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Chapter 7: The Dark Shore

Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It was so dark that there did not seem to be a sliver of light. The deep night covered the very long avenue that seemed to have no end that was called Anjie.

On the two sides of the avenue, there were occasionally strangely shaped two storey buildings with all sorts of colored lights. But these lights were very different from the glaring lights from the neighborhood. Even if the neighborhood was lively, the entire Anjie seemed to be under a barrier. No matter how loud noises were, they couldn’t travel through the barrier, no matter how brightly colored and brilliant lights were, they couldn’t pierce the barrier.

If someone were to look down from the center of the city, they would see that within the colored brilliant lights, there was a huge dragon as unmoving as the mountain, quiet and untroubled. This was the real Anjie.

Although the nights at Anjie were pitch black and quiet, the people at Anjie were still people after all. Even if they weren’t humans, they could still wear human skin and pretend to be humans. Thus, there were still lamps on the streets. Although the lamps provided illumination of less than three meters, it was better than nothing.

“The entire Anjie only has a single central rubbish transfer chute. After considering the living conditions of other streets and Anjie’s appearance, the rubbish transfer chute will be entering the back part of the third construction building. En, it is actually quite recognizable.” LiXiao pointed at the room that looked like a huge rubbish room under the darkness and the lamps. He said, “This is idiot-proof. Usually, our Anjie facilities have very simple shapes. Even an idiot could find it!”

LiXiao’s tone was three parts pride, three parts helplessness, four parts indifference. JinYu couldn’t help but laugh, “Then, according to you, Anjie’s restaurant should be shaped like a giant bowl?”

LiXiao and orange head nodded together. JinYu’s smile froze on his mouth.

“What about the hotel?”

“It’s in the shape of a wine barrel.” LiXiao’s expression was quite calm.

“Public toilet?”

“…The lower half of an ice cream.” Orange porcupine-head felt that his analogy here was really good. It won’t make someone feel disgusted.

“You’re wrong, I’ve decided that I won’t eat ice cream for summer this year anymore.” JinYu solemnly said. A thousand grass horses ran madly in his heart–who was the aesthetically-ignorant person who this type of extremely idiotic architecture?! Why did he create these buildings for his own home?!

In his heart, JinYu savagely mocked the aesthetic sense of the person who was likely the head of Anjie. At this moment, he was about a hundred meters from the rubbish disposal area.

Just as he wanted to walk forward, he was pulled to a stop by LiXiao. At the same time, Xiaolue howled. It leapt forward and punched, pinning a swift black shadow to the ground!

“Xiao Jin, you must know that the most dangerous place in Anjie at night is this rubbish disposal area! In this district, every night there are beasts who have been abandoned or beasts who are fleeing, or beasts moving around. Although they’re injured or about to die, they’re even more to be feared because they’re driven be desperation and despair! Even a beast lacking in attack power could kill a human!”

Following LiXiao’s sombre yet urgent words, tens of darkened beast silhouettes gathered around them. There were all types of beasts, and yet they all had a similar look of savagery and cruelty. Under the night sky, they looked especially ferocious and cold.

“…..Because of despair, they are cruel; because of betrayal, they are cold…..”

At this moment, JinYu saw that more and more beasts were gathering. The beasts looked ruthless, without an exception, and they growled amongst themselves. It was hard to believe.

Even if he had seen too many animals die in the apocalyptic earth he came from, this type of cold, emotionless eyes was the first he had come across. He felt incomparable sorrow, rage and frenzy that could not be expressed when he saw these beasts gathered before him.

If it wasn’t devastating despair and sorrow, then why would the beasts who were supposed to be simple, loving and innocent, become so cold?

“Hehehe… so… I also hate humans…” JinYu covered his eyes with his left arm. He mocked himself and seemed crazy as he began to laugh. “The most selfish and heartless animals are humans.”

“Xiao Jin?”

“Jin-zi? LiXiao and Orange porcupine-head were alarmed by JinYu’s behavior.

“Nothing… nothing… alright, big brother Li and Orange, you guys can go back. I’ll stay here tonight.”


LiXiao and Orange porcupine-head’s expressions changed in an instant. If they had been alarmed by JinYu’s behavior earlier, right now they were looking suspiciously at JinYu, wondering if he had lost his wits from the fright of seeing these beasts gathering.

LiXiao was about to forcibly pull JinYu away. But suddenly the moon, which had been covered by clouds slowly came out. It brought with it dark red moon beams that shone on Anjie. At the same time, it lit up the dark shadows that were full of hostility.




