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Chapter 3: Ah, a genius

Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Right in front of Jinyu was a tiger that was about three times as big as a normal tiger with forest green stripes. At this moment, he was savagely tearing at a large eagle with feathers the color of metal.

Normally, to someone like Jinyu who had survived an apocalypse, this type of predatory image was very normal. Except, if the sizes, fur and feather color were a bit more normal, and they were a bit further from him, he would really be so moved he’d be crying.

The eagle that had fallen right in front of him spit out a mouthful of blood at him, okay?!?!? He had just stepped in the door and he was sprayed with blood. Was this some twisted way of welcoming guests?!?!

As Jinyu was still stiff and cursing silently because of having a face and body stained with blood, the surrounding rang unevenly with sounds of explosive laughter. And accompanying this sound was a boy with orange hair where every strand was standing up, rejoicing in the misfortune as he mocked: “Hahaha! Look, look, look! Another one who’s frightened by your pets! I say, Lixiao, the people from the Residential District Safety Agency have told you no less than five times, when your beasts are eating, they need to stay further away from the main door. This kind of behavior is ruining our Anjie’s image!”

Hearing the orange porcupine-head’s mocking, a man standing by the side, wearing plain martial arts clothes, sneered coldly. “Residential District Safety Agency? Those people are still alive? I should just set fire to the whole place and burn them all.” As he said this, the man beckoned to the forest green tiger, turned and walked off.

But he had only taken a few steps before he felt that something was not right. By now, his beast which was full and satiated should have come up to him and rubbed its head against him.

At the same time, the explosive laughter which had disappeared started up again. Amidst the laughter was the crazed howling of a strange man.

“Holy fucking shit! Don’t — don’t come over! If you come any nearer, I’ll scream!! I’ll faint!! Don’t lick my face! Your breath stinks, do you know that?! After eating, you should gargle, hasn’t your owner taught you that?!?!”

The man dressed in martial arts clothes turned swiftly around and saw a scene that made his mouth twitch.

His own beast was licking and hugging and rubbing against a demi-human, a stranger?! Fuck! Now it had started rolling around?!?!?! Unable to stop grinding his teeth, the man felt that there was a ball of demonic fire that went whoosh! as it surged up. In the end, the demonic fire rather forcibly dominated intelligence and the man shouted furiously to the tiger that was already beginning to act like a spoiled child and act cute: “Xiaolu! I think you’re eating too fucking well lately, huh!! From tomorrow on, you’re going on a fucking diet!!”

The moment he opened his mouth, the forest green tiger that had been happily rolling around instantly froze. When he began shouting, the tiger was on its back with its legs facing the sky. Thus, it froze in that position and it gave the feeling that it was expecting…

Even Jinyu who wasn’t easily amused couldn’t help but flatten his lips, let alone the orange porcupine-head by the side, who was easily amused, and all the other bystanders who were here to watch the drama. Thus, within ten minutes of Jinyu walking into Anjie, the third round of ear-shattering laughter exploded throughout the entire street.

The man obviously could not accept this kind of situations. He absolutely could not imagine that his A-grade, lofty and formidable beast that could be ranked within the top ten of all tigers, could behave in this kind of second-rate way. Because he couldn’t accept it, the man very naturally attributed his beast’s changes to Jinyu. He used a stare that could stare someone to death to glare deeply at Jinyu. “Boy, you have some guts.”

Hearing these words, Jinyu twisted his lips and backtracked a couple of steps. He steadies his expression: “Actually, I have very little guts.”

“Humph, demi-humans don’t even have any bit of martial abilities. The density of their energy capacity is below ten. Just based on this, you dare to come into Anjie, and you think you have very little guts?” The man sneered coldly at Jinyu.

The man’s words were like a huge stone dropped into water, causing everyone to explode into murmurs.

“Aiya, I say, boy, you’re too bold. You don’t even have any strength and you come to Anjie. Don’t you know anyone here can kill you with a pinch?” That orange porcupine-head boy shook his head and then snickered, “You’re lucky. You made me laugh three times today, so if you leave now, no one will stop you. But if you still don’t know what’s good for you, then even if you die in front of me, I won’t even blink an eye.”

Only now did Jinyu stiffly understand that sliver of disharmony buried deep in his heart. He had definitely been blinded by excitement and forgot the age-old logic: if one was going to a place frequented by gangsters or highly-skilled people, he had to bring an ultimate weapon — ferocious power.

Whether it was pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, or maybe from the beginning, an air of ‘bastard’ spread around him, if he didn’t have power and he came into this kind of tiger’s den, then the final outcome would ninety percent result in him dying with not even a grave to his name. And the remaining ten percent would see him being sold off in all kinds of tragic scenarios.

