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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Wen Wen probably had a new boyfriend.

Lin HaoMiao occasionally hacked into Wen Wen’s computer to see new photos or other things, and, as a result, found a game.

Wen Wen had never played online games before so Lin HaoMiao, like a girl suspecting her boyfriend cheating, directly hacked into Wen Wen’s various forum accounts, QQ chat records and so on to turn the bottom of the sky.

Then he learned that the new boyfriend lived in the next city, and met Wen Wen in a chance encounter in a coffee shop, after asking for the phone number of the other party to pursue him, and then Wen Wen, although a little hesitant, agreed.

Wen Wen hesitated because of the long distance, and Lin HaoMiao did not doubt this in the slightest.

“Crap, this is not at all how to chase someone…”

Lin HaoMiao looked at the chat logs and hated himself for being a wimp, because he found that Wen Wen didn’t seem to be very picky about his partners. As long as their attitude was warm enough, he would lose his resistance and his mouth would loosen to agree to try, and his own previous fear was quickly forgotten. To the screen, Lin HaoMiao vowed that if Wen Wen broke up again this time, no matter how long they were together, and no matter how he had to chase, he would directly confess and even if he was rejected, he would confess again!

Then Lin HaoMiao followed the trail and found the game ID of the two, Wen Wen’s ID was called Wen Wen, while his new boyfriend, Zhao Guan Meng, seemed to be a random Western name, Summon Elk.

As a qualified pervert, Lin HaoMiao naturally downloaded the game, went directly to their game’s zone and created a character, chose the profession of black magic tutor, ID Water Aquatic River, entered the game and started doing quests to level up to full level, and then applied for Wen Wen and Zhao Guan Meng’s guild.

With this excuse, Lin HaoMiao boldly and casually sent friend requests to both people.

Zhao Guan Meng quickly accepted, but Wen Wen did not.


“Yeah, haha.” Lin HaoMiao typed with an expressionless face in front of his computer.

“I sent several people friend requests, but you were the only one who accepted [tears].”

“It’s the middle of the night, a lot of people are asleep, right? I’m getting off too.” Zhao Guan Meng was quite friendly back to him, but also incidentally added a sentence, “Wen Wen is my friend and he does not add other people as friends. Of course your request will be rejected, he did not mean anything by it, ah.”

“Oh okay.” Lin HaoMiao was not surprised that Wen Wen saw only his boyfriend and no one else at all. He was still a little sad but hoped he was not in the category of ‘others’.

The first thing that happened was that in the morning, Lin HaoMiao saw that Wen Wen had rejected his request.

But adding Zhao Guan Meng as a friend was basically the same as adding Wen Wen, and as long as Zhao Guan Meng was online, Wen Wen was too. As long as he entered Zhao Guan Meng’s team, Wen Wen would definitely be in it.

Lin HaoMiao couldn’t help but hope with some malice that Zhao Guan Meng would cheat on him sooner or later, and then in a few days there would be news like “a certain A City youth died a tragic death at home”. But he was a bit upset at that thought, because what if Wen Wen was arrested for murder this time? He was already suspected by the police last time, wasn’t he?

In the game, Wen Wen’s profession was an assassin, Zhao Guan Meng was a warrior, and Lin HaoMiao was a magician. The rest of their team were guild people, and every time the group channel opened, Wen Wen never spoke.

Lin HaoMiao knew that they never mentioned their identity, and Wen Wen also did not know that the wizard with the ID, Aquatic River, who never said a word was actually his neighbor.

Since he knew that Wen Wen was not afraid to confess his love, and during the relationship, as long as the other party didn’t make a mistake, he would never change his mind. Lin HaoMiao was always conflicted and secretly hoped that Zhao Guan Meng would make any kind of mistake. As a result, even after a year, the new boyfriend was safe and sound, so Lin HaoMiao felt a little sad that maybe Wen Wen had really met true love this time.

Until one day, he went online in the middle of the night and saw that neither people were online, so he casually sent a message in the guild to ask for a group.

Soon after, he received an invitation to join a group.

He joined and directly entered a fight.

With him added, the group became full and the fight started right away. The tactic was not detailed, but the problem was on YY, he found that there was something wrong with the captain warrior’s voice, it sounded like he was using a voice changer. And the speaking habits of him and Zhao Guan Meng’s voice were exactly the same! The point was, the boyfriend had side accounts and Wen Wen wasn’t on!! Lin HaoMiao witnessed Wen Wen turn off the lights to go to bed. 

The demon in his heart took over, and Lin HaoMiao pretended to lose connection, to directly check the captain warrior’s YY number and game account IP. It was really Zhao Guan Meng. After going online he pretended to be all kinds of embarrassed to apologize, because he disconnected just now and they almost wiped at the boss, not getting the highest completion reward. The priest in the group was somewhat dissatisfied and opened his mouth to complain, “Don’t pit people if your computer is bad.”

Lin HaoMiao apologized a few more times, but that person was still aggressive, his voice was quite young, male, like a college student.

This was when the voice-changed Zhao Guan Meng spoke up, “Asuka, don’t be angry, I’ll play with you again afterwards, let it go this time.”

“Are you helping me or helping an outsider?” That priest was a little aggrieved.

“Hey, I’m clearly helping you ah…”

“Oh, you…”

The two people flirted with each other on YY, looking at the calmness of others’ in the group, this situation was probably not the first time.

Fucker. Lin HaoMiao sneered across the screen. He wanted to pull Zhao Guan Meng out of the screen directly and beat him up.

The dungeon was played as usual, but Lin HaoMiao secretly turned on the YY recording function.

The tone of the conversation between Zhao Guan Meng and the boy who had been pampered all the way made Lin HaoMiao nauseous. He lay in bed waiting for an opportunity to talk to Wen Wen the next day.

As a result, he woke up the next day, not in his own bed, but on a patch of grass.




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March 22, 2021 11:52 am

Aaaand it’s begun!!

March 24, 2021 7:16 pm

Whoa! On a patch of grass! What in the world!

April 29, 2021 10:25 am

I’m enjoying this so much. The suspense is so great its hard to put it down.

June 24, 2021 5:37 pm

I wonder why Wen Wen always gets cheated on lol. It’s literally what you call ‘you cheated on the wrong person’…

July 3, 2022 8:43 am

Do you want him to cheat or not? LoL. You were wishing for him to cheat now that he cheated you wanna beat him up. Lolololololol.

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