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Chapter 7:  “…Let’s have sex.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin HaoMiao was in a bad mental state these days. 1

The continuous aimless rushing made him physically tired, since his profession was a magician… his strength and stamina were terrible. And more importantly, after entering this world, he didn’t have anything related to Wen Wen around. Photos, clothes… even a button would be doable, and not having anything was not the same. He used to use various props and peep. Lin HaoMiao now could only rely on his imagination, and so his jerking off was hindered.

I don’t know how much longer this will last… Lin HaoMiao thought he was going crazy thinking about Wen Wen.

The carriage stopped in a small town. To go further south, he needed to pay a sum of money. The poor Lin HaoMiao had to say goodbye to the coachman and save up around here before continuing on his way.

Lin HaoMiao regretted not learning any high level life skills, because now he could only kill some magic creatures, and then sell the skin and meat to the butcher for a little money.

The merchants here were also selective, and would not take everything you offered. And those precious magical creatures were too far from the town, and could not be found, so Lin HaoMiao could only go deep into the forest daily to try his luck.

This day Lin HaoMiao felt his luck was a bit bad, and chose the southwest side of the forest, where the grass was lush, the terrain was also a bit complex, so theoretically there should be a lot of magical creatures. As a result, he didn’t see any of them.

Probably someone had gotten there first, right?

Lin HaoMiao saw a hut, the entrance seemed to have signs of fire, so perhaps a mercenary group or other players passed through here, and killed all the magic creatures in a circle around the house.

He sighed and prepared to go in the other direction.

In hindsight, Lin HaoMiao felt that day as the luckiest day of his life.

He chose a random direction to walk, and as he walked he heard some strange noises. It was like the sound of an attack, and at once Lin HaoMiao’s heart alarm bells went off. Holding the wand in his hand he moved forward carefully.

Everything gradually became clear; it was the sound of a blade repeatedly stabbed into flesh. At first there were some faint grunts, but, after a while, no other sounds could be heard.

Lin HaoMiao carefully pushed aside the bushes in front of him.

Wen Wen, whose face was covered with blood, turned his head vigilantly, and the dagger he was clutching was now stained with blood and brain fluid.

“Wen Wen!” Lin HaoMiao shouted out in alarm, after which the person began trembling.

There was a naked boy lying on the ground in front of him, a huge gash at his throat, blood oozing out from the inside and flowing all over the ground. He was dead, his eyes still wide open, showing the horror of his death.

Wen Wen was sitting on top of another man, who was also naked. The man’s entire face had been stabbed and blurred to the point that he could not recognize his face, and there were several bone-deep wounds on his stomach and chest.

Lin HaoMiao guessed that this dead man was Zhao Guan Meng, because the clothes laid out next to him looked quite familiar. It was the best quality armor that Zhao Guan Meng liked so much.

And the reason why he became a dead man was also clear at this moment.

Wen Wen seemed to be in a very confused state, his hands trembling slightly, his eyes glowing red, staring at him after Lin HaoMiao called out his name, trying hard to remember who this man was. His hands were covered in blood, which had somewhat dried. The blood on his face stretched from the corner of his eyes to his chin, not so much splattered as sprayed on, dripping down Wen Wen’s slender neck in the silence of the scene, cutting across his collarbone all the way into his collar.

Lin HaoMiao’s whole body was trembling, but not because of fear.

He was too excited.

So excited that he got hard at once… even though the other party’s dagger was still in someone else’s eye socket.

“…It’s you.” Wen Wen finally recalled that this youth was his somewhat strange neighbor.

“You still remember me!?” Lin HaoMiao was ecstatic, he came out of the bushes, walking a little unsteadily, stepping over Chen Su’s naked corpse as if it was a twig before walking up to Wen Wen, then flopping down on his knees.

Wen Wen stared at him blankly.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time…” Lin HaoMiao trembling, reaching out his hand and touching Wen Wen’s cheek, getting his own hand bloodied and stained.

So soft.

It’s the real Wen Wen… 

Lin HaoMiao took a deep breath, even the strong, pungent smell of blood could not cover the smell of Wen Wen. He uncontrollably got closer to Wen Wen, stretching out his arms to hold the person firmly in his arms.

Wen Wen’s body was a little stiff, confused as to why this person came up and hugged him. He was interrupted by this sudden development of the state just now, the hand slowly let go of the dagger, reached out and carefully examined for a moment. There was blood dried in his palm, clearly imprinted within his palm lines.

“…I killed them both.”

Lin HaoMiao glanced at the man, whose head had turned into a puddle of mud, “Zhao Guan Meng? And… his lover?”

Wen Wen didn’t question why Lin HaoMiao knew his boyfriend’s name, his eyes froze staring at his hand, “Mn, I gave him the opportunity, but he still… They were holding each other when I came…”

Lin HaoMiao did not hear Wen Wen whispering vaguely to himself, he was now stuck in his thoughts, Ah Zhao Guan Meng is dead. Finally dead! Good! Ah! Wen Wen looks so good. His collarbone is so thin. He’s so close. I want to kiss him… 

“Wen Wen.” Lin HaoMiao loosened his arm, reached out to Wen Wen’s palm, wrapped in his own palm, and stared straight into Wen Wen’s eyes.

Those eyes, which never used to fall on him, were now looking at him with suspicion.


He swallowed his saliva and earnestly said, “…Let’s have sex.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Heey, me too fam!


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January 4, 2021 10:36 pm

Getting a hard on after witnessing a brutal murder scene…. I’M LOVING THIS COUPLE ALREADY

March 22, 2021 12:03 pm

Uhmmm…. How about an ‘I love you’ before that?

March 24, 2021 7:28 pm

Shocked! The story line is interesting indeed!

June 16, 2021 6:37 am

911 i’m seriously concerned about LHM

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