Taking in a deep breath, Jinyu told himself he needed to be calm. That miserable situation ending just now was for powerless second-rates. Although he basically didn’t have power, he wasn’t a second-rate pathetic person.

Besides… just now, when that fierce-but-soft-on-the-inside green tiger jumped to lick him, he seemed to have discovered something shocking. And this might become something that would allow him to live here.

“Boy! Have you thought it through? Are you leaving or not?”

As Jinyu was thinking hard, that orange porcupine-head shouted again. Hearing this type of bitchy shouting, Jinyu had his heart set on giving him a beating. Plus, his mind was still occupied by that important discovery. Thus, something very cocky came out of his mouth, “Fuck! What are you shouting about! Can’t you see I’m thinking of something, shut your fucking mouth!”


In the following few minutes, Jinyu suddenly discovered that his surroundings had turned dead silent. When he raised his head and frowned, he discovered that the orange porcupine-head boy was standing right in front of him with a nasty smile.


“Boy, what did you say just now?”

“I was thinking just now. I didn’t say anything.”

“Heheh, I seemed to have heard someone telling me to shut my fucking mouth?”

“Oh, actually, hallucinations can stubbornly and strangely in any place and time. Just now, they stubbornly and strangely happened.”

“Then why did I hear you say them?”

“That’s your hallucination. Hallucinations are stubborn and strange.”

At this point, seeing Jinyu’s indifferent expression, his surroundings burst into the fourth run of laughter. And that orange porcupine-head who was getting ready to beat Jinyu up stared at him for a long time before slapping his thigh and guffawing. “Ahahahaha! You brat! Interesting, you’re really too interesting! Just because you’ve made me laugh four times today, I think you have a future! But since you’re here at Anjie, even if you’re the emperor, I will follow the laws of Anjie! If you want to stay and live comfortably, boy, that will depend on your abilities.” As he spoke, orange porcupine-head smirked, “Over here, nobody will be a good Samaritan and protect you. If you can’t get through the days here… Your skin is white and clean and you are quite delicate. The noble lords outside are looking for this type.”

Jinyu’s mouth twisted and he said, “You don’t need to worry about that. If there really was a noble lord, he still has to have the luck to find me. I hate most the type of pretty boys who are weak and don’t know their place. Besides, my type is called handsome! Cool! Suave! ‘Delicate’ your ass! Your entire family is delicate!!”

After saying this, while the orange porcupine-head gaped at him, he took the chance and ran to the side of the green tiger, whose head was bowed dejectedly as it stood beside its owner. And then as the tiger swung its tail and killing intent gathered in the body of the man with the martial clothes, Jinyu disregarded everything and whispered something in the man’s ear.

In the next instant, the bystanders were eagerly awaiting a beating of the demi-human, they stood with their mouths open wide enough to swallow an egg. They saw Lord Lixiao, the most ruthless and violent man in Anjie, having an expression that was tense but soft and expectant, grabbing that extremely daring boy’s sleeve and running straight into the street.



The sound of slaps sounded in the street after the silence. The bystanders couldn’t help but reach out to slap their neighbors and then clutching their own faces, speaking peculiarly to the one they had hit:

“What the fuck was that?!”

“Tsk… Si… eh, I don’t know! That was TMD (1) weird!”

“Fuck! Are your anti-radiation changed alloy eyes blind! I think that’s the long-lost, extinct …!”


“First sight! Eh? That doesn’t seem right, lust at first sight? Huh, it still doesn’t seem right…”

“Fuck off! It’s ‘love at first sight’! Didn’t you learn your ancient languages? Go back to school! Don’t let others think we of the Anjie street are like you, low cultured and stuck in preschool!!” Orange porcupine-head savagely slapped the head of the one who was speaking and then pinched his own chin and murmured to himself:

“I was wrong. I was really wrong. I thought that boy could only survive the days here. But it looks like this boy can thrive here. And if things go well, he might even become the devil incarnate…. Satan amen!”
This was in English in the original text. TMD stands for 他妈的ta ma de, which stands for ‘fuck’


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Ah holy hell that was hilarious im already loving this novel

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Thanks for the chapter!

August 24, 2019 1:14 am

Jinyu is gutsy, has one sharp tongue and an ability to talk with animals. With that kind of entrance (instantly being splashed with blood, than making people laught 4 times, subduing a tiger and being draged out by a powerful lord) he will be famous on Anjie street.

This is getting even more interesting. Another great novel I already know I won’t have enought of. 🙂 😀

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