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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

As an Omega of good character and cleanliness, Lan Yu avoided these kinds of people. Even if he had to get along with them in a movie or something, he would try to have the least amount of contact he possibly could. This person was very well-rounded, and was pushing all of his buttons.

Lan Yu moved a half step outside, to be further away from Lu RanKong a little.

Lu RanKong didn’t know that in this instant, he had two more labels on his person. He asked the soldier while taking off his fencing suit, “What kind of interstellar beast is it?”

“I don’t know…” The soldier answered.

“What about the number?”

“Not sure either…”

Lan Yu took off his protective gear and hung it up. Just as he walked out the door, he heard Lu RanKong ask behind him, “Aren’t interstellar beasts usually handled by patrol soldiers? Why do we have to go with two mecha battalions this time?”

The soldier replied, “Colonel Lu, I just received the order. I really don’t know anything else.”

Lu RanKong said, “All right, you may leave.”

“As ordered…”

Lan Yu had just come downstairs when he was met by Kong Fei who picked him up and within ten minutes, pulled up at the nearby military airport. There were already two large transports parked on the tarmac, and Lan Yu followed Kong Fei onto one of them and entered the officer’s cabin.

“Colonel K, the mecha soldiers of the second and third battalions have all entered the cabin and are waiting to depart.” Kong Fei reported.

Lan Yu sat down, took off his military cap and put it on the table, before saying, “Then let’s depart now.”

“Then I’ll go inform the flight division.” Kong Fei exited and closed the door, and a moment later, the aircraft began to glide and lift off.

Lan Yu looked out the window with some apprehension.

Interstellar beast? Was that the kind of interstellar beast that K had killed hundreds of? He could handle hundreds of them by himself, so I guess there should be no danger. It should be about the same size as a cat, not too difficult to handle. I really hope they don’t look like cats… How could I bear to kill them if that was the case?

I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Maybe I can only repel and not hurt them. I could try acting ferocious and violent.

The door of the cabin was suddenly pushed open and someone came in. Lan Yu was slumped in his seat and abruptly popped up to look at the door.

When he saw the person who came in, he was surprised and asked, “How did you get in?”

Lu RanKong stopped closing the cabin door, looked up at the door sign and said, “This says officer’s lounge. I think I should be allowed to come in.”

It turned out that this was shared, when Lan Yu thought it was his own separate lounge.

Lu RanKong finished closing the door, and didn’t spare him another glane, as he walked to the other side of the small table and sat down. Lan Yu also turned his face sideways and made no more noise.

As the transport aircraft climbed to a high altitude and flew above the clouds, Lan Yu leaned back in his seat indifferently and closed his eyes to rest. As he was thinking, he heard a soft buzzing sound coming from the side. He opened his eyelids a slit to catch a glimpse of what Lu RanKong was doing.

He saw that he was holding a screwdriver-like tool with a small, spinning gear on the front, and was polishing a metal object in his left hand. On closer inspection, it appeared to be a small crossbow.

Lan Yu disinterestedly closed his eyes again.

These Alphas had nothing better to do than to engage in these gadgets. He didn’t understand what the fun in this was. But he liked to knit and cross-stitch, so Alphas would probably not understand it either.

The transport aircraft flew steadily over the clouds, and Lan Yu fell asleep amidst the weary humming sound.

It was as if he was back home, swimming in the villa’s large pool, surrounded by blue pool water, with his assistant serving fruit on the side.

He picked up a slice of watermelon and chewed it slowly in his mouth, the juice was sweet and delicious… Suddenly, he began to sink, his feet couldn’t step on the bottom, and the pool water was over his mouth and nose… 

His eyes snapped open and he looked around in panic, gasping for air.

It took several seconds before he realized that he was in an aircraft in another world, and the aircraft was encountering air currents and was lurching slightly.

Then, he met a pair of light brown eyes with a sneer in front of him.

“We’re landing soon, Colonel K. Did you eat too much lunch? You’ve been groaning and making a lot of noise.” Lu RanKong asked, sitting across the table from him.

Lan Yu propped himself up on his elbows and sat up straight, frozen for a moment before saying in a nasal voice, “I dreamed of killing many interstellar beasts and then eating their flesh.”

After saying that, he showed his teeth to Lu RanKong. His expression was fierce, except that his eyes were tinged with the red of fresh sleep in the corners with some suspicious water marks.

