It doesn’t hurt at all.” Luo ZhouZhou grinned with two sharp teeth.

They looked at the roof of the car, where a circle had been caved in.

“Ah, I’ve deformed the car,” Luo ZhouZhou cried out in frustration. “I’d better change back.”

“Don’t change back, we’ll just fix the roof some other time.” Chu Feng quickly stopped him.

“Okay then.” Luo ZhouZhou gestured to the front, “Speed up!”

Chu Feng stepped on the gas pedal and shouted back, “Yes, sir.”

As dusk fell, a sea of people poured into the sub-county plaza, waiting for the live, coalition-wide speeches of the presidential candidates.

In front of the plaza was a circular metal platform, with a giant floating screen on the left. The speeches hadn’t begun yet, and the sponsors’ advertisements were playing on it. Around the plaza were soldiers with guns, one every ten meters, maintaining order.

A helicopter rumbled over the sunset sky, illuminated by laser lights on the ground. When the church bells rang seven times in the distance, the lights on the platform turned on. A few men in suits, humbled by each other and smiling, walked up to the platform.

The square burst into thunderous applause, cheers that startled the birds in the city gardens, and the balloons in the hands of children swayed into the sky.

The Vice President walked to the center of the podium and gave an amusing opening speech, “I’m so happy to finally be able to speak before the President.”

The plaza burst into laughter and applause, and Calgar, one of the candidates, smiled and clapped his hands lightly. At that moment, Willson, who was sweating profusely, rushed to the right front of the stage and looked anxiously at Calgar.

Calgar’s gaze swept over the crowd in the square and landed on Willson.

Willson saw the look he was casting and shook his head at him. The smile on Calgar’s face stiffened for only a second, then he turned his gaze away and continued to look ahead.

Only his right hand, which was hanging at his side, made an unobtrusive gesture.

Willson understood and quickly left the range of the round table, looking around warily as he set up the arrangement with the terminal.

“…So, let’s give the floor to His Excellency Calgar, who will be the first to give his speech.” The Vice President had finished his speech and stepped aside with applause.

Calgar straightened his suit, smiled, stepped forward and stood in front of the microphone, smiling his usual genial, genteel smile.

Chu Feng parked the car in the parking lot and took Luo ZhouZhou into a coffee shop across the street from the suburban plaza.

They sat at a table by the window, sipped coffee, and listened to Calgar’s speech.

“…The wheel of history is in your hands, and I swear here today that if I am able to win the presidency of the Alliance again, then I will do my best to lead you all to a better future…”

“Finally, we’re caught up.” Luo ZhouZhou kept stirring the silver spoon and lowered his voice a little excitedly and a little nervously, “Are we ready to rush through?”

Chu Feng replied, “If we rush there, there will definitely be a conflict. Thousands of people are in the square, and if it causes panic, the consequences will be unimaginable…”

“What’s the best way to approach that round table?” Luo ZhouZhou’s silver spoon stirred faster, making a clinking sound.

Chu Feng shook his hand and nodded to the people around him in apology, “I’m sorry, my little friend is a little too excited.”

“I understand. I’m excited too.” Someone smiled knowingly, “The presidential race, everyone in the coalition is quite excited.”

Luo ZhouZhou put down his silver spoon and whispered, “I have an idea.”

“What idea?” Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll turn into a vampire and fly up there, squeeze his neck, and make him answer to the whole league.” Luo ZhouZhou said seriously.

Chu Feng didn’t reply, but only took a sip from his coffee cup.

Luo ZhouZhou asked a little apprehensively, “Do you think I can’t?”

“No.” Chu Feng shook his head.

Seeing Luo ZhouZhou’s frustration, he reassured, “Don’t worry, I have a better idea.”

“A better way?”

“Yes, so you just sit here, drink your coffee in peace, and wait for the fun to begin.”

Luo ZhouZhou’s eyes lit up and he nodded his head busily.

Chu Feng added, “And don’t talk about becoming a vampire in the future, what did I tell you?”

“You are not allowed to show your vampire form easily, unless you are physically threatened, or if you want to see it.” Luo ZhouZhou mumbled a little aggrievedly.

“You seem reluctant?”

Luo ZhouZhou turned his head and said to him, the back of his head facing him, “No, I’m willing.”

Chu Feng put down his coffee cup and said, “If someone finds out, do you want to be arrested and sent to the institute?”

“Qi Fen’s or mine?”

“None of them, but a more secure institute.”

Luo ZhouZhou turned around and said, “I don’t think there is anything more secure than the one I have, which is still locked up in the underground trading floor.”

Chu Feng paused and asked, “Do you want to be followed and photographed when you go out? Everywhere we go, there would be a crowd of curious people behind us, all pointing and gesturing, and even Big Crow, Little Crow and Precious had to wear masks when they go out.”

Luo ZhouZhou was imagining the scene and he suddenly burst out laughing.

Chu Feng closed his eyes in frustration and simply said, “Anyway, just remember, you’re not allowed to change into a vampire.”

“I know, I know.”

The author has something to say: 

It’s almost finished, four chapters left.

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