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Chapter 52: Executive Mu Qiu and No Morals

Translated by Cherrie of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Since Su Nuo not having an appetite and whatnot was really way too scary, Dai An was especially worried, and he couldn’t help wanting to just jump into the other man’s thoughts to find out what exactly had happened!

He actually didn’t want to eat anything! This wasn’t scientific!

It had to be mentioned that a year ago, a magazine organized a poll for celebrities in the fashion industry and Su Nuo had gotten second place. Even though the second place was already very amazing, the problem was that the first place was Qiu ZiYan! Qiu ZiYan and whatnot could definitely not be tolerated! As soon as Su XiaoNuo saw that, he stormed off! He felt furious! So as his flames of anger raged on, he ate more than ten crab soup buns! All while using a marker to make Qiu ZiYan a furry chested caveman, extremely childishly!

Dai An had almost been tortured to death when that had happened and lost most of his life in comforting Su Nuo! But even through all that, Su Nuo had never said anything like ‘I have no appetite’ or even anything close to those forbidden words. Instead, he became even more of a foodie as he transformed his emotions into a craving for food! Using a spoon to eat the chocolate sauce and whatnot was extremely masculine!

“Nuonuo, let’s get a seafood hotpot delivered to the house, okay?” Dai An frowned.

“I don’t wanna eat.” Su Nuo was spread out on his bed as he grumbled.

“Then let’s go to the place that has your favorite beef noodles. We’ll order it with three servings of beef, chili oil and get the cook to make the beef tenders especially soft!” Dai An rubbed his head.

“I don’t want to eat.” Su Nuo continued to act like a caterpillar.

“Then let’s get roasted five flower meat…”

“I don’t wanna eat!” Su Nuo used his blanket to cover himself.

“What’s wrong.” Dai An felt that he was going to go into despair at any moment now and felt extremely worried!

“I’m okay; actually, I’m great!” Su Nuo’s eyes reddened as he said this, ruining the originally convincing statement.

Dai An Felt his heart and intestines ache and itch. Who was the idiot who made him like this aaaah! They had to have no morals! They had to be beaten to a pulp! They had to be a eunuch!

Since Dai An’s thoughts were too emotive, even the sky was affected, and black clouds gathered on the horizon!

“How come it started raining all of a sudden.” Mu Qiu frowned as he drove. “You really don’t need to go home?”

“I still have a meeting in the afternoon.” Ouyang Long massaged his pressure points, red veins stretching across his eyes.

Mu Qiu sighed. “If you keep going like this, you’re going to collapse sometime. Why don’t you give yourself a long holiday and rest up for a while.”

“Lately there’s been too much on, I’ll consider it later.” Ouyang Long was extremely tired and obviously didn’t want to engage in conversation.

Mu Qiu drove the car into Ren Rui before handing the other man an umbrella. “Look after yourself.”

“Thanks.” Ouyang Long had a bit of a cough as he walked towards the office department with the umbrella sheltering him.

What’s the point… Mu Qiu sighed deeply as he watched the departing back. He didn’t go back to the company and instead went to the filming location of the television series.

Zhong LiFengBai was on pretty good terms with Su Nuo. He should be able to offer some help.

Ren Rui was preparing to open some new shops recently and had to do repair and make some adjustments to the old designs. Because of all of the things that needed to be done, it was almost impossible that any of the employees were able to leave work on time. To encourage the workers, the BOSS group didn’t just look at material things but also put an emphasis on the mental state! They even got a filming team to come to take a documentary. This sort of shared spirit throughout the company had to be recorded and passed t=down through future generations!

The filming group that the company had chosen was the same advertising company as always, which was the group that had helped Su Nuo take the photos for the promotional flyers. The feminine photographer bringing his band of young women; they were currently rearranging and ordering the materials and equipment in the living room. A whole group of beautiful legs, super mini-skirts, and whatnot was really amazing! Because of this, all the single men in the company found reasons to pop in and admire the sight. The girls were also very cooperative as they kept smiling like blooming flowers. This was actually because their moods were excellent, they were about to be able to Ouyang Long director and whatnot! He was the original male lead from ‘Love in Troubled Times’! Lately, the inspiration really wasn’t flowing, so seeing him would be a great stimulus!

“Let’s begin.” Ouyang Long rubbed his face quickly as some sort of effort to inject some more energy into himself.

“Director, it’s probably best if you wear a uniform suit today.” The secretary trod carefully.

“Why?” Ouyang Long’s brows furrowed.

“There’s a filming group here today to film for a promotional video, so the employees and the management levels all have to wear uniform attire.” The secretary was extremely discrete. Even though they clearly knew that the boss was in a bad mood and whatnot, he couldn’t neglect to bring this up! But it was extremely frightening! Being a secretary was really a high-risk job!

However, luckily Ouyang Long didn’t say anything else. Instead, he just went, got changed, and went to the meeting room.

The girls from the filming group had initially been all been standing at the back of the meeting room and were all extremely excited when they saw him come in; all of them waved and called out greetings and were really extremely enthusiastic! Because the previous few bosses that had happened in were quite ugly, with balding heads, pot bellies and whatnot; There really wasn’t any room for imagination! So a handsome Mr. Director was really extremely rare and had to be prized and admired beyond measure!

But Ouyang Long showed no reaction or acknowledgment at all and sat down with a gloomy face in the first row. It would be more accurate to say that he had actually just not seen them since his mind was somewhere else altogether.

The girls were bewildered. Every other time they had worked together, he would always be very gentle and caring and buy everyone delicious duck’s neck for a midnight snack! Why was he suddenly so cold! Something extremely devastating must have happened! That would be the only explanation for his bad mood!

And what happened next during the meeting further proved that Mr. Director was in a bad mood!

