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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When they got to their neighborhood, the speed limit on the nearby road was low so Ayr slowed down a lot. This was not the center of town, and there were not many people on the street after nine o’clock.

Ayr asked, “Is there any place you want to go?”

Yu Ze said, “No, I want to go back.”

Knowing that Ayr was racing to make money, he wanted to pay back the money as soon as possible.

Ayr asked, “Don’t you want to go to the bar?”

In his perception, young people like to go to bars.

“No.” Yu Ze said in a hurry.

“All right, then go straight back.” Ayr turned the corner and drove into an alley which was a shortcut to the neighborhood.

There were a lot of turns in the alley. Ayr obviously knew the way well and was very skilled at making all sorts of turns. Suddenly, a scream sounded but halfway through, the scream became dull and then abruptly stopped.

Ayr said, “Hold on.”

Yu Ze’s hand hurriedly grabbed onto Ayr and in the next moment, the motorcycle accelerated, took a right turn and left turn, and then suddenly accelerated again.

“Holy shit, who’s the crazy guy?” A cursing voice yelled. Yu Ze leaned his body out to see a man in front of a girl, standing against the wall.

Ayr stopped the motorcycle steadily in front of the two. The girl’s mouth was covered by the man, her clothes were slightly disheveled, and she struggled frantically.

The man pulled down her hair and stared at Ayr with a vicious warning, “Mind your own business.”

Yu Ze quickly got off of the motorcycle, “You let go of her!”

Ayr got off the motorcycle too and without saying a word, kicked at the man. The man had to let go of the girl to hide. He took out a knife from his trouser pocket behind as his eyes waved over Ayr and Yu Ze. He backed towards the alley and spat out, “Motherfucker, what bad luck!”

Yu Ze had never seen such a shameless person. They hadn’t done anything to cause bad luck yet!

Not waiting for him to speak, Ayr moved. He moved like a phantom to the side of the man, kicked the man’s wrist, and the knife fell to the ground.

The girl reacted quickly and immediately picked it up, then backed away.

Ayr did not wait for the man’s reaction and attacked again, and in less than ten seconds, stepped on the man’s feet, skillfully restrained him.

The girl saw the man was restrained, picked up the bag on the ground, ran to the man and began to beat him with her bag, “I told you to go away. I told you to not attack!”

The man was beaten with foul language. Not long after, his face was blue and red, and he was shouting out in pain, “Aunt, I was wrong, I was wrong.”

The girl stopped only when she was out of breath and slowed down a bit, thanking Ayr and Yu Ze.

It didn’t take long for the police to arrive, and Ayr and Yu Ze followed them to the police station to make a statement. Once they took off their helmets, the girl gasped in amazement and looked at their faces frequently.

After the statement, they were ready to leave when the girl stopped Yu Ze, blushing slightly, “Can you give me your contact information? As a thank you, I’d like to take you to dinner tomorrow.”

Yu Ze said politely, “It’s fine, it’s only right to do what’s right.”

The girl pleaded, “Give me your contact information, I’ll always think about it if I don’t return the favor.”

Yu Ze refused again, “There’s no need.”

The girl didn’t want to give up and she continued to ask for his contact information.

Yu Ze’s heart was soft, thinking it would be okay to just give his contact information, but not to accept gifts.

He put his hand in his pants pocket and was about to get his phone when his wrist was squeezed by Ayr, who said to the girl, “No thanks, we have things to do. Let’s go.”

He took Yu Ze and went back to the bike, “Get on.”

Yu Ze sighed in relief. He was envious of Ayr’s dry refusal, and obediently got onto the motorcycle.

The two got onto the motorcycle one after another. The girl looked at the motorcycle that suddenly drifted off and had a lost expression that was vaguely excited.


Ayr and Yu Ze returned home. Ayr opened the door and let Yu Ze go in first. Yu Ze turned on the lights in the living room when his shoulders were pressed down by Ayr’s hand.

Yu Ze turned his head, “What’s wrong?”

Ayr’s eyes narrowed, “If I didn’t stop you, would you have given your contact information to that girl?”

Yu Ze blinked and nodded honestly, “I don’t know how to say no, she didn’t mean any harm.”

Ayr said, “Of course she didn’t mean any harm, she was interested in you.”

Yu Ze was a little embarrassed, “Not necessarily, maybe she’s a face-con.”

Ayr retorted, “Hogg is also a face-can. If he asked you for your contact information, would you also give it?”

