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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


The head of the task force listened to An Jin’s question, then shook his head. He pointed down to the black unknown creatures. “For the time being, they are still called black stones, and after salvaging them, we set out to investigate their origins.” He explained carefully, “According to the Temple history book, Rabe had a giant tsunami when Rabe Star information technology was still relatively backward. The specific details of the tsunami are not recorded, but mentioned the amount of sea animals that died, months later there was still the smell of blood left in the water.”

“At the same time, various natural disasters occurred in the Star Alliance, impurities were also found after that. The energy of the sacred tree weakened many years later when the Star Alliance discovered the impurities, so it is likely that this is because the sacred tree absorbed the cores of the sea beasts that died in the tsunami.” He said, in a celebratory tone, “Fortunately, there are beast cores, otherwise the sacred tree may have withered away.”

Jorens echoed the head, hitting the table with a grateful look. “We contacted Siao Space Research Institute and learned that the disaster that brought impurities was the result of successive collisions of dark galaxies.”

The group leader looked at the black stone, eyes full of awe. “This also means that this creature was probably living in the dark galaxy, the body has a high concentration of impurities, and it can be presumed they are very strong life force.” In a special tone of fear, he continued, “Fortunately, through the king’s instructions to find the black stone, found that the sacred tree can absorb the beast core, otherwise the sacred tree would inevitably be suffering from black disease.”

The group leader looked serious. “If that happens, the leaves of the sacred tree will also carry impurities, and it won’t take long for Rabe Star to be fully contaminated. If the food is contaminated, even if the mermaid’s spiritual power can recover naturally, the situation will not be much better than human beings.”

Choya was frightened by his shock, and yelled, “You guys do not be so serious, things are not in a good direction?”

Jorens and the experts looked at An Jin with grateful respect. Jorens said, “Everything has changed for the better because of the king.”

The specialists echoed the head.

An Jin shook his head. “You guys did the main work, even if I hadn’t brought it up, you would have found the black stone later.”

“You are too modest!”

An Jin laughed, knowing the natural respect the mermaids had for him, and without arguing, asked, “Are these all the black stones?”

Jorens said, “It’s all here.”

Choya couldn’t help but rub his hands, he was in charge of transporting it, but he touched more than one black stone.

An Jin surveyed them and said, “I’ll try to clean them, it’s a hidden danger to keep them.”

“Thank you for your hard work,” Jorens responded.

An Jin smiled and said it wasn’t hard. He used his ability to form a curtain of water, which covered the surface of the smallest black stone, almost touching it and disappearing in the blink of an eye, removing a layer of impurities from the surface of the black stone.

An Jin continued, and his energy was only a third before he finally finished netting the smaller black stones. He could clearly see the blackness that made him uncomfortable disappearing, but he still didn’t look too relaxed. He was using up too much spiritual power. Looking at the display, he was sure that the black stone was free of impurities and said, “Its body is completely destroyed by the black disease.”

Norman’s sword brow slightly pressed, he had seen many patients with black disease, and many of them were soldiers. But humans and black stones were completely different, also because when he saw black stones, he did not find them to be creatures with black disease. He had a deep hatred for black disease, or all humans for black disease.

Many people chose to end their lives at the beginning of the black disease, preserving their last dignity, rather than dragging it out to an inhuman form.

An Jin’s ability upgraded, and sensitive to emotions, he twisted his head to look at Norman and held Norman’s hand. Norman’s eyebrows flattened, and he gently squeezed the small mate’s hand, his eyes very gentle.

An Jin smiled at him and looked at Jorens and the specialists. “The concentration of impurities is high, it will take time to net them all.”

Jorens said, “The king need not be anxious, we will keep them well, you should not be tired.”

“I will come and purify them every day.”

Jorens suggested, “That’s too much work for you, I’ll have them delivered to the palace every day.”

An Jin refused, after all, the danger of the impurities was too high. In case something goes wrong on the way, and besides, this black stone was the body of a creature!

Jorens expressed his gratitude and complimented him again, and the specialties responded in kind. An Jin was not as uncomfortable and hot-faced as he was at first, and was used to the way mermaids treated him. He knew that mermaids had a deep filter on him, and that they would be grateful and consider him hard working for whatever he did. 

He continued to net the black stone, absorbing the beast’s core halfway, and after repeating it five times, he felt spiritual exhaustion and stopped. He was able to keep absorbing the beast core energy, keeping up the spiritual force consumption/replenishment cycle, however, the number of times was exhausting.

Jorens put him and Norman on the shuttle and watched the people leave.

Soon after they left, Hansen, the leader of the Siao research group, contacted Jorens. The members of the Siao Sacred Tree Research Group were all well-known specialists in various fields in Siao, including botany, energy, and soothing agents.

Hansen spent his life researching soothing agents and dedicated himself to finding ways to remove impurities. After learning that the sacred tree could remove impurities by absorbing energy from the beast’s core, he insisted on joining the research group and served as its leader. He learned that the black stone was a biological body that died of black disease, and immediately rushed to the Rabe Scientific Research Institute.

