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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu stood up, restrained his instincts and said calmly, “No. I can do it alone.”

Lu Zhao looked at him and wanted to say something. Finally, he just stood there and watched him come. But the rut was even worse than expected. Shi Yu only took one step forward when he felt his calves go weak, unable to support him to stand up.

Lu Zhao was quick to take him into his arms. Pheromones wrapped around him like a foggy tide and made him blush involuntarily. Lu Zhao wasn’t able to help it. He tightened his grip slightly and brought Shi Yu a little more in his direction.

“As an alpha, I can’t stand by after seeing an omega in such a bad state, then still let them go to the infirmary by themself.” Lu Zhao put Shi Yu’s hand on his shoulder and carried him to the infirmary. Shi Yu wanted to refuse, then heard him say, “What if you faint on the way?”

The hand on Lu Zhao’s shoulder was slightly clenched, and his lips were pursed as he said in a timyl voice, “Thank you.”

Lu Zhao was about to say ‘you’re welcome,’ but in the end he swallowed his answer. He wanted Shi Yu to remember that he had helped him once. Shi Yu’s pheromones were sweeter than anything he had ever smelled, and Lu Zhao had to look almost intently at his toes to curb his desire for the omega beside him.

Lu Zhao instinctively released some peach scented pheromones to appease Shi Yu.

Shi Yu smelled it in a trance. The physical discomfort was relieved a little, but it evoked an even more indescribable feeling of heat.

In past rutting periods, he was always well soothed by the frosty snow flavored pheromones, powerful and gentle enough to envelop his part of the sea in frost.

Peach blossoms instead of the snow were too weak, and hardly helped soothe him. Shi Yu was pushed into a more awkward state.

His breath gasped a little, his vision abruptly darkened. He was nearly unstable. Lu Zhao quickly grabbed his waist. Shi Yu was half-embraced in his arms and his pheromones compelled the teenager to blush.

Lu Zhao was a man with a history of relationships. He’d given temporary marks to his former omegas, but that situation was all about the omega’s request, love and wish.

The meaning of a temporary mark was just a casual bite for him.

But now, when he faced Shi Yu, he understood what it meant to be nervous. This was the omega he fell in love with at first sight, even after being rejected. Now Shi Yu was showing the back of his neck to him in the most needy way, what alpha wouldn’t be shaken?

“Shi Yu, I can give you a temporary mark.” Lu Zhao looked at the thin red spot under his ear and cautiously said. “You’re in too bad a state to last in the school doctor’s office.”

Shi Yu paused for a moment, took a deep breath and looked up at Lu Zhao. “Is this the case with all of you alphas?”


“When you see an omega in heat, you want to mark them?” Shi Yu laughed and forced down his restless pheromones. “Anyone is fine?”

Lu Zhao had always been observant and polite in Shi Yu’s impression, but when it came to such a moment, he would also offer that solution. What about Jiang ChengLi? Had he ever seen that omega student when he was in heat? Would he also have given a temporary mark to him out of the goodness of his heart?

Yes. After all, Jiang ChengLi had given him a temporary mark.

Shi Yu saw Lu Zhao’s stunned look, and raised his hand to cover the back of his neck. “I’d better go to the school doctor’s office by myself.”

Lu Zhao stood still for a long time. His hand hung at his side, then clenched into a fist as he stepped forward to clasp Shi Yu’s hand.  “So, where am I inferior to Jiang ChengLi? Why can’t I do what he can do to you?  If he liked you so much, you two wouldn’t have separated!”

Shi Yu was pinned against the wall as he looked at Lu Zhao in confusion. What like? What separation? “What are you talking about?”

The omega pheromone concentration was too high. Lu Zhao was so pressured he nearly lost his mind, and lowered his head to try and bite Shi Yu’s white neck. But just as he was about to act, a hand covered his mouth from behind and pulled him away from Shi Yu with irresistible force.

Lu Zhao was jerked back like a piece of paper. When he came to his senses, the sky was spinning in front of him. He fell to the ground in a heap, then looked at the newly selected student President standing near his feet, who’s eyes watched him with fear.

Lu Zhao sat there in disbelief and watched Jiang ChengLi hug Shi Yu. The alpha’s eyes were pure cold. They regarded him with a contemptuous, mocking, condescending look.

Jiang ChengLi’s voice was icy, “Lu Zhao, forcing a mark on an omega, involuntarily, is enough to warrant a major demerit.”

The younger student was instinctively scared. Even though he sprayed a blocker, he felt Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones weren’t gentle towards him.

He heard that a dominant alpha could control their own pheromones, and it was up to them whether to intimidate or appease an omega. He overwhelmingly felt that the pheromones released by Jiang ChengLi hadn’t any good intentions towards himself.

He hadn’t expected the Kaolin Flower, who was rumored to be a rejectionist, to get so out of control for an omega. Enough to push away another alpha in such a rough and ruthless way.

Jiang ChengLi easily picked up Shi Yu. His pheromones, which floated in the air, quickly blocked out the smell of the deep sea, and prevented the haunted alpha from desecrating the smell that belonged to him alone.

Lu Zhao tasted the warning that Jiang ChengLi passed to him with pheromones – Shi Yu is mine.

The peachy pheromones made Shi Yu hot, but then Jiang ChengLi’s smell dragged him out of those sweet peachy blossoms. The two pheromones made him muddled and uncomfortable all over.

The two types of pheromones made him dizzy and his body was in a terrible state. Shi Yu whimpered and curled up into a ball on his side as he tried to soothe the hot feeling in his body.

Jiang ChengLi called the school doctor. He was told that the school had run out of suppressants, and that a new supply wouldn’t be available until tonight. He hung up the phone and looked back at the flushed omega. “Do you have any suppressants? I’ll go to your classroom now and get it for you.”

Shi Yu’s mind was a mess. He wasn’t able to remember whether he had the suppressant or not, all he wanted was more to soothe his taste. Jiang ChengLi was flipping to Li Chen’s number when the omega gently tugged on the corner of his shirt.

He heard Shi Yu ask in a very small voice, and an inexplicably aggrieved tone, “Jiang ChengLi… Mark me, will you?”


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September 3, 2021 4:49 pm

Oh my lord I really panicked when I read the chapter’s title-

I thought Shi Yu was asking Lu Zhao to mark him oh dear lord thank goodness that didn’t happen-

Sue R
Sue R
September 3, 2021 6:56 pm

@Chen Qing…me too, I was so stressed and cried out omg omg all the way until Jiang ChengLi came to the scene. Peeew.

September 3, 2021 8:00 pm

Here is your chance Prez Jiang…don’ t miss it even if just temp mark 😎😎😎

September 3, 2021 8:48 pm

Well! Shi Yu is now aware he was supposedly in a relationship with JCL and had been marked by him before; if he remembers this after his heat.
Thank you for translating and editing.

September 3, 2021 9:40 pm

That was close, too close for my taste, it’s good that Jiang ChengLi came on time to stop the pest. Almost forcing a bite on someone who doesn’t want it, a-hole!

And in the Jiang-Shi CP this mark will be the third, right? Can someone remind me how many temporary marks can be made before it turn serious?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

September 4, 2021 1:17 am

I am so ready for their relationship to move forward; too many roadblocks! Thanks for the chapter!

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