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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey [So close, yet so far… not far enough for smut! But only in the first half of the chapter.]


Huan Xiu couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth on his end, knowing it was true, that was why he praised Xi Ran as ‘good at talking’.

“Is this good? I feel like I’m the only one enjoying it…” Xi Ran stopped his hands, a little hesitant. Because his head was pressed against the pillow, his voice was a little slurred after it reached Huan Xiu through the speakers and sounded a little cute to Huan Xiu.

“I want to hear it.”

Just that one sentence was enough to make Xi Ran throw away his worries. His Master wanted to listen, so he would naturally do it. He half closed his eyes, the metal ring on his finger should have been cold, but now it got a little warmer with the friction, maybe it was just Xi Ran’s imagination, but he had the illusion that Huan Xiu was right next to him caressing him with his palm.

“Mn….” Xi Ran gasped, his fingers trembling slightly. His body had grown accustomed to Huan Xiu’s care, gradually learning to enjoy the pleasure from the rigid and woody state he’d faced sexually from the beginning, thanks to what Master had brought him.

“Xi Ran.” Huan Xiu’s soft call was so gentle that Xi Ran’s body subconsciously stirred, his skin heated, his front end swelled and his back hole became hot, just like when his name was whispered in bed.

“Master ……” Xi Ran called out in a low, hoarse voice, but then changed it to, “Huan Xiu.” He can now call Huan Xiu’s name directly, but he was used to calling him Master, so he didn’t always call him by his name.

Imagining Xi Ran’s current appearance, Huan Xiu could not help himself. Since he came to this world, he hardly had the chance to do anything on his own, so he almost forgot how to do it.

Xi Ran’s body was tense and his body temperature was rising, droplets of sweat began to appear on his forehead, his breathing getting heavier and heavier. It is hard to climax just by imagining Master stroking the front, he thought, reaching out with his other hand and tentatively moving it to the back, trying to find comfort in it.

Although the touch was completely different from Huan Xiu’s, Xi Ran closed his eyes and imagined the other’s usual movements, and was filled with intense thoughts of pleasure as he felt the sensation running all over him.

“Mn… ah…” Xi Ran wastes no time in making all of his muffled moans audible to reach Huan Xiu. There was no sound from the other side, only rapid breathing and the occasional cry of, “Xi Ran” in a voice filled with desire. Xi Ran didn’t know if Huan Xiu would be satisfied by his moans only, but he had no room to think about doing more.

Although they were not in the same space, through the communicator, the sounds of their breathing were so closely entwined that if they closed their eyes, at least for a moment, they would have the illusion that they were right next to each other.

After some time, Huan Xiu noticed that Xi Ran’s voice was gradually calming down a bit, because it was not stimulating enough and he was having trouble reaching the peak.

Huan Xiu then asked the question in a timely manner, like he usually does, “Do you feel good?”

Xi Ran’s back convulsed from foot to head and he made a quick “ahh” sound, his mind going blank, and when he came back to his senses, he had already ejaculated, “Master…”

Xi Ran’s voice was usually crisp and clean, but at times like this it would get a little tender and sticky, and Huan Xiu could tell by the sound of his voice that he was cumming.

“Give me a moment.” Huan Xiu laughed.

“…Sorry.” Xi Ran said breathlessly. He always ejaculated before Master, especially now that he couldn’t touch Huan Xiu yet, and it made him feel guilty.

“No apologies.” For Huan Xiu, those words had become a conditioned reflex.

Xi Ran heard the familiar phrase, he giggled silently on the other end of the communicator, without even realizing it.

He should have been waiting patiently for Huan Xiu, but Xi Ran, having just recovered from the tension and weakness of his orgasm, suddenly felt something strange in his abdomen, not really cramping, but at least sore. Not wanting to worry Huan Xiu, Xi Ran pressed his hand against his abdomen and frowned, what the hell was wrong with him lately?

Huan Xiu didn’t notice as he pursed his lips very tightly, not letting out a single sound.

By the time Huan Xiu finished and Xi Ran started talking to him, the pain in Xi Ran’s abdomen had gradually disappeared.

Xi Ran responded quickly and Huan Xiu didn’t notice anything strange. They chatted for a while longer, but if Huan Xiu didn’t have to get up early to go to work the next day, neither side would have been willing to cut off the conversation.

“I’m waiting for you to come back.”


