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Chapter 47: Extra – Daily Pregnancy

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Any response?”

“It moved a little.”

“Did he? Really?”

After hearing Xi Ran’s reply, Huan Xiu, who had already moved his hand away without hope, immediately put his palm back on the skin of his abdomen. But unfortunately, the little Zerg egg did not seem to give face, and did not move again.

“Soon you will be able to hold it directly in your hand and touch it.” Xi Ran hastened to reassure.

“More than a month to go?”

“Almost there.”

Huan Xiu still looked a bit undeterred, and put his palm on it for a while, making Xi Ran’s skin a bit hot, but without any movement of the Zerg’s egg in his belly, he regrettably gave up.

As the countdown to pregnancy began, Xi Ran’s belly began to protrude significantly, growing in size every day. However, because of the size of the egg, his belly was not as large as that of a pregnant woman on Earth.

Even so, the sight of a ‘male’ belly amazed Huan Xiu. Xi Ran could see that Huan Xiu was curious about his pregnancy and always came to touch it, which Xi Ran was naturally happy to let him do, as it helped the hatchling grow. And Huan Xiu’s gestures were always so gentle that he was a little enchanted.

“Do you want to lie down for a while?” Huan Xiu asked with concern.

Xi Ran accepted his kindness, but shook his head, “My body is no different than before. Don’t worry too much.”

“I can’t control it.” Huan Xiu was a bit helpless, he had the habit of earthlings. Indeed, Zerg females were not burdened by this pregnancy, with some occasional dizziness and backache but the thought of another life in this belly made him feel at ease.

Huan Xiu sighed quietly, “It would be good if he were to be born soon.”

Xi Ran nodded and silently thought that Huan Xiu was very much looking forward to this child and must have great expectations for it.

Huan Xiu, who was misunderstood on a daily basis, said he had no idea.

Seeing that it was getting late, Xi Ran was about to go into the bathroom to help Huan Xiu fill up the bathtub, but he was stopped.

The shower is fine. Why don’t you come in with me?”

“Yes. That way I can wash Huan Xiu’s hair.”

“No… hey, forget it.” Huan Xiu could never deter Xi Ran from doing this kind of thing, so he got used to going in with the other party, in turn, he could also help Xi Ran wash, and they could help each other as well as have fun.

Huan Xiu first turned on the shower head, not long after the bathroom was filled with hot air. He didn’t know why, but today Xi Ran was a little slow, he waited for a while before Xi Ran came in.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I was a little slow in getting undressed.” Xi Ran quickly closed the bathroom door to prevent the fog from escaping.

“Slow down.” Huan Xiu gave Xi Ran a hand as he stepped into the tub.

Xi Ran turned slightly to the side and said, “Master, turn your back, I’ll wash your hair.”

“Hm…?” Huan Xiu stared suspiciously at Xi Ran’s face.

“What-what’s wrong?” Xi Ran swallowed a mouthful of saliva, looking very unnatural.

“I think you are acting a bit unnatural,” Huan Xiu scanned the naked Xi Ran up and down, “Is… it because you are shy? I don’t think that’s the case, right?”

Xi Ran had always been frank in this regard, there was no shyness or embarrassment whatsoever. And then again, they have been honest with each other many times.

“No, I just think my stomach is a little bigger than I thought.” Xi Ran admitted with some difficulty.

“I look at you every day, it’s not like I haven’t seen you before.”

“…but the lines of my body are getting a little ugly.”

“How come?” Huan Xiu could neither cry nor laugh. The belly of the naked body did change the direction of the body line, the original strong muscles softened a little, the bulging abdomen made the already tall Xi Ran look slightly bloated, but not ugly at all.

“But you like my muscles firm.” Xi Ran stated in a low voice. The general aesthetic preference of the Zerg race was soft, and he had nothing to do with softness whether he was carrying the egg or not. But Huan Xiu liked to have a firm and fit body, and he didn’t have that anymore.

This was a kind of ‘pregnancy syndrome’ that Huan Xiu categorized in his mind.

