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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze was chagrined. He was so focused on the boy’s injuries, he didn’t care about acting as a vampire, not to mention that Carter would suddenly appear and see all this.

“Listen, let me explain.” He struggled to say these words as physical tears flowed from the pain.

Carter’s hand relaxed a little, “Say it!”

Yu Ze coughed heavily and kept thinking of words, “I, I didn’t mean any harm, I stayed with Ayr, just…”

Carter stared at him, “Just what?”

Yu Ze was in a hurry and panic, he couldn’t think of a perfect excuse and didn’t say anything.

Carter laughed coldly and put more force on it, “Who are you? Are you proud of yourself for playing Ayr and me for fools?”

“No, no, I just…” He had a flash of light in his head and didn’t think too much about it as he said, “It’s because I like Ayr.”

Carter froze, his grip loosened, “Like Ayr?”

Yu Ze was afraid that if he said it slowly Carter would increase the force again, so ignoring the pain in his neck, and quickly said, “Yes, I have seen Ayr before and fell in love with him at first sight, but I am human so I can’t get close to him. I thought of disguising myself as a vampire to get close to him. I really don’t mean any harm. Think about it, I’ve lived with him for so long. If I wanted to do something, I’ve had so many opportunities, why didn’t I do it?”

Carter frowned in thought and let go of him, taking a step back, fangs retracted, “I can’t sense your human scent.”

Yu Ze responded honestly, “I’ve had surgery on my body.”

Carter asked, “It was a major surgery, right?”

Yu Ze nodded and Carter said, “It seems you love Ayr badly.”

He knew very well that humans were very afraid of pain.

Yu Ze nodded against his will to stay alive, “He’s worthy of my love.”

Carter clasped his hands to his chest in disbelief, “How could he have come to my place to get drunk on the ninth because you were leaving? If you like him, how come you were going to leave him?”

Yu Ze froze, “Got drunk?”

Carter nodded, “I saw him lose it for the first time after a long night of drinking,” he tsked, “I mean, what’s wrong with you guys? If you like each other, why don’t you just say so?”

Yu Ze didn’t expect Ayr to get drunk, and he couldn’t help but feel guilty when he thought of Ayr’s obvious good mood on the morning of the tenth. He regretted using love for Ayr as a reason to lie to Carter, but other than that, he couldn’t find a suitable reason to explain why he was disguised as a vampire to stay with Ayr.

Yu Ze bit his lip, “Can you not tell him?”

“Don’t tell him you’re human, or that you like him?”

“Don’t tell me what?”

Carter and Ayr’s voices overlapped.

Yu Ze jerked his head, and saw Ayr standing at the right corner. His hair, which was always tightly covered by his hat, had fallen out, and his back was to the light, so he couldn’t see his expression. Yu Ze’s heart was suddenly in his throat, stiffening as he watched Ayr approach step by step.

Ayr’s clothes were a bit messy. His hat was covered with a leaf, his face was expressionless, and his eyes were faintly red.

Yu Ze thought, Ayr has heard everything.

Carter looked at Ayr, “You’re here just in time, you guys take care of your own business, I’ll go first.”

He had heard from Ayr that Yu Ze stayed at home to work, and tonight he happened to end up in the neighborhood for a date and came to play with Yu Ze, not expecting to run into the scene of Yu Ze saving someone’s life.

Ayr nodded gently, and Carter quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Yu Ze was more nervous and subconsciously wanted to run. His feet were about to move when his shoulders were pressed by Ayr and he was forced to lean against the wall. Ayr lifted his chin, “Human?”

Yu Ze looked at his reddish pupils, his back chilled and his mind went blank, “Yes, sorry.”

Ayr sneered to himself and brushed his thumb over the bruised pinch marks on his neck, “Didn’t you pretend to be a vampire to get close to me because you like me? Why are you apologizing?”

Yu Ze was thinking fast about what to say without adding fuel to the fire, when a call came from not far away, “Boy? Where is he?”

“The police will know who it is later when they transfer the surveillance, let’s go first.”

The conversation came faintly, and the sirens were getting louder and louder as they approached from a distance.

Ayr let go of Yu Ze’s shoulder without expression and grabbed his right hand, “I’m looking forward to your explanation.”

His voice was cold, and Yu Ze shivered in the cold. Ayr grabbed Yu Ze and walked towards the front door. Yu Ze took a step, his foot kicked something and stumbled, only to be pulled by Ayr to stabilize himself. He looked at the thing with the fat foot and his whole body froze.

It was the delivery box that fell to the ground when he was choked by Carter and subconsciously resisted. If Ayr knew that the box was specifically for killing vampires, and even if he had a hundred mouths, he could not explain it. He froze for a moment and immediately pretended not to see it, wanting to continue to walk forward, but was pulled by Ayr.

“What did you buy? Pick it up.” Ayr said.

Yu Ze looked down at the box, and to his despair found that the topmost side happened to be the recipient’s message side. Vampires had excellent night vision, and Ayr obviously saw his name.

He was torn between picking it up or not picking it up.

Not to pick it up to attract Ayr’s attention, pick it up and take it upstairs, the chances of exposure were too great. Ayr looked at him and leaned over. Yu Ze quickly reacted and picked up the courier, “I’ll pick it up.”

Ayr’s eyes were on his face for two seconds. He did not speak and pulled him to the front door by the garbage can.

“Bare… Bared…” Yu Ze had not yet reacted when several successive cloth tearing sounds came. His blood-stained sleeve was torn off by Ayr’s sharp nails before being thrown into the trash can. Ayr also used the blood-free cloth to wipe the back of his palm and hand before throwing it away, and the action was fast.

Yu Ze’s bare arm was clean and he gave a sigh of relief. Blood was too stimulating to vampires. After this, he felt a little safer.

