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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Coincidentally, Huan Xiu while still thinking about the ring, a few days later he got a message from Xi Ran’s boss, who investigated the model of the mecha Xi Ran used in the past. Probably because he thought that a male Zerg like Huan Xiu was rare and valuable and wanted to do more for his subordinates, the other party had researched the information in detail and was about to give him the location to get the materials.

Huan Xiu couldn’t help but feel that the other’s positive attitude was like he was the one who was getting married.

“It’s so unrealistic,” he said. “…But something like this is happening right now, and I want to help. It’s definitely a romance that belongs only to military females.” Because it was still confidential, Xi Ran’s supervisor could only hold it back from his co-workers. But he really wanted to share it with the people around him.

Huan Xiu was lucky to have such a teammate. He started to think of a place to present the ring to Xi Ran. Although he enjoyed his life with Xiao Ye and Xi Ran as a cozy family of three, he thought it would be better to do the proposal somewhere with just the two of them.

Not very good at making things flashy and exaggerated, Huan Xiu only hoped that he could find a suitable and meaningful setting.


“Hm? “Huan Xiu looked up from his phone.

“…Do you want something to eat tomorrow morning?” Xi Ran sensed that Huan Xiu was thinking of something else, so he wasn’t concentrating.

Huan Xiu had barely texted anyone before. He didn’t have much contact with his colleagues in his personal time, and he only sent emails about work matters. But Xi Ran was sure that what he had just glimpsed in his peripheral vision was the interface of a communication message. But he hesitated and didn’t ask, ‘who are you messaging?’ He would seem too petty if he did so.

But he felt that Huan Xiu was in a good mood when he received the text. That’s why Xi Ran cared so much.

“It’s fine as usual.”

“Okay.” Xi Ran answered.

It shouldn’t be that bad, right? The other day we were talking about the wedding, Xi Ran thought and glanced at Huan Xiu who was lying beside him looking at his phone. They haven’t done it for a few days… Is it because I haven’t worked hard enough lately?

Although his face didn’t change, Xi Ran decided to ask Master what he was looking at. Xi Ran practiced his natural voice several times in his mind.

Just when Xi Ran was about to ask, Huan Xiu put down his phone, “Shall we sleep?”

“…Ah, okay.” Xi Ran had been dawdling for a long time and missed the opportunity to ask the question, so he had to keep his doubts to himself.

After turning off the lights, Huan Xiu’s arm was hugging Xi Ran as tightly as usual, and Xi Ran felt relieved, but once doubts grew, they were hard to erase until they were answered.

I should have asked earlier. Xi Ran thought but he felt that he was asking for trouble by dragging his feet.

This ‘asking for trouble’ turned into real trouble the next morning.

Xi Ran woke up early, went downstairs to make coffee as usual, and when he returned to their bedroom to wake Huan Xiu up, his eyes were unconsciously drawn to the cell phone screen on the other side of the nightstand, which happened to be lit up. Or rather, for a female Zerg’s excellent attention span, he was blind not to see it.

Xi Ran was sure it was a notification from someone, not a push from an email or some other software. He glanced at Huan Xiu, who was still sleeping, and couldn’t stop himself from wanting to take a look.

Sneaking a look at a male Zerg’s communicator was something that should never be done. Xi Ran felt guilty and wanted to stop several times when he saw Huan Xiu’s sleeping face on the other side of the bedside table. But in the end, he still quietly walked over to the other side.

The screen was still on, so a glance was not considered as touching the Master’s phone, Xi Ran warned himself.

He was shocked by the glance.

[I’ve asked about yesterday’s incident, it should be fine. But it might be done this weekend.]

That was the message. And the contact was his boss’s name.

Yesterday? This weekend? Wait, when did Master ever exchange contact with another female Zerg? Xi Ran’s mind was filled with 10,000 guesses until there was not even a single one left. He was a bit confused.