“To better repay and give back to our members, we plan that on the 15th of the coming month – a weekend – we will hold a membership specific discount event.” The manager A of the department was the first to present, and he opened his PPT.

However, he hadn’t even managed to say a single word before he was cut off coldly by Mr. Director. “The biggest problem we have right now is that there are too many customers on the weekends, causing parking spaces to be insufficient. The customer service department has already received countless complaints about this. Why would we plan and execute an event that brings even more customers?!”

The department’s manager A could only shut his mouth.

“And that’s not even taking into account that fact that next week the government will be repairing the pedestrian overpass. They will be borrowing half of our parking lots to place their construction materials there!” Ouyang Long seemed extremely unhappy. “Redo it.”

As the first presentation was shot down so heartlessly, the atmosphere in the meeting room immediately stiffened and grew heavy! Department manager B expressed that they wanted to arrange a fashion salon for the SUPER VIP’s and that they would send out five thousand letters as invites. Mr director coldly said that everyone just used their phones now, why not just use a digital invitation?! Department Manager C told that next season, they planned on pulling in four mature women fashion brands. Mr. Director said to him that the company’s next step was to create more youth-based shops, why would you decide to use mature women fashion brands to replace the famous fashion brands? After that, everyone’s reports seemed to contain some sort of error or other, don’t even mention the company’s employees, even the girls on the filming team had begun to grow severe and grave!

It really was terrifying!

All of the department managers had tears streaming down their faces. Even though these errors were self-explanatory, in reality, they could very easily be overlooked, and that’s not taking into account the fact that this was only a meeting for discussing these fresh ideas! If there are problems, they can just be pointed out and fixed, why so serious! It was absolutely terrifying!

“Are you in a bad state today?” During the break, even Mr. Old Executive noticed and questioned him softly.

“… I’m sorry.” Ouyang Long’s mood really was horrible.

“Everything you mentioned was correct, and they really did make mistakes on their part, but you don’t need to overly serious.” Mr. Old Executive gave him a pat and handed him a bar of chocolate, “My wife often says that eating sweet things can improve your mood.”

“Thank you.” Ouyang Long smiled gratefully.

“Director.” Seeing that his conversation seemed to be going well with the executive, an employee took the chance to hand up a plan. “This is the schedule for next week when ANDO jewelry will invite Su Nuo for a live event. Please have a look at it when you have the time.”

Ouyang Long froze for a moment.

“Thank you.” The employee immediately retreated, just in case the other man changed his mind suddenly!

Ouyang Long looked at Su Nuo’s photo at the front, his heart a mess.

“It’s alright.” The executive was extremely caring.

“I’m sorry. I think I need to take a day off.” Between being hungover and catching a cold, Ouyang Long was in an appalling state.

“Go for it.” The executive was swift with his response.

“Sorry, everyone. My attitude today has been terrible.” Ouyang Long offered his apology before he left. “Coworkers who have been told off by me today, please don’t keep it in your hearts.”

Damn, of course, they wouldn’t! Almost everyone thought it was completely okay because Mr. Director was really extremely gentle all of the time!

Even the girls thought that Ouyang Long was extremely handsome! When he was in a bad mood, a depressive aura was added to his persona. It was extremely enchanting!

In conclusion, Ouyang JinLong would be even more charismatic when he was depressed!

So on this night, ‘Love in Troubled Times’ was updated!

After Su Nuonuo learned that he was pregnant, he was extremely pained. He didn’t drink at all each day and would only look towards the snow lotus as tears ran down his face. Faced with the beautiful and frail person in front of him who was pregnant with his child, Ouyang JinLong’s feelings were extremely conflicted. He was worried that he would hurt himself, but he was also frustrated that he was being so extraordinarily stubborn and not sparing a thought for the child in his stomach!

Because of his mood always being so bad, Su Nuonuo’s body became even more frail and thin. His pajamas would often slip off of his shoulder, it was extremely enticing.

Ouyang JinLong could no longer contain his overwhelming love and forcibly ripped the other man’s clothes off.

Su Nuonuo hadn’t expected that he would be so beastly and coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood as his heart broke.

“Nuoer!” Ouyang JinLong took fright and hurriedly got him a bowl of extremely high-class tonic.

“You go away.” Su Nuonuo couldn’t take it anymore, waving his pale and thin hand weakly to knock the bowl onto the floor!

The rainbow-colored diamonds of the bowl were broken to shards, and Ouyang JinLong’s heart fell apart along with it!

Because he had suddenly realized just how excessive he had been!

At the bottom, many readers were protesting. He had been so inconsiderate and blind the whole way, why would he just suddenly become enlightened as soon as Nuonuo breaks a bowl, this didn’t make sense! As soon as this was said, it was immediately buried under the arguments of other readers! Everyone expressed that this was a significant inference. Using the breaking of the bowl to reflect Ouyang JinLong’s heartbreak made plenty of sense, okay! Don’t say nonsense if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t block us from seeing smut! Dada, begging for smut! Please make Su Nuo give birth! Please make Su Nuo produce milk!

That’s right! Because the photoshopped picture really had a profound impression, so everyone now just referred directly to Su Nuo with no pressure at all! Everyone just effortlessly brought Su Nuo in and replaced Su Nuonuo with him, there was no sense of wrongness at all!

And the author was extremely ecstatic about this being brought in, expressing that Su Nuo and the Director would have some small disagreements, but in the end, they will be happy together, mua!

There really were no morals at all!

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Pandora Knight
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Meanwhile I am anxiously waiting for the chapter that Su Nuo’s brother finds out about their relationship

Thanks for the chapter!!❤️

August 27, 2019 3:35 pm

Hahahahahahaha the title tho.. poot Mu Qiu.. hahaha I relate with the readers of Love in troubled times hahahaa.. gahd long live Fujos xD

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