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Chapter 13: Please Be Jealous

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Xi Ran didn’t show his inner thoughts very much, so Huan Xiu just feels that way. He didn’t know if Xi Ran had been bothered by his complaints in the morning. He was going to go home in the evening and ask again.

Huan Ye also took this opportunity to buy some books. He insisted on buying them with his pocket money. Huan Xiu couldn’t beat him this time. He had to watch him count silver coins over there. He looked a little pathetic. However, it was also because it was not easy to buy. On the way, Huan Ye couldn’t help but look through it. He was quite precious.

“Let’s change the storage room on the second floor into a small study. We don’t have to come to the office and put our books specially. How about you get a shelf?” On the way back, Huan Xiu asked.

“I, I don’t have so many books to put on a shelf.” Huan Ye quickly waved his hand.

“It will come later. That’s the decision.” Huan Xiu thought it’s a good plan. As time goes by, the newly bought house will become more and more characteristic of a family.

Xi Ran, who was driving, seemed to glance this way and didn’t say anything.

When he got home, Xi Ran was busy in the kitchen for a while. Because Huan Ye was also sitting on the sofa in the living room, he thought it was not a good time to mention the morning issue.

“Master, I’ll go upstairs and take a bath.”

“Oh, yes.” Huan Xiu wandered around the living room for a while. Unexpectedly, Xi Ran asked to go upstairs first. Looking at his figure, Huan Xiu couldn’t help thinking about how to ask. Although Huan Xiu didn’t think that Xi Ran’s feelings for him were so deep, at least they had the most basic affection for each other? Xi Ran’s ideas were naturally understandable to him. In addition to the ‘wall’ of ‘Zerg,’ it was very difficult for them to be a female. Even if no one wanted to share their master with other Zerg, in order not to cause the displeasure of their male Zerg, at least on the surface, he should keep silent on these matters.

He knows the truth, but Huan Xiu had some selfish intentions. He wanted to see Xi Ran more or less jealous because of the other Zerg’s advances.

He felt that he should first make it clear to Xi Ran that he did not have the idea of developing re;ationships with multiple people at the same time.

With this idea in mind, Huan Xiu thought for a while and told him to go back to his room earlier and go upstairs. Of course, Huan Ye agreed very cleverly. He never had to worry about it.

Huan Xiu, who returned to his room, was once again surprised by his unconventional situation.

“Have you washed yet- You’re going out? At this time?”

Xi Ran’s hair was still a little wet, obviously having taken a bath. However, he was dressed more formally than in the daytime. He usually went to work at the military headquarters, and he was still meticulously fastening the top collar button.

“Master,” said Xi Ran, looking up to see Huan Xiu enter the room, and asked with some difficulty, “can you close the door, please?”

“Oh, okay…. What’s the matter? Suddenly so formal?” Huan Xiu closed the door and walked to Xi Ran. He had not yet reflected the scene at this time and had deja vu.

“Master hasn’t touched me since the first night. Are you disappointed with me?”

“KarateChopMonkey” Huan Xiu estimated that there might be  a ‘what’ expression on his face.

“I’m sorry about this morning’s business. I’m sorry for upsetting master. I’ll pay more attention later.”

Huan Xiu thought it’s better to make this clear first, “Well, I’m absolutely not angry about this. I just think that if you don’t like something, you can say it frankly. After all, anyone who is provoked in such a face-to-face way will not feel better after saying something? Of course, I’m assuming that if you really have no fluctuation in your heart, you don’t have to pretend to be calm… “

“Of course I feel bad.”

Huan Xiu was stunned. He didn’t expect Xi Ran to be so frank.

Xi Ran lowered his head, and his eyes fell on Huan Xiu’s feet, “You are a better, softer master than any Zerg. I think there will be more people who admire you. It’s very precious to be around you, so I don’t think I have a position to say anything.”

“Xi Ran……”

For the first time, Xi Ran showed a somewhat confused mood in front of Huan Xiu, “Master, you let me sleep with you in the master bedroom, and treat Xiao Ye like your own child, with your usual attitude. Naturally, I don’t want to give these to other Zerg in the future.”