Yu Ze obviously felt Ayr’s hand on his shoulder squeeze a little harder. Guessing that Ayr mentioned his old rival and was not in a good mood, he replied quickly, “No.” 

Satisfied, Ayr dropped his hand and casually sat down on the sofa, “Little guy, let’s sit and talk. I’m not going out tonight.”

Yu Ze immediately woke up and sat down opposite him, “Talk about what?”

Ayr looked at his upright sitting posture and laughed lightly, “What are you nervous about? Am I that scary?”

Yu Ze relaxed a little, “I’m not very good at talking.”

Ayr said, “You have the wrong perception. Carter and you were talking happily, he couldn’t stop laughing. What were you talking about?”

Yu Ze thought of the topic of skin care. He was slightly embarrassed, and wanted to move to another topic. He thought of how they had also talked about how hard Ayr was to catch. His mouth opened, but he found that none of the topics were suitable.

Ayr raised his eyebrows. He was more curious, “Afraid to say it? Did you say bad things about me?”

Yu Ze shook his head, a little embarrassed, “He said you are very difficult to chase.”

Ayr laughed lightly, “It’s pretty hard for him. He never takes more than three months from chasing someone to having a relationship, which doesn’t match my concept, but of course, most of all, I don’t like him.”

Yu Ze thought about Carter’s comment that he had never heard of Ayr’s peach news and was a bit curious, “Have you always been alone?”

Ayr nodded, “I’m partial to humans, but human life is too short. With humans, the future is destined to be endlessly lonely. I won’t do anything stupid.”

Yu Ze thought about the movie he watched not long ago, “Don’t vampires have the ability to change someone with their blood?”

Ayr turned his head and pointed out the window, “Little one, have you ever longed for sunlight after your transformation? Did you miss the warmth of the sun?”

Yu Ze was silent. Although he did not transform, since he could not be exposed to sunlight during this period of time, he longed for sunlight and also missed it.

Ayr turned his head to look at him and smiled, “You see, if I really love someone, how can I let him go to the endless dark abyss?”

Yu Ze’s heart moved slightly, thinking that Ayr was really a gentle person.

Ayr looked at his soft face and suddenly felt the urge to get close. He lowered his eyes, reflected on his reactions today, and thought to himself that he seemed to feel too special to the little one. The little one was the first one that made him feel clean and human-like.

He raised his eyes and looked at Yu Ze, and the more he looked at him, the more he liked him. He smiled lightly, said nothing, and got up, “I’m going to read a book, you go and draw.”

The little one’s eyes fell on the study as soon as he entered the house. He was too concerned about the little one giving contact information, so he had pretended not to see it and pulled the little one to ask questions.

Yu Ze’s eyes lit up and he stood up, “I’m going to the study.”

Ayr watched his brisk footsteps, and a smile spread in his eyes. That’s it, it was good to live together.

Yu Ze found a screenshot of a game in the hottest game posting, and then drew two avatars based on it; one realistic and one chibi version, with slight changes to the movements. After painting, he posted it, using the two as samples to take orders, while leaving the Penguin number he had just applied for.

He washed up, had breakfast with Ayr, and then went to bed. Once he entered the room, he stopped in his tracks. There was a huge painting hanging above the empty bed, the one he had painted for Ayr.

Yu Ze looked at the painting with mixed feelings, the joy of being affirmed, but also somehow shame and embarrassment. He looked at it carefully to make sure the painting was good, with no flaws, and his mind was at peace.

When he woke up in the afternoon, he received many reply alerts as soon as he opened his computer.

[Wow! Super nice looking, Fairy!]

[I want one! I have added you as a friend. Love it!]

Yu Ze hurriedly logged into Penguin. Many friend applications popped up, he passed them one by one and replied. Some people were very dry and gave screenshots to illustrate the desired effect, while others doubted that the guest list and the sample list would be different, and he replied good-naturedly that he would not charge for not drawing well.

He made a table, listed the buyers’ information and requirements one by one, numbered them in order, replied to the buyers where they ranked, told them about how long it would take to finish, and then started to draw the pieces.

Although the headshot was not as fine as Ayr’s painting, there were many details and he sold them for two hundred each, which was not expensive. After all, he was new in the circle.

He drew quickly, about one every three hours, and once he could copy the drawn NPCs or outfits, he was even faster. Halfway through the first drawing, he was shouted at by Ayr to have dinner. After dinner, Ayr went to deliver the delivery orders, and he continued to draw.

By the next morning, he finished four drawings and sent them to the buyers, who were all very satisfied and transferred the money directly. These buyers were so lovely that they commented with the pictures under the posting he made.

