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Chapter 14: Dominating During Sex

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Female Zergs were always the ones who dominated during sex. They did not dominate sex, but because their innate conditions were not ‘attractive,’ they had to take the initiative to serve and request in various ways to arouse a male Zerg’s sexual desire. And most of the male Zerg, who were used to it, were happy to save time and effort in bed. It was a common habit for female Zerg to get ready early, to wait naked, to help male Zerg change clothes, and even to help the male Zerg harden quickly by using their mouth or hand to obtain ‘sexual interest.’

Huan Xiu stopped Xi Ran, who wanted to get up with him, “You lie down.”

“This…” Xi Ran hadn’t come out of that idea. He felt that he had not done anything for Huan Xiu tonight, so he felt uneasy to lie down like this.

Huan Xiu thought for a moment and said with a smile, “I’ll give you something.”

“What?” Xi Ran had a positive attitude.

Huan Xiu only unbuttoned the two buttons on the top of Xi Ran’s neckline. Suddenly, he thought it was a bit funny. Instead of unbuttoning all the other’s buttons on the shirt, he rolled the shirt up from the bottom and pushed the cloth all the way to the top of his chest, “Help me.”

Huan Xiu wanted him to hold it, but it was just Xi Ran pulling his shirt up to show his chest. Instead of showing shame, Xi Ran looked at Huan Xiu sincerely. If this made him more eager, he would be very happy to do so.

The contrast between his attitude and action made him more attractive, Huan Xiu thought.

Huan Xiu easily unbuttoned Xi Ran’s belt, and took off his straight pressed trousers. Xi Ran’s legs were very straight. Due to his outdoor training in summer, his lower legs were a bit darker than his thighs. Feeling Huan Xiu’s line of sight, Xi Ran bent his leg a little uneasily.

Huan Xiu trailed one hand up Xi Ran’s leg. Feeling this hand touch him, Xi Ran took the initiative to separate his legs, and then, without warning, Huan Xiu crouched down and gently bit the tip of Xi Ran’s nipple.

“Mmm…!” Between the itch and the slight pain, Xi Ran could not help but moan as Huan Xiu crawled from his chest to his neck. Instinctively, Xi Ran wanted to hide, but realized that this was Huan Xiu’s desire for his body, and he stopped. On the contrary, he straightened his chest a little to cater to Huan Xiu.

This kind of action aroused Huan Xiu’s desire and filled him full of enthusiasm.


Xi Ran’s body was slightly ‘arched’ because of his chest posture. His head was back, and he was panting heavily. Huan Xiu kept teasing Xi Ran’s nipple with the tip of his tongue and teeth, and soon it became stiff and erect. Xi Ran was also taken care of by his hand, and the nipple was rubbed and pressed back and forth by the finger pad teasingly. Huan Xiu’s other hand was not free. He was poking and teasing around the moist back hole, trying to understand the inside of Xi Ran’s body better.

Xi Ran was a little restless since he didn’t do anything and was just lying down. But Huan Xiu told him to lift his clothes, and he couldn’t spare his hands to do anything else.

Xi Ran recalled that he had seen all kinds of female Zerg’s complain about sex in some gender forum posts, how to make master not so rude, and all kinds of puzzles about how to get favor. When he was very young, he was as curious as most female Zerg, but after seeing many such questions, he thought that maybe there was nothing at all to sex. Occasionally, there would be a few posts that publicized how harmonious the relationship between them and their male Zerg was, and many Zerg questioned the content that was made up for self satisfaction. But now Xi Ran had no doubt that there was a real experience in it. After all, even Zerg like him could one day experience this feeling.


Xi Ran’s whole body suddenly trembled, and soon his soft penis stiffened. On the contrary, his body collapsed. Xi Ran didn’t know what was going on for a while. Soon, because of the pleasure spreading all over his body again, he realized that it was Huan Xiu who touched a place in his body that he didn’t know about.

Huan Xiu raised his head. One side of Xi Ran’s nipples was licked by him. It was wet and swollen. By comparison, the other side was much more lonely. He poked everywhere just now, but it seemed that he really found the relatively sensitive point in Xi Ran’s cave. It was actually very shallow. No wonder he didn’t find it when he did it last time. It was easier to just poke it with his finger, otherwise it would be easier to rub it.

Because of the stimulation, Xi Ran’s hole was tightly clenched and he was tight around Huan Xiu’s fingers. It wasn’t until Huan Xiu bent his finger and stroked Xi Ran’s waist with his other hand to let him relax a little, and then Xi Ran recovered.

“Master……” Xi Ran murmured but was still sensual. He didn’t think he would release such a voice when he opened his mouth.

“Was that good?” Huan Xiu asked. Actually, there was no need to answer. Xi Ran’s own reaction could give an answer.

Xi Ran nodde, “But I didn’t know there was such a thing before.”

Huan Xiu felt a great sense of accomplishment, so he tried to stimulate that point once again.

“Ah, mn…! Ah ah! Master, mn, ngh.”

A series of groans uncontrollably leaked out of Xi Ran’s mouth. Normally he would only gasp, or a mumble in his throat. This was the first time the pleasure was so uncontrollable.

Huan Xiu’s fingers were wet, and he temporarily ‘let go’ of Xi Ran and pulled his fingers out. Xi Ran’s back hole was soft and moist.

“Master, please come in…” Xi Ran’s voice trembled.

