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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“A newborn?” Hogg looked at Yu Ze, who had his head down.

Yu Ze could not lower his presence any more, after all, he was brought by Ayr, and with the way Ayr treated him, he looked very close to him.

Ayr nodded, got off the motorcycle and took off his helmet. He grabbed Yu Ze’s shoulder, “Little guy, meet Mr. Hogg.” He said to Hogg, “He is a newborn. Please remember him in case you bump into him in the future. Thank you in advance”

Yu Ze’s heart moved. Ayr saying this and letting him show his face in front of Hogg, it was all for his protection. Although werewolves and vampires did not live and die like in history, there were many secret rivalries.

Ayr formally introduced him to Hogg, so if a werewolf wanted to bully him, he would have to take into account Ayr’s face. When he thought of this, he looked up and smiled politely at Hogg, “Hello.”

Hogg’s eyes lit up when he saw what he looked like, and his hardened face softened instantly, “Hello. You surprised me. You don’t look like a nasty vampire at all.”

Yu Ze’s face tensed slightly and his heart alert as he emphasized, “I am. I just transformed not long ago.”

He was cute, and he looked cute with his face tense and his eyes staring like this.

Hogg, who was tough looking but liked cute things, had a softer tone, “I know vampires very well, I can guide you.”

Ayr’s eyes narrowed, “Hogg, are you picking what’s mine?”

Hogg replied, “No, I’m thanking you and trying to help lighten your load.”

“Heh, thanks,” Ayr said sarcastically, “I’ll guide my people. You don’t have to worry about that. You want to guide a vampire? Better worry about your neck first!”

Hogg touched his neck, tilted his head to reveal more of his neck, and said to Yu Ze, “Cute little guy, wanna try?”

Yu Ze shook his head in a hurry, he wasn’t interested at all.

Ayr kicked Hogg, “Get lost, old shame.”

Hogg dodged sideways. “Ayr Stra, my business is none of your business,” he was very straightforward and looked straight at Yu Ze as he said, “Little guy, I want to chase you.”

Yu Ze was dumbfounded, so casual? Did he encounter a face-con?

Ayr frowned and grunted, “Chase? To be a lapdog?”

Hogg raised his eyebrows. “Ayr Stra, this doesn’t fit your aesthetics,” he smiled playfully, “You don’t want to steal from me, do you?”

Ayr’s heart fluttered, realizing that his attitude was wrong. He guided his juniors, focused on survival and habit, and did not break friendly treaties he generally didn’t care for.

In fact, a vampire’s life was long. Most of their kind’s private life was very chaotic, who cared who chased who, who was with whom, etc. But this time, once he heard Hogg say he was after the little one, his heart subconsciously rejected and opposed it.

Maybe the little guy looked too clean.

Ayr patted Yu Ze’s shoulder, “Do you agree if he chases you?”

Yu Ze hurriedly shook his head.

Ayr mocked Hogg, “See?”

Hogg shrugged, “I just met him. He doesn’t know my merits so it’s normal to refuse. When he gets to know me, he’ll be eager to throw himself into my arms.”

Ayr’s eyes narrowed. “Then I’ll give you a chance to show him what you’re made of,” he said as he gestured down toward the ring, “Let’s have a fight.”

Hogg’s spirits flared and he twirled his helmet, “Come on!”

Ayr scanned his eyes around the area and walked up to a man leaning against a motorcycle. He was a very good-looking man with curly blonde hair and aquamarine eyes and very red lips, a kind of flamboyance rarely seen in men.

“Carter, look after him for me.” Ayr said.

The corners of Carter’s mouth curled up. He reached out towards Yu Ze and hooked his finger, “Come here brother.”

Yu Ze, “…”

“He’s timid, don’t tease him.” Ayr said and then patted Yu Ze’s shoulder, “Stay with Carter and don’t wander off.”

Yu Ze nodded obediently, walked over to Carter and asked Ayr, “You want to race?”

Ayr nodded, “Watch well.”

Yu Ze responded, “Mn.”

