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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin HaoMiao was a little confused, he thought he hadn’t woken up… This was clearly the game he was playing! This was the cold ice grassland next to the Fortress where his character, Aquatic River, went offline!

He looked around in a panic, and the clothes he was wearing turned out to be his wizard robe, and his wand was in his hand. Then he realized that all those magic skills were imprinted in his head, and he could also see his character sheet.

To sum up, he had entered the game world and couldn’t get out.

After the initial panic, Lin HaoMiao gradually calmed down, his character level was max, even if he faced the magical beasts as long as he was not swarmed, he should not encounter too much danger to life. But he found that the resurrection potions, city return coupons, and teleportation skills in his backpack were all gone, and he guessed… that if he died in the game now, he probably wouldn’t be resurrected in the main city, but really, directly die.

Not daring to risk his life, Lin HaoMiao only wanted to find out if there were people like himself and whether… Wen Wen was in this game.

He rushed all the way from the north to the south in the Fortress, because he remembered that the location of the guild was the southern side of the city of Arce. Walking was too slow and dangerous, but his money was all cleared and he could only fight to get some low level magic items to sell for money for the road.

Along the way he met many of the same “players” as him, it seems that as long as the game was logged in that week, regardless of the zone, they all gathered in this one world.

Lin HaoMiao was in a hurry after getting this news, Wen Wen woke up in Alsace City, but when he rushed there, he was not sure where he was. The game’s chat channels and private messaging buddy system all disappeared, so finding someone was really a matter of fate. Lin HaoMiao walked all the way, asking everyone, and even had a few encounters with accidents and almost died, after all, the south brought him through some forests and deserts, he was a magician, so when he encountered dangerous situations, it was really difficult to cope with them alone.

He needed to eat, needed to sleep, had no HP and MP, and his life and magic were up to his own estimate… like in the real world ah.

Lin HaoMiao clenched his hand. He didn’t know why this happened, and didn’t know what the future would bring.

Lin HaoMiao only wanted to find Wen Wen. He was afraid that the world was too big, and he could not find him for the rest of his life, which scared him more than finding Wen Wen’s corpse.

If Wen Wen was dead, Lin HaoMiao could die in peace. But not finding him meant he would keep looking, hoping to live to see the person, die to see the body.

And in fact, Wen Wen was not far from Lin HaoMiao, he and Zhao Guan Meng were originally moving together, since the people in the guild met up there was infighting and they split up. He went north with Zhao Guan Meng.

But their pace was soon slowed down by the arrival of another person.

A teenager who claimed to be called Chen Su said he was a priest and would be very helpful to the group and should join them.

Wen Wen was impatient, he actually did not want to have any extra contact with people other than Zhao Guan Meng, but Zhao Guan Meng surprisingly agreed to it, after which it formed an awkward scene of three people on the road together.

Wen Wen looked at the tone and attitude of Zhao Guan Meng speaking to that teenager and immediately understood. Zhao Guan Meng thought he was hiding well and secretly told Chen Su to pretend he didn’t know him first and that he would solve the problem later.

He had long been unable to stand Wen Wen, who looked very obedient and very gentle, but in fact, was unreasonable, tried to control everything, and was jealous if he talked to others or touched others. He was even more annoying than his mother. But now the world was too dangerous, Wen Wen’s assassin career and skills were very useful, so he could not leave him.

Chen Su nodded obediently and said he would be good and wait.

Wen Wen hid behind a tree, listening to the whole of their conversation silently, while crying and laughing. If there were people who saw it, they would be scared by his distorted expression.

Wen Wen admitted that he was sick. 

His desire for exclusivity was so great that it was frightening, perhaps Zhao Guan Meng was somewhat right, tossed by his neurotic and controlling fetters to breathe, even if the relationship itself was good, it would deteriorate and become rotten.

But you cannot control that, ah.

Seeing his lover’s eyes on others, his mouth saying bubbling words, hands and feet touching the body of others… he wanted to go crazy and wanted to kill all those people.

Wen Wen’s condition for choosing a lover was simple: they needed to love him.

He also did not know what went wrong, those who claimed to love only themselves, regardless of age, regardless of identity, would eventually run away, not only because of practical reasons, but they would say that they were not suitable, or that he was attempting to completely control their lives, and not giving them enough freedom… In short, there were all kinds of reasons.

“…Guan Meng.”

Zhao Guan Meng was startled by Wen Wen, who was standing at the door of the hut when he called out. In the past, in the previously long distance relationship Wen Wen only felt a bit tightly controlling and clingy, a completely different feeling from when they first talked. But at least off the computer and cell phone he still did what he had to. Now that he was in this damn game world, Zhao Guan Meng felt suffocated.

Yes, he was suffocating.

At first, he thought Wen Wen had a superficial coldness, but in fact in bed, he was very attractive, but that was only once a month! Now that they were together day in and day out, it was hard for him to see Wen Wen smile. Zhao Guan Meng thought to himself, ‘I have to find a reason to get rid of him after I manage to convince him to bring Chen Su along’.

“Wen Wen, why did you run out? Wasn’t the battle too exhausting in the morning and I let you rest in the house?”

“It’s okay, I’m not very tired anyway.” Wen Wen deliberately asked, “Where is Chen Su?”

“I also wondered that so I just came out to look around and did not see him… Did he get lost? I’ll go look for him.”

“…Okay.” Wen Wen stared at Zhao Guan Meng’s eyes and said slowly and meaningfully, “For being such an ‘important’ priest, we lose him quite a lot.”

“That’s…” Zhao Guan Meng did not even notice Wen Wen’s strangeness, just wanted to hurry to meet with Chen Su. They had started to live together in A city a month ago after they hooked up. In the game world, it was not easy to find the opportunity to have sex, so they had only done it once.

Fortunately, Chen Su was accommodating, unlike a certain person.

“Then hurry up and rest for a while.”

“Mn, then I’m going back to sleep.” Wen Wen held the door frame, ready to enter the house, suddenly turned his head and asked, “Zhao Guan Meng, do you really love me?”

Here we go again… have to say it once every three days, once or twice is quite interesting, asking more than that is annoying, right?

Zhao Guan Meng paused for a moment, full of smiles, “Such nonsense, of course I do.”

Wen Wen laughed out loud, “Mn, then go.”

Zhao Guan Meng was in a hurry to find Chen Su, not realizing that this time Wen Wen did not answer ‘me too’, but urged him to go quickly. It was also possible that he was just overwhelmed by his affair and left without looking back anyway.


The door closed and Wen Wen leaned against the door and thought for a while, then put his dagger on the table on his waist, turned around and went out.


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January 2, 2021 12:30 pm

Is it bad that I love the MC and the ML, dispute how twisted they are!!!

<3 <3 <3

Wonderland's Bunny
Wonderland's Bunny
January 2, 2021 1:21 pm

For some reason I think the MC and the ML are really cute despite those twisted sides of them so i’ll keep reading.

It would be really great if Wen Wen loves Lin Haomiao, they would complement each other perfectly~

January 3, 2021 2:15 pm

did not expect the sudden game thing XD

makes it easier to commit crimes Ig?

January 5, 2021 9:57 am

By by the third boyfriend

March 24, 2021 7:24 pm

Wow, why do they end up cheating! If you don’t want to be in the relationship walk away, don’t drag the other person with you!

June 24, 2021 5:55 pm

You know, MC and ML might be both messed up, but atleast they’re not cheaters 🙄

January 22, 2022 4:27 am

Yes you go WenWen! Idk i like both the leads in this tbh i find them kinda cute for some reason 😂 they really are perfect for each other

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