The military department replenished the holy tree with sufficient beast cores every day. The condition of the holy tree became better and better, and the mermaid baptisms no longer needed An Jin’s help, so An Jin only purified the black stone.

Half a month later, in early November, An Jin finished purifying all the black stones. During this time, An Jin’s ability rose to level six, and the speed of purification became much faster in the later stages.

An Jin was relieved to see the last black stone being purified—he could go back to Siao before December.

Although Norman had said that he could return before the Star Beast Wave, January was the New Year in Siao, and he knew that Norman was looking forward to their wedding in Siao. Several times he woke up to Norman looking solemnly at the terminal, modifying the wedding process and adjusting the wedding supplies. He offered to leave, and after discussing with Norman, the time to leave Rabe’s Star was set for November 10.

After the date was set, Norman informed Siao’s royal protocol officer that Siao’s wedding was scheduled for December 1.

When An Jin heard this, he immediately looked at Norman and waited for him to hang up the communication before asking, “Is the time too tight?”

The journey would take ten days, so the wedding would be held in less than a week back in Siao.

Norman grabbed him and kissed him at the end of his eyes. “Not too tight, it’s all ready, we just need to try on the dress and take photos to go through the process.”

In fact, if he wasn’t worried that his little mate would be tired, he would hold the wedding the day after he returned to Siao.

In the next few days, Siao’s bridal party and Rabe’s bridal party were all busy. Rabe had already prepared the wedding party, but he disagreed with An Jin on the matter of the procession. When An Jin saw the elders’ insistence, he finally agreed to accompany the procession, but still asked the members to go to Siao voluntarily. Rabe Star would also send many researchers along, who would stay in Siao for long-term technical exchanges.

During this period, the mermaids moved out of the palace one after another. After the mermaids’ memory returned to normal, their learning progressed rapidly, and they grew up fast. After passing the independent living test, some of the mermaids no longer needed guardians and moved out of the palace and into apartments assigned by Rabe Star.

In Little Silver’s apartment, Little Silver sat casually on the living room floor, his alabaster-like face not moving, staring at the instructional video.


Hearing a knock on the door of his room, he frowned, paused the video and checked the surveillance at the door through the terminal. Seeing the visitor, he pressed the door open button, but the person did not move and inclined his head to look at the door.

Mu Chen walked up to him, saw his bare feet on the marble floor without carpet, cold white and cold white. He patted Little Silver’s hair. “Get up, aren’t you cold from sitting?”

Little Silver’s face instantly became fierce. “Bastard, you messed up my hair”

Mu Chen watched with amusement as he fixed his hair. Little Silver had matured a lot lately and would not do anything to people, but still loved beauty.

Little Silver stared at him, suddenly sprang up, reached out and rubbed his head from side to side, messing up his hair, then jumped back and sat on the sofa, lifting his chin proudly. “You laugh again!”

Mu Chen casually straightened his hair and did not retaliate. He sat opposite Little Silver and looked at him in silence.

“What kind of watch is this?” Little Silver was fierce. “Bullied? Who is it? I’ll help you beat him up!”

Mu Chen shook his head and asked, “Are you going to stay on Rabe?”

Little Silver was disgusted and leaned against the back of the couch like he had no bones. “Yeah.”

Mu Chen was very confused, as far as he knew, all of Little Silver’s close friends, An An, Ling Ling, Rui Rui, Gu Gu, and Bubbles…were all going back to Siao. He did not see Little Silver in the list of returning mermaids, and his heart thumped, however, after asking the teacher, the teacher said Little Silver personally said to stay in Rabe.

Mu Chen’s eyebrows knitted together; he was originally happy to see Little Silver stay in Rabe, after all, as a mermaid, Rabe Star’s environment was also suitable for mermaids. But when he learned that Little Silver’s friends were going back to Siao, he wasn’t so happy.

He stared at Little Silver and couldn’t get enough of it.

When Hornád counted the list of mermaids who were leaving Rabe, he said that the mermaids who were willing to return to Siao got along well with their original breeders, while the black market rescued mermaids all stayed on Rabe.

Did he treat Little Silver badly? He and Little Silver were the best mermaid and human to get along with before An An appeared! He was so angry that Rui Rui was willing to go back to Garrett!

Little Silver raised his eyebrows and held his chin. His eyes swept over his face, and his silver eyes flashed with sorrow.

Mu Chen was not looking good. “What are you looking at?”

Little Silver said, “You’re looking at me negatively.”

“…Shut up.” Mu Chen actually felt very apt for a moment and corrected, “You don’t watch messy movies, I just watch a heartless mermaid.”

Little Silver resented the sound. “Where’s my lack of conscience? You’re the one with no conscience, you don’t even want to be my mate!”

Mu Chen’s face changed and he asked through clenched teeth, “So you decided to stay in Rabe?”

Little Silver shook his head. “You agree that I want to stay in Rabe.”

Mu Chen did not understand Little Silver’s brain circuit at all, but was made angry by his words. “Holy shit, do you have a problem? Do you like being separated from your mate?”

