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He figured that Xi Ran’s previous experience had made Xi Ran a little resistant to the idea of ‘having a baby’. Huan Xiu was not sure, but this was not a matter that concerned the two of them at the moment. Xiao Ye was still young and their careers were on the rise, so there was no need to hurry to have another child.

In Huan Xiu’s predetermined plan, he originally thought that he would never have children in his lifetime. He had never thought that he would become a father in this world in a wonderful way, which was a pleasant surprise.

In retrospect, the thought of going to work tomorrow gave him a headache, as his recent research projects had been at a standstill and the whole institute was a bit depressed. Because it was related to the military, they couldn’t complain to other Zerg about it, so they could only try and solve the issues fast. Huan Xiu was hoping that there would be no more unexpected problems tomorrow and he would have to work overtime.

God was probably pleased that day, because work ended on time, even a little early, since the project leader had a sudden appointment. Huan Xiu cleared his desk work in order to wait near the military headquarters before Xi Ran’s shift ended.

Kaczki waved his hand across the table, “Hey, Huan Xiu, want to go out for a drink tonight?”

“Sorry, I have an appointment today.”

“What appointment?” Kaczki was curious.

“A… date?” Huan Xiu deliberated on his words.

“What? You’ve found a new guy?” Kaczki looked a little excited, the word ‘gossip’ written on his face.

“No, I’m going out to eat with Xi Ran. We have a restaurant reservation.”

Kaczki smacked his lips, “That’s not a date.”

“Sorry for not having gossip to share with you, ha,” Huan Xiu smiled, “See you tomorrow.”

“Bye bye.” Kaczki didn’t say a word, but Huan Xiu turned around and walked away. He flashed a ‘see’ look at his colleagues. “This is probably true love…”

The many male Zerg sighed.

When Huan Xiu arrived at the entrance of the primary department, Huan Ye was already waiting, so Huan Xiu didn’t have to get out of the car and find another taxi. He simply called Huan Ye to get in the car.

Huan Ye was a bit excited because of the anticipation. He had never been to a fancy restaurant before, and this was his first time. He had only learnt how to write not long ago, and he had never written a card for his father before, and the one he had made after thinking long and hard about when he returned to his room last night was now carefully tucked into a book.

“Can we make it in time?” Huan Ye asked somewhat worriedly.

“Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time.” Huan Xiu smiled and told Huan Ye to relax.

At the restaurant, Huan Xiu dropped Huan Ye off first and told him to wait in the reserved room, and to order food if he was hungry.

Huan Ye nodded his head and said, “If male father and father have other things to do, it is alright to come later.”

“Cough, we won’t be late.” Huan Xiu was still uncomfortable talking to the child about such a topic… In the end, this aspect of the Zerg’s education started a little too early compared to humans.

Since the road was clear, Hua Xu crossed half the city to the military headquarters before Xi Ran finished. He looked at his watch and didn’t want to disturb Xi Ran, so he stood on the side of the road and circled around.

The soldier standing guard couldn’t help but glance at this side of the road a few times, probably because the flower in Huan Xiu’s hand was a bit conspicuous, or because there were very few male Zerg coming to this place. Seeing that Huan Xiu was obviously waiting for a Zerg, he couldn’t help but ask, “Are you here to pick up someone?”

“Oh, yes.” Huan Xiu nodded. This neighborhood was rather deserted, there wasn’t even a small shop, which was normal since it was near the barracks. He didn’t know if it would be a bit inappropriate for him to stand here. Huan Xiu confirmed, “Are all the cars going in and out this way?”

“Into the main city, yes.”

“Thank you.” Huan Xiu went back to standing farther away, obviously not wanting to disturb the soldier as he stood guard.

But the soldier was probably a bit tired after standing all day, and was about to change guard. This situation was quite uncommon, and he couldn’t help but frequently sweep a glance at Huan Xiu. “With all due respect, who are you here to see?”

“Xi Ran… I don’t know if you know him.”

“Of course!” The soldier standing guard had a somewhat longing expression. But since he was still on guard duty, he was very restrained, “Are you his Master…?”

“Do you even know me?” Huan Xiu wasn’t too surprised, after all, rumors were flying, and that crap was all over the noble circle, so there were probably quite a few rumors in the military department as well.

“I’ve heard some… about it, but Instructor Xi is not here today by the way.”

“Huh?” Huan Xiu was surprised and looked up sharply, “Not here?”

“He was here in the morning. But in the afternoon he left early on leave to go to the hospital.”

“Are you sure? And then he never came back?”

“Yes… I just remembered.” The soldier on guard duty was a little bit disappointed to see Huan Xiu so surprised, he didn’t know if he said the wrong thing or not. Xi Ran didn’t report the matter to his Master, so he shouldn’t have said it like that… But if he didn’t say it, Huan Xiu would’ve eventually found out if he waited longer.

