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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


After the concert, the three were each taken home. Once Gu Yu sent them away, he returned to the holographic room. He turned on the equipment and stood in the middle, surrounded by the shouting of the audience, which made him feel like he was there. His heart was beating fast, and he was nervous and overwhelmed by all the people in front of him.

He tried to calm his breathing, trying to ease the discomfort.

When calm, he stood still and swept his eyes across the audience, a very simple action, but not easy for him. He stayed for almost a quarter of an hour, gradually getting used to it and relaxing his body.

When he came out of the holographic room, Cyno was waiting for him at the door. He smiled and walked up to Cyno, “When did you get here? Why didn’t you call me?”

“Just got here.” Cyno replied, putting his arm around his shoulders and going back to the bedroom together.

The afternoon after the concert, Herman came to the villa to check Gu Yu’s training results. Gu Yu was a bit nervous, just like a student being checked by his teacher. Therefore, he kept his face slightly tense throughout the whole time.

Herman inspected him one by one, and did not interrupt him in the middle of the inspection. Only after he finished, did he comment. “Your basic skills are very good, and your guitar practice is also very good.” Herman laughed: “You’re very good, you don’t need to be nervous at all.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips in embarrassment, sighed in relief and eased his expression, “I will try to adjust my mind.”

Herman nodded, “If you want to stand on the stage, this must be customer service, and I believe you can do it. You continue to follow the current plan. Physical training’s short time effect is not obvious, but you have to persist. Practice the song I will give you to change to a more difficult one.” After he finished, he asked, “Do you only want to sing, or do you want to write and sing both?”

“Both.” Gu Yu did not hesitate, he had actually written songs, just that no one had sung them.

Herman: “Then you can start writing now, especially when you have inspiration, don’t miss it.”

Gu Yu: “Yeah.”

Herman passed him the reworked plan and then sent some music theory books, “You can read them sometime.”

Gu Yu said thank you, and Herman smiled back, “No need to thank me. Maybe you will help transform my future partner.” He said, his face cautious, his tone sincere, “It’s me who should say thank you. Thank you, my brother changed thanks to you.”

Gu Yu: “You’re welcome, Cilo has already thanked me.”

Herman: “My thanks is not the same as his.” He said and got up, “I have a dinner date with my brother tonight. Write away, and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.”


Herman got on the shuttle and sent Cilo the message that he would be arriving soon. Thinking of His Majesty’s face last night, and the Wide Word posts, he hummed softly.



Gu Yu went back to the holographic room to practice, and spent the evening with Cyno for dinner.

Two days later, all the natural females were basically walking and the natural female school opened.

The night before, Merlin pulled Cilo into the small group, and the four of them stayed up late talking about the upcoming school year. Although Gu Yu did not have to go to school for a while, his mood was still a bit excited for them.

There was no opening ceremony on the first day of school. Kona was worried that the natural females would not be used to the new environment, so he arranged for a dormitory for the natural females to get familiar with the dormitory first.

Merlin’s group were together in a dormitory without incident. Before the dormitory was divided, the caretakers did a survey and arranged for all of them to live together if they wanted to. Gu Yu played for the second group of females in the morning and was not able to watch the whole process.

It was only at noon that he saw Merlin’s dormitory. Merlin turned on the camera and went around to show him.

The dormitory was already very different from what he had seen in the previous materials, all four rooms had been refurbished, the way they liked it. After Merlin had gone around, there was a knock on their room door and KiKi quickly scurried to the door, where a robot similar to the natural female stood.

The only difference was the eyes, which shone with waves of light, and it was immediately obvious that it was a robot.

It held a tray with four sumptuous lunches in its hands, and its voice was gentle.

“Hello guys, it’s lunch time. Lunch at a quarter to twelve every day. If you have a dish you want to eat, you can order it in advance.”

KiKi looked at it curiously for a moment and picked up the tray: “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, have a nice lunch.” The robot was very polite.