[It’s so steady, and so fast!]

[Fantastic! This level of refinement would normally cost at least five hundred.]

Yu Ze’s penguin friend requests became more and more, and the list of orders was getting longer and longer. He silently counted his salary. At this rate, it would take almost a month to pay off Ayr, not counting his living expenses in the meantime.

After thinking about it, he drew another illustration and posted it.

The illustrations were more expensive, but the requirements were also very high, and the orders were not very stable.

In the afternoon, he got a response to his post and the other party expressed the idea of long-term cooperation, so Yu Ze agreed.

For five days in a row, Yu Ze stayed in his study except for eating and sleeping, and the time he slept was getting shorter and shorter every day.

Ayr couldn’t take it anymore, so after dinner in the evening, he grabbed Yu Ze’s shoulder, “Little guy, are you short of money?”

Yu Ze blinked his eyes, he was not short of money… he had no money at all, only debts! He nodded honestly, “I still owe you money.”

Ayr asked, “When did you owe that? How come I don’t know?”

Yu Ze understood why he was moonlighting, “Living expenses, cell phone, and…”

He pursed his lips and didn’t continue to say the digital drawing pad, after all, he and Ayr agreed to pay for the painting at that time.

Ayr wanted to laugh and was a little angry, “Who asked you to pay the living expenses? I gave you the phone, so you don’t owe me a penny,” he patted Yu Ze’s shoulder, “Take less work in the future, you’re too busy these days.”

Yu Ze’s heart moved. It was impossible not to return Ayr’s money, but Ayr didn’t care, he could return it later, somehow else. He looked up, his big eyes full of expectation, opened his phone, opened the transfer records for the past few days, and showed them to Ayr.

Ayr looked at the bill and smiled lightly, “The little guy is great, he earned a lot of money!”

He thought the little one was so cute, and this action was a demonstration of his ability in his eyes.

Yu Ze tentatively asked, “I earn enough money for my living, right, so I can survive, right?”

“Of course,” Ayr rubbed his hair, “you can’t even spend that much, you can take it easy and not be so busy.”

Yu Ze’s heart fluttered, “You said earlier that I could leave once I was in control and had the ability to survive, so I want to move out.”

Ayr’s smile disappeared and he stared at Yu Ze, “You’re working hard to earn money because you want to move out?”

Yu Ze was inexplicably nervous, “This time, I have troubled you too much. I do not want to give you more trouble.”

“It’s no trouble at all,” Ayr said, “You don’t have to move out.”

Yu Ze insisted, “…I want to move out.”

He’d been sleeping on the couch more and more often lately, and he worried that if he spent too much time in a sunless environment, he’d have the impulse to pull back the curtains one day and soak himself in the sun. The higher the chance of Ayr finding out who he was, the more dangerous it would be to continue living there.

Ayr firmly replied, “No.”

Ayr’s voice was originally on the cool side and only the usual tone of voice was calm. This time the tone of his voice was cold and hard, somewhat grim.

Yu Ze shivered, “W, Why?”

Ayr reached out and brushed his long, good-looking fingers over the side of Yu Ze’s face, “Are you afraid of me?”

Yu Ze hurriedly shook his head.

Ayr showed a faint smile and his voice returned to its usual gentle, “Little one, your ID card has not yet been done. For the time being, you can only live here.”

Yu Ze was stunned, “ID card?”

“Yes, after you become a vampire, the Special Department will give you an ID card. The human ones look very similar, but the chip has differences.” Ayr smiled, “If you’re in a hurry to move out, I’ll contact the Special Department and have them expedite it for you.” He then asked softly as he looked down, “Are you in a hurry?”

Yu Ze looked at him with a calm face, but somehow felt it was dangerous, and said against his will, “No.”

Ayr’s smile deepened, “That’s good, I hate dealing with the Special Department.”

Yu Ze inwardly shed huge tears. Not only was he a fake vampire, he was also from the Special Department! He was a little scared by Ayr’s previous attitude and asked tentatively, “Do you want me to move out?”

“Of course not,” Ayr, “Little one, I don’t mind you living here all the time.”

Yu Ze was shocked. He didn’t know what went wrong, but for the original to stay, he had to spill secrets and only lived for a while.

How come when it came to him, it was difficult to leave instead? He stumbled and said, “This, this is not good. I’ll disturb you.”

“You won’t,” Ayr said, “I like living with you, little one.”