Lu RanKong stared at him for a moment, stood up and opened a concealed cabinet on the bulkhead, and started unbuttoning his uniform against the open cabinet door.

“What are you doing?” Lan Yu raised his voice warily.

Lu RanKong stopped moving, turned his head to look at him, then turned back and began to unbuckle the belt around his waist.

“It’s not hot here, so why are you taking off your pants?” Lan Yu continued to ask. He naturally envisioned some unpleasant images in relation to Lu RanKong’s character.

Lu RanKong slowly turned around and tapped his head with his finger, “Lunatic K, is there something wrong with you here?” Seeing as Lan Yu didn’t make a sound, he narrowed his eyes again and said, “Or… Have you also been taken over by the Lontan Planet person?”

Lan Yu tugged up one side of his lips, stood up from his seat, and looked at him provocatively.

Lu RanKong locked eyes with him, unbuttoned in silence, took off the outermost uniform, and threw it on the back of the chair. Underneath the uniform was a gray short-sleeved T-shirt with a small sweat stain on his chest. He wasn’t benignly built, but his arms bulged between movements, and it was clear that the muscle density was high and powerful.

Then, he took out a camouflage combat suit from the locker behind him and put it on the outside of his T-shirt without delay.

The whole time, his eyes didn’t leave Lan Yu.

Lan Yu was stunned when he took out the clothes and looked at the cabinet behind him and found that there was another set of combat clothes inside. Now he felt a bit embarrassed.

The two of them were now both in uniform, and the cabinet should contain their combat uniforms. Lu RanKong didn’t know he was an Omega, so why was he himself so sensitive?

However, he was a movie star, and only needed a short moment to adjust his mind. He put his hands into his trouser pockets as he walked forward, eyes peeking from under his eyebrows looking at Lu RanKong, giving him a shady look.

After stopping in front of him, he then said word for word, “I really don’t like people changing their clothes in front of me. The sight of it makes my hands itch.”

Lu RanKong stopped dressing.

Lan Yu’s eyes were facing Lu RanKong’s Adam’s apple, and he felt the other party’s hot body heat. He reflexively wanted to back away, but held back, only to take his eyes off the knot and glance down. His eyes fell on Lu RanKong’s chest, pausing for a few seconds on the two slightly raised pectoral muscles, and then continued to slide down uncomfortably.

Then he saw the unzipped pants, just hanging on his pelvic bone.

——The portal was wide open, revealing the white boxers inside, bulging with a large mass.

Lan Yu: … 

Lu RanKong just stood there with his eyes half-lidded, looking at him, and said, “Then have a go if your hands are itching.”

His facial contours were profound, and when he looked at people while putting away his usual expression, his features became even sharper, giving off a sense of coldness and authority.

Lan Yu’s eyes drifted around and settled, then he waved his index finger out, “There will be a chance…”

Lu RanKong sneered and suddenly leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “Then I will definitely accompany you.”

His words were cold, but his breath was hot, and half of Lan Yu’s ear was suddenly scorched. Lan Yu had never been this close to anyone except for filming, and immediately held his breath as his whole body tensed up, frozen in place.

There was a knock on the door, then the door was pushed open and a sweet female voice said, “Colonels, please have some coffee.”

Lan Yu saw Lu RanKong pull his pants back up in two seconds, put his hands into the sleeves of his combat suit, and quickly fix his hair as he turned around.

“Thanks…” He instantly changed his expression, leaning against the closet door with a smile, looking casual with a touch of suavity.

The female orderly put two cups of coffee on the square table, hung her head a little shyly, and peeked at him on her way out.

With the sound of the door closing, Lu RanKong looked at Lan Yu with what appeared to be a sigh of relief and some amusement and snickered, “Why are you blushing? She wasn’t looking at you.”

Lan Yu hadn’t recovered from the scene just now, but felt his face burning. He wanted to grit his teeth and scold Lu RanKong for being shameless, but finally swallowed the Omega words and fiercely replied, “Fuck off…”

Lu RanKong looked at Lan Yu, who was full of anger, and was about to sneer back, when he was suddenly stunned and closed his mouth. Lan Yu turned around with a sullen face and took out the remaining combat uniform from the locker.

When he closed the door, he saw his own reflection mirrored in the metal cabinet surface. His face was red, and the ends of his eyes were flushed with the same color.

He turned his back, pretending not to care, and went to undo the buttons on his uniform.