“When the egg is born, you will go back to normal. And you have a very good, attractive figure now too.” Huan Xiu lowered his voice, pulled Xi Ran a little closer, and put his hand to his skin, touching his back from the abdomen suggestively, to show that he was still ‘sexually interested’ in him.


“Call me by my name at these times…”

“Huan Xiu…” Xi Ran’s voice was disrupted by Huan Xiu’s kiss, the end of which was slurred in his mouth.

As Huan Xiu’s palm stroked against his skin, a warm and relaxing feeling poured out from inside and out. At the same time the egg in his belly seemed to feel the closeness of his male father and became a little agitated, Xi Ran felt his whole body was paralyzed with weakness, which was a unique experience during pregnancy.

The kissing distance, without the need for skin-to-skin contact, caused the slightly bulging belly to touch Huan Xiu’s abdomen. Huan Xiu cautiously pressed against it with unprecedented gentleness and caution, which was indeed a wonderful experience.

Huan Xiu was slightly lucky that the infant Zerg in its egg shell could only vaguely perceive the presence of the male and female fathers, but had little ability to think or remember. Otherwise, with the frequency of this ‘pregnancy help’ of the Zerg, he would really not have the face to face his future son.

“I’ll turn around.” Xi Ran said with a gasp. This was one of the best postures for pregnancy, not pressing his stomach.

Xi Ran turned his back, propping himself up against the vapor-stained white tile in contrast to his honey-colored arms. His back was not as strong as it used to be because of the fat gained from the pregnancy, but Huan Xiu thinks he still looked cute with some flub.

Actually, he had a lover’s eye, so he felt his partner was lovely no matter how he looked.

The water that splashed onto Xi Ran’s back slid down his spine, revealing the seam of his closed bone wing, which Xi Ran hadn’t used in a long time.

Huan Xiu lowered his head and dropped delicate kisses along the back of his neck, up behind his ears, to his earlobes, to his cheeks. Pregnant females were naturally more receptive to males than usual, and this little flirtation and affection was enough to get Xi Ran’s body completely ready.

There was no need to expand with his fingers at all. Huan Xiu just lightly rubbed against the entrance a few times and the already wet and soft rear hole easily accommodated him.


Xi Ran took a deep breath, leaned back of his own accord, and slowly took the whole thing in.

Huan Xiu did not move. He was more comfortable letting Xi Ran control the depth and speed at first.

In the past, he used to ‘hold’ his waist from behind, but now Huan Xiu wrapped his hands around the side of his waist and gently rested them on Xi Ran’s bulging belly. It was a wonderful feeling to hold your lover and baby at the same time.


The shower drenched their hair and the bathtub became sticky, unclear if it was water or sweat from their exercise. Xi Ran moved back and forth to his own rhythm, and soon the interlocking parts were dripping wet, the body fluids mixed with the shower water, making soft, erotic sounds.

“Huan Xiu, you can go faster…” It was not convenient for Xi Ran to move by himself, he shook his body to show that he got used to it, handing back the reins to Huan Xiu.

It was also hard for Huan Xiu to hold back his pace, so after making sure that Xi Ran was okay, he let his lust loose and started thrusting at his usual intensity and speed. Xi Ran was panting with pleasure, and the temperature both on the inside and on the surface of his skin was steadily rising. He was struggling a bit more than usual, because of the weight of his stomach, so he had to hold on to the wall to keep his balance, and also worry about not accidentally hitting anything.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Huan Xiu, seeing that Xi Ran was still a little tense, smiled and nibbled affectionately on his earlobe from behind.

As his tongue touched his earlobe, Xi Ran shivered with sensitivity, and his rear also tightened violently. Huan Xiu moved fiercely, but his hand was half-supporting Xi Ran’s abdomen, and the other hand crossed under Xi Ran’s arm to support the wall together to prevent him from slipping. This was when Huan Xiu finally felt the benefit of insisting on regularly going to the gym, if he didn’t do so at the beginning, with this kind of hard work and concern, he’d surely be exhausted from the first moment.

Xi Ran’s short hair, which had been a little frizzy, was damp, softly clinging to his head and falling on the back of his neck. Huan Xiu looked at the ordinary tresses of hair and felt soft inside, going up to Xi Ran’s neck, kissing and nibbling on it playfully.