After Ayr left, Carter put his hand on Yu Ze’s shoulder and looked closer at the side of Yu Ze’s face, before wiping at it with his fingers, “What’s with your skin, little guy? What kind of lotion are you using?”

The corners of Yu Ze’s mouth twitched. This topic was not a boy’s discussion, right? He moved a step to the side, “I don’t use it.”

“Really? That’s so enviable!”

Yu Ze glanced over at Carter’s face, “You have good skin too.” So close, he didn’t even see a mole or pores.

Carter poked his face, “Dehydrated, not as elastic as you.”

This completely touched Yu Ze’s knowledge blind spot. Seeing Carter frown, he gave a very concerned look, and said, “You do not lack water. My face has more meat, so it’s elastic.”

Baby fat popped out, that’d make it elastic, right? It’s not like it was hard rubber.

Carter froze, his eyebrows unfolded quickly and he began laughing. His right hand poked Yu Ze’s side, “What a funny and kind little guy.”

Yu Ze covered his face and stepped back, suspecting that Carter’s melancholic expression from before was fake.

Carter held up his hand, “Okay, I promise not to poke. Come here, we’ll watch the match together.”

Yu Ze didn’t move and looked towards the match.

Carter smiled and asked, “Are you angry?”

Yu Ze shook his head, “No, it’s a little closer here.”

Carter spoke, “What has Ayr bought lately? I can’t believe he’s coming to the track in the middle of the month.”

Yu Ze wondered, “Doesn’t he usually come at this time?”

Carter replied, “Yeah. He’s bored with racing, but he only buys the best stuff. In human terms, he’s a moonshiner. When his salary is not enough at the end of the month, he races for money.”

Yu Ze thought about his debt and pursed his lips, “I asked to borrow money.”

Carter said, “No wonder. It’s not a big deal, he’s a good driver. With just one race, he’ll have enough money.”

At this point, a whistle came and both men turned their eyes to the race.

Eight motorcycles swished away from the start; the silver and red ones quickly distanced themselves from the rest. The speed was so fast that they almost became a line, and even the people on them could not be seen clearly. Yu Ze’s heart lifted subconsciously.

When the last lap was nearing the end, the silver motorcycle in front changed lanes and slowed down, and the red motorcycle behind it was too late to react and crashed into it.

The crowd screamed.

Yu Ze exclaimed, subconsciously running forward two steps.

The moment it hit, the silver motorcycle picked up speed, but it was still affected by the wave and flew up in the air. The red motorcycle flipped over. Hogg quickly let go and his body flew up. His foot stepped on the motorcycle, and used the force to roll over and land.

But the motorcycle slid forward with inertia, and it’d speed was very fast. He was affected by the force, landing unstably, and his knees hit the ground hard. He let out a grunt.

The silver motorcycle crossed the line and landed with a thud, and Ayr bounced up with dexterity and rolled a few times as he landed, and then stood up. The oversized electronic screen showed the names, and Ayr was in first place.

Hogg was helped over to Ayr by two wolves, he said with gritted teeth, “You crazy bastard.”

Yu Ze heard Carter’s words at the same time, “Ayr the madman.”

Ayr’s white hair spread out because of the action just now, slightly raised with the evening breeze. His eyes were slightly bloodshot, his smile was still elegant, “Hogg, you lost with no grace.” He looked at Hogg’s abnormally drooping right leg, the corners of his mouth hooked up and asked lightly, “Still chasing?”

Hogg frowned and stared at him, “Ayr Stra, what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you want to fight?”

Ayr said, “No, I strictly abide by the Tribe’s friendship agreement, and I have no control over accidents on the field.”

“Heh.” Hogg: I don’t believe your bullshit! 

He was furious in his heart, but as Ayr said, it happened on the race course. Ayr also took the risk, it couldn’t be considered a personal vendetta. If he fought Ayr directly, he would be provoking a war between the vampires and the werewolves. And not to mention, he knew exactly how strong Ayr was, and he couldn’t fight with his injured foot.

