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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

Lu RanKong slashed away the gelded insects that pounced in front of him one by one and shouted to Lan Yu, “Lunatic K, come with me to kill the king of the insects.”

Insect king? A giant cockroach?

Lan Yu’s heart twitched as he said, “There are many gelded insects, I must kill them all, you find others and you go.”

“No, the others will be overwhelmed.”

“If I leave now, they will be left alone and will also be overwhelmed.”

Lu RanKong said coldly, “Is your music needed to cheer them up?”

Lan Yu hurriedly looked on the virtual console and pressed the icon with the small horn printed on it, and the deafening rock music finally stopped.

“Don’t talk nonsense, come with me, you can spill your crazy there.” Lu RanKong scraped his long knife covered with green liquid twice on the insect carcass at his feet, and like a black whirlwind, rolled into the rolling gelded insect swarm.

“Hey, I said—” Lan Yu didn’t have time to finish his words, so he silently retracted his outstretched hand. He looked at 666’s back, and then looked at the soldiers who were slashing behind him, and took a deep breath.

“Ah—” 999 mecha let out a long roar and also rushed into the gelded insect group.

His footsteps were a little uneven and clicking, and the virtual screen showed gelded insects on all sides, clinging to the mecha. Lan Yu’s heart shuddered at the sight of the shiny black wings, the long bent legs, and the armor-bearing abdomen, and he could only run and rip them off while wielding his long knife.

“Can’t you fly?” He caught up with 666 in front of him and asked in a bit of desperation.

666 was now also piled up like a mountain of gelded insects, constantly grabbing the gelded insects on his body, cutting off their heads and throwing them out.

Hearing Lan Yu’s words, Lu RanKong yelled, “The insect king is mixed in the swarm! It’s not easy to find when flying, and there’s no telling how long it will take to fight! Don’t use up the mecha’s energy, don’t fly if you can.”

“Why is it hard to find?” Lan Yu grabbed a chopped on the shoulder and threw it out without looking.

The headless gelded insect was smashed into the pile of insects, and the swarm of insects all waved their forelimbs in anger.

Lu RanKong had some patience and explained, “The king of the insects and ordinary gelded insects are the same size, the only difference is that there are red spots on the abdomen, you just grab them and look at the abdomens.”

A cockroach with red spots seemed to be more disgusting than just one with a big head.

“How can we look at so many of them?” Lan Yu looked at the dense swarm of insects and his scalp exploded.

“Observe…” Lu RanKong kicked his feet, throwing out a long string of mud dots, “The king of the insect has a certain intelligence, we rushed in like this so it will certainly hide itself. We can only determine its location from the other gelded insect’s reaction.” Seeing Lan Yu not making a sound, he added, “Lin Zhu and Chen YuTan have received the signal. If they have not encountered the gelded insect swarm, they will arrive immediately.”

Lan Yu set aside the gelded insects that were blocking the panel and began to look for the distinctive gelded insect in the swarm. 

This one has somewhat longer leg hair, but no spots on its belly. Not it. Cut down.

That one stared me dead in the face with its weird shaggy head… Not it either… Then what are you looking at? Cut.

He was numb to the ear-piercing scratching sound of the mecha shell, and concentrated on picking up the insects in the swarm, and grabbed an unlucky gelded insect to cut the head.

He didn’t know how long it took, but when he turned around, Lu RanKong caught his attention not too far away.

The 666 mecha was constantly kicking legs, but also bent over to look at his crotch. The large mecha bending over and looking at his buttocks, looked very strange.

“What are you doing?” Lan Yu couldn’t help but ask as he stretched out his iron arm and started to cover his crotch.

Lu RanKong quickly withdrew his hand and straightened up, turned his back and continued to look for the bug king, pretending that nothing happened.

Since the two mecha were not facing each other, he forgot that the mecha had a 360-degree display, and after turning his back for a short while, the 666 mecha simply dropped to one knee and began looking at his crotch.

“What the hell are you doing?” Lan Yu looked at the mecha who made an indecent move on the display and couldn’t help but ask again.

Lu RanKong finally spoke, “I was caught here and it cracked. A gelded insect is picking at that spot with it’s mouth. This mecha is inflexible, and I can’t catch the insect.”

Lan Yu threw away the insect carcass in his hand and walked towards him, “Let me see…”

“What’s there to see…” Lu RanKong squirmed a little.

Lan Yu ignored him and walked directly to mecha.

