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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Seeing Xi Ran’s relaxed manner, Huan Xiu thought about the other party’s various problems in the previous afternoon. He thought Xi Ran shouldn’t be upset just because he hasn’t been exercising in bed for a few days.

He stopped Xi Ran, who was going to the bathroom to help him fill the bathtub, and took a quick shower himself. When he came back, he saw Xi Ran still sitting on the bed, looking at a book in his hand, and the bookmark Huan Xiu bought in the afternoon was carefully sandwiched between the pages. However, it seemed that Xi Ran was a little tired. He wasn’t reading the book and he hadn’t moved his eyes for a long time. He was obviously sleepy but insisted on waiting for Huan Xiu to come back to go to sleep.

“Sleep first if you are sleepy.” Huan Xiu also wanted to ask Xi Ran’s state in the afternoon, but when he saw that he was so sleepy, he decided to talk about it the next day.

“I’m fine. May I help you with your hair?” Xi Ran seemed to be startled by Huan Xiu ‘s voice, calmed down, looked up at him, and motioned for him to come over.

Huan Xiu reached out and pulled the book out of Xi Ran’s hand, closed it, and put it on the bedside table, “It’s going to dry right away. Don’t worry about it. Come sleep.”


After a few days of sleeping with each other, Xi Ran was not so frightened at first, and gradually became accustomed to sharing a room with this other Zerg. After Huan Xiu lay down, he saw Xi Ran turning to his side. He still looked at him from a distance.

“Come here?” Huan Xiu was active.

Xi Ran moved a little closer, “I don’t want to squeeze you.”

“No way.”

Xi Ran came over a little more. The back of his hand in the quilt accidentally touched Huan Xiu’s skin and he immediately took it back. “I…”

Huan Xiu stretched out his hand to Xi Ran’s body, touching his skin, it was very warm and soft. He didn’t think it was too much to be gentle after that passion.

“Master, your hands are a little cold. Do you want me to turn on the heater?”

“Mn, I’m a little cold. Just help me warm up.” This was the reason Huan Xiu told him to come closer.

“Okay.” When Xi Ran heard what he said, he immediately showed a worried look and offered to hold his hand.

“One more thing.”


“Don’t call me the formal ‘you.’”


“I don’t like it,” Huan Xiu insisted

Since he said this, Xi Ran couldn’t refute it. He was silent for a moment and agreed, “Then I… I’ll try it. “

Hu Xu relaxed and closed his eyes to indicate that he was ready to go to bed like this.

“……Good night.”

Huan Xiu heard a very low voice saying good night. Xi Ran’s voice was very low. He seemed to be worried that it would be abrupt. Huan Xiu opened his eyes and saw Xi Ran’s low self-confidence. He also laughed and said, “Good night.”

They had a good night. Huan Xiu didn’t realize that his hands and feet were seriously cold before. When compared with Xi Ran, he felt it was particularly obvious. Fortunately, Xi Ran did not forget the task of warming his hands when he fell asleep. When he woke up at dawn, he only felt that his palm was still wrapped up, which was extremely warm. And he himself unconsciously approached Xi Ran in his deep sleep and hugged his warm partner.

As soon as Huan Xiu opened his eyes, Xi Ran woke up. He was sensitive to this stare. After a few seconds, he realized that he was in Huan Xiu’s arms, sticking tightly together.

“Master, have you been awake for a long time…”

“Wrong address.” Huan Xiu just woke up and his voice was still a little hoarse, and he pointed out the right way in a soft voice.

“You… Have you been awake for a long time Master?” Xi Ran forced himself to change his use of the formal you, and finally called ‘master’ again. Huan Xiu could see that he was a bit awkward, but he really tried to do it.

“Just woke up. I just opened my eyes. You’re too stingy to not sleep in for one more second.” Huan Xiu joked.

“I didn’t,” Xi Ran quickly pleaded, “I can close my eyes again…”

“Mn, well, don’t be so serious.” Huan Xiu’s hands touched Xi Ran’s back.