Ayr dragged him all the way home and pointed to the couch, “Sit.”

Yu Ze obediently sat down; the delivery box in his hand made him fidgety.

Ayr looked at him from above and Yu Ze subconsciously covered the delivery box. Ayr spoke, “So afraid I’ll see, what is it?”

Yu Ze stumbled and replied, “Inside, underwear.”

This was the most suitable answer he could think of, because he was embarrassed, and did not want Ayr to look. This was the only thing that would make sense.

Ayr paused and really didn’t ask about the delivery. He took the delivery box and threw it on the opposite sofa, leaned down and pressed Yu Ze’s shoulder, “Look at me.”

Yu Ze looked at him nervously.

Ayr asked, “How did you manage to disguise yourself as a vampire?”

Yu Ze answered honestly, “My body was operated on and some special devices were put in.”

Ayr’s eyes deepened, “Why are you lurking around me?”

Yu Ze’s eyes wandered. Ayr’s thumb pressed on the side of his neck and his voice was cool as he said, “Look at me and tell me!”

Yu Ze looked at him, his fingers clenched into fists, “Because I like you.”

He finished, his heart beating wildly. He did not dare to meet Ayr’s eyes, but was forced by Ayr’s hand pressed on the strong side, and did not dare to look away after.

Ayr’s pupils suddenly turned red and he asked in a cold voice, “Like me?”

He knew only too well that the little one did not like him.

Yu Ze knew it was even more dangerous to go back on his word at this point, so he said, “Yes.”

“Heh,” Ayr laughed mockingly, “did you think I would let you off the hook by saying that? Are you proud to see me courting you? Or are you laughing at me in your mind, oh, look at Ayr the big fool!”

“No.” Yu Ze hurriedly shook his head, his heart smothered by Ayr’s hurt eyes and misunderstood words. He sharply defended, “I never thought that!”

Ayr stared at him, his voice suddenly became very soft, like a lover’s whisper, “Do you really like me?”

Yu Ze’s heart skipped a beat. At this point he couldn’t deny it anymore, he nodded, “Mn.”

Ayr smiled abruptly. “That’s great, I like you too,” he tilted his head in thought for a moment, “Since we like each other, shouldn’t we do what lovers do?”

Yu Ze’s eyes widened, and before he could say ‘no,’ he was picked up by Ayr.

Ayr looked down at him as he walked, “Little one, I know you humans prefer beds. I’ll take you to the guest room, there’s a bed there, happy?”

Yu Ze was still shocked by what he said about ‘between lovers’ and didn’t have time to reply. Ayr was extremely fast and moved to the guest room in a flash, the lights in the guest room were still on and therefore the contents were in full view.

Yu Ze obviously felt Ayr’s footsteps pause for a moment, and then he was unceremoniously thrown onto the bed. He hurriedly got up, only to support his upper body, and was then pinned down by Ayr.

The second he got up, however, was enough for him to see what was on the left side of the end of the bed. It was the clothes he had packed and the digital screen, the things he was leaving to take with him.

It’s over! He wailed inside.

Ayr cupped his chin and forced him to look at him, asking sarcastically, “Like me? So much so that you can’t wait to leave?”

Yu Ze struggled to explain, “I was afraid you’d find out I was human.”

Ayr narrowed his eyes, “Really? Then why weren’t you afraid before? Why are you afraid now?”

“I… I haven’t seen sunlight for too long, my body has become weak, and…” He pursed his lips, “You like me now, I’m afraid I can’t control the desire to be close to you, I, I have to leave.”

Ayr stared at him for two seconds and whispered, “Little guy, you really are a complete and utter liar.”

Yu Ze was inwardly weeping furiously, he had racked his brain to make his answer seem credible.

“Let me ask you one more thing, do you like me?” Ayr said.

Yu Ze couldn’t decide, yes or no, it didn’t seem good.

Ayr put his finger on the side of his neck, “You really don’t like me, since you don’t like me, there’s no need to…”

“Yes,” Yu Ze said quickly, his eyes glowing red with anxiety, “I like you, I really like you!”

Ayr raised his eyebrows gently and rolled over violently, moving to sit against the head of the bed. Yu Ze hurriedly climbed up and looked at him nervously.

Ayr reached out and crooked his finger at him, “Come here and do something to convince me that you like me.”

Yu Ze froze in place.

Ayr tilted his head and smiled coolly, “Don’t you like me and want to be close to me? Come on, I’ll let you get close.”

His fingers moved to the top button of the collar, unbuttoned it in slow motion and revealed the white neck. His words, actions, and hints were extraordinarily obvious.


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February 7, 2022 10:09 am

Oh Yu Ze, how are you going to get yourself out of this one?
Personally, I fell for Ayr from the first chapter of this new part of the story.
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 7, 2022 10:23 am

Thanks for the chapter x

February 7, 2022 3:07 pm

I hope YZ’s not forced. Yeah he’s fond of Ayr, but c’mon.

February 7, 2022 3:27 pm

I’m looking forward to the next chapter.Thanks for the chapter

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 7, 2022 9:17 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

February 7, 2022 11:15 pm

It took some fast talking with Carter, but it’s a whole other story with Ayr, who can read him like an ope book. What will you do now, Yu Ze?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

February 9, 2022 3:08 am

I feel somewhat sad for Long Yuan… It feels like Yu Ze is cheating no him… although he was in a different world…

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February 21, 2022 12:06 pm


October 23, 2022 9:44 am

I feel so bad for Ayr. To be fooled by your crush is cruel. Or not to be fooled, because you know that the person you care for is outright lying.

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
October 25, 2022 6:09 pm

this author always moves so briskly its baffling 😅

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