KiKi put the meal on the table, “The robot just now looked like an artificial female.”

Gu Yu also had the same feeling, if the eyes were changed a little more, it would look exactly like the artificial female. If the language and actions were not too formatted, it would be comparable to a natural female. Gu Yu did not disturb their meal and hung up the communication.

He got up from the couch and was about to go to the dining room. He didn’t expect Cyno to walk in from outside. He froze slightly and waited for Cyno to approach before asking, “Have you eaten?”

Cyno frowned slightly, “Not yet, you haven’t eaten yet?”

Gu Yu smiled, “I was just about to eat. I just contacted Merlin and the others for a while.”

The two of them entered the dining room and chatted while they ate. Gu Yu then realized why Cyno came back, the security of the school and the association were all arranged and the Military Department was free.

Gu Yu thought of the robot he saw earlier and asked, “How is Fritch doing?”

Cyno: “Property confiscated, exiled to the junk star. He had a long-term cooperation with the transgender female manufacturer, selling transgender females as artificial females everywhere.” Cyno’s eyes were cold: “He made a lot of money from it and gave cover to the manufacturing side, which used these transgender females to get a lot of information. Many people were threatened from exposing and revealing their secrets. Good thing it was discovered in time, otherwise in another two years, Splendor would definitely be in internal turmoil.”

Gu Yu was slightly shocked, not expecting it to be so serious. He knew that the price of artificial females was very high, and those who could buy them were either rich or noble.

The threat to these people would have a huge impact on Splendor.

He asked, “Have all the manufacturing parties been found? Will there be new transgender females?”

“They have multiple production sites, the headquarters has been eliminated, the branches have been destroyed, and the rest are being located according to the information provided by the transgender females. Those transgender females you treated before are not all of them. Many were trafficked to various planets, and other planets probably also have production sites.”

Gu Yu couldn’t help but worry, “Will they disguise themselves as natural females to enter the school and do bad things?”

“No, the identity check at the school is very strict. Transgender females with traces of drugs in their bodies will be checked out.”

Gu Yu thought for a moment, “What about artificial females?”

“Nor will they,” Cyno said, “The school and the association have devices to detect if it is an artificial female, it is easy to detect.”

Gu Yu sighed with relief and smiled, “That’s good.”

Cyno smiled and looked at him, “Don’t worry, the stars are very peaceful now, they want you to help transform and won’t make small moves.”

Gu Yu smiled embarrassedly. He never liked to worry before. He was not a lingering thinker, all his thoughts had been occupied by his studies and part-time job. He had to study hard and also had to work part-time to support himself and earn tuition.

He didn’t have time back then to think about anything else.

And now, probably because everything was too good, too perfect, he was too afraid of the twists and turns that could ruin everything, so he couldn’t help but to worry about it. Always trying to be cautious and cautious again.

As he watched the news this afternoon, he looked up news about Green Source, and there were two hot stories. One had to do with the disposition of Sales Manager Fritch. And one was the president of Green Source’s plan for the development of Green Source.

“At present, the number of natural females is gradually increasing, and the popularity of artificial females is decreasing, so Green Source has decided to stop producing artificial females for now. All artificial females are being transformed into intelligent robots.”

“It is reported that the first batch of robots have already worked with the natural female school, the response is very good.”

It dawned on Gu Yu, no wonder the robots that brought Merlin their meals were so similar to the artificial females, it turned out that they were transformed from artificial females. Soon, the second batch of beast females were also successfully transformed, a total of three thousand natural females.

After these natural females learned to walk in the company of their families, they were all transferred to the school. The transformation work was no longer followed by Kona, he transferred a director of the association to be responsible for it.

Kona focused on pharmaceutical research.

The new address of the third batch was not far from the villa, the structure was much like a shopping mall, each floor was a circular space, Gu Yu’s position was arranged in the middle of the third floor.