“You…” Xi Ran said a word and then stopped abruptly, “You got up early today. Today is the weekend. I forgot to set the alarm clock. I’m going down to cook now.”

Huan Xiu didn’t let go of Xi Ran, “Let’s go out and eat. Don’t bother. I want some takeout.”

“Your hands are not cold.” Xi Ran thought of it and said with hindsight.

“Mn. So the meritorious official should take a day off.”

Xi Ran was not used to being praised like this, and he looked a little tangled.

“Go ahead. Let’s take Xiao Ye to have some good food.” He said that, and Xi Ran couldn’t refuse.

“It’s really good for master to accept Xiao Ye,” Xi Ran hesitated, not knowing whether to mention it or not, but he couldn’t help saying, “He… He’s not yours… “

“I don’t like kids. But Xiao Ye is clever and sensible, and he is engraved from the same mold as you. I like him very much.” Huan Xiu didn’t want Xi Ran to be so obsessed with this matter that makes him feel inferior.

Xi Ran didn’t seem to agree with the, ‘I’m also popular’ thing. He opened his mouth and didn’t say anything.

Huan Xiu had not thought about it carefully before. Although the ‘female Zerg’ in front of him had a pure male face, he could give birth to children physically in this world. However, due to the low fertility rate in Zerg society, all contraceptive methods were completely prohibited, and few Zerg would try to scientifically create contraception. It was not a reliable way to create a baby in vitro. And contraceptives or birth control pills here were very strictly controlled, and needed to have harsh conditions to apply for doctors.

Xiao Ye was born from Xi Ran. Huan Xiu realized later that he could be pregnant with his baby one day in the future?

It was a wonderful feeling

“Do you care about it?” Huan Xiu’s fingers reached Xi Ran’s waist from his back and teased him, “Or… Do you want to give me a baby or something?”

“……” Xi Ran’s body stiffened for a moment.

Hu Xu didn’t know if he was over joking, “I said it casually…”

“No, it’s just I’m afraid you’re expecting too much, and you’ll be disappointed if I don’t get pregnant right away. “


“……You’ll be disappointed.” Xi Ran didn’t know why it was such a moment. Huan Xiu still had this in mind.

“I’m not in a hurry. No, it doesn’t matter. Isn’t there Xiao Ye already?”

“……” Xi Ran was silent.

Huan Xiu really didn’t pay attention to it. It was amazing that the other person could have a baby. In his world view, the word ‘male’ had no relationship with ‘birth.’

“And were you unhappy about something yesterday?” Huan Xiu half sat up, ready to slowly get up, asking what he wanted to ask about yesterday, and getting ready to wash – it was like the weekend was slow.


“Don’t tell me you were all right yesterday. You didn’t look right in the afternoon, did you?”

Huan Xiu, as expected, was very gentle. His master was a Zerg who was as sensitive to the emotions of the people around him, and small things will be noticed. However, he could not honestly ask, ‘do you still like that inferior female?’ or ‘if that inferior female or similar person was kind to you, would you marry them as a concubine immediately?’

He couldn’t ask. Huan Xiu didn’t say it, which meant he didn’t want to. Xi Ran thought he shouldn’t listen to that person in the afternoon. It would be much easier.

He met Huan Xiu, and the short week he had lived here was the happiest time in his entire life. Xi Ran felt that he might be spoiled by Huan Xiu’s gentle attitude. At first, he just wanted to keep his duty and have a place to stay. But now he thought that Huan Xiu would marry another concubine and sleep in this same position… Xi Ran felt his chest was extremely blocked.

——And there’s another thing he had been afraid to tell Huan Xiu.

“I haven’t fully recovered. In this way, even if I can be transferred back to the training camp, I can’t take on too much work. So I’m a little anxious.” Xi Ran said.

“Is that so? Speaking of this, I haven’t seen the place where you were injured. Was it on the wings ?” Huan Xiu turned his attention to this. “Can you show me?”

