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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Ah?” Ji Meng was visibly stunned for a moment, as if he couldn’t believe that a person like Lu AnHe would take the initiative to ask to be his roommate.

Lu AnHe’s decision wasn’t on a whim, so he looked at the other carefully and asked him again, “How about it?”

Ji Meng, “Ah.”

However, while he was in a daze, Yi Nan, who was waiting nearby, began speaking incredulously, “Why did you choose him instead of me, Lao Lu?”

Lu AnHe casually answered, “There’s no reason. I already said I didn’t care.”

Ji Meng didn’t like talking to strangers, but he could perceive the meaning in Yi Nan’s tone, and looked up at him.

This kind of stubborn admiration has been a common occurrence in the army for a long time. Yi Nan just glanced at Ji Meng and had no impression of him. He just felt that he didn’t talk much and seemed to be no worse than him, “Trust me, I’m not bad. Maybe I could get the best mecha. What’s wrong with everyone making progress together?”

“Yes.” Ji Meng suddenly spoke, but instead of answering Yi Nan’s question, he smiled at Lu AnHe. “Do you want to make progress with me?”

Yi Nan was a little upset. He choked by what Ji Meng said as he impulsively exclaimed, “You’ll drag others down!”

Lu AnHe was really annoyed when he heard this sentence.

He just shook Yi Nan’s hand and was about to talk, but Ji Meng wasn’t angry at all. Instead, he replied, “Oh, am I a drag?”

“Not at all.”

Ji Meng seemed to be a little timid when getting along with others, but he has never taken a step back when they were insulting him, “I don’t think there’s a chance you’re better than me.”

This was probably the most certain thing he had said these days.

Yi Nan probably thought that Ji Meng was just like him, exaggerating his abilities in order to room with Lu AnHe, so he finally sneered, “Just you?”

“OK, it’s all settled. Go find someone else.” Lu AnHe grabbed Ji Meng’s shoulder and said, “What does others’ strength have got anything to do with you?”

Yi Nan tried to keep his smile, but he couldn’t understand it. In the end, he could only watch Lu AnHe walk away with the man who seemed to be of average strength and younger than everyone. The time set by the instructor was about to come, so, unable to do anything, he could only stare at the receding back of the two, bite his teeth, and casually find another recruit as his roommate.

But from time to time he looked in their direction just now, and his eyes were unwilling.

At the end of the grouping time, the instructor came over with his watch and began to register the rooms one by one.

Lu AnHe didn’t really give it much thought about what just happened. He just subconsciously thought that there was no need to waste time with the other. What was more, Yi Nan’s words made him unhappy and he was afraid Ji Meng would care, so he hurriedly pulled him away. After feeling the heat from the other’s shoulders, he was surprised that he had escorted him the whole way.

He hurriedly put his hand down and looked at him, noticing that Ji Meng’s face was a little red. Due to his introverted nature, Lu AnHe asked apologetically, “Are you angry? Don’t take that person’s words to heart.”

Ji Meng nodded at him. He even nodded to himself, looking very serious. He wasn’t perfunctory, “I won’t.”

“I didn’t find you to get rid of him,” Lu AnHe thought he should explain. “I really think you’re very capable. I don’t have any other ideas.”

He saw Ji Meng becoming silent for a while.

He also saw Ji Meng blinking his eyes.

Ji Meng seemed to be thinking about something.

Ji Meng was seemingly digesting what he had said.

When he finished observing all that, the other man gave a habitual “Oh” first, and then looked up solemnly and said, “Thank you.”

Lu AnHe, whose mood had been ruined by Yi Nan, suddenly felt better.

He was about the same height as Ji Meng, and there was no obvious difference in their body shape, he just thought the other party was cute. He smiled and gently pulled Ji Meng’s hair: “Thanking me for what? We’ll be friends every night in the future. Don’t be too constrained.”

As soon as he finished, he wondered if it was impolite, but Ji Meng didn’t seem to mind at all. Taking note of his words and laughed again, “Mmm!”

“Be quiet.” The instructor said indifferently, “Your grouping records have been received. Now let’s announce the comprehensive score ranking.”

“Which of you wants to know it first?”

Some people were still hesitant to raise their hands. Suddenly, a loud “I want to” came from the crowd. Everyone followed the sound and found that it was Yi Nan who who had a little reluctance in his eyes.

The drillmaster didn’t beat around the bush, but when he looked up at Yi Nan, he noticed a peculiar look in his eyes. Before Yi Nan could figure out what it was, he heard the drillmaster coldly repeat his name and said, “Yi Nan, C, etc.”

Generally, the level of everyone would be within the five ranges of A-E, while only four people could drive top-level mecha, which were separately defined as S.

Yi Nan was completely stunned. He never thought he would be of this level.

Although he wasn’t as good as Imperial Militray University students, he was recommended by the school at least. In fact, he knew that he couldn’t get an S, but he was looking forward to an A, or maybe a B.

His whole demeanor was like it was drenched with cold water, “How could it be? How could it be C?”

The instructor said without emotion, “Do you think you can get high marks with a little physical strength?”

Yi Nan blushed, “I’m not bad at anything else either!”

“Oh.” The drillmaster continued, “But the comprehensive records show that your last theory was exactly the same as that of the second half of another soldier’s, and there’s a prior absence from training. In addition, you have been lazy in the unified training, cheating and playing tricks…”

This was undoubtedly a public blow to his face. Everyone looked at him with various expressions on their faces.