The other planets’ beast females were all arranged on the first floor, and after negotiation, the available area for each star was raised to thirty square feet, only the latter ten were more expensive. A small area on the first floor was a pool, supplied for the mermaids and the rest of the water-loving beast females. Except for the other worlds’ guests, the new address was able to accommodate five thousand beast females at a time, with the large beast females all placed on the third floor.

The third floor was on the same level as Gu Yu and had the largest area in the range. When the third batch began to transform, the representatives of the stars were excited and nervous, as were the masses of the stars, who swiped the Star Network every day, waiting for the results.

Although they already knew it would take seven days to do so, they couldn’t help but watch the news. Many people had expressed their desire to watch the live broadcast, and the representatives of the stars proposed to come observe live, but Cyno did not hesitate to refuse.

In the end, the representatives of the stars could only watch the transformation scene through the monitor, while the masses of the stars could not watch anything. The representatives of the stars had no choice but to hold in their opinions. After all, Brilliant Splendor masses didn’t have a live broadcast to watch either.

Except for Cyno, the rest of the males were all out of range.

And Cyno himself, had to wear soundproof earplugs to do so.

The first day went smoothly and all the Star Beast females were very well behaved and liked Gu Yu very much after listening to the performance. Gu Yu’s eyes could not help but curl as he looked at his Goodwill Points.

No matter which planet the beast females were from, they were all very cute!

Before going to bed at night, Gu Yu said to Cyno, “I’m used to playing for the beast females, they are all very friendly, you don’t have to accompany me.”

Cyno looked down at him, “Don’t you want me to stay with you?”

Gu Yu shook his head, “No, I don’t want to interfere with your work.”

The military department was not busy, but there were things to take care of. If Cyno was with him, in the affected range, it wasn’t convenient to answer the communication.

Cyno smiled, touched his ear, and thought about it, “I won’t stay with you tomorrow, I’ll watch the surveillance when I have time.”

His little mate’s playing was very nice and relaxing.

The feeling of wearing earplugs the whole time was not comfortable, and he had observed that the beast females, indeed, had Goodwill for the little mate.

His little mate was just delightful.

Gu Yu: “Hmm.”

His voice was so soft that Cyno listened and his heart felt as if it had been gently ruffled by a feather. He couldn’t help but come closer and kiss him on the lips, Gu Yu blushed slowly, grabbed the hem of his shirt and closed his eyes tightly.

Cyno was tickled by his obedient appearance and wrapped his arms around his waist to deepen the kiss.

After a long time, Gu Yu weakly lay on Cyno. Cyno’s palm lightly caressed his back, voice dark, “After the third batch, rest a few days?”

Gu Yu’s hands and thighs were sore and hot, and his thoughts were still caught up in his previous emotions, and he didn’t turn around for a while. He slightly closed his eyes, his voice a little hoarse, “It’s okay, I’m not tired enough not to help them transform. I also have to practice.”

Cyno’s palms moved down slightly, “Tired now? If I really want you, you will be more tired and probably won’t be able to get up the next day.”

Gu Yu’s eyes opened wide, then even his ears reddened, and after understanding what he meant, he buried his face and whispered, “Okay.”

Cyno’s eyes darkened, rolled him onto his back, and leaned over him. With deep eyes, he covered his face with restrained kisses. His little mate was always able to easily ruffle his emotions.

He regretted that he hadn’t thought that Gu Yu should rest directly after the second batch! He had just worried that his little mate wasn’t ready.

In the blink of an eye, the third batch of conversions came to the seventh day, and the representatives of the other world masses were very excited, staring closely at the screen. They kept swiping messages and kept prodding at the comments on the Wide Word posts of the Brilliant Splendor representatives.

[Let me see the cute little females of our race!]

[Oh my God, I’ve never been so excited!]

[Is there an exact time, I want to know the result first, I don’t want to wait for a second!]

As for the beast females who were about to be transformed, they were also very excited.