666 was now full of gelded insects that Lan Yu could no longer see the metal surface below because of the mountain of bugs. He instantly got goosebumps, reached out and used the mecha’s arms to shake out sharply. After shaking off the covered gelded insect, he moved his face towards 666 and crouched down.

Lu RanKong: … 

Lan Yu saw from the display, facing the mecha full of scratches, in the thighs and body joints there was a fist-wide crack, and a gelded insect’s forelimbs attempted to reach in, and ended up stuck there.

Another gelded insect pounced at him from the side, so Lan Yu hammered straight out without looking. While the gelded insect was smashed out, he stretched out his iron arm to pull the gelded insect out from between the legs of 666.

In the distance, a group of soldiers from the third battalion cooperated in killing several gelded insects around them, standing and panting.

“Hey hey hey, look guys! What are Colonel K and Colonel Lu doing?”


“Just in the swarm, look look look.”

“Ah… Ah… Hahahaha…”

“Quickly, quickly, photograph it and film it.”

Lu RanKong looked down at the mecha head and small of his back, motionless.

“Spread your legs, what are you clenching so tightly for?” Lan Yu’s voice came out of the mecha, slightly distorted.

Lu RanKong did as he was told and spread his legs.

Lan Yu reached in and grabbed the gelded insect that was struggling like crazy and pulled it out. The gap was a little tight, but it did not come out even after he pulled twice, then he simply used force to yank it out.

Click, the broken leg from the gelded insect fell to the ground.

Lan Yu slowly lifted the broken limb, from between the mecha legs out to Lu RanKong see, “Look, broken.”

“Ah… Hahahaha…” A burst of laughter and applause, interspersed with whistling sounds, came from the distance.

The two looked over and found that several mecha had stopped and were facing this way. Lan Yu held up the severed limb and crouched on the ground, looking at the group of soldiers inexplicably, almost knocked down by the oncoming gelded insects.

Lu RanKong, however, took a quick step back and shouted angrily at the other side: “You’re all about to be caught and killed by insects, and you’re still fucking smiling and laughing. Don’t you have anything else in your head? Look at the 2nd Battalion, which one of them has stopped?”

The soldiers were scolded and hurriedly continued killing bugs.

Lan Yu finally came to his senses, and his blood rushed to his head. He was ashamed and annoyed, but fortunately he was now wrapped in a mecha, so no one could see his red face.

These damned, lewd and nasty Alphas!

Lu RanKong kicked the bug beside him and turned to him, “Go on, what are you still squatting for?”

Lan Yu looked at him with relentless anger and brought the half-limbed bug across his chest. His left iron arm held the other end, and both hands made a strong effort to bend it slowly, slowly.

Until the insect limb could no longer withstand the pressure, and broke with a snap.

“Look, broke it.” He said with malicious intent.

After the two mecha stared at each other for a few seconds, Lu RanKong squeezed two words out of his teeth, “You’re insane…”

The two stopped talking and searched hard for the king of the insect swarm, swinging their knives to kill the gelded insects that pounced on them one by one. Occasionally when they met, they would grab each other’s gelded insects, like two gorillas catching lice on each other.

The sun was slowly setting in the distance, like an orange-red salted duck egg. 1

Lan Yu couldn’t help but wonder, “It’s going to be dark later, can we find it this way?”

“We have to find it…” Lu RanKong said coldly.

Lan Yu’s voice was even colder than his, “What if we can’t find it?”

“We must find it!” Lu RanKong increased his tone.

“At night, the energy in the mechas will not be able to keep up, and then there will be no way to find it.” Lan Yu stood on the round platform of the mecha’s abdominal cavity and waved his arm, directing the mecha to chop off the head of a gelded insect, then slammed the two blades against each other. He said in a gloomy voice, “We have to make a plan, I don’t want to hear the words ‘we won’t find it’ again.”

Lu RanKong was silent for a moment, then said in a deep voice, “Kata Planet only stationed four battalions of mecha soldiers. If we can’t find the king of the insects, we can only use energy to keep killing, and we can not let these gelded insects leave the desert. So, we — must — find — it!” He added, “As for the energy box, I have already informed the military department to send more.”

The two looked at each other, even if they could only see the expressionless iron armor, they could think of the other party’s fierce expression. At this time, there was a sudden rumbling sound in the distance, and the ground trembled.

Lan Yu asked alertly, “What’s the situation?”

“It’s Chen YuTan and Lin Zhu who are rushing here.” Lu RanKong’s voice was much more relaxed.

As soon as the words left his mouth, a row of small black dots appeared in the distance. However, in the blink of an eye, the small black dots rapidly expanded, turning into a group of mecha.

