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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin HaoMiao breathed in a little sharply. He wanted to plow out all his thoughts to Wen Wen, maybe then Wen Wen would believe him and give him a chance, “I can stand it! And I don’t even think that’s a big deal! Wen Wen, I’m begging you… I’ve liked you for years. I saw you in the supermarket three years ago, and I liked you then. Don’t be offended if I tell you, I was following you home before I moved next door to you to be your neighbor, just so I could watch you.”

Wen Wen stared at Lin HaoMiao a little confused, as if thinking about the day he went to the supermarket three years ago, and when Lin HaoMiao moved next door to him.

“I was just too scared… I watched you change two boyfriends but did not dare to confess. I could only spy on you every day, jerking off with your stolen photos…”

“Spy? Stolen photos?” Wen Wen frowned and pushed away Lin HaoMiao’s hands touching his face.

Lin HaoMiao heart palpitated. He really worried that Wen Wen would call him a pervert, and directly put him on the blocked list.

But to Wen Wen, he simply cannot lie, and can only truthfully say he made a hole in his wall to peek at him, hacked into his computer to download photos and rummaged through his trash can. His whole mess of actions were all truthfully explained.

“…So that’s it. I really do not mean any harm! It’s because I like you, I like you so much that I’m going crazy… you probably think I’m disgusting.” After saying that he looked at Wen Wen’s reaction.

There was a long silence before Wen Wen opened his mouth and asked hesitantly, “What you said… is all true?”

“It is… you don’t hate me for that, right?” Lin HaoMiao was afraid that the good-looking face in front of him would show even a little dislike.

However, Wen Wen did not.

He just seemed to be a little confused and thought for a while before he whispered, “The proposal you made just now… let me think about it.”

“Proposal?” Lin HaoMiao reacted to what Wen Wen meant by proposal, and was immediately ecstatic, “You are willing to consider going out with me now, right!?”

Wen Wen nodded sluggishly.

“Ah… well, you think about it, think about it.” Lin HaoMiao was a little incoherent.

If it were in the past, Wen Wen would not refuse this direct and fierce confession. This time, the reunion scene was too awkward, plus Lin HaoMiao knew about his ‘problem’, so he subconsciously resisted.

However, the things Lin HaoMiao confessed, for others may be a perverted behavior to avoid, but, for Wen Wen, it was simply a kind of long-sought after sweetness.

After they went to a nearby stream to wash off the excessive blood on their faces and hands, when Wen Wen took off his dried clothes and washed his naked body in the stream, Lin HaoMiao’s eyes were firmly glued to him.

Lin HaoMiao’s sight was so revealing that Wen Wen, who was a few meters away, could feel it clearly.

This feeling of being watched closely at all times… made Wen Wen breathe heavily.

He was completely shaken.

As for clothes, they could only go back to the city to buy a new set. Being stained with a layer of blood, the clothes would have to be scrapped if they could not find a repairer.

After buying new clothes and pants Wen Wen’s savings were tight, Lin HaoMiao had no money at all, so the two of them only booked a room at the hotel.

Lin HaoMiao felt this was already the best thing that could happen to him, he just didn’t know what Wen Wen’s attitude was. 

They arrived at the hotel after dark, already past dinnertime. When entering the room, Lin HaoMiao saw that there was only one bed in the room and froze at the door.

Behind him Wen Wen also froze, “The boss may be mistaken.”

Lin HaoMiao was suddenly in a somewhat low mood, “Do you want to change rooms?”

There was no electricity in this world, only a few oil lamps were glowing, the soft light reflected Wen Wen’s silhouette a little softer than before. Wen Wen did not go back downstairs, but closed the door with his hand. He took off his outermost jacket as he walked inside, folded it and put it on the table, with the dagger neatly laid out next to it.

He did not answer Lin HaoMiao’s words, but began to undo his clothes in silence.

Lin HaoMiao watched as Wen Wen unbuttoned with his slender and nimble fingers, each movement so beautiful that he couldn’t breathe.

First he took off his shirt, then his boots, and then his pants.

By the time Wen Wen stripped down to just a pair of underwear, the rest of his pale skin was exposed. Lin HaoMiao’s erection had already risen high and was clearly creating a tent.


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