Huan Xiu was also very hard. Without taking off his clothes, he undid the zipper of his pants and pulled out his stiff penis. Xi Ran actively curled his legs so that Huan Xiu could easily insert his penis. Xi Ran’s underwear were still hanging on his left thigh, and his upper body was still meticulously holding the position that Huan Xiu asked him to do. Just now, his fingers were wringing his shirt because it was an awkward position. Now the shirt looked a little wrinkled.

Although the entry was smooth, Huan Xiu was still clenched tightly by the soft meat in the cave. It was a week since they had done it last time.

“Relax…” Huan Xiu touched Xi Ran’s inner thigh.

Xi Ran took two breaths to relax. He didn’t know why, when Huan Xiu entered and looked at him like this, Xi Ran’s heart was tight. If he could, what could he do to make this male Zerg not do such a thing with other people? Xi Ran didn’t know anything about feelings. Was such an idea what master called ‘good feeling?’

“Ah, mn –“

Huan Xiu’s glans thrust in with some force, and all the thoughts in Xi Ran’s head were blown away. His thrusting was fierce and fast and Xi Ran was shaking in the soft quilt. His head was almost beyond the bed when he was lying on the bed. Huan Xiu reached for Xi Ran’s knee, holding his leg, and dragged him in his direction.

He was really heavy.

Huan Xiu had a hard time pulling, but he managed to get Xi Ran over. This was probably the extraordinary performance for bed special occasions. Xi Ran, who was pulled to the side, only this posterior acupoint was fixed. Naturally, Xi Ran felt Huan Xiu thrust in deeper. A strong sense of possession filled his whole body.

Realizing that Xi Ran subconsciously tried to lift his legs to tighten around him, Huan Xiu insisted, “Relax or hook your legs around my back.”

Between the two, Xi Ran chose the latter. He had never had such experience, but he probably understood what kind of posture Huan Xiu was talking about. He lifted his legs around Huan Xiu’s back, and his back hole  contracted uncontrollably due to the stimulation of his posture changes. Huan Xiu felt like he was pushing himself.

He obeyed his instinct and began to thrust without scruple. Because the position of the two men were so tight, he could not see his penis coming in and out between Xi Ran’s wheat buttocks. He could only see Xi Ran’s abdomen trembling slightly because of the stimulation. Xi Ran’s penis was standing upright, and his abdominal muscles were clearly exposed because of the strong contraction. And his, which had hardened before, was swinging back and forth with the frequency of the violent “Pa Pa Pa” sound, constantly hitting Huan Xiu ‘s abdomen.

Xi Ran couldn’t help but bite the clothes he was holding with one hand, freeing one hand to hold it. It seemed to him that a little bit of liquid from his front head rubbed against his master, which was even more shameful than the sticky feeling drying on his back hole.

“Mgh, mn,” Huan Xiu panted a little hoarsely, breaking a sentence into two, “you don’t really have to. Hold your clothes all the time.”

So both of Xi Ran’s hands, which were trying to reach out, were intercepted by Huan Xiu before touching his front.

“Mn, nm..! Master, master…”

“Just put it here.” Huan Xiu pulled Xi Ran’s wrist and put the palm of the other person’s hand against his abdomen. Xi Ran could feel the colorless body fluid left by himself, so he was even more flustered.

It was a little bit constricted in this position. Although Xi Ran could break free with a little effort, he would never move Huan Xiu, which was obvious.

Huan Xiu easily stopped Xi Ran and let the desire below him grow higher and higher. He felt Xi Ran’s whole body tremble every time he moved back and forth across his skin.

Soon Xi Ran’s breathing was very fast, and he didn’t seem to want to shoot again. But in this posture, he had no other choice. Although he wanted to control it, he still shot out under the strong stimulation from the front and back. Although he didn’t want to, it did touch the abdominal skin of Huan Xiu. Xi Ran seemed to feel a bit of remorse because he ‘dirtied’ his master again.

Huan Xiu hadn’t come yet, but he was grasping Xi Ran’s waist. 

“Ah, ah, um. Nn, mn.”

Xi Ran was more sensitive after shooting. During this period, Huan Xiu didn’t give him much buffering opportunities. After shooting, he had a very short refractory period, and soon Xi Ran was hard again.

The so-called ‘female Zerg are generally only hard in estrus and we’re more likely to ejaculate’ was a joke. Xi Ran was overwhelmed by pleasure, and his mind was blank. But Huan Xiu thought that if the person he’s doing it with didn’t even have a hard one from the beginning to the end, he’s a failure, isn’t he?

“I’m going to shoot too…” Huan Xiu let out a low breath and finally reached the peak after nearly ten minutes of sprinting. And in the meantime, he managed to make Xi Ran come once more – stimulating the back and doing it by hand.

Xi Ran had no reaction when he was filled. He had never tried to ejaculate twice in such a short period of time. All of a sudden, his strength was pulled away, and he couldn’t use any energy at all. Although his body function told him that he could recover in about three or five minutes, it was the first time in a short time that his body was completely heavy and weak.

Huan Xiu bowed his head and kissed him again when Xi Ran didn’t expect it. Xi Ran was stunned before closing his eyes slowly. But it was a very short, quick kiss, and Xi Ran had just closed his eyes.


Xi Ran opened his eyes again and saw that Hu Xu wanted to laugh because of his reaction. He also gave an uncontrollable smile. This was the third time his master had kissed him today.


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