Ayr pointed to the broken motorcycle, “Another game? The one just now is not enough to repair my bike.”

Hogg gestured to his partner to help him and left without looking back.

Ayr shrugged his shoulders regretfully. He let the race staff take the motorcycle to fix it and went to find Yu Ze.

Yu Ze saw him and quickly asked, “Are you hurt?”

Ayr laughed lightly, “What’s the hurry? I’m a vampire, I’m fine even if I’m hurt.”

Yu Ze frowned disapprovingly, “It will hurt.”

“Hahahaha,” Carter laughed aside, “You’re actually worried about Ayr being hurt? You’re such a little cutie.”

Who didn’t know that Ayr was a crazy person who usually looked elegant and calm. However, if he needed to, his attack was relentless. He was ruthless to the opponent, and more ruthless to himself. Carter had known Ayr for more than thirty years and had seen Ayr suffer many injuries, but had never seen Ayr turn pale. He suspected that Ayr had no sense of pain.

Yu Ze’s heart tightened and he couldn’t help but suspect that his memory was wrong. He searched for information to make sure that a vampire could feel pain and relaxed.

Ayr rubbed the top of Yu Ze’s head, “Don’t worry, I have one more match to go. Are you bored?”

Yu Ze shook his head, “It’s exciting.”

His heart was in his throat, how could he feel bored?

Ayr raised his eyebrows, “Do you want to see something more exciting?”

Yu Ze hurriedly waved his hand, “No, no.”

Ayr laughed lightly, “I scared you. While my motorcycle is being repaired, I’ll go pick a new one. Stay here, do not leave.”

Yu Ze nodded.

After Ayr left, Carter approached with a gossipy face, “Ayr has always been responsible for guiding newborns, but it’s the first time I’ve seen one so spoiled. You guys…?”

He did not say it and only gave an ambiguous hehehe.

Yu Ze said seriously, “Ayr is a very good elder. He also treats me as a junior. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Carter gave a ‘tsk tsk’, “Why do I not believe you?”

Yu Ze said, “Believe it or not, what I said is the truth. Don’t talk nonsense in front of Ayr.”

It was okay if he heard it alone, but it would be embarrassing if Ayr heard it too.

Carter surveyed his expression, saw his straight face, and shrugged his shoulders, “Well, that’s boring. I thought I’d finally hear peachy news about Ayr. Ayr is a very difficult person, I started chasing him three months after I knew him and he never did anything about it.” He pointed to his face, “My unbeatable face, this is the first time I lost.”

Yu Ze listened silently, thinking to himself that it was normal for Ayr to be used to seeing his own face and was not interested in beauty.

Not long after, Ayr’s second match started.

This time, Ayr was very peaceful and led the race steadily, easily getting first place.

Ayr rode the motorcycle directly from the race course, took off his helmet and asked, “Aren’t I handsome?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Very handsome.”

Ayr asked, “Do you want to continue watching or leave?”

Yu Ze did not hesitate, “Leave.”

Ayr gestured with his head, “Come on up.”

Yu Ze got up on the bike, and Ayr thanked Carter, “I’ll hang out at your place sometime.”

Carter said, “Okay, I’ll give you a discount.”

Ayr put on his helmet and took Yu Ze away on his bike.


The author has something to say: 

Ayr: The heart of an elder suddenly wavered _(:з”∠)_


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Rachel Kim
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Ayr making it very clear Yu Ze is off limits and taking risks to do so, which made the right impression on, but also greatly pissed off Hogg. Did he surprise himself, I wonder. Hope there’s no backlash.
I like Yu Ze’s way of thinking around Ayr not being swayed by Carter’s beauty, because he sees it every time he looks at himself in the mirror. What a compliment.
It’s a shame Yu Ze has been stuck in this dishonest situation though. What will happen? 😬
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 6, 2022 5:43 am

Oh… why do I feel we’ll see Hogg again soon? Does that conversation about skin quality mean that Yu Ze’s vampire disguise can be blown because his skin looks too healthy?

Ayr stated his claim. That was good, but how long will it last?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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