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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Ah…” Ambiguous squelching sounds came from next door. Lin HaoMiao closed his eyes, his fingers wrapped around his hard cock, jerking it up and down, imagining Wen Wen’s warm back hole and slender collarbone… He was only a wall away from him, his face must be engrossed with an erotic expression, right? Just like that… looking at him… 

“Uhhh… Yan Xu…”

Lin HaoMiao opened his eyes, and the movement of his hands paused for a moment.

Those thin lips were calling another person’s name at the moment.

If it was his… Lin HaoMiao licked his lips, thinking of Wen Wen’s usually cold face, looking at him, opening his mouth to softly call out, ‘HaoMiao…’

“…Fuck…” Lin HaoMiao suddenly covered his nose. He had a nosebleed!

He had to suspend his jerk-off, and ran to the toilet to stop the bleeding. It took some time to stuff his nose with tissues and ice it. Lin HaoMiao also lost his hard on, so he was ready to go to the corner of the wall to plug the hole, so as not to let the light through from his side brighten the other room. This thing he never forgot.


From next door the sound of a water glass or something falling on the ground could suddenly be heard, Lin HaoMiao froze, even the cloth in his hands fell to the ground, and rushed back to the wall next to get down to look at what happened there.

He only saw two people who seemed to be standing face to face at the moment, arguing about something. He hurriedly put his ear to the wall.

“So you’re here for breakup sex?” Wen Wen’s voice changed from the mushy one just now, it was cold as hell and a little shaky.

“Don’t say it so mean… I…”

“You’re leaving to get married!”

For the boyfriend called Yan Xu, it was also the first time to see Wen Wen losing control, usually Wen Wen was gentle and obedient, his tone never so cold.

“You also know I just graduated and can’t find a job. The woman’s father happens to be running a company. And… I probed my parents before, they can’t accept the gay thing at all, so I really can’t help it.”

Wen Wen was silent for a while, his tone of voice calmed down some, “Is it that bitch who barked at me when he saw me last time?”

“Don’t you say that!” Lin HaoMiao heard Yan Xu’s slightly exasperated, “We… Last time we only met for coffee, as soon as you came over, you threw water all over her. It was normal for her to be angry…”

“…Don’t bring that up.”

Lin HaoMiao listened to the yelling. What the hell! This man is such scum! 1

He could not wait to rush across the street to beat up this Yan Xu for Wen Wen! So he plugged the hole, put on a jacket to act like he was going downstairs pretending to smoke. He was ready to wait for the scum to come out, find a corner to beat him up, and put some purple color on his face!

The result was that he waited in the corridor for an hour until his whole body was chilled, but Yan Xu did not come out.

No way. Did they reconcile?

Lin HaoMiao gritted his teeth. He had smoked half a pack of cigarettes, but no one had come out, so he went up to his apartment again.

The elevator reached the 11th floor, the door opened, Lin HaoMiao looked up and saw the door to Wen Wen’s apartment was open. Should he go back down? He found that the person who came out was not Yan Xu, but Wen Wen.

The unexpected real chance encounter made Lin HaoMiao momentarily at a loss, “Hey, good evening… You, are you leaving?”

Wen Wen only leaned half his body out the door, saw Lin HaoMiao at the elevator, smiled and said, “Ah, originally I wanted to take out the garbage, but did not expect to be quite so cold outside. It seems I have to wear a coat.” 

Lin HaoMiao did not even get to respond before he watched Wen Wen’s door close with a bang.

“……” Lin HaoMiao frowned, what was that smell?

He was covered in the smell of smoke, but clearly smelled something else…


He didn’t get into a fight and then got injured, right? Lin HaoMiao was very worried about Wen Wen, his small body, in case of a dispute would definitely suffer, ah!

Lin HaoMiao, who just wanted to greet Wen Wen, was afraid to go to the door. In case they had really made up, how embarrassing would it be for him to knock on the door?


So he wandered for a while and entered his apartment, not noticing that Wen Wen opened his door after a few seconds. Wen Wen, wearing white gloves, carrying a big bag as he walked out.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Addis: Uh… Really LHM? I don’t think you should say anything.


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January 1, 2021 3:13 pm

Wen Wen: ( ꈍᴗꈍ)->(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ🔪
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LHM: 👂🏻(˘・_・˘)💭
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January 2, 2021 11:22 pm

Uh, this is clearly a crime, and IRL I’d run screaming for the police…

… but it seems like a really interesting story!! 😅

(Also, there needs to be an emoji for yanderes. Maybe 😍🔪?)

March 24, 2021 6:55 pm

Oh gosh!! What in the world!! This is crazier by the chapter!! Can’t wait for the one!!

June 16, 2021 6:19 am

911 the victim turns out to be a killer, bye~

December 17, 2021 5:06 pm

How come Wenwen has such strong arms to be carrying the body like a literal garbage? Is it because he’s used to it????!

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