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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After the midterm exams, Nan Zhong held their school sports meet.

When the event list was distributed, Xue Ze, a member of the Omega Class Physical Education Committee, shouted, “Omega Class friends, sign up for the school games. It doesn’t matter if you win a prize or not. It’s all about participation…”

The Omega Class was small and there were many sports in the school. The school arranged a minimum number of students for each class so they needed at least fifteen students to register. An omega’s body was delicate and weak, so every year registration was like a death sentence, pulling and pulling to get enough participants.

The registration form was passed to the back row. Lian Jing looked at Shi Yu who was lying on his desktop taking a nap and wanted to say something. This weekend, he thought Shi Yu more or less showed a shadow of love, but did not expect him to come back even more depressed…

He quietly gave He Huan a look. He Huan hesitated for a moment and reached out. “Forget it, let me report it. I should run the 50 meters…”

Shi Yu looked up with the sound.

The two people who were handing over the form froze in place, slightly embarrassed.

“Feel free to sign me up for an event.” He said listlessly.

He had been abandoned by the little dragon and it was difficult for him to feel happy.

Lian Jing drew back his hand and looked at the urgent column. “Is basketball okay?”


“Shi Yu, what’s wrong with you?” He Huan fetched a packet of chocolate and quietly leaned next to Shi Yu. “I don’t think you’re very energetic lately, do you want to eat something?”

Shi Yu was lying down, and suddenly turned his face to the side.

He Huan was caught off guard by his glare. Her heartbeat stuttered and she quickly pulled back to a certain distance.

This was an omega. This was an omega.

He Huan wasn’t able to get her heart in the right place.

“Lost love.”

He Huan, “…”

Lian Jing, “…”

What the hell?

Shi Yu lowered his eyelids. “Report whatever you want. I’m taking a nap. Wake me up at noon.”

But Shi Yu didn’t sleep until noon as he’d hoped. Li Chen came to see him during recess.

It was only then that Shi Yu found out Jiang ChengLi had taken a leave of absence and hadn’t returned. He’d been so focused on his dragon for the past two days that he hadn’t remembered about Jiang ChengLi’s abnormal behavior.

Li Chen was a bit anxious. “He was gone on Friday afternoon, and his phone didn’t work…then I remembered he seemed to have gone to the library at noon, did you see him?”

“No.” Shi Yu said. He was silent for a moment, remembering.

Jiang ChengLi that day, it turned out that the injury actually was serious?

“Tch. The president can’t be in his susceptible period, right?” Li Chen scratched his head in frustration.

Shi Yu looked up. “Susceptible period?”

“Yes. Last week, the president wasn’t in a good mood for a few days…” Li Chen muttered. “You know, alphas are manic, irritable and antisocial during their susceptible period. Especially a dominant alpha.”

Most dominant alphas were at high risk during their susceptible period and had to be observed in isolation or even with a muzzle. There were some alphas who were able to survive this period through self-control, but no matter who it was, an omega that stepped into their pheromone territory during the susceptibility period was a hunting target.

If, last week, Jiang ChengLi fell into the susceptible period…The only one who had multiple close encounters with him was Shi Yu.

No wonder Li Chen came to him to ask questions.

“I’ve known Jiang ChengLi for eleven years. He’s only lost control once as a dominant alpha and that was his first susceptible period. After that he was always in a high state of self-control.” He recalled the memory of that extraordinarily calm and cold alpha and was still haunted. “And Jiang ChengLi is a little different…His pheromones are already bullish enough to approach EF.”

Shi Yu picked on the key word. “EF?”

“Exceptional Function, superpowered.” Li Chen bowed his head. “I think it’s the Extraordinary Actuation category? I can’t quite remember. Alpha pheromones are mostly figurative like sandalwood, cedar, rose…But Jiang ChengLi is so different, his differentiation report says ‘exotic winter.’ I’ve heard a professional analysis that this condition is because an alpha is too strong which is why the pheromone range is more exotic and unique. The time he lost control was in the classroom during lunch break and it only took half a minute for that 100-square-foot space to become a literal ice cave.”

That day a professional came over to take Jiang ChengLi to the Institute where he stayed for half a month. Li Chen didn’t ask what the results had been.

But they all had an idea in their hearts. Jiang ChengLi must be an extremely dangerous alpha.

“The president has to go for an evaluation every year and then receive a new bite stopper.”

He had never seen Jiang ChengLi wear one, but the bite stoppers he received were getting more advanced every year. This meant that as the years went by the dominant alpha’s abilities became more and more extreme.

Shi Yu’s heart chilled at Li Chen’s words.

If that really was the case, shouldn’t he have just dropped Jiang ChengLi off that day?

Li Chen cautiously cut to the chase, “I’m not sure…So I want to ask you, that day you…Or did something happen with the president before?”

Shi Yu pondered for a moment. “He gave me a temporary mark.”

This was by far the most intimate act he had ever done with Jiang ChengLi.

Li Chen drew in a cold breath.