Xi Ran raised his head slightly,  it was not easy for him who was naturally introverted, “I know, because I saved you in the first place, so you are willing to give me these. But master has helped me a lot, and I should not be selfish…”

“You should be more selfish. I prefer that.” After listening to Xi Ran’s words, Huan Xiu felt much more relaxed. He took a step closer, almost stuck to Xi Ran’s body, reached for the side of the other’s face, and moved forward to give Xi Ran a long kiss. He thought it was time to do so. Unlike his first impression, Xi Ran’s lips were very soft and trembled slightly at the moment because of shock.

Xi Ran was stupefied. He didn’t close his eyes like Huan Xiu. His eyes showed he was a little flustered.

His master kissed him.

“I’m not just trying to repay you, I should have said I had a crush on you,” said Huan Xiu, leaving Xi Ran’s lips. “What about you? Is it just that I’m a haven now…”

“No, you’re not…”

Huan Xiu’s hand changed from Xi Ran hot cheek to his chest, “I don’t think so. Or why is your heart beating so fast?”

Xi Ran quickly licked his lips unconsciously. He seemed very nervous. He organized his words for a moment, “A kiss… I’ve never had one before. I may not understand this kind of thing very well either…”

“It’s your first kiss?” Huan Xiu was unbelievable. The man in front of him was divorced, had experience, and even had children. Now he told him that this was his first kiss.

“You are too cute…” Huan Xiu couldn’t help it. He stepped forward naturally, and behind him was the bed. Xi Ran didn’t exert any force on his legs, so he spontaneously sat back on the bed with one step.

A lot of previous conversations between the two passed by in Huan Xiu’s mind for a moment. After contacting the scene before, he suddenly understood what Xi Ran said, “So you dressed up after taking a bath. Did you want me to take it off? For the fun of undressing? This was what I said some time ago.”

“Yes.” Xi Ran nodded.

Huan Xiu was really speechless. What else could he do in this situation?

When Xi Ran looked at Huan Xiu again, he looked straight at him. Huan Xiu stopped in front of Xi Ran’s lips and said, “It’s time to close your eyes.”

Xi Ran closed his eyes and felt Huan Xiu kiss him again. With the kiss, Huan Xiu pressed Xi Ran down and they both fell into bed.

This time, Xi Ran closed his eyes obediently, but Huan Xiu opened his eyes and watched his reaction closely. Xi Ran frowned a little, as if in doubt rather than patience.

Huan Xiu grabbed Xi Ran’s wrist and guided him to put his arm around his neck. Xi Ran’s movements were a little stiff. At the beginning, he just put it on Huan Xiu’s shoulder and didn’t dare to use force. However, as Huan Xiu’s aggressive kisses gradually deepened, Xi Ran was also infected a lot, and his palms were tentatively pasted on his skin. Because Huan Xiu didn’t say anything about it, Xi Ran thought it was acquiescence.

Huan Xiu knew that if he told Xi Ran what to do, Xi Ran would certainly do it. But now he didn’t say anything. Xi Ran tried to get closer to him and he felt more satisfied.

It took about three or four seconds from their lip contact for it to become a tongue kiss. Xi Ran opened his mouth awkwardly to let the tip of Huan Xi ‘s tongue come in. He reluctantly responded with his tongue twice, but Huan Xiu was basically allowed to invade. Xi Ran’s breath was close to him, which made him feel a little feverish, and his fingers were locked tightly on Huan Xiu unconsciously.

Since Xi Ran asked Huan Xiu to take off clothes, he naturally wanted to try it. Xi Ran was dressed in his daily military uniform, not his training clothes. He was wrapped up very tightly. As he kissed him, Huan Xiu reached between their chests and fumbled for his shirt button.

“Mn… Ha, um…” Xi Ran was a little out of breath. Huan Xiu stopped kissing for a while and stood up and looked at Xi Ran’s face.

“Master, let me help you…”


“No,” said Huan Xiu , blocking Xi Ran’s hand as he tried to undress himself. “I’ll do it today.”


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We do like seeing a man in uniform! 😏🤭

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Communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship!! How sweet!!! Xi Ran can talk more about his feelings. AAAAAH!

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Communication makes any relationship a stable one

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