Gu Yu blew his flute for a while, and then temporarily stopped for a while. All the beast females’ Evolutionary Energy was 995, the remaining energy there was almost ten, and did not have time to consume.

He looked at the mermaid females who kept swinging their fish tails. His eyes focused on the swaying water patterns, and inexplicably he felt a rising urge to touch the water.

He picked up his glass of water and found it so cool that he didn’t want to let go for a moment. He was thirsty for water, and when he drank, he noticed that he exhaled a little heat.

He froze, put down the glass of water, raised his hand and touched his forehead, but didn’t feel anything. He looked at his hand, thought about it, put his hand on the sofa surface, and the coolness came instantly, making him feel especially comfortable.

He realized something was wrong, he seemed to be running a fever?

But he didn’t feel uncomfortable. The temperature of his hand and forehead should be about the same, and he couldn’t feel it. But when he touched other things, the obvious temperature difference made him realize that something was wrong.

He did not feel uncomfortable, and was not dizzy, so he slightly calmed his heart.

He gazed at the beast females who looked anxious because he had stopped playing and said soothingly, “Don’t worry, you will be able to transform today. You have to take your time.”

After he said this, he blew a soothing song on the flute to help them consume energy.

When the remaining energy was almost consumed, he continued to consume Goodwill Points and started playing the guitar. When he had been blowing, he had breathed in and suddenly smelled a very nice scent, faint, like the scent of jasmine that had been diluted.

He scanned his surroundings with suspicion but found nothing wrong. He pondered, feeling a little familiar with this smell. After a while, the scent became stronger, and at the same time, a dry heat rose from within his body.

Gu Yu’s eyes rounded sharply, he remembered!

This scent, when he was under the influence of Cyno during the night of the breeding period, he had emitted this scent. He had also emitted this scent before when he was under the influence of Zolei’s potion.

It was emanating from him!

He had read the natural female profile Kona had given him, and his heart instantly panicked; there was only one explanation for his current reaction.

His rut had arrived.

He looked to the monitor, the evolutionary energy of the beast females was already 998, just two more minutes of playing and they would be transformed. The beast females looked in his direction with shining eyes, their eyes excited and expectant. He thought about it and didn’t stop, just opened the terminal and contacted Orson during a slight pause in the music.

As he played, he said to Orson, “President, I need an inhibitor.”

Orson’s voice snapped, “You’re in heat?”

“I think so.” He said.

“I’ll be right over.” Orson said in a rush.

At that moment, Gu Yu found the scent had become stronger. He looked at the beast females, and the Evolution Energy had reached 999. He stopped playing, bit his lip, and said to the beast females, “You will soon be transformed, now, cover yourselves with cloaks.”

With the previous ones, clothes and cloaks were placed around each beast female before playing today.

The beast females had been trained to pull the cloak away and get under it very skillfully. The guards in front of the monitor drained the water from the pool, and the females inside covered themselves with the cloak. The sweet fragrance scurried out, many beast females with a keen sense of smell, noticed that something was wrong and called out towards Gu Yu.

The other world representative in front of the monitor couldn’t help but ask the director, “What’s going on? Is something wrong?”

The director looked serious, shook his head, and looked at the middle monitor in his terminal that only a few people could see. That was the location where Gu Yu was playing.

With just one look, he realized the problem.

The Yasians and Bluewoods had an extremely keen sense of smell, and this time the representative was even the best. King Yak and the beastly male’s face changed at the same time!

“There are natural females in estrus!”

“Oh my, what a smell!”

Soon, all the males on the periphery sensed it, and those with poor fixation reacted directly.

Some people tried to rush into the range and were immediately pulled back.

Gu Yu did not know what was going on outside, but could only feel himself getting hotter and hotter, and when the beast females were covered by the cloak, he took a deep breath and chose to expend Goodwill Points. “Later you will have a great desire to transform, you can transform, but be sure not to lift the cloak. After you feel the human form, you must remember to transform back into beast females.”