Just a temporary mark and Jiang ChengLi had lost control to this extent?

The result was a little scary.

An alpha could temporarily mark multiple omegas, but unless they marked a certain omega many times it would not affect the alpha.

Li Chen suddenly had an idea. “Could you…maybe you actually have a high degree of match with the president’s pheromones?”

Jiang ChengLi had noticed Shi Yu for a long time.

At first Li Chen still felt puzzled, but if it went back to that, then it seemed that everything was traceable.

Shi Yu was silent for a long time and did not answer.

Jiang ChengLi had an exotic tone. He also had an exotic tone.

Winter and the deep sea.

“Forget it. I’ll go to Jiang’s house this afternoon after school.” Li Chen had just turned around when he heard Shi Yu call his name from behind him.

“Wait.” Shi Yu frowned and seemed to gather a lot of determination. “Can I go with you?”

The previous temporary mark, the blocker, the books that Jiang ChengLi helped protect him from last week…He unknowingly owed him a lot.

At least this time he could go and bring the blocker to him.

Li Chen looked at him and suddenly thought of something. “Okay, then you can wait for me out front after school.”


In the evening a bitter wind was blowing.

Li Chen sent many messages to Jiang ChengLi. The next to last one was: [Are you home tonight? I’m coming to see you.]

The last message was: [I’m going to see you.] After sending it, he added: [With Little Teardrop Mole].

Then he got a reply from Jiang ChengLi: [Come on.]

Li Chen, “…” So now if I don’t talk about Shi Yu, I don’t deserve a reply, right?

The two met at the entrance of the school, then sat on a bus for half an hour before they arrived in front of the Jiang family mansion.

The South City Li Park was the most expensive area and Jiang ChengLi’s house was the largest. If not for Li Chen, Shi Yu would’ve gotten lost.

After pressing the doorbell, Li Chen turned and asked, “Is this far from your home?” 

Shi Yu nodded and looked at the sky. It wasn’t even six o’clock and it was already dark. It was probably going to rain tonight and it would take almost an hour to get back to Zhong Tan’s house.

Li Chen was a little embarrassed. “Then let’s go before it’s too late. Don’t delay your return home.”

The key inside turned and the door opened just as a voice fell. The housekeeper looked to be in his sixties and was amiable. “Come in. Dinner is ready.”

Shi Yu was just about to say that he was not here for dinner, then he saw the koi pond in the front yard. President Jiang still had the leisure to raise koi.

Li Chen was already used to the Jiang family’s home, so he brought Shi Yu in the door and just changed his shoes at the entrance. A white cat stood on the shoe cabinet and meowed.

“Crap. Scared me.” Li Chen took a few steps back and almost bumped into Shi Yu, “Is this the cat the president has?”

“Doughnut.” Over at the stairs, Jiang ChengLi’s voice was light. “Come here.”

Shi Yu looked up and saw Jiang ChengLI. He looked slightly haggard and was dressed in home clothes. A gray-blue shirt, cotton pants, and cold white leather shoes that made him look rather warm and soft in the light.

The white cat very obediently jumped down from the shoe cabinet and ran to the man’s feet.

Shi Yu bowed his head to change his shoes and leaned on with Li Chen with a little restraint.

Jiang ChengLi was standing idly in front of the sofa. He had just blow-dried his hair and it was still faintly humid, slightly messy and fluffy. Even with his features, he looked calm and lazy.

The white cat that lay on his chest was an unknown breed, but very sticky and rubbed against his neck. Jiang ChengLi then stroked its back and allowed the cat’s tail to wrap around his wrist. Inexplicably…it was a very attractive sight.

Shi Yu ducked his head and looked away. Li Chen went up, curious. “Eh, when did you get a cat? How come I didn’t know?”

Jiang ChengLi slowly drew his eyes back to the omega and said carelessly, “The beginning of the school year.”

After he reassured it, he put the cat on the ground. “Come here and eat first.”

Seeing that he didn’t seem to think it was a big deal, Li Chen relaxed. “As expected of the president, you’re considerate. I’m starving to death.”

Jiang ChengLi pulled back the chair and looked back at the omega. “Don’t you want to come over?”

Shi Yu stood in the middle of the living room feeling a little overwhelmed. The unfamiliar environment made him uncomfortable, not to mention the place was filled with Jiang ChengLi’s smell. Even just the mild, non-aggressive winter frost and snow created the illusion of having entered the territory of a wild animal.

He really didn’t like to trespass in people’s homes. He came to visit Jiang ChengLi only because he mistakenly thought he was badly injured.

The fact that Li Chen was so relaxed and at ease made him look like a guest.

Shi Yu said, “I’m here to see-“


The dull sound of thunder fell from the sky and the rain came pouring down.

Li Chen, who had just gotten to the table, froze and took out his phone. “Holy shit. An orange alert? How can the sky change at the drop of a hat?”

Jiang ChengLi looked at the omega’s slightly embarrassed expression and said in a light voice. “If the rain is too heavy… stay here tonight.”


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