“They also ran straight here to save their energy boxes, now we have a few more people to find the bug king.”

Lan Yu sighed in relief and turned back around.

At that moment, he saw a gelded insect in the swarm, instead of continuing to lunge this way like the other insects, it stopped moving and stood still, also looking out in the direction the mecha that were running.

He saw that gelded insect in the swarm.

The eyes were the size of a bowl, and the crystalline orbs were covered with a hooded membrane. The difference was that the eyes were not inorganic and indifferent, it concealed emotions. An emotion mixed with panic and viciousness.

It looked at Lan Yu across the swarm of insects for just a second, and then its eyes changed and followed the swarm of insects in a wooden way.

Lan Yu wouldn’t have noticed this if he had not been particularly sensitive to such subtle changes in emotion.

This insect was acting.

Unfortunately, it met a movie star.

The gelded insect was very alert, and the bottom of its eyes looked vacant, but Lan Yu knew it was watching itself.

He turned a direction, mecha facing the other way, and didn’t move to see its reaction on the display.

After a minute or two, the bug looked from side to side and began to back away. The bugs on its side all moved out of the way and then quickly blocked in front of it, like a group of loyal bodyguards. It backed up silently, stopped at the edge of the swarm, and continued to look at the mechas rumbling in the distance.

Without any warning, Lan Yu suddenly rose into the air, the seemingly bulky mecha turned nimbly in the air and flew straight at the gelded insect. He raised the long knife on his iron arm in the air, determined to cut off the gelded insect’s head on the way down.

The insect was still staring into the distance when the huge shadow of the mecha loomed over it, it abruptly turned its head. The pair of glass-like eyes suddenly tightened, shrinking into a pair of thin vertical pupils.

Lan Yu raised his hands inside the mecha’s cavity and quickly dropped them. The mecha followed his movements, and the long knife slashed down heavily at the gelded insect. When the blade was only a few meters away, the gelded insect suddenly rolled and passed under the abdomens of the other insects.

Between the tumble, Lan Yu saw the black insect belly, distributed with bright red spots.

It was not as disgusting as he thought, just like a large ladybug.

Sure enough, it was the insect king.

The long knife cut a deep groove in the ground, Lan Yu landed on his feet and raised his eyes to see the king of the insects had rushed out of the swarm and flew into the distance with great speed.

He didn’t have time to think about it, and his feet lifted to follow him, but at that moment, all the gelded insects hissed and crashed into him like crazy. Lan Yu’s mecha was hit with a thud and took a few steps backward to stabilize. But the insect king had taken the opportunity to fly out of several hundred meters, far into a small black spot.

He was about to call out urgently to Lu RanKong when a shadow swept by his side and 666 was already in the air, chasing out in the direction of the bug king.

Struggling to break free from the swarm of gelded insects, Lan Yu flew up with difficulty, throwing away the gelded insects that were still scratching desperately on him while shouting to the rescue the mecha that had already rushed in, “I’ll go catch the king of the insects, I’ll leave this place to you guys.”

Facing a ladybug was much better than facing a group of cockroaches.

Not paying attention to their reply either, Lan Yu pressed the acceleration button on his right side, and the mecha flew like a giant cannonball toward the back of 666.

The sky was the setting sun, and in the background of the bloodstained evening sun, 666 mecha was chasing hard, and the small black dot in front of him was the bug king who was desperately fleeing.

Lan Yu found that the king of the insects was following a route in its escape, and would slowly adjust the direction.

When it and the 666 behind it made a big circle and gradually veered to the right, he chased after it in a straight line. After taking this shortcut, he was closer to the insect king than Lu RanKong. He could see the black wings that fluttered with the light and the buzzing sound of their vibrations.

Clutching the sharp blade with the iron arm, he was ready to lunge down.

But the insect king’s speed was too fast. He pressed the acceleration on the control panel to the maximum, but he could to maintain the same speed, it was very difficult to close the distance again.

The sky’s haze dissipated, like they had pulled back the blue-black curtain, which had hung above the dark Planet. An insect and two mecha were speeding across the desert, and the occasional small animals on the ground were scared back into their holes.

Lan Yu had been chasing after the insect kind, followed by 666. He didn’t know how much time had passed, but in the distant place, a black shadow vaguely appeared. As they continued to move forward, the outline of a city gradually appeared.

A mirage?

Unlikely… the mirage he had seen when filming wasn’t so real.

Lan Yu’s heart was shocked. They had chased it to the edge of the desert, and would have to fight in the city.

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