Yu Ze was slightly stunned, and although he didn’t want to be narcissistic, he couldn’t find any other reason. Ayr couldn’t be, like, interested in him, could he?

Ayr was very nice and treated him very well, but Yu Ze had someone he loved. He decided to pretend he didn’t know, and secretly reminded himself not to do anything that would cause Ayr to misunderstand him. He asked Ayr, “How soon will my ID be ready?”

He recalled that the original got his ID shortly before the party, after which Ayr asked the original to leave. The original went to the party, of course he didn’t want to, and tried to stall by all means before he continued to stay.

Ayr eyes narrowed slightly, “You are in a hurry?”

Yu Ze said, “…I’m just curious about the ID card.”

Ayr laughed lightly, “I’ll show you mine.” He took out his ID card and handed it to Yu Ze.

Yu Ze looked at the front and back of the ID card. It was indeed similar to a normal ID card. He asked, “It has a special chip built in, will it be recognized by humans?”

“No, only the Special Department has access to it. Of course, there are conditions for opening access, usually used to track vampires who break the human friendly agreement. Wild vampires have no legal ID card, and if found by the Special Department, they will be taken back directly for investigation.” He said and frowned, “Recently there have been more accidental incidents.”

Yu Ze was secretly distressed. He had just been thinking while Ayr was asleep, that he would sneak away. Hearing what Ayr said, he dismissed the idea. He still had to get his ID card first. He didn’t bother to consider contacting his supervisor and telling him to give up this mission.

After the original accepted the arrangement of his superior, his body underwent a special operation, all the previous identification was destroyed, and the backup information was kept by his superior.

The supervisor had been against peace with the vampires, and he had a very good chance this time, so the supervisor would not agree with him to give up. Moreover, contacting his supervisor might leave traces and be discovered by Ayr.

He thought fast and returned the ID card to Ayr, “I’m going to go paint.”

Ayr asked, “I’ll take you out?”

Yu Ze replied, “I promised the buyer I’d paint their piece tonight.”

Ayr patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t take so many jobs again. At least one night a week, you need to relax. I’ll take you to Carter’s place next weekend?”

Yu Ze thought he still had some time before his ID card was ready, so he didn’t want to disobey Ayr and nodded, “Okay, I’ll try to make time.”

Ayr laughed, “You’re a busy man.”

On the weekend, Ayr took Yu Ze to the Scarlet Bar. Shortly after entering, Yu Ze was grabbed by Carter, “Oh, cutie, you’re so hard to ask out.” He raised an eyebrow, “Ayr said you were busy, is that true or is he lying to me? Is he trying to keep you locked up and out of sight?”

Yu Ze didn’t dare look at Ayr and explained awkwardly, “I’m really busy. Ayr keeps trying to get me to come out and play.”

Carter took him to the sofa and sat down, “Little one, you have infinite life, learn how to enjoy it more. There is plenty of time to do things later.”

He beckoned the waiter and ordered a dozen drinks.

Ayr sat down across from them and asked Yu Ze, “Can you drink?”

Yu Ze shook his head, “No.”

Ayr raised his hand and asked the waiter to bring water and drinks, but Carter stopped him, “Hey, that’s not fun. He may not know how to drink before, but he will after tonight.” He looked at Ayr, “He’s cute looking, but not a minor.” He bit out the ‘minor’ very hard.

Ayr hesitated for a moment and asked Yu Ze, “Wanna try?”

Yu Ze hastily refused, “No.”

His body had been operated on internally, drinking might have an effect, and he was a human being and could not drink much or he would get drunk. Drunk without reason, he could easily reveal his identity, and it was too dangerous.

This bar, at least a third of them were vampires.

Ayr gestured to the waiter, “Send it over like I said.”

Carter tsked and shrugged his shoulders, “You’re spoiling him. What’s the fear of a few drinks?”

Ayr said, “You want to drink, I’ll go with you.”

Carter got excited again and ruffled the blonde hair that had fallen over his brow, “Drink!”

Soon, the drinks came over, and Yu Ze held the orange juice and drank it slowly, watching Ayr and Carter drink like it was water. He couldn’t help but wonder if vampires could not get drunk at all.

An hour later, he found out that vampires could get drunk, just that these two were better drinkers.

A handsome, athletic-looking man approached him, nodded to Ayr, and put his hand on Carter’s shoulder, “How much did you drink?”

Carter’s watery blue eyes floated with a layer of mist, his left hand lifted to point with one finger, “A little.”

