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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The next few days Lin HaoMiao did not see Yan Xu, and he did not know when he had left.

Wen Wen had been at home after that day, so Lin HaoMiao had been trying to find an excuse to go to his place because he thought there was an eighty percent chance that Wen Wen and the college student broke up.

However, before he could think of an excuse to go, Wen Wen came to him.

He also came with the police.

“…Uh, police comrade?” Lin HaoMiao was a bit dazed.

The police officer showed his ID and was quite polite, “We are investigating a case that may be related to your neighbor. I hope you can answer truthfully whether your neighbor, Mr. Wen Wen, was at home five days ago? Did he ever go out? Has this person ever appeared?”

The officer took out a photo. It was the face of Yan Xu. Lin HaoMiao was a bit confused by this gesture and looked at Wen Wen. Wen Wen stood behind the officer and looked up at him.

The look was almost devoid of emotion and lingered on his face for only a second, but Lin HaoMiao’s blood suddenly boiled at the look.

“We know it is rather abrupt, but this case is very important, I hope you answer truthfully.” The officer moved a step to the right, blocking Lin HaoMiao’s view of Wen Wen.

Lin HaoMiao suddenly remembered that night when he came back, Wen Wen’s abnormality, and their earlier argument… and the strong smell of blood.

Could it be… 

“I know this person. He is a friend of Mr. Wen’s. Last year I saw him often, but this year I haven’t seen him much.”

The officer nodded and gestured for him to continue.

Lin HaoMiao’s brain mulled over Wen Wen’s look. He felt as if he understood what had happened.

“I’m a freelancer. And I usually stay at home every day. Five days ago I was also home, but I only left to go downstairs for a while to smoke.”

The officer glanced behind him, nodded, and continued to ask, “So Mr. Wen went out? Has Yan Xu ever appeared?”

Lin HaoMiao scratched his head and looked troubled, “I can’t remember that, ah. I don’t think he did? I can’t even remember the last time Yan Xu came.”

He did not lie and did not reveal the truth, so the police officer did not get any useful information. After a few more words he turned around and left. Lin HaoMiao closed the door and also looked through the peephole. His eyes were glued to Wen Wen’s back as if wanting to take him away from the police station.

Later, this matter was in the newspaper, Yan Xu had died. Lin HaoMiao was not very shocked.

There was a lot of news online, and he immediately thought of Wen Wen’s ex-boyfriend. Since it was very hard to recall the other party’s name, he had to go online and search. Indeed, shortly after breaking up with Wen Wen, the office worker inexplicably jumped off a building, and it was treated as a suicide at the time.

So Lin HaoMiao realized that the death of Yan Xu was indeed related to Wen Wen, but he was only worried that Wen Wen would be found out. Would he go to jail? If he were detained, what could he do? What about the murders?

Lin HaoMiao thought that Yan Xu deserved to die. He was still looking for women while having Wen Wen. If the man was killed by Wen Wen, it must have been his fault in the first place since he made Wen Wen angry.

Unconsciously, Lin HaoMiao knew he had gone completely insane.

Not to mention Wen Wen killings, as long as Wen Wen was willing to look at him, with the kind of look he had in his eyes earlier, not to mention helping to do perjury, Lin HaoMiao was even willing to help him kill, even double suicide was no problem.

“Wen Wen…” Lin HaoMiao leaned back on the sofa, holding a shirt in his hand. He had picked this up the last time he had rummaged through the garbage bag Wen Wen put downstairs. It was thrown away because there was a little oil stain on the collar that couldn’t be washed off, so Lin HaoMiao had picked it up.

After smelling it for a while, Lin HaoMiao’s penis stood up.

But he was not interested in jerking off now, because Wen Wen was not next door. He was now afraid that Wen Wen thought he “knew too much” and would put up defenses, or even move… In the past two years they were at least neighbors, but only a few times said hello. They neither visited each other, nor knew each other’s phone numbers.

Lin HaoMiao paid attention to the news, or skimmed through online articles, afraid it would say Wen Wen was convicted, then it would be whether it is a jail sentence or death penalty. That meant that he would never see Wen Wen again.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Wen Wen to be released without charge.

When Lin HaoMiao saw Wen Wen’s haggard face at his doorstep, he was so excited that tears were about to roll down his face. He was even prepared that if there was news that Wen Wen had been sentenced to death, he would commit suicide on the day of his execution and die with Wen Wen.

If Wen Wen was to sit in prison, he would also go kill a person, or rob a bank so that they may also be able to meet in prison.

Surprisingly, Wen Wen came back intact!

“Wen… Wen Wen?” Lin HaoMiao violently pushed the door open. Wen Wen was startled. “You’re back… are you alright? What did they do to you?”

Wen Wen maintained the action of opening the door, the key inserted in the keyhole twisted halfway.

“I’m fine.” Wen Wen smiled, “Want to come in for a cup of tea?”

Lin HaoMiao’s mouth fell open, as if not believing what he had heard.

“That offer might be too abrupt. If something is wrong, let’s talk about it next time…”

“No, no, no! Nothing! I’m free, I’m free every day!” Lin HaoMiao hurried out and then closed the door with his backhand, rushing to Wen Wen with a single step.


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