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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Wen Wen was confused by this development.

“I’ve liked you for a long time, please be my boyfriend.” Lin HaoMiao’s expression was serious, it was just very weird with the tragic scene of blood puddles all over the ground.

Wen Wen felt that he was probably sick, and now he had to admit that this person in front of him was also sick. He drew back his hand somewhat awkwardly, pulled the dagger out of Zhao Guan Meng’s head, and rubbed it twice on the grass to get off the sticky mixed liquid.

All players in this world were mercenaries or adventurers, and all were ‘outsiders’, in short, none of them had a proper identity. In addition, due to the deep forest demons, two corpses would not attract anyone’s attention.

Besides, the smell of blood was so strong that the corpses would be eaten by magical beasts in a couple of days.

Wen Wen stood up, took one last look at the man on the ground, turned around and prepared to go back to the hut where he was staying.

Lin HaoMiao hurried to step up, “Where are you going? To wash? What about dealing with the body?”

Wen Wen glanced at him hesitantly, “You…”

“Can I go with you?” Lin HaoMiao was a little anxious, “If you do not want me to, I will follow behind you, and will not let you notice me… this, I’m very good at.”

“…Let’s go together.”

Lin HaoMiao, who got the go-ahead, was excited to follow Wen Wen all the way back to that hut, only to learn that the original surrounding magical beasts were all cleared out by them before.

Wen Wen returned to the room, only then did he notice all the blood on his body, and laughed bitterly, “How strange, every time I kill someone, why do you see it?”

Lin HaoMiao remembered the last and only time they crossed paths, “Last time… you said you were going to take out the garbage? Later when the police came to the door, I thought you were really going to jail, the next few days, at home, I was anxious enough to die, and could not sleep…”

“You’re a really strange person. Aren’t you afraid? I’ve killed people with my own hands, and more than one.”

Lin HaoMiao honestly replied, “How can I be afraid? Cheating and marrying a woman… How dare they betray your feelings! Don’t they deserve to die? You killed them rightfully, ah.”

“You…” Wen Wen opened his mouth, and surprisingly did not know what to say. It took a long time before he finally said, “…Forget it.”

He took out a piece of waste cloth, and carefully wiped the blade in his hand.

The sun was shining through the window, lighting Wen Wen’s blood-stained face. Lin HaoMiao just sat there, staring at the side of his face looking fascinated. 

“Why are you staring at me?”

“Looking at you.” Lin HaoMiao gulped. “You’re the best-looking person I’ve ever seen.”

“I have blood all over my face now, don’t I? Does that look good too?” The polished blade reflected Wen Wen’s current appearance, if a normal person saw it, they would probably be scared half to death.

“Yeah, you look good.”

“……” Gave up discussing this with Lin HaoMiao, Wen Wen touched his cheek, the blood on it had already solidified – this was Zhao GuanMeng’s blood, the one called Chen Su had his throat slit from behind, so his blood didn’t even get on him.

“I don’t like this.” Wen Wen closed his eyes and sighed. He had never shared his feelings with anyone, but right now he kind of wanted to share it, perhaps because Lin HaoMiao was the only one who knew his ‘secret’. “I don’t want to kill people. But they don’t love me anymore… They said they would always love me no matter what. But they’ve changed. So I had to kill them, I couldn’t let them love someone else.”

“Because of this, do you think I’m sick?” Wen Wen’s lips trembled a little, “People like me are not born to be loved by others for a long time, right?”

“I, I ah!” Lin HaoMiao responded anxiously, reaching out to hold Wen Wen’s cold face, “Go out with me! I will love you forever! This life, next life, no matter when…”


“They all promise that!” Wen Wen, hearing the word ‘love’, visibly trembled a little. He opened his eyes, his voice a little hoarse, “I’m not normal, my desire to monopolize is unbearable. At first you will feel it is very fresh, after a long time, you will not be able to stand it… like everyone else. We have been neighbors for a few years… and now this coincidence of meeting in this strange world, I do not want you to die by my hands in the future.”


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January 25, 2021 7:11 am

I have to respect the self-aware insanity. Honest communication and self-reflection is key in maintaining a healthy (?????) relationship.

March 24, 2021 7:32 pm

Open communication, like nothing just happened minutes ago!

March 16, 2023 10:39 pm

why is this the best communication I’ve seen in novels in a bit

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