His right hand ran along the man’s arm and then grabbed the man’s shoulders. He forced the man down and the man obediently lowered his head. He tilted his head and kissed Carter’s lips. The two of them kissed hotly, the sound of saliva reached Yu Ze’s ears. Yu Ze’s face burned with shame, but in his special body, he could not blush.

Yu Ze sat beside Carter and fidgeted. Carter and the man kissed more and more until their bodies gradually fell sideways. Yu Ze hurriedly got up, moved position, and sat opposite of them.

But the opposite side was obviously not a good position, because he could see the two being intimate more clearly. He tugged on Ayr’s sleeve and whispered, “Should we leave first?”

Ayr looked at his big eyes full of shyness, not daring to glance at the opposite side, let out a low laugh, took his hand and got up, “Let’s go.”

From the seat to the door, there were a lot of people entwined together, and the rhythmic music knocked on Yu Ze’s heart one by one. His steps became faster and faster, and the movement out of the door was like a desperate flight. When he got outside, Yu Ze was relieved to be pulled to the motorcycle by Ayr.

Yu Ze hurriedly pulled Ayr and stopped him from taking his helmet, “You’ve been drinking, you can’t ride the motorcycle. Let’s take a taxi back.”

Ayr came closer and nudged the side of his face, “Don’t you trust my skills? I can bring you back even if I drink this much.”

Yu Ze tilted his head slightly to avoid his finger, “It’s not that I don’t believe it, drinking and driving is illegal and dangerous.”

Ayr frowned lightly and thought for a second, “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Yu Ze took his phone and prepared to call a car. His right hand was still being pulled by Ayr, so he moved, “You let go, I’ll call a car.”

Ayr stared down at him, “No.” The force on his hand was even greater.

Yu Ze, “…” He looked at Ayr’s white face and asked, not quite sure, “Are you drunk?”

“No,” Ayr, “you underestimate me again.”

Yu Ze opened his mouth to explain that he was not underestimating him by not letting him ride a motorcycle! But thinking that Ayr was probably drunk, he didn’t say much to waste his breath, he moved his hand again, “I can’t handle the phone if you’re holding it like this.”

The phone was a bit large so it was not very convenient to operate it with one hand.

Ayr said, “No, if I let go and you’ll leave.”

Yu Ze was slightly stunned, “I’m not leaving.”

“Heh,” Ayr coolly laughed, “you lied to me. You want to move out, take the ID card and you will leave.”

Yu Ze’s heart tightened, “I won’t.”

Ayr bent down and stared into Yu Ze’s eyes, “Little guy, you are not honest oh. That day, I heard it from your tone, you want to leave.”

Yu Ze looked at him in shock and suddenly thought of the first time he followed Ayr to deliver a delivery.

Ayr had surmised by the man’s tone that the man would make a move on the woman later, and he had asked at the time, and Ayr had said he would know after seeing more.

He wasn’t sure if Ayr’s reasoning was true, but he understood that Ayr could really speculate on the subsequent behavior from the tone of a person’s voice.

Yu Ze thought for a moment, “Let go of me and we’ll talk about it,” he urged, “at least I’m not leaving now, right?”

Ayr’s eyes lingered on his face for two seconds and let go of his hand.

Yu Ze hailed a taxi through the taxi app, looked at Ayr who was standing aside, staring at him silently, and asked in a small voice, “What would you do if I left?”

He did take advantage of the situation, but it was a good opportunity that he didn’t want to miss.

Knowing what Ayr was doing, he could better avoid the danger.

Ayr abruptly grabbed his hand, his brow furrowed, “Why do you have to go? What did I do wrong?”

Yu Ze’s heart fluttered, unable to answer the question.

Ayr’s brow slowly loosened, his voice was soft and his tone was tinged with doubt, “What would I do?” He paused, “I don’t know, it’s the first time I’ve ever wanted anyone to stay.”

His fingers ruffled Yu Ze’s bangs, “How strange, you’re obviously a vampire.”

Yu Ze’s heart fluttered and he tilted his head, “What’s so strange about vampires?”

Ayr said “I’m the one who’s weird, I’ve never wanted to be with a vampire. A long life means endless temptation which means endless lies and betrayal, but I want to be with you.”

Yu Ze was silent, he didn’t know how to answer the question. Yu Ze did not want to pull in front of the driver for fear of accidentally saying words like vampire, so he didn’t answer.

The journey was silent, and the two returned to their residence. Ayr was so drunk that his posture was straight, but his walking path began to twist.