Xi Ran nodded and told Huan Xiu, “Please be careful.” Then he leaned back on the bed, carefully extending his wings from the inside of his body.

It was a pair of wings with dark color and clear outline. It was not as soft and smooth as feathers or butterfly wings, but more like ‘bones’ stitched together, sharp and hard. There were some slight cracks in the lower part of the left side. Huan Xiu didn’t know the extent of the injury, but he thought it was like a ‘fracture’ and it was hard to repair.

“It’s healed a lot, and it was much uglier when I was brought back from the front lines.”

The bone wing could be used as an emergency weapon, so it was relatively sharp, and the top was extremely sharp. It could be regarded as a ‘lethal weapon.’ Xi Ran did not dare to move and lay down quietly there, repeatedly reminding Huan Xiu not to cut his hand.

Huan Xiu was not a child any more. Naturally, he was not so rash. But he was always curious about the part he didn’t have, so he reached out and touched it. The bone was as hard as it could be seen, or even harder than it was. It was said that bone wings could withstand even ordinary knives and guns. Xi Ran was injured because of an accidental explosion. If his body was not protected by his bone wings, the injury would be more than that.

Although he had checked the information, he felt better seeing it with his own eyes. Xi Ran heard that he wanted to see it and naturally, Xi Ran demonstrated it to him very slowly, folding his wings back into the gap between his shoulder blades.

Huan Xiu’s fingers rubbed that position, and the gap was closed a little tight. If he didn’t touch it carefully, he wouldn’t be able to feel it. But it wasn’t there. Otherwise, there would be friction when wearing clothes. It must be very uncomfortable.

Xi Ran deliberately relaxed, so that the gap was slightly not closed so tightly. Huan Xiu felt around curiously, but he didn’t feel anything special, but immediately he found that Xi Ran’s body was shaking badly.


“Hmn?” Huan Xiu thought that he had been injured or something, so he stopped immediately.

“It hurts. Don’t…”

Xi Ran almost never expressed his dislike or refusal to Huan Xiu. He knew that Xi Ran could bear a lot. He even said that he felt pain and asked for mercy, which proved that it was really unbearable.

“I won’t. I was curious and touched it on the edge,” Huan Xiu leaned down and gently touched Xi Ran. “Do you think I’m going to hurt you?”

“No!” Xi Ran shakes his head. Maybe he had come back to his senses. He found that his subconscious reaction was excessive, and he misunderstood Huan Xiu’s meaning. His expression became a little ugly.

Huan Xiu shrugged with a little smile, “Your reaction is so big. Has anyone ever hurt you like this?”

Xi Ran was silent for a moment. It was his normal reaction.

With his eyes narrowed, Huan Xiu was angry. He didn’t care about Xi Ran’s past experience, but if the other side was hurt bad, he would certainly change his way to get revenge if he had a chance.

“…… I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?” Hu Xu helplessly pulled Xi Ran up, and he looked very bad. Huan Xiu could guess with his toes because of his curiosity and questioning, Xi Ran was forced into the dead end of ‘my body has been used by other male Zerg, and it is not worthy of you.’

“We talked too seriously in the morning. Let’s go out for breakfast. Xiao Ye is probably hungry.” Huan Xiu knew that the idea could not be changed for a while, so he had to stiffly diverted Xi Ran’s attention.

Huan Ye was a great neutralizer. When they washed and dressed, they came out of the room and found that the sun was getting higher, but Huan Ye didn’t wake up. They took a peek through the unclosed door and found that Huan Ye couldn’t help reading the new book in one go last night. He probably fell asleep after reading and the book was lying on the bed.

Huan Xiu felt it was a little funny and said to Xi Ran, lowering his voice, “A little carbon copy. He couldn’t bear to put the book down.” 

Xi Ran rarely refuted him, “I’m not that serious.”


At least, before going to bed at night, he would only read based on his master’s ‘bedtime plan.’


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