“Huan Xiu…” Xi Ran turned his head, and although he was struggling to move, he forced himself to ask for a kiss.

Huan Xiu felt that after pregnancy Xi Ran was more willing to ask for pampering than ever before. Naturally, he was very happy to do so, and immediately met him fiercely, moving with slight roughness between his lips and teeth. Xi Ran’s not-so-flexible tongue was passively tantalized by the impulses from his rear, his moans broken in his mouth, unable to escape.

The first time they kissed this intensely, Xi Ran became extra emotional. Huan Xiu knew this, and the hand on Xi Ran’s stomach slid further down, and, as expected, it reached Xi Ran’s already energetic front end.

“……Hng.” The man who had been held in a fierce grip grunted.

“I’ll get tired soon after I cum, I’ll… be unable to stand up,” Xi Ran panted lowly, “after that.”

It was probably because the female Zerg was giving too much nutrients to the egg during the latter part of the pregnancy, and Xi Ran, who used to be able to regain his strength immediately after ejaculating several times, found that his body had changed recently. He would be weak after ejaculating and would soon be sleepy, which made him feel a little guilty, since Huan Xiu had to take care of him after sex.

“Don’t worry, we’ll rest after one time.” Huan Xiu soothed, not giving too much stimulation with his hands. At the same time, he also accelerated his own speed.

“Mmmm ah… ha…” Xi Ran felt his front being held by a hot palm and his rear constantly being filled with a hot penis. His brain was gradually evaporating with the water vapor, his body becoming so comfortable that he felt like he was floating.

After another ten minutes or so, Huan Xiu and Xi Ran released together. As soon as Xi Ran ejaculated, he was a bit drained, so the two of them slid into the filled bathtub and Huan Xiu sat down with him to relax.

Xi Ran’s stomach made it difficult for him to sit upright in the bathtub, so Huan Xiu sat behind him and hugged his waist and belly as if he were encircling him, so that Xi Ran could lean back a little and his stomach would not be pressed.

“Let go of your hands holding onto the edge of the bathtub. Don’t worry about the pressure, I will support you.”

“…I’m very heavy.”

“How heavy can you be?”

Xi Ran slowly, slowly and tentatively leaned his weight backward, and finally, slowly, the whole back of the person was tightly pressed up against Huan Xiu’s chest.

“Is it okay?”

“You’re not heavy at all, don’t worry.”

The hot water in the bathroom was comfortable, almost halfway up their chests. Xi Ran’s belly was fully submerged in the warm water, while Huan Xiu’s hands rested on Xi Ran’s belly, stroking his bare skin up and down. Huan Xiu couldn’t get enough of this cozy, warm moment, and didn’t want to get up and go back to work the next day.

The warm water bath across his belly seemed to comfort the egg and it seemed pleased with his newly pampered female father’s body.

“……!” Xi Ran felt the Zerg egg in his stomach shake restlessly, sending a shock through his body.

Huan Xiu exclaimed, “I just touched it! Did your stomach move? Was it the egg that moved?”

“Yes. Yes, it moved a little!” Xi Ran hurriedly affirmed.

Huan Xiu immediately showed a silly father look, this was the first time he experienced ‘the child in the belly moving’. Although it was not the same as the original concept on Earth, his child was still an egg, but this feeling was exactly the same.

“Is there more?”

“Uh, it seems that… seems to be gone.” Xi Ran was a little troubled. He certainly wanted to see Huan Xiu’s happy look. But he couldn’t control whether the egg moved or not.

Huan Xiu felt some pity, but also understandably smiled, “He is still small. I was satisfied with a little touch. This means he is growing strong.” He reached out and took Xi Ran’s hands in his and clutched them tightly, “I’m looking forward to his birth.”

“The egg will be born soon.” Xi Ran couldn’t free his hand, so he turned his head sideways and rubbed Huan Xiu’s cheek affectionately.

Huan Xiu responded by kissing Xi Ran on the side of his face.

“I’m also looking forward to… our family’s future life.” His new life with Xi Ran, Xiao Ye, and their unborn baby boy.


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