Yu Ze helped him sit on the sofa and poured him a glass of water, when he moved his hand away, it was grabbed by Ayr. He looked over and Ayr’s beautiful eyes looked at him, “Don’t leave, okay?”

Yu Ze’s mood was inexplicably dull, and he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Ayr fiercely gripped his wrist, and then slowly released it without saying anything, and drank the water.

Yu Ze was not sure whether he was drunk or not.

Neither of them exchanged words after that. Ayr went to the bathroom, thumped for a while, and came out in his pajamas, as if nothing had happened. Yu Ze was relieved, he wanted to check the situation several times, but fortunately he held back, otherwise it would be embarrassing to see.

He went to the guest room to wash up, then went back to the study to draw. He calculated when he would get the ID card, and realized the owed money probably could be paid off. If he worked hard on the computer, there would still be a bit of money left.

In the early morning, he was putting the finishing touches on his illustrations when there was a knock on the door and Ayr was standing there, smiling gently, “Breakfast, little one.”

Yu Ze felt relieved to see his usual attitude, and he smiled, “Coming right up.”

After they finished breakfast, Ayr watered the roses as usual while Yu Ze tidied up the table. Ayr suddenly spoke up, “I used to live in a castle, and there were a lot of roses growing around the castle. It was very beautiful.”

Yu Ze could think of that scene, he swept across the roof, “The ones here are also very nice, you planted them very well.”

Ayr laughed lightly, “The little one is really good at talking, how about I take you to see it when we have a chance later?”

Yu Ze’s hand holding the bag tightened, “If we have the chance.”

Even if he knew that Ayr liked him, he was not sure what kind of reaction Ayr would have when he knew his true identity. He had been a lie to Ayr from beginning to end, and Ayr, in turn, had fallen for him. It was because Ayr liked him that it would be even harder to forgive.

Ayr smiled at his words, “There will be a chance.”

The two said a few words and went downstairs. Soon, the sun rose and Ayr watched Yu Ze finish his illustrations, then went to the room where they slept together.

Two days later, Yu Ze was thirsty on his way to draw and reached for a glass of water, when his eyes wandered over to Ayr sitting across from him reading a book. He suddenly reacted.

Ayr seemed to be spending a lot of time with him lately.

After dinner, the delivery time was delayed by about an hour than usual, and after breakfast, the bedtime was also delayed by almost an hour.

Ayr didn’t read on the balcony anymore either. He would be in the study, sitting right across from him. He held a glass of water and slowly drank it, what did Ayr mean by this? Worried about him leaving or something?

He thought about Ayr’s more considerate attitude lately and didn’t ask, somehow feeling that the answer was something he couldn’t respond to.

In the days that followed, Yu Ze continued to immerse himself in making money, though the time he spent painting became shorter and shorter as he became more and more easily tired. He guessed it was the aftermath of the reversal of days and nights, the long hours without sunlight, and the long hours of work, but of course, at his age, he was not so reactive as to have such a big reaction in a month.

The main root of the problem was that he had surgery on his body.

On the 8th of May, Yu Ze looked at his account balance, was full of joy, ordered take-out himself, and said to Ayr, “I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Ayr raised his eyebrows, “You made money?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Mn.”

On the ninth, shortly after the two of them finished eating dinner, the room bell was rung.

Ayr opened the door and frowned when he saw the person at the door.

“Mr. Ayr Stra,” the officer from the Special Department was polite, “I received your notice a month ago that a newborn baby is receiving your guidance. The ID card has been processed, and finally only the appearance information needs to be entered.”

Ayr regretted very much, had he known that the little one was so delightful and thinking of leaving, he should not have notified the Special Department as soon as he found the little one. All this time he had been fighting to spend more time with the little one, trying to make the little one change his mind. The little one looked soft, but his attitude was difficult to soften. He knew very well that the little one still hadn’t dispelled the idea of leaving.

Yu Ze heard the words at the door and was pleased, approached and asked, “Is it for me?”

Ayr moved out of the way and let the registration officer in. Yu Ze obediently obeyed the registration officer’s request and stood up straight for them to take a picture.

The registrar opened the computer, entered the photo, made sure the information was correct, and handed Yu Ze his ID card, “Please keep it safe and keep it with you. If you lose it, you can replace it in time.”

Yu Ze took it, “Thank you.”

The registration officer said a few polite words, gestured to Ayr, and then left.

Ayr didn’t say anything the whole time. He closed the door, turned around and looked at Yu Ze, who was inexplicably nervous, “What, what’s wrong?”

Ayr smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Nothing, I’m going to work.”