In the moment that the moonlight touched them, dozens of dark shadows let out blood curdling and shrill cries, and quickly tried to retreat into the shadows.

But no matter how fast they moved, that instant was more than enough for JinYu and the other two have a full view of them.

“My… They… they…” LiXiao’s expression changed into one of intense shock. His finger trembled as he pointed at the groaning beasts, as if he couldn’t speak. Although he had been to this rubbish disposal area a few times, he had only ever passed by the place. He had never clearly looked at the abandoned and fleeing beasts until now.

Those beasts were dragging damaged and broken limbs. Their bodies were smeared with blood and mud. Their wounds were festering and they looked like they were on their last breath. He really had no words.

Beside him, Orange porcupine-head gave a complicated look at that darkness and sucked in a deep breath, patting LiXiao’s shoulder: “Xiao, after seeing this sight, I’ve decided to treat my barbed tail wolf better. It has followed me since it was a pup, and it has saved me countless times. No matter how you look at it, I ought to treat it well until it dies. This kind of place… Even if I’m dead and I have to look for a caretaker, I’ll never let it come here!!!”

LiXiao did not reply. He only blankly reached out to touch Xiaolue, who was beside him. He had only had this one beast, and didn’t want another. Although he had always treated Xiaolue well, he still felt uneasy and guilty after seeing the sorry state of the beasts here.

“Xiaolue, tomorrow we will go to the Central Beasts Hospital for a checkup… and then I will give you a crystal to boost your defenses. Either way, tomorrow I will spend money on you! Lots and lots of money!!”

Xiaolue looked very happy when it heard LiXiao’s words. However, the happiness soon faded. It rubbed sadly against LiXiao’s clothes. It clearly knew why its owner was behaving like this. Seeing those pitiful beasts was sure to make one feel sorry and sympathetic.

“Humph! Jin-zi, we brought you here because you wanted to come. You’ve seen how they look now. Now that you’ve finished looking, it’s time to go back. I need to feed the large tailed wolf. Let’s not waste time here.”

LiXiao heard Orange porcupine-head’s words and nodded. The sight he had just seen made him feel extremely pained, but no matter what they thought, they had no responsibility towards these abandoned beasts. They didn’t have any ways to save them. If they took them in, they could only save one or two. What was the point?

But JinYu did not react to their words. All he could focus on now was the fierce but terrified and abandoned beasts. Although they looked very different from the animals on earth, in JinYu’s eyes, these were merely injured animals. Animals who had suffered huge blows physically and emotionally.

Faced with these animals, if he could walk away, then he wasn’t JinYu.

Casually turning around, showing his back to the injured beasts, JinYu smiled and said to the other two. “Big brother Li, Orange Porcupine-head, go back first. I’ll stay here for the night. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.”

“What are you talking about? The beasts near this area are extremely savage. Did you think I was joking?!”

LiXiao was about to pull JinYu away but he saw JinYu reaching out to pick up the two-tailed cat Xiaolue had pounced on.

It was obviously a very casual and natural act, but somehow, LiXiao felt that just from that gesture, JinYu seemed to both pity and cherish the cat.

At this moment, JinYu, who had picked up the cat while still showing his back to the other beasts, was standing at a crossroads. If he took a step forward, he would be under the moonlight. If he took a step backwards, he would be in the darkness. In this space between the moonlight and the shadows, JinYu was half covered by darkness. A slow smile showed on his face.

“They won’t attack me.”

Step by step, bit by bit, when he could no longer retreat, when those claws and fangs were right behind him, JinYu’s face was no longer visible but he was still smiling, “Like I said, they won’t attack me.”

Turning, those beasts that had been full of hostility were suddenly stunned. And as JinYu walked further and further away, the beasts slowly began following him one after another. Some suspicious, some disbelieving, until they vanished into the darkness.


The only expression visible on LiXiao and Orange’s face was a sombre expression. They saw JinYu walk into the darkness. And yet, somehow, it seemed that the animals slowly following him, dragging their injured limbs and bodies, seemed to walk to a place that was full of warmth and light.

“Ha… have I seen a deity?” Chenliang swiftly gave himself a slap. And then he said to the silent LiXiao, “Xiao! I’m telling you, even if I have to use be a suck up, I’ll build good relations with that guy! I couldn’t do what he did today, so, I’m full of admiration!”

“Yeah… Maybe in future, the most dangerous place in Anjie at night will become the most perfect place. Who knows.”

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