The communicator screen went dark on its own after a while. Xi Ran never knew the password of Huan Xiu’s communicator, and a glance at the screen was already the limit of what he could do, so it was already too much for him to see Master’s text in secret.

“…Mn… time to get up?”

Xi Ran just stood there, and Huan Xiu seemed to be aware of his presence while he was half asleep. Maybe it was just a now every day habit, so he knew it was time to get up. Although he had set an alarm clock, Xi Ran woke up half an hour earlier than the clock to wake him up a little earlier.

Huan Xiu didn’t even open his eyes, but Xi Ran had already taken a quick step aside out of guilt and pulled open the curtain.

“Morning.” Huan Xiu frowned and turned around, his eyes were a little uncomfortable with the sunlight, but he squinted and smiled and said good morning to Xi Ran.

Xi Ran’s heart warmed up, but he couldn’t get over the message he had just read, and was deeply conflicted. If Huan Xiu found out about this misunderstanding, and Xi Ran kept it to himself, he would probably collapse and go back to bed right away.

Since Huan Xiu got his driver’s license, the daily process in the morning from Xi Ran detour to send two people to school and then to the military headquarters has changed into two routes, saving a lot of time. But today, Xi Ran didn’t want to go out on his own, especially in this situation.

After Huan Xiu finished his breakfast, he turned on his cell phone and saw the message. The story was very simple: after learning about Xi Ran’s favorite mecha model, he wondered if he should go directly to find the material or see if there was any scrap macha that he could reuse.

When Xi Ran’s boss heard his idea, he immediately went to work on it. The result was that there was the same model of mecha that was scrapped by the military department, and normally it wouldn’t be possible to contact Zerg outside the military department. But since Huan Xiu was working at the research institute, in a sense he could be considered a related party, and as long as several parties communicated, this matter didn’t seem impossible. As for the specific result, Huan Xiu would have to go there personally on the weekend to find out.

[Okay. Thank you.] After Huan Xiu replied politely, he immediately thought that this matter would soon be spread within the institute and he would become a subject of joke for that group of Zerg again…

In Xi Ran’s eyes, it became ‘Master picks up the phone, Master returns the message, Master is thinking about the phone.’

Huan Ye looked over at Xi Ran and asked a little worriedly, “Father, aren’t you leaving? Won’t you be late?” 

Xi Ran reluctantly smiled at Xiao Ye, “I’m going. Master just leave dishes, I’ll do them tonight…”

Huan Xiu turned off his communicator then stood up and gave Xi Ran a very natural parting kiss that was just right for the morning, “I’ll wash them before I leave. Have a safe trip.” 

Xi Ran was a little flattered by the kiss. Huan Xiu was still as gentle as before. He couldn’t imagine such a Master turning around and looking for another female Zerg.

Xi Ran’s emotions were really complicated right now.


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December 22, 2020 3:32 pm

Oh nooouuu. Poor Xi Ran misunderstanding >_< xD
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Xi ran is learning to be a big vinegar jar now😂😂😂

December 22, 2020 8:23 pm

Thanks for the chapters!

December 23, 2020 11:11 am

I’m glad that Xi Ran is feeling more feelings now and is able to change his mindset. I am happy for his growth in love lol. Thanks Addis for the chapter as usual! And of course thanks to the editor as well!

December 24, 2020 11:10 am

This kind of misunderstanding is annoying, BUT has enough confidence now to get jealous! That’s great!

Thanks for the chapter!

January 2, 2021 5:38 pm

I hope the ring surprise won’t be spoil ahead of time 😂😂. HX pampered XR so much that I am afraid he will spill the beans too early to placate him.

January 7, 2021 3:04 am

omg hope there will be no problem that may arise huh~ thank u for the chapter!!

July 28, 2021 9:33 am

I guessed this would happen. However, I thought Huan Xiu and Xi Ran’s superior, had decided to use HX’s work email, not personal number, to avoid this very misunderstanding?
Things will be fine when the ring is done. It’s hard after XR’s past, not to be scared and suspicious.
Thanks for translating.

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