Yu Ze was slightly surprised. All this time, Ayr was in the study reading for an hour before leaving, he nodded, “Okay.”

Ayr left, Yu Ze looked at the closed door, stood for a while, and went back to the study. He didn’t start drawing immediately, but looked at his ID card with a torn face, and after a while, he opened the webpage to check the rental information.

No matter from the consideration of safety or Ayr’s attitude towards him, it was not suitable for him to continue living here. The money he owed to Ayr was not much, so it was not a good idea to stay in a hotel, and it would be more economical to rent short term.

He searched for a while and found three suitable ones, but when he asked, none of them agreed to see the room in the evening. Yu Ze was helpless and had a headache. After thinking about it for a while, he came up with a good idea to stay in a hotel for two days and take the opportunity to look for a room.

As long as he didn’t live under the same roof as Ayr, he could go out during the day, after all, he wasn’t afraid of the sun. After thinking about it, he relaxed and smiled, his smile froze when his eyes swept and he saw the computer.

He could take away the digital screen, but not the computer!

In other words, he still had to buy a computer, which was a huge amount of money for him.

He silently turned off the house hunting information, and had to continue working for a few days to save money.


Scarlet Bar

Carter looked at Ayr, who was silent, drinking one glass after another, and shook his head, “I can’t believe I’m still seeing you this lost.”

Ayr didn’t even raise his eyes, he continued to drink.

Carter leaned forward, “I say, what’s the use of drinking? If you don’t want him to go, keep a close eye on him. You stay here and let him go on purpose?”

“It’s useless to leave him behind,” Ayr smiled to himself, “The little guy is so hard-hearted. All this time, I did everything I could and he didn’t waver.”

Carter looked at his handsome face, “It shouldn’t be, if you’re really sweet to anyone, who would resist?”

The corners of Ayr’s mouth curled up, “So, the little guy is special.”

The corners of Carter’s mouth twitched, “What do you need that kind of special for? Did you ever ask why he wanted to leave? Or did you confess? Why did he refuse?”

“All he said was excuses,” Ayr paused, “I didn’t confess directly, but he knew.”

Carter spread his hands, “Okay, I don’t really understand you euphemists, I’ll just go for it if I see it.”

Ayr finished his glass of wine, “I tried to force him to stay, but there was no point.”

Carter said, “Then let’s get another one. The little one is really cute, but in our clan, we never lack beauty.”

Ayr ignored him, Carter shrugged his shoulders, waited for him to finish his drink, and sent him to his room to rest.

In the early morning, Ayr came home, he unlocked the door, hesitated for a moment, and pushed it open. The familiar warm yellow light shone out from the study diagonally, and Ayr had an illusion of a heartbeat for a moment. He gently closed the door and quietly walked to the door of the study, where the little one was sitting in front of the computer, carefully drawing.

He thought that he would not see the little one when he came back.

No matter why, he was sincerely glad that the little one could stay. He gently retreated and ordered breakfast.

Yu Ze found that this day’s breakfast was extraordinarily generous, of course, only for the real vampire. Seeing Ayr’s smiling face, he guessed that something good had happened to him, so he didn’t spoil the atmosphere, maintaining his smiling expression and finishing his breakfast.

Before taking a shower, he took twice as long as usual to rinse his mouth. He looked at the soft face in the mirror and pityingly pinched the side of the face that seemed to have lost some weight, he wanted to eat normal food!

He silently calculated in his heart, May 15th was the grand party for vampires. On the 14th, he would receive a delivery from his boss, which was the medicine for vampires.

Recently, he had been earning almost a thousand a day, and by the fourteenth, he would have enough money to buy a computer. The timing was just right, he was just about ready to take the delivery and leave.

Ayr helped him so much, he had to destroy those drugs, and after he left, he had to find a way to remind Ayr to be careful.

Ayr was a pacifist so he shouldn’t be targeted by humans. He also had to give a heads up to the upper echelons of the Special Department. It wouldn’t work here for him and his superiors might not give up.

If the peace between the three tribes was broken, the ones who would really hurt were definitely the civilians. He just wanted to finish the mission peacefully and didn’t want to make any extra problems. He thought about what he was going to do, finished his shower in a calm mood, and then went to bed.

Ayr was in a good mood these days, and the little one was very regular in his routine, staying well at home for four days in a row, as if he was going to stay for the rest of his life.

In the evening, he read a book in the study for an hour as usual, then gave Yu Ze a glass of water and patted Yu Ze’s shoulder, “I’m going to work, don’t be too tired.”