“You’re the one with the problem!” Little Silver glared at him, then accused, “You talk dirty and don’t speak clearly.” He clasped his hand to his chest, gritted his teeth, inclined his head and grunted, facing Mu Chen with the back of his head. “You’re better than me now,” the word “now” he bit hard, “but I will be better than you.” He finished and faced Mu Chen. “I have to stay on Rabe to become powerful as fast as possible, I have to learn mecha piloting, and I have to understand a lot of mecha basics. Although there is a translator, many technical terms have not yet been translated, the learning progress in Siao is certainly not as good as Rabe, and Rabe’s driving skills are suitable for me.” His silver eyes locked on Mu Chen. “You wait, I will be better than you!”

Mu Chen rolled his eyes. “Who wants to compete with you?”

He was surprised that Little Silver was growing up faster than he was, and he had to say that Little Silver was thinking right. Little Silver’s eyes narrowed and he suddenly bounced up from his seat and pounced directly on Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was unprepared and fell backwards, leaning his back against the back of the sofa. Little Silver’s feet were kneeling next to his feet, his hands were pressed on his shoulders, and he was looking at him from above.

Mu Chen was about to lift him off the ground when he looked at him, and suddenly he noticed the warmth of Little Silver’s palm, his eyebrows jumped and he reached out to push him. “You….”

Little Silver grabbed his hand.

Mu Chen’s voice was heard, and his body unconsciously tensed up as he cursed himself for being careless. No wonder Little Silver didn’t feel cold sitting on the ground, obviously it was because he was in heat and his body was really hot! He was holding Little Silver’s hand tightly.

Little Silver’s silver eyes deepened. “I forgot to tell you something.”

Mu Chen was slightly flabbergasted and asked, “What is it?”

Little Silver grabbed his hand and moved it down, over his abdomen and down to his slightly reactive spot.

Mu Chen looked like he was burned by something and quickly waved his hand, but Little Silver’s hand was so strong after his baptism that it wouldn’t let him move.

“Holy shit, are you a pervert?”

“You don’t speak clearly.” Little Silver accused him seriously.

The corners of Mu Chen’s mouth twitched. “Can you not be a pervert while calling others unclear?”

“I’m not being a pervert, I’m just telling you,” Little Silver said forcefully, letting Mu Chen’s hand touch him, his silver eyes shining. “Look, I’m already mature.”

Mu Chen inclined his head and squinted at him. “…Are you stupid?”

Little Silver angrily looked down and bit him on the neck. “You despise me? You told me to find a mate after I matured! I listened to you. You’re the one who’s stupid. I’m obviously mature, and you’re still telling me to mature again.” He leaned close to Mu Chen to ask, “How much more mature?”

The moment he touched him, he felt hot and licked the spot where he had just bitten. Mu Chen’s body shivered and his whole body pushed, lifting him off the ground while he was lost in thought.

Little Silver rolled over onto the couch and straightened up his upper body, ready to continue to paste the past.

Mu Chen got up and took a few steps back, touched his neck, saw that there was no bleeding, saw Little Silver’s discontented look, and pointed to the bathroom. “You go fix it yourself.”

Little Silver’s eyes were glued to his right hand. “You help me.”

“No, I’m leaving.” Mu Chen made a step toward the door.

Little Silver was disappointed, but didn’t force the issue; any Tek mermaid would be ashamed. He jumped off the couch, sat on the marble floor, and turned on the video again. Mu Chen looked back and could only see the side of Little Silver’s face.

Little Silver’s face had no color, due to the very white skin set off by silver gray hair, he looked very high and cold. However, because of the high body temperature, the ends of his eyes were red. He lowered his head in silence to watch the video, inexplicably pitiful.

Mu Chen paused in his steps and walked back. Little Silver inclined his head to look at him.

Mu Chen’s face was no longer fierce. “What are you looking at? You are able to change into human form, and you don’t have long nails, so why don’t you jack off?” He took Little Silver by the back of his collar and dragged him to the bathroom. “I’ll teach you one last time, so you’ll have a good time with your hands on Rabe.”

An Jin received a message from Little Silver and learned that he was not going back to Siao. He promised Little Silver that he would come to Rabe at least once a year, and Little Silver said that he would return to Siao on vacation.

On November 10, An Jin and Norman left the planet Rabe. Except for the Holy Tree Research Team and the military personnel protecting the researchers who remained on Rabe, all the Siao personnel returned.

With the addition of An Jin’s personal guard and Rabe’s special team, the fleet of returning stars was even larger than when they arrived, and was very impressive when they departed.

An Jin and Norman boarded the main ship. An Jin sat by the window and watched the rest of the starship. After the fleet left Rabe, he still didn’t move his position to watch the view of space. Norman kept an eye on his state and saw that he was spiritually well, not uncomfortable, and did not get seasick from the starship again, so he put his mind at ease.

A few days later, in the middle of the night, Norman was sleeping when he suddenly felt the small mate in his arms was hot and woke up immediately. An Jin rubbed Norman’s chest with difficulty, pulling his collar, confused. “It’s hot.”


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Blizzard passing by say hey~
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