Many beast females looked at him worriedly and whimpered.

Gu Yu: “Don’t worry about me, you guys remember my words, don’t lift the cloak and remember to transform back into your original form at the end.”

He patiently reminded them, and in the process of his speech, the evolutionary energy of all the beast females, became 1000.

Gu Yu walked outside while contacting the director: “The beast females will transform soon. Contact Cilo and have him look at them in case any beast females get too excited after transforming and monitor too many males before.”

Director: “I got it, are you okay?”

Gu Yu: “Fine.”

He hung up the communication, got on the elevator, and not long after, the elevator was full of his scent. He couldn’t help but put his hand against the elevator wall, and the coolness came to him, making him feel more comfortable.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Cyno walked in with big strides and Gu Yu looked at him in surprise. The one responsible for transporting him recently was the Marshal Escort Captain.

The glandular scent that spread across his face made Cyno’s face tense slightly. He restrained his violently rising and falling emotions as he picked him up straight away and headed out.

“I got a message from Kona.” Cyno carried him into the craft, which immediately took off. He wrapped his arms around Gu Yu, who sat on him, smelling the scent that belonged to him and feeling even hotter.

Gu Yu couldn’t resist pulling his collar. He wore a shirt today, with no elastic, and couldn’t pull it down for more air, he was a little anxious. He twisted on Cyno, his hand used force on his collar, and his snow-white neck suddenly turned red.

Cyno took his hand, breathing heavily, “Take it easy.”

He brushed his fingers over the side of his neck soothingly and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt.

Gu Yu blushed scarlet, somewhat embarrassed but feeling comfortable with Cyno touching him. He instinctively moved closer towards Cyno, his face rubbing against Cyno’s chest, and his arm wrapping around him, “Cyno.”

His voice was not as gentle as usual, with a low vibrance, very provocative. Cyno’s breath hitched and he hugged him tighter, hating to rub the person into his body. He restrained his strength and let out a long, slow breath, not daring to fall on Gu Yu and staring out the window.

The pilot’s whole body was tense, and he drove the aircraft at the maximum speed.

When they arrived at the villa, Cyno carried Gu Yu straight up to the second floor.


The pilot almost fell out of the cockpit, and the escort soldiers helped him up, smelled the smell in the craft, and were very sympathetic to the pilot.

The scent of the marshal mate’s glands were horrible!

One had to have strong restraint to not be rude in front of the marshal.

He patted the pilot’s shoulder, “Dude, you’re awesome.”


Gu Yu was gently put on the bed by Cyno, who took off his shoes and removed his own military jacket as soon as he could. Gu Yu squirmed uncomfortably, his whole body seemed to be on fire, and a deep longing welled up in his body, making him hard and shy.

He closed his eyes slightly and tugged at his clothes haphazardly, and when his thoughts cleared, he remembered that it was a button and reached out to undo it again. But his hands seemed to have become extra clumsy, and he couldn’t undo it for half a second.

“Cyno,” he said, his voice was aggravated.

Cyno’s voice was tense as he lay down and covered Gu Yu’s body, stroking his face, “Look at me.”

Gu Yu’s eyelashes fluttered and he opened his eyes.

Cyno held a soothing agent in his hand, “You can choose the soothing agent or you can choose me. We are partners, you can choose me.”

He looked at Gu Yu: “Orson said you wanted a soothing agent, you had used a soothing agent to forcefully suppress your estrus state not long ago. It’s not good for your health to use it again.” His voice was dark: “I don’t want you to use it, but it’s up to you to choose.”

Gu Yu blinked, his thoughts slowed by half a beat.

Then he reached out and wrapped his arms around Cyno’s neck, tilting his head and stuttering, “I… I have no experience.” He slowed down and looked at Cyno, “I will try. You don’t dislike it.”

A man who was not good in bed would be disliked.

Cyno’s eyes were dark and deep as he leaned down to kiss him.

How can you be so cute!

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