Yu Ze looked up at him, thinking about leaving tonight, his heart felt a lot of reluctance, and also a little dull. He nodded, “Mn, you drive carefully.”

Ayr smiles lightly, “Okay.”

Ayr left, and Yu Ze continued to paint until eleven o’clock. He took down the digital screen, packed his clothes, and waited for the time. At eleven forty-five, a slight vibration came from the inside of his left arm, very regular, stopping at times.

This was the original and the supervisor’s contact method, but it was one-sided, mainly used by the supervisor to issue tasks.

Yu Ze had the former owner’s memory and easily cracked the code, and his courier arrived. He went downstairs to pick up the courier. The courier wore a duck-tongue hat that hid his face, and when he brought the courier over, he said two words, “Tomorrow night.” Then he left.

Yu Ze walked back from the courier point, ready to take the clothes and digital screen and leave immediately. When he was almost downstairs, a muffled grunt came from the right side, and there was a faint smell of blood.

Yu Ze footsteps stopped, turned his head to look over, there was a circle of small-leaved boxwood planted. There was also a camphor tree at some distance, the muffled sound came from behind the tree. He thought about it and gently shouted towards the other side, “Who’s there?”

Soon, a pair of glowing red eyes showed up, and Yu Ze’s heart snapped tight, a vampire.

“How dare you hunt in Lord Ayr Stra’s territory!” He clenched his fingers tightly, feigning calmness and anger to scold him.

Those red eyes narrowed, “A fellow vamp? I can share with you?”

Yu Ze flatly refused, “Get out of here or I will immediately contact Lord Ayr Stra, he hates it when people cross the border.”

The vampire hesitated for a moment, taking into account Ayr’s strength, bared its teeth to Yu Ze and dashed away. Yu Ze rushed into the bushes and ran behind a tree to see a boy lying on his back, staring at him in horror, the side of his neck covered in blood, too frightened to even speak.

Yu Ze reassured, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll call an ambulance right away.”

He called an ambulance and covered the boy’s injured neck with his sleeve while talking to the boy in case he passed out. The ambulance soon arrived and the doctor took a look at the boy’s wound and immediately called the police, asking Yu Ze to follow along for a statement to be taken later.

The doctor panicked and the nurse and driver carried the boy to the ambulance.

Yu Ze was very torn. He did not want to make a statement, this was the best time for him to leave, he did not want to miss it. Before he could think of the best way to do it, his shoulders were suddenly grabbed by someone and he was pulled away without waiting for his reaction.

Carter’s cheeks tightened and he pulled him to the side of the building with great speed and pinned him to the wall with a quick and precise hand on his neck, slowly applying pressure. He subconsciously tried to resist, raising his hand to grab Carter’s.

Carter’s eyes grew even redder, his fangs bared, irritated by the blood on his sleeve, “Say, why are you disguised around Ayr? What are you trying to do?”

Yu Ze’s eyes widened, he was discovered!

Carter’s good-looking face was full of hostility, “I saw it all, you can’t be a vampire. No vampire can be that calm in front of blood.”

Yu Ze immediately panicked.


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February 6, 2022 10:27 am

Oh crap, I never saw that coming.
So Yu Ze does still have Long Yuan in his heart; can they be together again?
Whilst I lik LY, I feel deep sympathy for Ayr. He’s chosen to distance himself from intimacy due to the pain of losing what he’s most attracted to – humans; but the first person he falls deeply for, isn’t who he thinks he is at all. It’s too sad.
How would he react if Yu Ze told him everything. Is that allowed? I can’t remember.
What will Carter do?
Ta 4 translating & editing.

February 6, 2022 10:41 am

I just want to know how he’s going to destroy the drugs?
If he burns them then surely someone’s going to smell it.
If you dumps it in the sea, since there are vampire humans are there vampire fish, what if he destroys the vampire fish population!
It sounds crazy now I have written it down, but still, what’s the plan here?

February 7, 2022 12:15 am

And all his plans just went down the drain…

Thank you for the super long chapter!!

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Rachel Kim
February 7, 2022 9:14 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

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Sue R
February 21, 2022 11:53 am

Oh dear.oh dear, very exciting.
Ayr will be there in no time.

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
October 25, 2022 5:57 pm

say… what was his mission in this world again?

November 23, 2022 8:46 pm

I’m worried for them 😅 these types of secrets are always hard to uncover, see, and react to. Reading misunderstanding/change of heart + betrayal always makes mg tummy queasy

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