Lu RanKong dragged out his military boots from the bottom of the cabinet and sat silently in a chair, taking off his leather shoes.

A few moments later, Lan Yu heard the hatch open and close, after the man behind him changed his shoes and walked out.

He changed into his combat uniform and sat alone for a while, then simply got up and left the cabin as well. He still didn’t know how the soldiers under his command were doing, so he had to go check.

The officers’ cabin was separated from the soldiers’ cabin by a long corridor, and as soon as he stepped into the corridor, he heard a burst of cheers and laughter coming from the front. He stood at the door of the cabin, looking ahead the back and saw that the soldiers were sitting on two distinct sides with the aisle as the boundary.

On the left were the soldiers of his own second battalion, all sitting upright and disciplined, propping their hands on their knees, eyes unblinking and silent. The soldiers on the right were more conspicuous: some were playing poker, some were arm wrestling,  others were chatting and laughing in the seats limp and snoring; all very unseemly.

Lan Yu knew that they were the soldiers of Lu RanKong, the third battalion, and sneered in his heart, Look at these loose fools, it’s true one has to look at the officer to know his men.

Seeing no abnormalities in his own soldiers, he was ready to go back to the officer’s cabin. But just as he turned around, he heard someone from the third battalion saying loudly, “You guys, do you think that later on black-hearted K will not even care about the interstellar beast and directly seek a duel with our leader?”

Lan Yu heard his name, and his heart moved as he stopped in his tracks.

The soldiers of the second battalion also heard it, and from Lan Yu’s angle, the backs of their heads all turned 45 degrees in unison to the side of the third battalion.

“I don’t know, didn’t black-hearted K always have a problem with our boss and wanted to fight him to the death?”

“Just him? Black-hearted K can’t be as good as our leader.”

“That’s not necessarily true, what if it’s a competition to see who’s crazier?”

The soldiers of the third battalion began to laugh, while laughing and looking at the second battalion on the right. The second battalion couldn’t hold back any longer, and a few soldiers stood up.

“Are you guys trying to pick a fight?” As Lan Yu saw one of his team leaders stand up, he made a hand gesture for the other soldiers to sit down, then looked sideways in the direction of the third battalion and sorrowfully said, “Let me satisfy you. I’ll let you know what it means to have fun after getting off the ship.”

Very good, this expression and tone of voice was truly in his true spirit.

The men of the third battalion slowly put away their laughter and stood up one after another from their seats, and the second battalion collectively turned their heads 90 degrees towards them.

The cabin was quiet and the atmosphere became tense.

Lan Yu saw that a conflict might break out and silently wondered if he should rush out to protect his soldiers from the consequences.

K had no good reputation anyway, even if it was blatantly beating up the third battalion, what could be done?

“Calm down. All of you calm down.” A familiar voice rang out. Lu RanKong came out from the direction of the cockpit and patted those soldiers of the third battalion on the head one by one, “Boys, sit properly with your bottles in your mouths, and don’t move without your father’s approval.”

He had a smile on his face and a somewhat lazy look, but there was a warning in his eyes.

The soldiers of the third battalion instantly withdrew their anger and sat down obediently, only rolling their eyes at the left with their necks. The second battalion didn’t say anything, their heads still turned to the right, keeping their original posture unchanged.

Lan Yu coughed from behind, and only then did those heads turn back in unison.

Lu RanKong heard the sound and looked over, their eyes met in the air, and they each turned away indifferently. The ship’s cabin was no longer noisy, all three battalions sitting in order, including the rowdy ones from earlier. When Lan Yu saw nothing unusual, he returned to the officers’ cabin.

He had just turned around, when he felt a tremor at his feet. At the same time, the cabin sounded a radio tone: [The transport aircraft has arrived over the Lark desert. Please be ready to leave the cabin.]

That’s all?

He looked out of the porthole window, and it was already a blanket of yellow outside.

A yellow sky and an endless yellow desert.

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What will happen to this pair of crazy people!!! Thanks for the chapter!!!!

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Sue R
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I hope they will form their friendship during this battle.

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The sexual tension was VERY good. I loved every bit of it.

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Lu RanKong just puttin’ his junk on out there and offering up his body already!! It’s too funny. Reminds me of all those mating habits of birds (and really like every male of any species) where they wave their wings in the air to attract the female’s attention. Some spiders do a dance. Lu RanKong just gets right to the point. lmao

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