Xi Ran never mentioned anything about going to the hospital, and Huan Xiu felt a little panicky. A strict disciplinarian like Xi Ran should be reluctant to miss work, so he would go for a general check-up on the weekend. But he deliberately took a day off on a weekday to go and he didn’t even mention it. Huan Xiu was worried that Xi Ran might be hiding something serious from him and Xiao Ye.

Huan Xiu hoped that he was just being paranoid, and immediately picked up the communicator and called Xi Ran, who took a while to pick up the phone. Huan Xiu was relieved when the call finally went through.

“Master? Why are you calling at this hour? Is there something urgent?”

“I’ve booked a restaurant outside today. I picked up Xiao Ye. Join us and eat out tonight.”

“Ah, okay. I’ll come over after I finish. Can you send me the address? Do you need me to pick you up?”

Huan Xiu walked a little farther away, not wanting outsiders to overhear the conversation between the two of them, “I came here specifically to pick you up near the military headquarters to take you to the restaurant.”

“No, there’s no need to go to such trouble…”

“I’m already here.”


Huan Xiu knew that Xi Ran was not in the army now, as soon as he heard the silence. He was not good at lying, but there must be something hard to say, so he could only remain silent at this moment. He could imagine his partner’s anxious face but couldn’t say anything.

“You’re not in the military?” Huan Xiu took the initiative to ask, “I heard from the Zerg at the door that you took a leave of absence.”

“Yes, I’m here to do a review…”

“Why not do it on the weekend? I can still go with you.”

“Ah, it’s… the doctor arranged, uh, today is appropriate…”

“You don’t know how to lie at all.” Huan Xiu said helplessly, the other side was exposed by the tone of his tone.

“…I’m sorry.” Xi Ran’s apology was in a very low voice, his emotions indecipherable.

“I’m worried about you. Is there something wrong with you? Could it be a serious illness? Why didn’t you tell me?” Huan Xiu pressed, and without waiting for an answer from that side, he continued, “Never mind, we’ll talk when we meet. I’ll come to you, which hospital are you in?”

Xi Ran said the address, and was about to tell Huan Xiu not to come in person, so he could go to the restaurant to meet them right away. However, Huan Xiu wouldn’t let Xi Ran refuse and hung up the phone to call a car.

Xi Ran held his communicator in his hand for a while until the doctor in the room came out, took one look at Xi Ran standing in the hallway, and asked him if he needed any advice.

“That’s all for today, thank you.” Xi Ran squeezed out a very forced smile.

“So here are the test results.” Back in the consultation room, the doctor handed Xi Ran a few pieces of paper stapled together, “And please don’t worry too much. I see that you have other problems such as trauma to the bone wing, which needs to be kept in a relaxed mood to heal faster.”

“Is there really no medicine or anything like that?” Xi Ran was still a little unhappy.

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about the low pregnancy rate. I understand how you feel, but if there was such a drug, all the female Zergs in the world would go crazy.”

“…I would too.”

“And your problem isn’t hormonal, it’s that your entire body was impacted by the previous injury, and that damage is irreversible.”

Due to such a serious injury, the military department naturally took full responsibility for Xi Ran’s medical expenses as well as Huan Ye’s tuition fees for several years. The doctor glanced at Xi Ran’s medical records, and he could guess that Xi Ran’s being kicked out of the house was not unrelated to this problem and the reason for him coming back to check on it again just now was quite obvious.

“You’re remarried, aren’t you?”

Xi Ran nodded.

“Hasn’t the other party reviewed your specific health report…? So you would like to be able to quietly address this issue before the other party becomes aware of the problem? We don’t advise patients to keep their health conditions a secret from their families. The male Zerg also has a right to know this information. However, it is not our hospital’s responsibility to tell him about it, so I hope you’ll take it into consideration.”

Xi Ran’s doctor’s words sounded like, ‘I hope you can face reality’. He thought about Huan Xiu coming over later and felt even more depressed. He couldn’t think of a suitable excuse to put off the other man, and he couldn’t lie to Huan Xiu without turning a blind eye – he was already feeling guilty enough as it was.

“Thanks for the advice, I’ll tell him.”

Xi Ran left somewhat depressed, and the doctor sighed with emotion as he watched his lifeless back. Before he left, Xi Ran’s face looked broken.

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It’ll be okay.

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Just what has Xi Ran’s ex done to him to traumatized and injured him like this? I’m so curious.

December 16, 2020 8:55 pm

Awww no, Xi Ran. Gosh I just wanna wrap him up in a warm fluffy blanket and give him all the pats pwq
I’m so looking forward to the next chapter! (☉w⊙) thank you~~

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Don’t worry, Xi Ran! Huan Xiu Will love you all the same!

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Thanks for the chapters!

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Sue R
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