The end of voice chat could also be regarded as the end of the long-distance love affair. Huan Xiu, who has been busy for the whole day, of course, went to sleep very soon. Xi Ran did not fall asleep right away. He pressed his abdomen for a while and got out of bed to move, but he did not feel the pain again. He could only assume, in light of what had happened before, that the orgasmic state had triggered something. Knowing nothing of the subject, he decided to ask the doctor who was coming with his team the next day.

In fact, he was originally quite careless and didn’t care about his body at all. But since a few days ago, he had been feeling a bit weak, so Xi Ran was extra concerned about it this time, not wanting to worry Huan Xiu.

Xi Ran didn’t remember much, but when he first joined the army and was still very young, he wasn’t afraid of anything, not even a little blood or a flesh wound. Until later he had Xiao Ye. He was still young and ignorant, not knowing how to take care of a child, so he went about his duties as usual, until one day when he came back covered in wounds, Xiao Ye came to him with fear and worry and asked him, “What happened to you, father?” That’s when he realized that – ah… I’m not a lone Zerg anymore.

After that, he paid extra attention, and didn’t fight as desperately as before. Now he’d been pampered by Huan Xiu for more than half a year, and he didn’t even have a scratch on his body.

Xi Ran didn’t want to have any health problems, not because he was afraid of anything, but because he didn’t want Huan Xiu and Xiao Ye to worry.

Huan Xiu, who had no dreams and slept soundly, didn’t know what Xi Ran was thinking about all night. For him, there was a lot to do tomorrow. During the day, he had to deliver the wedding invitations to the institute, and after work, he had to pick up Xiao Ye and go home. Then he had to go to the shop to make his own ring…

And Huan Xiu didn’t expect his wedding invitation to be a ‘best seller’.

“It’s really… really not a big event. I just want to have a more cozy, simple ceremony.”

“I’ll go, I’ll go.”

“I’m going too.”

Co-workers seemed to be gushing over Huan Xiu and his beloved Xi Ran, a true love couple, and asked for invitations during their lunch break when they heard they were going to have a wedding.

However, Huan Xiu realized that although there were not many seats available, he and Xi Ran did not have any family to attend the wedding, so there should be plenty of space. He had checked the etiquette of the Zerg race earlier, generally, if a married female Zerg or inferior female was invited, they must bring their Master as well. On the other hand, a male Zerg can attend the ceremony by himself, and he could also bring a female if he wanted.

Most of the invitations were single sheets, but occasionally, some male Zerg asked for two sheets, and they were going to bring a female with them.

Kaczki, who was at the table opposite Huan Xiu, was the odd one out among the male Zerg, “I want four!”

The Zerg beside him complained, “There are eight people at a normal table, and you have to take up half of them with your family?!”

“It’s a good thing he doesn’t have kids, otherwise his whole household would occupy a table.”

“My family’s situation is special.”

“Write down your name…” Huan Xiu, who keeps the list, smiles twice and is a little curious, “How is it special?”

Kaczki nodded and wrote down the female monarch and the two females, “Isn’t the female monarch the one with the higher status in a normal family? But actually, all of us are the same at my house, we have a good relationship, so we do this kind of thing together.”

The Zerg beside him sighed, “Your monarch and concubines are very close? That’s rare.”

“Don’t you have a particular one you love?”

“But I love them all! Can’t we split it three ways?” Kaczki exclaimed loudly. It was a speech that could be classified as ‘scum’ on Earth, but in this society, it wasn’t too much, even if it was a bit strange.

“One divided by three is not enough.”

“I know! It’s just an expression!”

“…….” Huan Xiu watched as Kaczki began to bicker again with the colleague next to him and silently walked off to his next table.

In another city far away, Xi Ran went to the military doctor’s office in the morning after seeing the soldiers enter the entrance of the assessment field. He had brought the report of his last visit to the hospital with him and told the doctor where his old wounds had been.

It didn’t take long for him to be shocked by the unexpected news.

“Assistant instructor, haven’t you been feeling out of sorts lately?”

“Feeling a little out of sorts lately? What’s wrong with me?” Xi Ran was sitting on the edge of his seat, seeing the serious expression on the doctor’s face, he suddenly felt a little sense of crisis.

“…Although I’m mainly a doctor who deals with external injuries, after a round of examination… I’m sure that…” The doctor took a breath, “You are pregnant.”


“……” Xi Ran became stupefied for a long time.


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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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