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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


It was his first time walking into Wen Wen’s house, so Lin HaoMiao was nervous.

He had only seen the bedroom (the floor) and didn’t know anything about the rest of the place. But it was exactly as he had imagined, neat and clean, looking very warm.

Wen Wen politely invited him to sit on the sofa and went to the kitchen to make tea.

Swallowing hard, Lin HaoMiao sat on the sofa really-really carefully. He never thought he would one day be invited in to sit down. He was so nervous that his heart was beating out of his chest.

The room didn’t smell like Wen Wen, it smelled like air freshener – Lin HaoMiao had an idea why.

Wen Wen came out of the kitchen with two cups of green tea and put it on the coffee table, smiling, but his voice very flat: “Thanks for last time.”

Lin HaoMiao froze for a moment, and politely said, “Ha ha, it’s nothing. We are neighbors, so I’m just giving you a hand.”

After saying that there was an awkward silence in the room, Lin HaoMiao wanted to slap himself.

Wen Wen laughed first, “You’re a strange person.”

After saying that he did not continue to chat, but took out a large bag, walked to the cabinet and the bookshelves and started throwing things into it.

Lin HaoMiao inexplicably understood Wen Wen’s behavior, “Your ex-boyfriend’s?”

Wen Wen froze for a moment, “…Mmn.”

“Oh…” Lin HaoMiao just sat and sipped tea, looking at Wen Wen squatting down to pack things up. His squatting posture showed his great hip outline…

“Your ex-boyfriend was also killed by you?”

Wen Wen seemed to have not expected Lin HaoMiao to ask so straightforwardly, thinking for a moment, before he admitted, “Yes.”

“What did he do?”

“…Cheated and looked for a woman.” Wen Wen lowered his head, making Lin HaoMiao unable to see his expression. As if remembering something, Wen Wen’s hand became a little shaky. After a while, he calmed himself down, then threw some more things into the garbage bag.

“Damn, such a scum.” Lin HaoMiao hurriedly cursed angrily, hoping that Wen Wen would have a good impression of him as a result. But there was only the sound of things being thrown into the bag in the room, and Wen Wen didn’t seem to care about his reply.

So Lin HaoMiao had to laugh dryly twice to himself, “Do you think you have a pretty bad eye?”

“……” Wen Wen pursed his lips and whispered, “Yeah, right. Drink up and go back.”

Lin HaoMiao suddenly closed his mouth, wanting to smack himself! To snicker about such things! He had such a cheap mouth ah! He glanced up at Wen Wen, the other party did not have any expression, seemed to not be angry, but also did not look at him.

Wen Wen could even be said to be very indifferent, but Lin HaoMiao had seen how he had acted towards that Yan Xu, and even before to that ex-ex-boyfriend he had been gentle, obedient, and even eager – not the general kind of eagerness, but almost a frenzied love. When he met Yan Xu and Wen Wen outside or in the elevator, Wen Wen’s eyes never moved away from the boy, and he would look warily at anyone who talked to him. Lin HaoMiao used to think that this was probably because Wen Wen was not good with people, but now he knew that it was probably due to a very terrible desire for monopolization, a feeling that would destroy you if you couldn’t have it.

Wanting these kinds of feelings so badly…

Just thinking about it made Lin HaoMiao’s whole body tremble with excitement. He wanted Wen Wen’s eyes to look at him, so he could touch Wen Wen’s hair, cheeks, body anytime and anywhere, and let Wen Wen’s stormy and intense feelings wrap around him…

But how can he make Wen Wen fall in love with him?

Sigh, Lin HaoMiao said thanks and got up to leave, and Wen Wen just mmm’d, without reacting further, so Lin HaoMiao deeply felt his fantasy love was the most hopeless… 

At the thought of probably never getting in again, Lin HaoMiao took a pair of gloves as a souvenir when Wen Wen was not paying attention.

The night he got home, Lin HaoMiao took the pair of brown cowhide gloves and rubbed them on his face, pretending that Wen Wen was touching his cheek. Then he masturbated through the gloves, imagining the two of them kissing in the corner downstairs, then being eagerly jerked off by Wen Wen wearing the gloves, and soon cumming white turbid fluid.

The gloves were carefully placed in Lin HaoMiao’s bedside table after the liquid was wiped off, where he kept all kinds of things he had picked up, secretly filmed, and hacked from the computer all kinds of things belonging to Wen Wen.


He wanted to take a shower, but just before entering, Lin HaoMiao thought that he had picked up the teacup when he and Wen Wen’s fingertips touched, and suddenly could not take a shower. Thinking about it, he could only find a piece of tape, and cover the place where they touched. As a souvenir, he carefully found a photo frame and put it up, and then went to the shower.


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They are perfect for each other. Now get together before anyone else is killed

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Obsessed much! He really likes him!!

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Questionable hooman
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