“Only soldiers with good physique who disdain training are rated C, which is already a very high score. Next!”

With Yi Nan’s move, some soldiers who had been eager to know their level retracted their raised hands. Seeing that someone hesitated and didn’t waste time, the instructor began to read the levels by name.

Ye Ling and Lu AnHe unsurprisingly both got Ss grade. Another soldier with good strength also got the same result. When they read their names, the instructor simply handed over the key to the mecha. For a moment, everyone looked at them with envy or excitement.

When Ji Meng saw Lu AnHe take the key and return to the queue, he laughed and said “Congratulations” when the other party looked at him.

Lu AnHe felt that he wanted to pull his hair again.

Fortunately, he held back this time.

There were still a small number of people who had not been read out, so everyone was waiting for their own or friends’ evaluation. Suddenly, Yi Nan, who had been ashamed and silent after learning his grade, came up to Ji Meng and said with disdain, “What luck. From now on you won’t have the same training course as us.”

The tone of voice was really sinister.

Ji Meng nodded, “Oh.”

Lu AnHe tensed his mouth to endure laughing. He didn’t expect that Ji Meng’s “Oh” coils express so many different emotions. He may be a little slow when facing others, but he was serious when facing himself. And now he was facing Yi Nan. Such a simple syllable has made the other party eat defeat successfully without confrontation.

“Really got a good deal.”


Yi Nan found that this man seemed to be different from what he thought. He felt like the air was stuck in his chest..

He was ready to leave, and heard the instructor read Ji Meng’s name.

Yi Nan stood still again.

“I don’t know whether it’s a D or an E.” After all, he was a C himself. He couldn’t imagine that Ji Meng, who was a bit reclusive and meek could get a higher grade.

Ji Meng answered the instructor, “Here!”

The instructor paused for a moment and silently looked up at Ji Meng. There was a moment of silence.

Yi Nan thought that his time to laugh at others had finally come.

“Ji Meng,” the instructor looked back and read the information on the light screen, “S.”

“Come and get your keys.”


Ji Meng passed Yi Nan without sparing him a glance as he went forward and received the key to the mecha that everyone wanted.

When he returned to the group, Lu AnHe next to him finally couldn’t help laughing and picking up the other party’s hair again. He repeated what Ji Meng had just said to him, “Congratulations.”

Ji Meng also laughed, “Oh”, and the tiger teeth between lips peeked out again—

The training department didn’t give them time to breathe. The next day after they were divided into groups, they began a new training.

After the dormitory was divided, the conditions were much better. Lu AnHe was already good at getting along with people. Ji Meng’s restraint basically disappeared after only a day or two. Although it was sometimes similar to others, it was much better with Lu AnHe.

S-level training was more tiring than other levels. Most of the troops were ready to rest after eating in the canteen, but they still had to carry out later evening training.

However, Ji Meng has never dropped out of the team. Whether in physical and mental training or in the operation of the mecha, Ji Meng’s scores were comparable to his. Lu AnHe was surprised to find that his roommate was hiding so well.

On this day it was already very late when they finally finished their training, so most of them were ready to go to bed. Lu AnHe suddenly patted Ji Meng on the shoulder, “Old Ji.”

The other turned to look at him, “Hmm?”

Lu AnHe smoothly put his arm on his shoulder as they walked together, “Are you hungry?”

Ji Meng honestly replied, “I’m not hungry.”

He thought for a while then asked, “Are you hungry?”

Lu AnHe, “I’m not hungry either.”

Ji Meng looked at him before nodding, “Oh…”

“But I’m craving something.” Lu AnHe shamelessly stated, “I’m going to sneak to the back kitchen of the canteen to find something to eat. Do you want me to bring some for you?”

“Oh.” Ji Meng listened. “I’ll go too.”

Then he started walking to the canteen.

Lu AnHe tugged at him and said, “Don’t leave. If I get caught, I’ll be fine. I’m afraid that you…”

Before he finished, he suddenly heard someone approaching.

“I was wondering who it was, and it turned out to be you guys.” It was Yi Nan’s voice.

Since he failed to be grouped together with Lu AnHe the last time, and he fell into the C class, he hasn’t been publicly punished by the instructor, so this group of recruits had some estrangement from Yi Nan.

Yi Nan attributed all his failures to these two people. He thought highly of himself, believing that the training of class C was completely inconsistent with his strength. He breathed a sigh every day.

He looked at the two people in front of him, talking and laughing when he came out of the training ground, as if they could easily cope with their heavy training. Lu AnHe put his hand on Ji Meng’s shoulder and smiled casually. Recalling that he had been thrown away by Lu AnHe that day, he felt even worse, so he said disdainfully, “This is the style of S-class students?”

He even figured out how to make fun of him, but just as he was about to say the next sentence, Ji Meng gave an “Oh”, seriously wondering, “What’s the problem?”

“…Class C student?”


The author has something to say: 

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July 17, 2022 12:33 am

I really dislike characters (and actual people) like Yi Nan, who have an inflated (and false) sense of superiority and blame everyone else for their failures. They can be massive trouble makers too. I hope he doesn’t try to harm Ji Meng in some way (still seeing him as the maun problem, I’d imagine).
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 6, 2022 3:37 pm

I love that Ji Meng can express so many different emotions with just one word.

July 15, 2023 1:19 am

ouch. class C student….
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that hit hard. meng meng is great 🤣

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